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*** Ascot Festival Competition: Well done to 1st. RUG, 2nd. Soi Bongkot & 3rd. Jediknight ***
** June Poker League Result : 1st kevsul, 2nd Like2Fish, 3rd McG **
** June Naps Competition Result: 1st Kingdom for, 2nd Offramp, 3rd glavintobuy, 4th bymatrix. KO Cup Winner: Kingsom for, Most Winners: Johnrobertson **


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  1. Re: Genting gps freeroll Time for ColU to come out of retirement.
  2. Re: Full Tilt Poker - can't deposit, withdraw or transfer
  3. I've been getting an error message for several days now "We could not establish a secure connection to the server ....". Anyone else having the same problem? I remember this happening when they went kaput in 2011. I wonder if they are going down the tubes again?
  4. Re: Value Enhanced Samba Poker Adventure (VESPA) *80% sold* Back to school that man.
  5. Betfair Free SNG Heads Up Challenge The purest form of poker… have you got what it takes? We're giving away 100 Heads Up SNG Challenge Tokens for FREE every 30 minutes - YES, 30 MINUTES! - in the Betfair SNG TOKENS SPLASH! Enter one of our freerolls, finish in the top 20 and walk away with 5x SNG Challenge Tokens each. Take a Token to the Free Heads-up SNGs (found under the 'Sit & Go' Section) and make your mark on the $720 monthly leaderboard. Each Heads-up win awards a leaderboard point PLUS another Challenge Token, so get on a roll and you could be one of the 350 players t
  6. Re: WPT Mag/ Betfair - $1500 Betfair Poker LIVE London package freeroll Jan 6th. I think shogun25 is saying Dasboot is a mathematical genius since the definition of a degerate linear operator is as follows: www.few.vu.nl/~janbouwe/rtn/abstractknuepfer.pdf :ok
  7. Re: what do you hope to achieve poker wise for 2013? Nothing.
  8. Re: The Big Grind Your profession is ideally suited to measurement. In business, if you can't measure what you're doing then you're working in the dark. I'll bet with all the data you've collected you can assess what are the ideal number of hours that you should play each day in order to give optimal returns. In fact, I'll bet you already know the answer. ;) What I learnt when I was working (it took me 30 years to figure it out) is that there are a number of immutable truths. My greatest frustration when I worked was seeing people disregard these truths and seek to prove them wrong. The re
  9. Re: The Big Grind Yes.
  10. Re: The Big Grind I know foook all about poker but I've got good business knowledge. A 6 hour shift seems eminently sensible to me and, in my opinion, is likely to yield optimum effectiveness. PS. You wouldn't believe the number of computer programmers who I've TOLD to go home after they had worked for 8 hours and were intending to work on for another 4 or so. Their productivity really did improve when they stopped working silly hours.
  11. Re: The Big Grind Fair enough but don't confuse effort with effectiveness. There are an optimum number of hours that a person can work per day. This varies between people. However, go over that optimum number and effectiveness decreases and productivity drops. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diminishing_returns
  12. Re: The Big Grind Question. Why does it matter if you "only manage probably about 50% of the volume i know i'm capable of"? I am reminded of a valuable business maxim "Turnover is Vanity, Profit is Sanity, Cash is Reality".
  13. Re: hello friends How much are you looking for?
  14. Re: Well done Bart(UK) - Genting Poker Series Winner! Lend us a tenner? ;) Well done mate. :clap
  15. Re: Teaulc`s Poker Series as Staked by Ooblio Tut Tut. Back to school that man.
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