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  1. Re: Grand Prix 10/9 Just found this one on Autosport.com. Not the value I thought it was! hey Ho! "Symonds furious with Alonso penalty

    Formula One has become too 'politically correct' and the stewards are making inconsistent judgements, a furious Pat Symonds said this evening following the decision to penalise Fernando Alonso and demote him to 10th place on the grid. The Spaniard had his three fastest laps of the final session in qualifying removed by the stewards, who said he had impeded Ferrari's Felipe Massa in the session today. As a result, Alonso has been demoted from fifth to 10th. Yet Renault's director of engineering Symonds firmly believes Alonso did not impede the Brazilian, and in fact helped him gain time by getting a tow from the Renault car. "I don't understand the penalty, because we don't feel we impeded him," Symonds said. "This is a circuit where we are always trying to get a tow - especially in qualifying. Massa was 100 metres behind Alonso, so he got a nice tow, and I don't see it as a hindrance. "I looked at Ferrari's telemetry, and [Massa] gained time on the back straight and was quicker into Parabolica than before. He lifted in the middle of the corner. To me, it looked like a mistake but he claimed he was losing downforce." But Symonds was particularly vocal about the influx of penalties handed out this season for blocking in qualifying, and warned that Formula One is stepping away from its core appeal as a racing series. "It seems that we have forgotten what qualifying was like up until 2003, when half the field complained of traffic," the Briton said. "We seem to have forgotten what racing is about. "We are so politically correct now, and I don't know what is coming next. Maybe indicators, to see whether drivers want to go left or right?" He further criticised the stewards' inconsistency, claiming rivals Ferrari have been getting away unpunished with similar infringements. "It's difficult to fight like this," he stated, "when you see Ferrari changing direction as many times as they wanted before the first corner in Turkey and nothing happens, and then we get penalised like this." Symonds also stated that Alonso could well have won from fifth place tomorrow, but the penalty has vastly diminished their chances of victory, at such a crucial stage of the championship. "We had a genuine winning strategy staring from fifth, and it will be a lot harder from 10th," Symonds said. "Not only because it is so hard to overtake, but because we are in the middle of the pack and a lot happens there on the first lap."
  2. Re: The Superbowl

    Just found one at Capital sports. To be a 2 point conversion: Yes 1/5 No 7/2 Surely they have got this the wrong way round? Have had a couple of quid on the No anyway.
    There has not been a single 2pt conversion in the whole of this post season. 2 failed attempts last year and 3 failed attempts the previous year, no attempts in the 2 superbowls before that. i.e no successful attempts in the past 4 Superbowls. 7/2 seems to appeal more all of the time. Also Canbet offer 2.20 on 3.5 Field Goals or more, which could be worth a small punt.
  3. Re: NFL Thanksgiving games I have taken a small treble using the teasers. Man U to win tonight ( OK accept aftertiming) at 4/7 plus Indi -2.5 at 2/5 and Chicago + 9.5 , again 2/5 all with Stan James, gives something just over 2/1 for the treble. I like the teasers as it gives you a bit of leeway if teams don't quite perform as planned, I know Minni let a few down at the weekend, but on the teaser they were -2.5 so just crept in! Still think Indy will win by probably 8 or more on Thursday night, and certainly wouldn't disagree with potential Chicago win. This one could go either way and value must be with Chicago!

  4. Re: Best Mate Think a lot depends on how much rain they have had at Exeter. If the ground is too soft BM may not even start, seem to remember he got beat on his first outing last year by Jair du Cochet (RIP) so may only be out for a spin tomorrow. Don't think theres much value there at 4/6 or thereabouts. Sir Rembrandt looks a reasonable price at 3.05 on Betfair so will have a small win stake on SR and watch race with interest.

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