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  1. Re: Galatasaray SK v Juventus > Tuesday December 10th I believe this all depends to scoring updates from Kopenhagen, I'm sure R.Mancini will not be too upset, if Galatasaray finishes the 3rd. I'm not into the speculations, but this is a group consists 3 Italian managers, anyway. Draws at both games will make all of them satisfied... ps: R.Mancini will surely want to win this and qualify next stage, but this is not his team anyway, nothing will happen to him if he loses and he'll face a much superior team, which should beat him if he tries to play "football". When current forms are consi
  2. Re: NBA regular season 2013/2014 running stats: 4-8 -2.09 Raptors - Wizards Are Wizards capable of winning 3 straight, winning back to back on road? I'm not sure, but I like fading Raptors when they are home favorites and I like the match ups. I slightly rate Wizards' bench better, despite T.Ariza is questionable for tonight and from the starting line ups, Raps might have a slight edge at wings, but Wizards' front court is slightly better, as well. I don't see any difference between squads and current forms. For the sake of home advantage, Raps can be favorites by couple points, so I beli
  3. Re: NBA regular season 2013/2014 one more and the last from tonight: Sixers - Raptors Neither are trustable teams at all, Michael Carter-Williams is doubtful for Sixers, but I took this bet assuming he won't suit up. Raps might have better individuals on paper and had higher ambitions about the season, but after three weeks of regular season basketball, I rate these two teams very similar. Sixers has the better offense, better ball sharing, Raps has more talented hands and a slightly better defense overall. Sixers are coming home after 3-games road trip, whereas Raps is on the road after
  4. Re: NBA regular season 2013/2014 running stats: 3-5 -0.42 Knicks - Pacers Revenge game of last season's playoffs, Knicks won only 1 in 6 home games, they are definitely better home team then that. Coach Woodson had to shake the rotation up too much and that effects surely chemistry and integrity, but I believe they're getting there. Absence of T.Chandler definitely hurts the team, as he was the defensive leader and signal caller, and it'll definitely not help against mighty Pacers front court, which killed them last playoffs. But, I still feel Knicks deserve a shot, since this is an almos
  5. Re: NBA regular season 2013/2014 running stats: 3-4 +0.58 Rockets - Celtics Rockets is an ok defensive team at best and in order to keep D.Howard happy, they waste too many offensive possessions, as well. Yes, they have one über talented individual, who's one of the best closers of the game, but I believe there are some concerns about this team. Moreover, I don't think chemistry is good, as well, O.Asik wants to get traded and C.Parsons likes to comment everything publicly. I can't understand, why a young player acts like the head of PR department, since off season. Celtics is not a goo
  6. Re: NBA regular season 2013/2014 12 more missed ft's killed this long shot, i hope anybody followed, went safe and took the spread. it was definitely close, but ends up being the wrong play...
  7. Re: NFL Week 11 Picks I took small Pats ml, T.Brady is 17-7 ATS, when he's underdog and he won 8 of 9 regular season games, after bye week, since his breakout year 2003. The defense is hurt, but offense is fully fit after a while, except already replaced S.Vollmer. Mainstream media is crazy about Panthers lately and I believe, it's the perfect situation for Pats, since both coach Bellichick and T.Brady are really pissed. Good teams generally comes sharp after bye week and C.Newton was not that perfect as he thought to be in last couple weeks and his main target S.Smith will be covered by on
  8. Re: NBA regular season 2013/2014 running stats: 3-3 +1.58 Thunder - Nuggets OKC is 3-0 at home court, but against lower level teams like Suns and Wizards, it's fair to say they escaped quite luckily. This game is quite similar to the spot with Wiz game, they're coming off an Eastern trip and they'll face with much important conference match up, after this. Nuggets didn't transform into world beaters in one week, but coach B.Shaw shaked the rotation a bit, some trade rumours came out with some players and malignant J.McGee is down with injury, whereas long term injured W.Chandler returned
  9. Re: NBA regular season 2013/2014 running stats: 2-3 +0.4 Lakers - Pistons Lakers competed all the games at home court so far, except against mighty T'Wolves, this shouldn't change today as well. Pistons will miss W.Bynum and C.Billups, that means a short guard rotation and this means more minutes for B.Jennings, so an automatic defensive letdown at the back court, which should cause coach D'Antoni's run'n gun offense to have a decent night. Lakers live with 3 pointers and lacks a go-to-guy and that make them a team not to trust. But, Pistons with B.Jennings in the driving seat is not a t
  10. Re: NBA regular season 2013/2014 running stats: 0-3 -3 Jazz - Hornets Obviously I'm not gonna take this pathetic Jazz team, every single time, as long as they get their first W, but they lost one more game and now, they'll face with Hornets, who's not better then Nuggets at all and Jazz gets bigger odds. If I took them against Nuggets, then I must take them against Hornets, as well. It's not the healthiest way of thinking for sure, but it makes sense to my little brain, so I took this disastrous Jazz team, once again. If they fail again, then I'll not touch them for a long time... Jazz m
  11. Re: NBA regular season 2013/2014 I always thrive to take underdogs during regular season (it's actually only thing I do with Nba betting...) and I finally like some plays I would like to share, from tonight's card. Pacers - Grizzlies Indy is the team to watch definitely, they were my bet to get crowned before season, I jumped couple of Pacers in fantasy basketball, so I'm happy them started good. But, one must note that they didn't have a really tough schedule and some of their late performances were not convincing. They'll lost at one point for sure, and I really like the match ups which
  12. Re: FC København v Galatasaray SK > Tuesday November 5th sneijder and muslera is out, chedjou is doubtful. i took copenhagen already, i'll take more...
  13. Re: NFL week 9 picks Browns - Ravens Coach Harbaugh has great ATS stats after the bye week and when he's facing with a division rival, with who he already played against. (He actually couldn't cover only against Steelers, in this situation, which is a very hot and intense match up, anyway.) I don't believe Jason Campbell can produce two consecutive solid outings, against the best pass rusher teams of the league. J.Flacco's biggest go-to-guy T.Smith will be neutralized by J.Haden, but J.Jones will be back, which will boost J.Flacco, for sure. Ravens are in a good spot and they can't afford
  14. Re: FC København v Galatasaray SK > Tuesday November 5th everywhere is full of conflicting reports about sneijder, some says he's doubtful, some says he's out for both this game and the one at weekend, against fenerbahce. impossible to give a reliable information for now and i really doubt to have an reliable info until the game day. but it doesn't sound promising, since he left two consecutive games at first half, although the area of injuries reported to be different. also, it's known that he attended only one training session, whole last week, so it's pretty sure that even if he's cl
  15. Re: Nfl week 8 picks just a small note: "Now, before you shout, "You're an idiot for betting on a double-digit road favorites," consider this: There have been 17 double-digit home divisional underdogs since 2002. You know what their spread record is? It's 8-9. Thus, if you've bet on all of these crap teams, you would've lost a bit of money. Now, if you flip this the other way, 9-8 isn't enough to wager on one side, but it's useful to be able to dispel the notion that wagering on double-digit favorites is a bad idea." taken from walterfootball.com btw, really nice picks kev, gl with lync
  16. I'll be short after a fairly long break, I took three plays, but I should note I had atrocious form lately (5 of last 19 picks were correct...). Another losing week means me to quit Nfl betting this season... Broncos - Redskins Broncos is at a good spot, coming off a loss and heading to bye week. Incredible offense had been cooled lately, but they'll face with the worst defense of the league. On the other hand, RGIII reported to get better, he cost me some money against Dallas, due to his terrible performance, but he was better last week and Broncos' defense simply sucks against pass and wil
  17. Re: NFL: Week 6 picks I moved to another home and lived two weeks without internet, that's why i didn't update the bets. And since I lived without watching nfl for a fairly long time, I'll take another off week. I'll be back with updated stats starting from week 9, just wanted to post this in order to prevent thoughts of me disappearing after some bad results. cheers.
  18. Re: NFL: Week 6 picks There has been some viral thing going on with Bucs team, Carl Nicks, Lawrence Tynes and Johnathan Parks are diagnosed with mrsa. There have been some saying going on, the game might get postponed. That doesn't change my bet, or my thoughts about the game, but I think, I need to note it to inform, the ones who're considering to follow. I see Nicks' absence as important, but even though he had been diagnosed with that before, he played in first couple weeks and he's not officially ruled out for this game, as well.
  19. Re: NFL: Week 6 picks Buccaneers vs. Eagles Bucs are coming off a bye week, it’s a team full of veterans and they’re still winless. I believe, this is the time to bounce back. They had a difficult schedule so far and despite getting terrible QB performances, their record could’ve been 2-3, instead of 0-5, because of stud defensive unit they have. They ranked in top 10 both against pass and rush. Missing M.Vick will cost for Eagles, since the opposing defenses will solely focus to stop L.McCoy and D.Revis will be matched with Eagles’ only clicking receiver D.Jackson, who generally manages
  20. Re: World Cup Europe Qualification > Friday October 11th I know it sounds crazy to back such a team and i don't have any team news. But, if you exclude the win against Andorra, Kazakh's latest win on the road was in 2007. They will travel massive amount of distance for this meaningless game. On the other hand, Faroe might be one of the weakest teams in Europe, but they never completed a campaign without point(s), except couple previous EC Qualifying. Their last game is against Austria, so if the trend will continue, this game is much better opportunity. In the reverse fixture, Faroens le
  21. Re: NFL: Week 5 picks week 5 recap: Bears-Saints: 18-26 -5 Packers-Lions: 22-9 -5 Cowboys-Broncos: 48-51 +4.9 15W-0V-15L 96u staked -3.684u %-3.838 ROI
  22. Re: NFL: Week 5 picks I hate this week's card, as I recap my bets so far, I noticed I was mostly accurate with "over"'s and so, instead of messing with a program i don't like, i picked three o/u lines i like most and took them as regular plays. GL with your bets! Cowboys vs. Broncos There's no need to talk about Broncos' offense, at all. They are flowing under the guidance of P.Manning and I don't believe Cowboys has the defensive unit to stop that. Besides, P.Manning will face with Colts' ex defensive coordinator, he arguably knows every play signals and basic principles of Cowboys' defe
  23. Re: Euroleague Qualification Somebody believes the opposite, so I'm adding one more unit: ​Tofas(-8.5) 1/10 @ 1.901
  24. Re: Euroleague Qualification Oostende - Banvit I don't have too many information about Oostende, but Belgian clubs tend to play high tempo in European campaign and that didn't seem to change, when Oostende shocked Khimki, the other day. They found 29 baskets out of 16 assists and went to foul line for 27 times and scored 90 points against this tournament's dream team. May be they were too relaxed and out of pressure, which let to a solid percentage shooting, but although local league is no comparison to this campaign, this is a team scored 90+ points per game, last regular season of Belgia
  25. Re: Euroleague Qualification I didn't want to open a new thread, Turkish Cup Tofas - Selcuk Universitesi 3rd game in 3rd day for each team. Tofas is in must win to qualify, whereas Selcuk doesn't have any chance to qualify. Tofas is coming off an ok performance against Fenerbahce and a convincing win against hosts, whereas Selcuk got destroyed by host club (Olin) and then, played a close game against a relaxed Fenerbahce. Besides Tofas having at least couple level better qualified squad, they have the deeper squad as well and Selcuk's almost whole guard rotation consists of players havin
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