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  1. I agree with above, experience Spaniard Bautista-Agut is tough match-up for Ruusuvuori, but few points still stands out in favour of Finnishman to get at least something out from it; RBA prefer grind rallies and hit flat balls from back the baseline as Emil - in principle he’s decent match-up for Finnishman. From this point of view Emil may have better chance to get into his own rhythm and strenght zones as well. Bautista is not as aggressive tempo player as for eg. Jannik Sinner; I believe Emil may get his moments control the game. Of course, overall RBA is huge challenge from mental and tactical point of view. Requirement here is Emil can keep his level of first serve; 18 aces in 17 games was great performance against Polishman yesterday. Regarding skill sets I would say Ruusuvuori backhand is even bit stronger than Bautista’s. As mentioned, in Slam’s best of five periods is in favour of RBA and overall his level is still more consistent and higher quality than Emil’s. Though, Luckily RBA is not playing as high level as year-two ago. Here in Finland we quietly hope and expect Emil has a chance even win this. Market’s prediction ~65-35 seems fair though. I think there’s little bit better value, once again, in over 3,5 sets (Unibet 1.58). If Emil can go with his highest level in set one, or set two, I expect RBA to drop one for young Finnishman (or even more )
  2. Glad to see active discussion and analysis about tennis betting here in Punterslounge; not many forums around where can be found actual talk from this point of view. As a Finnish I’m looking forward Majchrzak - Ruusuvuori tonight. Ruusuvuori is a clear favourite here, as a pretty fresh rising newcomer on ATP Tour, and anything but win is huge upset for him. Emil played on Semi-Finals in Winston-Salem couple of days ago and five games in week may affect his fatigue, that have been quite his issue in his early career. Secondly this year’s court seem to be bit slowish that not favour Ruusuvuori who is at his best to hit on fast rising bouncing balls. To add, (mentally) Ruusuvuori is quite unconsistent player inside games and sets; especially he needs to be improved in serving consistency to not give so much break ball opportunities for opponent. Usually we see lot of breaks in his games. So what I like here and expect is that is going to be straight 3 setter for neither player. Odds are not that great for sure, you can find over 3,5 sets priced around 1,60-1,70 depending on bookies. Points explained above; 1) Emil’s current fatigue, 2) court conditions and 3) Emil’s unconsistency inside a game I expect this match to be like 1-3, 2-3 win for Ruusuvuori. Don’t take this too seriously though, just wanted to share some thoughts about this game as a Finnish, who likes to follow Ruusuvuori’s ATP-tennis journey after our only ATP-player Jarkko Nieminen retired his career years ago
  3. No worry and yes, forgot to mention that most likely stakes are quite limited on Unibet "special offers" which is shame. You will be quite happy if you get 15 euros in while punting on those offers. Worth trying still. Happy to see here Punters tennis lounge some active discussion and tipsters. Previews based on players gameplay and deeper information are always welcome while you cannot get much from looking just statistics and base your bets only on them.
  4. This bet might be best settle to Unibet which has "Novak Djokovic to Australian Open campaign" with such high odds as 2.20. Just information for all who're looking best price to punt this bet, not any advertising meaning at all.
  5. Re: July 29 - August 4 J.M. Del Potro - J. Isner over 31.5 games 3.65 Unibet This bet needs game to be 3-setter but it is surely worth to try with these odds. John Isner has lost his serve only once here in Washington ATP tournament! That is pretty impressive result and his serve really is very unbreakable. On the other hand Del Potro is big server and I think Isner wouldn't got many chances at all to brake his serve. American isn't very solid player on-court gaming play. That really looks sets are going to be very tight ones and tie-breaks are most likely to be come. Even Del Potro is favourite here I don't like his odds at all because I see this match going tie-breaks where both players are possible to win. I'm predicting for tight final here between these two big servers and if Isner can keep same level on his serve this game should be tough one. I wouldn't put big stakes on this but no way I don't see this game so clear one as odds seems for Del Potro.
  6. Re: July 29 - August 4 M. Granollers - R. Haase over 22.5 games 1.86 Pinnacle Like in Gastaad last week between these two, I expect tight match once again. I predict both one winning one set at least, like last week we saw. Few years ago match went two setter while Haase took over Granollers by beating him 2:0 (7-6, 7-6). I'm not gonna take part which of these is going to win but I'm pretty surprised if we won't see tight match here again with games over 22.5 line.
  7. Re: July 29 - August 4 J. Isner - S. Devvarman over 22.5 games 1.77 Unibet Most likely Isner is the winner here but I don't see this game so clear win for Isner as odds are. American has huge serve but the fact is Isner hasn't taken many breaks lately and his win has come after tie-break so usually. I think Devvarman' court game-playing is good enough to get sets to tie-break or even he can take at least a set here. Indian has played pretty well on hard court lately and since qualifications Washington ATP he hasn't drop even at set winning four matches straightly 2-0. Of course Isner is top level player but he is not type who smash oppenent with breaks.
  8. Re: In-Play Chat There should be streams all of the matches when played ATP. Same time you can watch some ****ty Challenger matches from Vancouver - ridiculous.
  9. Re: July 22 - July 28 Just thinking about betting Ebden with handicap or +1.5 sets. Not seen him playing though, so can't do any more predicts. Maybe it's better be stay away from that.
  10. Re: July 22 - July 28 Don't know about this but I see Anderson's odds are little bit too low here, around 1.20 Anderson to beat Ebden. Okay, normally, South African would win this and like did it last year 2-0 against Ebden but lately Anderson hasn't played so well that I would bet on him odds like 1.20. There are given 4.50 for Ebden, surely it is a risky bet but sure worth to try than playing Anderson's win. Did anyone watch Ebden's gameplay lately? What is it like?
  11. Re: July 15 - July 21 Anderson took it with solid serving and few break points. Sets 2-0 (6-3 , 6-3) for Anderson. Giraldo hadn't chances at all. Waiting for odds to Karlovic - Anderson game. Both players are big servers but "the doctor's" court game-playing against Mannarino wasn't very good at all. He just took both sets at tie breaks, serve worked pretty well all time of the game but Karlo actually played pretty lame in basic game. Shots over the lines and easy errors. Moving was awful. Wanna see what they will give for Anderson win against Karlovic, because I see him most likely to take over Croatian. Any have thoughts about Tipsa - Falla game today? I can see Tipsarevic taking that, maybe he is going to back in form day-by-day but not, did recent win against Bemelmans even thought it wasn't so peace of cake. You think Falla could be beaten 2-0 by Serbian?
  12. Re: July 15 - July 21 ATP Bogota Giraldo - Anderson, 2 @ 1.43 (Unibet) 8/10 Giraldo - Anderson -1.5 sets, 2 @ 2.10 (Unibet) 3/10 Don't know why they're giving chances for Giraldo. Personally I think Anderson would be rated about 1.20 or like that for straight win. South-African has been solid player lately extremely on hard court and beaten many tough players top of the world. Giraldo is 96 ranked Columbian and I only see the reason they're giving chances to him because his playing at home. But I don't see "home-advantage" take any difference here. Two years ago Anderson took over Giraldo 2-1 but now I see South-African growing up some level and at least straight win for Anderson is rated too high. I believe 2-0 is also more likely final score but I wouldn't contribute too many stakes for that.
  13. Re: July 15 - July 21 I don't know what is that shouting about Fader's tips. I like those tips are clearly shown as above and bottom it you can find some analysis of the pick. No matter where odds are taken from you can play that same "Player X Win" to almost every bookie on the world and finding the best odds you can use different sites as oddportal etc. There are also much good pick found from Fader so keep up good work! Of course it's harm thing if there are "wrong" information of players or something like that but then you can start discussion and give your own opinion to it. There's no "right answers" in betting, only predictions. Some can use more statistics while they are betting but I like here is also much people who knows "in-game fact" about players; how they are performed lately, about their injuries etc.
  14. Re: July 15 - July 21 ATP Hamburg P.Lorenzi - D.Brands 2.40 - 1.55 Any opinions about this match today. Look like most of people are taking Brands winning this, any value? Lorenzi have won twice Brands on clay few years ago but lately Brands has done pretty well on clay beating some solid players. Also there was maybe some kind of injury problems? in last game while Lorenzi retired against Riba-Madrid on Challenger Tour. I thought it should been clear win for Brands and it's enough taken by these odds. What do you think?
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