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  1. Thankyou for your reply. Its just so annoying. A friendly and a competitive cup fixture are completely different. I thought I was betting on a friendly..
  2. Before I make an idiot with myself and complain to IBAS I am after some advice. Obviously with the corona virus betting is limited so selections are slimar. Yesterday I placed a bet on the Karlslunds vs yxhults match. Betfair had this listed a a a club friendly. When the match did not appear inplay I googled karlslunds twitter page and found out that match was being played behind closed doors, and that I was actually a Svesnka Cup qualifier. My argument to betfair is that a friendly and a cup qualifier (competitive fixture are two different events) My bet was over 3.5 goals which lost, however I contacted betfair straight away at kick off to alert them and asked for this selection to be voided. A friendly is far more relaxed than a cup game and the rules are different ie player eligibility and substitutions to name a few. Secondly from digging around the home tea only needed a point from this cup group qualifier to progress to the next round, they didn't even need to press the game so in my eyes they could of had and infact did have a diff mentality towards the game. Betfair have agreed that it was a cup match and they wrongly listed it as a friendky but the bet still stands. Do I have a case with IBAS here? My bet was placed on what betfair advertised as a friendly, not a competitive cup fixture. Many thanks.