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  1. Betsson have some special bettings and two of them looks intressting 1. Will the team record of most goals scored be broken in the "Euro 2016"? @ 2.30 At the moment France have the record with 14 goals from Euro -84 To check the total scores made so far by France and Portugal France - Romania 2-1 France - Albania 2-0 Switzerland - France 0-0 France - Rep. of Ireland 2-1 France - Iceland 5-2 Germany - France 0-2 Total: 13 Portugal - Iceland 1-1 Portugal - Austria 0-0 Hungary - Portugal 3-3 Croatia - Portugal 0-1 (ET) Poland - Portugal 1-1 (Pentalties 3-5) Portugal - Wales 2-0 Total: 13 This mean that both team just need to do 2 more goals to beat that record. So as long as the game doesnt end 1-0 or 0-1 it feels like the record will be broken, specially if it will go to penalties. (Please let me know if I have counted it wrong) 2. Who will break Michel Platini's all time European Championship goal scoring record of 9 goals? Ronaldo @ 2.95 At the moment Ronaldo is on the same amount as Platini with 9 goals. So just one goal from breaking the record. If he dosnt make a goal durring the match and the game is tied and goes to penalties then he for sure will be one of the players to take one penaltie, and as long as he dosnt miss to score that record will be broken.
  2. Re: » Sweden » Allsvenskan » 4-6 April Kalmar FF v Helsingborgs IF Kalmar did a very bad season last year and did end on position 11. For this season they have build up a "better" team and have manage to get all the Elm-brothers (David (Striker), Rasmus (Middfilder) and Viktor (Middfilder)) together in the same team once again. Viktor Elm have played for Falkenberg (32/8), Kalmar (78/24), Heerenveen (102/15), AZ (83/6) David Elm have Falkenberg (68/14), Kalmar (65/12), Fulham (10/1), Elfsborg (60/12), Kalmar (27/12) Rasmus Elm Kalmar (96/17), AZ (83/18), CSKA Moscow (47/5) Helsingborg have BIG problems when it comes to keepers. During the pre-season both the first and second keeper got injurd and are not fit to start this game so Helsingborg have to put there goalkeeper coach in goal, Daniel Andersson 42 years old. Under 1,5 week he have been working hard to get fit for this game. The way Kalmar did play last season made a few supporters to question the team and for this season they have really build up a better team to be abel to fight about first place. Homeground, first game, Elm-brothers and a 42 year old keepercoach makes me find a Kalmar win a good bet. Kalmar FF v Helsingborgs IF 1 @ 2.10 (William Hill) [middle stack] Kalmar to win and over 2.5 @ 3.20 (William Hill) [low stack]
  3. Re: UEFA Euro 2016 Qualifiers > Monday October 13th Wales - Cyprus Wales have a very nice chance here to get 3 points before the game against Belgium (2014-11-16). A lost here while Belgium win over Bosnia means that Belgium will take the 1st place before there clash. A win for Wales will keep them there first place even if Belgium win. I cannot see how Wales could loose against Cyprus with the players that Wales have and with Bale in a good form I think he will at least do one goal here. My bet: Bale to score and wales to win @ 2.25 (William Hill)
  4. Re: UEFA Euro 2016 Qualifiers > Monday October 13th Was thinking about this game at work today to see if i could find something of a value to bet on and was in for BTTS and o2.5 with the same reason you gave in your post and that Norway and Bulgaria are fighting about the 3rd place (Norway has it at the moment on the same points but +1). As i think that both team will do goals and that the game will go over 2.5 my bet will be on BTTS+o2.5 @ 2.60 (William Hill)
  5. Re: UEFA Euro 2016 Qualifiers > Thursday October 9th England 11 (according to BBC) Isnt Raheem Sterling to score 2 or more and England win @ 4.00 (William Hill) a good odds?
  6. Re: Sweden Allsvenskan > 2014 AIK - MFF 2-3 FT Bet win MFF had 2-0 and AIK did make there 2-2 in 85th but MFF did do 3-2 right away after that
  7. Re: Sweden Allsvenskan > 2014 Maybe i should have wroten the time the game starts. Its 17:30 (swedish time) and Norrköping - Göteborg did start 15:00 and Norrköping have 2-0 after 45min EDIT: Norrköping did help Malmö by beating Göteborg with 3-0, now Malmö can secure the 1st place by a win
  8. Re: Sweden Allsvenskan > 2014 AIK - Malmö FF Well this is a long shot so i don't whant all of you to do a ALL-IN betting on it. The tabel is like this (with 4 games to go incl. this game) With 12 points to play about Malmö have a very good reason to go for a win today and the reason is Champions League. When it comes to teams swedish teams arnt as "big" as the other european leagues when it comes to number of players with good quality. So resting player can be a good choice. Malmö is comming to this game with 3-1-1 AIK comes to this game with 1-1-3 So why do i think Malmö will go for a win today? Malmö knows that if they win, while Göteborg plays X or loose against Norrköping*, then they have won the swedish Allsvenskan and can start to concentrate on CL and let other players play the last 3 games that remains of the Allsvenskan. On the other hand AIK don't whant to allow Malmö to win on there homeground but AIK is missing three important keyplayers today Henok Goitom (injuri), Sam Lundholm (injuri) and Ebenezer Ofori (suspended). The captain of AIK did say this to the swedish media Translating that means something like I have a feeling that Malmö will do what ever they can to close the Allsvenskan as quick as they can to start to concentrate on CL games and with the form that AIK have at the moment vs the form that Malmö have i have a good feeling that this can be a good bet on Malmö, and the odds that the sites are giving on Malmö win is to "high" to skip. * Norrköping is fighting in the bottom to secure a place in next season of Allsvenskan, while Göteborg is playing and hopping that Malmö will loose some points so that they can climb and take home Allsvenskan. As it looks now there is bigger chance that Norrköping survives for next season then Göteborg to take the first place. So my bet will be AIK - Malmö 2 @ 2.75 (William Hill) (also the odds on x2 and dnb are good) And as i said in the begging this is not a all in bet and a long shot from me, but i find the odds on Malmö to be to good to skip
  9. Re: Everton v Chelsea > Saturday August 30th Nothing
  10. Re: Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool > Sunday August 31st Well they almost got a B-team in that match just so you know
  11. Re: Semi-Final - Brazil v Germany > Tuesday July 8th The only problem i have with the card game is that it havnt been so many cards this year in the WC (avg. 2.8). It have been alot of tackles that should have been a card, even in Blue Square Premier, that the ref have closed there eyes for. For ex. the game between Brazil and Colombia, it was more like a war zone then a match and should have had at least 10 cards. The german newspaper Blid says that FIFA have told the refs to calm down with the cards, and as a thank to this Neymar wont play this match. Checking earlier WCs the numbers are alot more then this years Avg.: I still find this bet good but im a little bit chicken and will play total over 45 points @ 2.45 (WilliamHill) Reason: Germany is a heavy team to play against with alot of big players compared to Brazil. The ref knows that he made a misstake in the game between BRA - COL and whant to fix his misstake, with a hard playing Germany and a stuntmen* team as Brazil i have a feeling that this game will show +5 cards. Together with what Fedar did wright i think that Germany also will get some cards * I apologize if anyone took for himself that I called Brazil for stuntmen but that's how i feel some of the players in Brazil. EDiT: Williamhill have most booking points on Brazil @ 2.25 ..
  12. Re: Quarter-Final - Argentina v Belgium > Saturday July 5th Line up Argentina Romero M. Demichelis P. Zabaleta E. Garay J. Basanta J. Mascherano L. Biglia Á. di María L. Messi G. Higuaín E. Lavezzi Belgium T. Courtois V. Kompany D. Van Buyten J. Vertonghen T. Alderweireld M. Fellaini A. Witsel E. Hazard K. De Bruyne K. Mirallas D. Origi
  13. Re: Quarter-Final - Argentina v Belgium > Saturday July 5th Im with many of you on this match and I find that Argentina havnt been so good this year, well they have won and are in quarter-final but they havnt show'd up the Argentina we all "know". Belgium on other hand have grown stronger and stronger, and better and better for every game they have played. Argentina had "problem" with Switzerland and did win first after ET, but even then Switzerland was close to do 1-1 and send the game to penalty as Argentina did stop playing for some reason. Belgium did play good against USA, and if you ask me this was one of the better games in this years WC, but they had Howard in goal. Belgium did show that there counterattacks was very dangerous against USA and i think that Argentina must have there heads up from the start and not allow Belgium to play there game, on the other hand Belgium must be on there feet and mark some of Argentinas fast players, one of them Messi, and not allow them to take ground (like Switzerland manage to do). I have a feeling that this game will go all the way to ET or even penalties and have found a odds on Belgium that I find intressting Belgium to win in extra time or on penalties @ 8.00 (Williamhill)
  14. Re: Last 16 - Germany v Algeria > Monday June 30th I found this on a swedish news site Quran stipulates that some are allowed to stand over the fast, including pregnant women, the elderly and the sick. And if you choose to break the fast it is possible to compensate at a later time. Its up to each person to follow the "rules" Algeria has also brought an Imam to the World Cup that have the power to give players "holy dispensation" if they want to violate the rules according to Bild.de Madjid Bougherra told Bild.de ....and according to AFP Mesut Özil says The experts, that Bild have spoken to, have shared opinions about whether fasting can have a negative effect on the players or not. Dr Hakim Chalabi was part of the PSG medical team University Physician Mark de Maree is more skeptical.
  15. Re: Group D: Costa Rica v England > Tues 24th June Costa Rica - England 3-7 Bet lost
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