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  1. Well i'm after bigger odds so this are my bets: Milan - Spurs Over 2.5 at 2.05 Bet365 Inter had a shaky start to the season, 2 losses, 2 wins, averaging over 2.5 goals in 2/4 matches. Spurs currently 6th in the EPL, i'm leaning on away win here as well, but they do have defensive leaks obviously, but the stat that i like is out of 5 matches played this season 5 were over 2,5. They concieved in all but Manu game, so i'm on a lookout for a 1:2, 2:1 type result, if i had to pick a winner i'd say Spurs, but overs are less risky IMO. Dortmund / Brugge over 3 goals at 2.05 Bet365 Dortmund had a solid start to the season and have been scoring a lot of goals. Granted it's only 3 matches played, but the quality is there, the ability to finish is there. It's a bit more risky pick since it's away from home and Brugge haven't exactly been a pushover in Belgium currently leading with 4 wins and 1 draw But Brugge averages 3.7 goals per game (still early) so i have to give them some credit. I think away side will win, but it looks as if it's gonna be goal heavy since Dortmund reminds me of liverpool last year, offensively good but defensively poor. Liverpool & BTS at 3.50 Bet365 Not much i can add here, but Firminho (doubtful), Mane, Salah on one side versus Neymar, Mbappe and Cavani on the other side. Liverpool's defense has been a lot better thus far, but hasn't really been tested yet. Out of the better clubs they've only played vs Spurs thus far and let a goal in, PSG will be a real test of defense and since they haven't lost at home in a while I feel like they'll really try and get 3 points here since in Paris it'll be much more difficult. This group has been hell group all together and if they can dominate Paris and win comfortably they'll look really good. Atletico Madrid -1 at 2.30 Bet365 I was never a fan of AM, but i gotta give them credit to trash home side here. Monaco without Subasic, Jovetic, Ronny Lopez,.. currently in transition and are currently standing low in the league. With what Atletico brings and their ruthless defense i can't see past them. Napoli -1,5 at 2.25 Bet365 Napoli with Anchelotti is not what it was with Sarri. It's evident, they're not scoring as much, they don't play pressure footie anymore, they look stale at times, but Zvezda is the ultimate underdog and it's hard for me to see them getting any points in the group, much less beat top italian club. So i gotta give Napoli a big HC here, with all the talent they should be able to secure a comfortable win.
  2. Very nice write up on this. Yeah it's a tricky bet, thus far all i'm liking is "the main game" which is Liverpool and PSG for goals and BTS as mentioned before, others are just not there. Even this game odds are slammed down to hell, I do fancy Liverpool & Over 3.5 @4.50 Bet365 since the home side hasn't lost at Anfield in ages, but with the firepower and talent of PSG it's gonna be tough. I don't need to be right often to make this a good bet tho
  3. Liverpool - PSG will be interesting, i reckon goals, over 3,5+bts asking too much? Spurs Milan also goals, I can see Spurs winning, but wouldn't bet on them. Schalke maybe? Brugge - Dortmund goals? Hoffenheim seems like a decent price Roma could score vs RM Juventus seems like a good value as well Thoughts?
  4. I might be biased here, but Liverpool is a great pick this week imo. Lloris out, Dele out, I know, not big of a change however Spurs have had shaky start to the season and I don't see them winning against hot Liverpool. Only thing that concerns me is that 3 days from saturday both are playing UCL matches so they might not go all out, but knowing Klopp... Also these two always have crazy matches, I reckon this might change with Alisson in gates, but i can't see Spurs not scoring, so O2,5+BTS a good pick as well. I'd even say o3,5, last 5 matches h2h they average 3,2 goals per match. Bournemouth - Leicester Honestly both sides playing well, but given their history i'd say Draw@3.5 Bet365 is very likely. obviously it's hard to call a draw, but these two 5 matches 4 draws so def value there. Cheslea - Cardiff Haven't watched much Cardiff this season, only 2 matches i think, but i've watched Chelsea and the positive changes Sarri has brought in. Their style of attacking footie is showing, ball control, pushing foward i love that. I imagine Cardiff parking a bus early on until Chelsea breaks that. Chelsea had a hard time vs Newcastle with double decker bus parked. I reckon Cardiff will try and apply same playing style and play counter attacks. There's not much value here i think, i don't think Cardiff will get trashed unless of course Chelsea scores early. So for me i see 2:0 type result here. Not enough to bet on, if i'd bet something it bet correct score 1:0@7.5, 2:0@6.50 - very small bet. Huddersfiled - Palace - I want to back Palace here, but both have had a bad start to the match and I don't feel like gambling so i'll pass this one. Newcastle - Arsenal - man i see arsenal getting slammed on the books, but I'm simply not confident backing them here. If Rafa decides his players can play and not park the bus they might get something here. He did get shit in the media for that match vs Blues so he might try a more attacking approach this time. Arsenal is shitty defensively still, so Over2,5&BTS@2 Bet365 is the bet for me. We could see an upset with home team winning here. Watford - Man U Again one of those matches. Watford have had a wonderful start to the season, winning 4/4 matches, last match vs Spurs so it's kind of hard passing up hometeam +0,5 at 2. Man U terrible start, bad mood in the squad, low morale, they should've done something vs Spurs. They could show up to play, but having 1X at evens to me is value. Wolves - Burnley pass Everton - WH Until overs get over i'll keep on betting overs. Everton 3/4 matches over 2,5. WH will seek points here so we'll probably see an open match with both teams scoring, i fancy ht to win but i like overs more so over it is for me. SH - Brighton Not impressed by southampton at all, feel like Brighton could get something here, If they were at home i'd definitely back them. I'm gonna decide as to what i want to play here, nothing yet. BOL
  5. I agree with you, only thing that's concerning for my over is fact that Middlesbrough only conceded once so far, but given the pure statistical analysis (small sample i know) it favors the over. I wouldn't be too upset if it didn't hit tho, hard to find value these days
  6. Sorry Stevie, but i'm countering you, i'll go with o2.5 on the leeds - MB match
  7. Premier League Predictions > Sep 1st & 2nd

    Leicester - Liverpool i fancy over 3 @2.15 Bet365 and will be my bigger bet this week, look at h2h, they average 3.4 goals per game in the last 5 matches. I do thing Leicester will be able to score here at least once so i'm expecting a 1:3 type result. Wouldn't want to give liverpool too much of a spread here and they've not been scoring lately so this setup is perfect for them imo. Chelsea - Bournemouth Home team severely over priced here imo. Good choice is Bournemouth +1,5 @2 Bet365 or even Bts&Over 2.5 at 1.95 Bet365. Chelsea has been performing well lately with nice attacking footie like Sarri likes however last match vs Bournemouth was 0:3 for the away team. Bournemouth hasn't been performing badly at all, in fact one draw and two wins, granted it's weaker teams than Chelsea, but still +1,5 is really nice bet on them. Everton - Huddersfield Home team has been conceding a lot of goals, every match until now. So why not bet a juicy over 2.5 priced at evens right now, Hudders have started pretty poorly however their set piece/corner action is decent enough and given Eve's defenses it's a perfect match to try and get 3 points. I somehow doubt of the upset in this so home team for me but 2:1 type result. Brighton - Fulham Again i'll be looking at totals. Most likely home team has this simply because of the home team advantage but i wouldn't rule out Fulham. Really nice match played against Burnley and they showed that they can score too. So over 2,5 for me here and my last bet for saturday. Watford - Tottenham Only match out of the 3 i'll consider betting. Man U is simply too umpredictable (played really well vs Spurs but couldn't close even with plenty of chances) and Arsenal is in the same boat. They're trying attacking style footie but so far it's meeh. Not for me. This match however Watford started this season with 3 W's so they won't be such an easy oppponent. Could also be the upset of the week. I'm thinking O2.5&BTS priced at 2.20 Bet365 is a good match. Tottenham will score, question is who the winner will be so goals safer option for me. That's it, as always BOL
  8. Meh, so so card this weekend, to be honest i dig spurs vs manu priced at 3.10 bet365, i think price will go down on them. But what i've seen from spurs thus far is fairly shaky start. They had a hardtime vs newcastle, and well they allowed fullham to score so over 2.5 at 2 bet365 seems reasonably priced and fairly possible. Granted h2h between the two teams looks more like an under, but given the current form of Utd i'd say its a good bet. Hell even smaller bet on Spurs to win is good for me. Newcastle - Chelsea I like bts or possibly +0,5 on the home team. Chelsea looked good vs Arsenal and it was an entertaining game, but defensively speaking there wasn't any. Sarri still needs work with Chelsea. BTS&O2.5 also looks good to me priced at 2.30@Bet365. Watford - Palace Hard match to call, I'm leaning towards home team simply due to their winning streak. I haven't watched Watford this year so i'll stay out for now. Maybe draw judging from h2h? Fullham - Burnley HT is getting hammered, but avoid from me. Most likely they will win, but i have no idea. Liverpool - Brighton Comfortable HT win but giving them -2,5 for even odds is ridic to me. I'll wait in play and hopefully they won't score after 2 mins and maybe we can squeeze out a good bet. Shampton - Leicester - avoid Hudders - Cardiff - avoid Bournemouth - Everton - odds suck, i'd play over 2,5 or bts but odds suck on both, even combined is below evens so no bet. Arsenal - WH Don't really trust Arsenal nowdays, but i gotta give em some credit that they'll blow away WH. Even looking at H2H you gotta give gunners -1,5 here, it's decent price. Wolves vs City No bet, shitty odds, maybe o3.5?
  9. scratch my last comment, red star will play without fans as theyre banned.
  10. i fancy red star dnb here tbh, salzburg is a better team but that climate in Belgrade is ruthless and home team could potentialy win.
  11. Like I said I find it unlikely that CP will win, but I would not make any bets here as there's little to no value. Best you can hope for is a 1:2 result so you get bts + o2.5 or maybe like i said earlier 1st half goals. But that's extremely thin, i'll go with betbuilder but that's just for the sake of fun, i don't expect to bank it and if I do well that's great, saturday has been so-so
  12. As for the Liverpool game i don't think it's even gonna be close. I mean they teared up WH without switching out of 1st gear. I doubt Palace will prove difficult to handle. Granted the h2h between the two is less impressive than against WH, but Cp's playing style won't differ much from WH, at least i doubt it. They'll look for counter attacks but majority of the game will be played on CP's half. I will make a small betbuilder combo however i don't see any value whatsoever on this game. MAYBE over 1.5 at halftime which is currently priced at 2.25 Bet365 (Liverpool loves 2:0 lead at HT). One other factor to include in this match is city has 8:1 goal ratio, if Liverpool can score and not conceive they'll reclaim 1st spot for now however i doubt that's the key factor to consider. BOL
  13. I did end up banking hugely on Man U game. I played Brighton +0,5 and then after first 15 mins i played ht totals over 0,5, match totals o2 and won 5 mins later lol.
  14. Anyone fancy Brighton +0,5 ? last home encounter resulted in a win vs Utd. What i've seen during preseason and vs Leicester this could be the upset of the weekend.