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  1. Money line -1.4 spread +- 0
  2. Cinci 2.86 Atlanta 1.96 Houston 2.36 cinci (+4) Atl (-1.5) Houston (+3)
  3. Dallas 1.9 v Arizona Dallas (-1.5) v Arizona
  4. Money line +0.6 spread +2
  5. Basically my system seems to be rating Cincinnati, Cleveland, Tampa, Atlanta higher than the bookies do so I’m backing them at the moment and seems be rating KC, Pittsburgh, Indy much lower so I’m backing against them. As I say I’m still playing around with it. should probably have backed Houston in hindsight but I missed that one and it would have been a loser.
  6. Running totals Moneyline -0.6 spread +1
  7. Apologies these were obvs all + on the spread 🙈
  8. SF 2.2 Buf 3.1 SF (+2.5) Buf (+5)
  9. Running totals Money line -1.56 Spreads -1
  10. CIN (-7) atl (-4) Cle (-3.5) TB (-1)
  11. Week 6 Cin 4.2 Atl 2.88 cle 2.64 TB 2.08
  12. Week 5 moneyline Cleveland 1.96 v Indianapolis Atlanta 1.8 v Carolina handicap Cleveland (-1) v Indianapolis Atlanta (-2.5) v Carolina
  13. Rankings after week 4 (pre TNF)
  14. Week 5 Tampa Bay 1.54 v Chicago Tampa Bay (-3.5) v Chicago
  15. Running Total Moneyline -0.52 Handicap 0
  16. Apologies. I mixed up entering some data for SanFran & Seattle. It was an alphabetical order issue due to Seattle jumping their abbreviation SF. SF got some of Seattle’s offensive and defensive data and vice versa. This is the updated version
  17. Blue = defence pink = offence yellow = overall
  18. Again I’m not advising bets at this time but the bets this experimental system would throw up would be: Week 4 Carolina 2.48 v Arizona Atlanta 3.7 @ Green Bay Also on the spread: Carolina (+3) Atlanta (+7) And I’ll add in Detroit (+3) v New Orleans (it’s the system I’m experimenting after all - not my judgement)
  19. updated rankings after week 3 Blue = defence pink = offence yellow = overall
  20. Week 4 Detroit 6/4 v New Orleans
  21. I have updated a few areas. New Orleans have fallen off a cliff with Brees form and Thomas injury. OLine still good but rest of offence is average. I haven’t done all teams so won’t post revised grades but they dip to 74. Detroit also dip slightly to 69 but at home should still be a pickem game so decent pick to win at 6/4. I don’t really fancy Detroit on the spread at -3 at 1/1 given NOrleans could hit form and blow them out (they are as likely to win big as win small)
  22. Push on the result +1 on the spread
  23. Given poor play of Wentz at back end of season has continued Philadelphia’s offence probably now ranks lower. Couple this with them already being quite close with the system ratings, Cinci at 2/1 seems a pick.
  24. Week 3 pick Cincinnati 2/1 v Philadelphia Cincinnati (+4.5) 1/1 v Philadelphia
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