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  1. Hard card again, not much where i can see extracting value from. Bourne win looks good, Watford DNB looks okay, leicester -1 probable tho not a fan of it, maybe we can do o2,5 and bts since leicester kept clean sheet at home only 20% of the time, overall 27% so Burnley does have a shot. I want to back WH, but so many injuries it's hard to. Palace - Spurs match history would indicate an under here, majority of results were 0-1, 1-0 type so with under put at 2.10 you guys are correct, definitely value there.
  2. there's not a lot of matches i like for this week, highlight will be spurs city but that's on monday. Everything else is just meh. Bournemouth look at a decent price to worst defense in the league, maybe a lean towards o3,5 goals in this match. Leicester WH could be good for goals also, but other than that i don't see much of interesting fixtures.
  3. Interesting Matchups, hardly any value but i'll give it a try. Man U - Juventus - Interesting match with interesting odds. Contrary to popular opinion this is an over game for me. United this season in premier league kept clean sheet once while conceded 16 goals and scored 15 goals in 9 matches. These are pretty alarming numbers against a team whose striker is Ronaldo who exceeds in UCL matches. I'm leaning towards Juventus to win this one however this are the kind of matches where Man U play their best right now, against tough opponents. We've seen it this week vs Chelsea and we'll probably see it again. I do think that united will score here. Juventus is more of a defensive juggernut on the other side, conceeding 0.67 goals per match on the average but scoring 2.11 goals per match. So as always it's rough to place a bet on UCL, but i'm gonna try it with 3 bets on this match, two of which will be really small stake, one will be normal. Ronaldo to score anytime @2.10 Bet365 Correct Score 2:2 at 15 Bet365 Over2,5&BTS at 2.40 Bet365 (normal stake) I do feel like draw is a very possible outcome in this match, i'm just hoping for more high scoring game than your usual 0:0, 1:1 type match. Juve would be satisfied with a point at the Old trafford. Ajax - Benfica This is another match i like for this card. Ajax averages 2.78 goals per match that is in scoring, and conceeding less than 0,5 goals per game. On the average in Eredivisie we see 3.22 goals per game when ajax plays. I wouldn't eliminate benfica just yet as they can show up to play. Rather than backing Ajax to win, i'll back Ajax TT over 1,5 at 1.80 which is nearly same odds than backing ajax outright. They've played a wonderful game vs Bayern and should win it, but the football gods just weren't there. I can see them scoring 2 goals in this home fixture. So i'll back that which is IMO a safer option. Ajax TT over 1.5 at 1.80 Bet365
  4. What a fucking horrible saturday jesus christ. I've loved EPL throughout the years but it's getting less and less popular in my book
  5. interesting, people backing man u inspite of all the shite it's going down? Mourihno might be banned from the match, i dont think it's confirmed yet that he'll be on the floor, also looking completely disjointed whilst Chelsea are extremely full of confidence? i dunno. Ye it's hard to pass up those kind of odds on Man u but i dont see them winning, i see them scoring but i don't see them winning.
  6. Finally this international dogshit is over. We're on to EPL.
  7. Good god how much i despise playing for draw (talkin bout live), i'm glad it bit them in the ass.
  8. ok so today I find more value to the lineups, let's start with the hottest: Napoli - Liverpool - Stevie summed out everything perfectly so no need for detailed analysis. My opinion in this match is Liverpool gets at least a point here. Betting them outright is risky, however if you look at Hoffenheim - City match odds on City were smashed down to 0 and when you compare the two it's really really close. But then on paper Napoli is a stronger opponent than Hoffenheim. If you look at the august friendly Liverpool smashed them 5:0 in Dublin and Ancheloti himself said "It's not a way to play Liverpool". Judging from that sentence I doubt they'll approach the match with attacking football in mind, but be more on a lookout for counter attacks which in fairness are fast and good. So i'm looking at both teams scoring here, but would like to add at least 3 goals to the tally, something like 1:2 type ending, hopefully. BTS&O2,5 is currently priced at 2, which is fair. Dortmund - Monaco - That's the second game i like for today for goals. Dortmund concieves a lot of goals, but also scores a lot. Currently leading Bundesliga versus Monaco who is so-so this season having lost a few signings. If we look at h2h between the two they played two matches, both ending in goals. That was a year ago, Monaco is not in the form that it was a year ago. But they say CL brings the best out and I can't help but feel Monaco will score at least a goal in this match so i'll play it risky, Over 3.5 @ 2.20 Bet365 is a decent price. I'd like it higher, but the probability of overs here is more than odds suggest (in my opinion). Again, given this is CL all bets are smaller stake due to unpredictibility factor here. Tottenham - Barcelona - Third and final pick for today, I have to choose Barcelona 1x2 @ 2 Bet365. Eventhough Barca didn't start the season in a win it all fashion and there will be some missings for Barca like Umtiti who's defensive juggernut and Sergio Roberto i think they have this. Tottenham has been shaky at best and that's vs mediocre teams with the exception of ManU who is let's face it facing a crysis. Why i'd avoid betting on Spurs aside from the depth of Barcelona is missings. Alli is out, Aurier is out. Dembele, Eriksen, Vertonghen are all questionable and I read somewhere that they'll not play. Yes Kane found his form, but Eriksen's passes are pure gold and he always keeps Kane busy looking for headers. Barcelona plays possesion game and I think it'll be too much for the home team to handle. I am a fan of Spurs and I'll be happy for them to get a point and I lose the bet, but reality is reality in my opinion. Best of luck to all, J
  9. Honestly today's lineup and odds make it hard for me to find any value so i won't be placing any bets.
  10. Boom, right on the money
  11. Yeah something like that, 2:1, 3:1 type score.
  12. I'm not Mindfulness but i too fancy home team here.
  13. I mentioned before that I fancy Barcelona however Barca is not providing results as of yet. Last 3 games were 2 draws and one defeat versus Leganes in La Liga which is pretty poor. Spurs haven't exactly been topside thus far, conceiving a ton of goals this season. So BTS is the most probable play, but backing BTS at 1.50 doesn't look to appealing to me. Barca at 2.04 looks better, Spurs will look for points in PSV/Inter games to get that 2nd. I'm sure they'll be more than happy to win at Wembley vs barca or take a point, but it's hard for me to picture that.
  14. On top of my head i like BvB vs Monaco for goals and both teams scoring, Napoli bts&over, man u to win at old trafford inspite of all the drama,lyon at home, barcelona at evens looks tasty
  15. NFL 2018/19

    pats -6,5, bills +10, cardinals +3,5, cowboys -3, texans -1