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  1. 1 hour ago, blackhorse2021 said:

    Hi guys, respect to you all and to the this community. I know there are no bankers and but I really need some big hit and it looks for me that OPELKA - MUSETTI should be an easy win for Opelka. What do you guys think about this match ? Odds are low but it looks like an easy win for Opelka. Opelka already defeated Musetti on clay. Musetti probably struggles against big servers as he also lost against Anderson. Opelka is in form, he is at home, Musetti out of form after his famous djokovic match.. Your opinions guys ? thank you.

    I really do not like the word "easy" being put before the word "win" in a grandslam as there are normally no mugs entered. Musetti has shortened over the last 24hours which has to be noted. Musetti to win a set at least will be my route. Good luck!!

  2. 2 hours ago, four-leaf said:

    What do you all think about Elina Svitolinas upcoming match today? And what thoughts do you all have about Nakashima?

    I'm sitting on a double selection containing Svitolina -6.5 games at 2.02 and Nakashima -2.5 sets at 2.60 both with Unibet I've seen both Svitolina and Nakashima playing lately and I just can't understand why the odds on both my selections are as high as evens and more. Nakashima played as if he was invincible first round when he beat Isner easily 3-0. Regarding Svitolina I think she should get plenty of chances to see off her spanish 22 year old opponent by minimum 7 games margin.

    We all know pretty much about Nakashima and his potential plus home advantage. But to take him -2.5 sets against a player that is well under the radar cannot be very prudent. Trust me!!

  3. 1 hour ago, neilovan said:

    I watched quite a bit of the WTA in Cleveland and the other one. Konteviet was excellent and so was Svitalina. Konteviet won the breaker against Begu, and never dropped a point on her serve. She was brilliant. Streets ahead of Giorgi, making no unforced errors second set (ridiculous). 

    The WTA is now so complex unlike the past years when a handful of women ran the show. Now we see a rotation of players exhibiting form in different parts of the tennis calender. Giorgi had already played her season before today. A few others too like Barty, Pliskova and Krejicova are clear banana peels here. Expect a fresh crop of girls to shine in this last quarter of the season. I am hoping Yastremska will come good against Kerber here.

  4. Monfils vs Rublev

    It has to be fair to note that Monfils is really at the end of his career playing husband/end-of-career tennis.....not without a great deal of inconsistency too. I also know that when he is in the zone he can beat any body. Rublev on the other hand seems to have cooled down and departed his invinsible mode making him a bit more human. The h2h is 1-0 Monfils and i am not bothered that it was played sometime ago. I just feel that Monfils last 4 or 5 matches is indicative of some real form brewing again. Furthermore Rublev stuck on 3/10 is a positive green light to play Monfils. To be very safe, Monfils to win a set and much more. Verdict!

  5. 3 hours ago, 38sdk1 said:

    I mean, the bet won, but I think ‘very nice tip’ isn’t really correct. I’d hope CzechPunter would agree! The bet should have lost, with Barty (deservedly) a set and a break up, and then later (not so deservedly) serving for the second set, and failing to see it out.

    What are you talking about my friend? There are only winners and losers in this game and no luck or close shaves. A nice tip is one that wins. End of story!!!! All the attractions and distractions on the road to that win is just as irrelevant as the loss. It is that simple!! Remember the tipster is giving you information from a perspective on what has already happened before it happens (if you can understand that). Everything in this game happens deliberately, no if, buts, or long distance hopes. I most times do not blame any player for playing bad or making me lose, instead I blame myself for not being sensitive enough in the spirit to avoid them. That is the maturity of the game. It is why you see the bookies winning 90% of what would normally appear like a 50/50 toss up where you are really manipulated into thinking that you had a live chance. This would seem the most closely guarded secret ever in the modus operandi of a secret cult that dares to invalidate the cognitive senses of man. Even in critical situations where a parlay is just waiting on a final selection to win and the bookies even have something as insignificant as a 3/10 chance of winning, they still win those situations 75% or more of the times (I am sure there are a lot of people on this forum who can testify to that). The average parlay will lose out deliberately by just one selection over 85% of the time most times. The bookies deliberately always never have close shaves where the punter is winning large out of turn. It is all well organized to produce a deliberate and desired outcome. As soon as a punter starts winning large habitually, that person is banned and ostracized from all betting shops regardless of the betting company. You are now considered a threat to a well established process. Out of necessity, they all come together to ban you saying "We do not like the way you do business". Back in the day your photo will be sent to all shops to be on the look out for you. I have seen that too many times. "It is established deliberately to the obstruction of the senses and the permission of the spirit". It is for the same reasons that people can be unmistakably making profits with their tipping here on the forum( feeling swell and cool about it) and be simultaneously losing heavily in real life playing the same identical games. Did I say same identical games? yes I did! How does this happen? (I know that there are a few of you reading that can relate to this) Why do our parlays most times always lose out by one selection most strategically located at the end of the betting entries? The deliberate fundamental structure of this methodology gives birth to constant human responses and results. It is why that bookies can ensure most times that you have that loser safely mixed into your selections without you knowing. There is an adage that says it is talk that begets talk. It is so funny how I have been made to spontaneously employ so many words on the basis of someone's simple response. I have long always wanted to go into the depth of this matter by trying to unravel this mystery that has been so well hidden for years. This whole idea of the bookies selling dead hope to people in exchange for a security which is entwined in this fleeting hope that has been bought...giving birth to an insatiable desire to be clung to.  Sometimes I just wish I could have the time to dedicate my pen to paper, to unveil what I consider a new facet of reasoning that would most certainly challenge what has always been the norm, and most certainly extricate the spirit of man from the captivity of this Ouija board mentality that has long kept him in bondage!

    Being a writer I sometimes just find myself in one of those moods where I just want to pour out my spirit to enhance positive energy. Good Morning!!!


  6. Reading from page 1 of this thread, it becomes so apparent how this indulgence almost seems a complete waste of time. If this forum was a university then most of our parents would have given up paying our school fees from us being too dumb to excel....Always hopeful but never really coming to the knowledge of the truth. It is like trying to catch the wind in the palm of your hand to show someone as evidence. Hahahaha!

  7. 4 hours ago, Torque said:

    Nothing in tennis is certain and the unexpected happens all the time. Everyone expected the Berrettini match to go over and that's looking highly unlikely. What was even more unlikely was a bagel set for either player - the odds on that must have been huge given they are both big servers that tend to hold serve well.

    Very true about nothing being certain. The score in the Djokovic match indicates that Shapovalov must have put up a good fight when he actually was rubbish. Yet, many other players will play twice as hard and not get past winning three games in a set. Shapovalov could never put more that five back to back strokes in play without missing. Fake player!!!

  8. 1 hour ago, CzechPunter said:

    Well, this is it, then! Essentially impossible to see Djokovic losing now.

    not quite bro! Hurkacz's game is typically grass and he really mixes it up well. No doubt Djokovic should win. On the other hand it is not impossible for Djokovic to be beaten.

  9. 32 minutes ago, darko08 said:

    Mate, you couldn't be more wrong with that statement! All that "home support" finally has played against her. She barely could breath... As I said, "Tomljanovic will play against the court but Raducanu will play against all the fever around her". A really sad ending.

    Was the breathing problem a result of the home support? I am a bit confused.

  10. 18 hours ago, owenclass said:

    You have got to remember that Jabeur beat Muguruza who is a former Wimbledon champion from losing the first set which means she has that fighting spirit that you need to win these big matches which probably why she threw up before closing the match. It wlll be tough against her opponent. But Jabeur does have better form on the grass while her opponent has not played a top player at this tournament yet. Also her opponent did struggle against Watson at Eastbourne and grass is not her favourite surface. So the match could go either way


    Thank you my friend, for some strange reason I suddenly changed my mind from Swiatek and went really large on Jabeur after reading your response. It just had the effect of bringing me back to reality. One virtual shot of Jack Daniels and coke for you bro. lol!

  11. Raducanu vs Tomljanovic

    I would want to believe that I have taken enough time to watch Raducanu to know where to place her current level. Tomljanovic is just a different variety of the same level of opposition that Raducanu has already conquered. I really cannot think of any potent weapon that Tomljanovic has in her arsenal that could do significant damage to this massive British talent. She just knows how to get herself into rallies with that old school chipped return of serve. Her change of pace and racket head acceleration during rallies is so mesmerizingly breath-taking. Provided the reality of what she is trying to accomplish does not consume her, I see her coming out victorious again. Especially now that she is becoming more popular, I just see the home support being too heavy for Tomljanovic to handle . Raducanu is also very vocal and pumped up during play and could severely distract her opponent with those in-play celebrations. Raducanu to continue her run alongside the English football team.


  12. 49 minutes ago, CzechPunter said:

    Ludmilla Samsonova to beat Karolina Pliskova at 1.96 with Pinnacle

    Samsonova is 10-0 on grass in this season and she's flying. Pliskova is a big name, true, but she's been suspect for quite some time now and her woes against players like Pegula this year tell a story. If her serve has an off-day, she's absolutely awful, as her return game and defensive skills just aren't there. Based on those, she would never be ranked as high as she once was. At the odds, I much prefer the player that's in form and whose ceiling might very well be higher (we'll have to wait and see).

    I think this can be a time for discussion and some deep reasoning just before the Monday matches kick off. I like your pick here and it must be pointed out that there is sufficient reason available to back and promote the chances of any of these ladies. If we look at Samonova vs Pliskova objectively we will find a few pointers that could help lead us to safety but certainly with no certainty. Both women have potent serves and I feel that it is Samsonova who has the more stability in her game when it comes to the groundstrokes department. She definitely will be the more consistent from the back of the court no doubt. Then again, I wish this was the only criteria needed to try and figure out the outcome of this match. After all has been said, I just feel that Samsonova has peaked a shade too early leaving her exposed in the same way that Ostapenko was. Pliskova is quite fresh with light miles on the clock from her constant losses and may just be entering the kind of form that wins tournaments. In a couple of strides with those long legs she can hit the front turning for home just like Mr Bolt. Tennis afficionados will look at Pliskova and say "And she still has not dropped a set". If you are still watching Samsonova closely, it is certainly becoming increasingly difficult for her with two three-setters in her last 2 matches. She had to labour to victory against Stephens. It is mostly only after a match that we tend to see all these things. Sensibly, the bet should be Pliskova or no bet. If we all did not know anything about what has happened in the WTA season so far and we were just given the list of the women left with a chance to win wimbledon from here in, it will be a big mistake not to put Pliskova's name on that list. So I am really not looking for the better player form-wise at this point, I think all that goes through the window as the knock out rounds start. I really think Rybakina, Jabeur and Pliskova hold live chances. Rybakina more so who only needs to tweak her attitude a bit to arrive at a winners mentality.

  13. I do not know if it is just me. The applauds Raducanu has been getting from the crowd just does not sound organic. I can imagine a more deafening sound if she was inherently British. It just might change for her going into the later rounds as the hype runs side by side with the England team in the coming days......Well, that is if England pass today's hurdle.

  14. 2 hours ago, darko08 said:

    The h2h is actually 2-0, you are forgetting a match between these 2 players that took place just 2 weeks ago in the qualification for Eastbourne. Golubic lost the first set 6-4 but then won 6-3 the second one and 6-0 the third one. That recent victory and the fact that Golubic is having the best year of her career (40-12) are the reasons for those market movements.

    I was not looking for the reason for the market move as market moves are normal. I was more interested in the "erratic nature" of the market move which was going to most certainly bring market forces into play. the market will normally move one point forward or backwards to indicate a normal trend. When it moves erratically as it has done in this case, there is a cause to investigate. The odd setters never make faux pas's in most cases. They most certainly must have been aware of Golubic's 40-12 record before the initial odd of 1/2 was set. That odd should really not go past 1/3 for any reason except there are serious influences on the market which can most times be artificial. I was very aware of their last head to head, it was just that I forgot to mention it. In fact that last head to head was the strongest evidence that led me to conclude that Brengle will certainly make this a contest. Aside that last set where she collapsed, she was very competitive and I do not expect any worse from her now on her favored surface in such a short space of time, plus having form on her side. I will be surprised if anything different happens.

  15. Golubic vs Brengle

    Market opened at Golubic 1/2  Brengle 6/4 and has now moved to 1/4    3/1 respectively. There can only be two valid reasons responsible. You are always a winner when such as situation is diagnosed correctly because as I always say, it is the precise translation of odds rather than form that determines outcome. first thing we do is check the head to head between the two players. It stands at 0-1 brengle played way back in 2014. I strongly believe that this stat has no relevance although it can act as a tie-breaker when it becomes close to separate them. The question now is whether we can find justification for this sort of erratic market move. Brengle might not be your regular top flight player but she certainly has days when her unorthodox game can shine out. It has to be pointed out that she is now on her best surface and on decent grass form 3/5 the two lost were to Kostyuk and kozlova where she took them both to 3 sets swinging in the process. Here already two sound wins against Mchale and Kenin. This is not normally the story of a player who should drop in price just like that. The most likely reason is the entry of sharp money on Golubic which I feel certain is the case 9/10. In this case one has to make sure that only bets that support the input of Brengle is taken; like to win, to win a set, or +handicaps. Totals are quite dangerous as Golubic can be made to go to sleep without warning. Verdict Brengle to win a set @5/6 and much much more, trust me. Brengle +5.5 a real steal. "I have already my boots filled" employing the English proverbial saying. lol!!!

  16. Since I am not the sort of person to shy away from what I deem an attractive bet be it cockroaches and beetles in action I found this, and it did not take long for it to become one of my fav bets of the day coupled with another banker bet that I will be delivering after this. I know Czech and his constant demands for reasoning to be provided etc. This is a sort of bet that you are either in or out. I have not provided a reason because I will expect everyone to immediately see the reason or pass. Krajicek/Santamaria vs Kyrgios/V. Williams. Pick Kyrgios/Williams @1/2 definately showcase tennis expected

  17. 5 minutes ago, CzechPunter said:

    Yeah, Vondrousova struggling. Still, can't complain about too much so far in this event, even with Johnson coming close to a 0-2 to 3-2 comeback. Can't see anything for tomorrow yet, but I'll check again.

    You mean you cannot see Shapovalov over Murray? You might need glasses!? lol

  18. Vesely Vs Fucsovics

    There is a whole lot of flooding on the forum at this time, and that can be expected especially as we are in a grand slam week. It makes me want to observe more and write less and it has been paying off in leaps and bounds. It is really hard to make a credible case for any pick at this time because everyone has come with a chance of some sort. Vesely is more at home on grass and has the serve and game to match. Fucsovics has already played his part this year on the clay circuit and really does not merit my consideration. This should be pretty straight-forward, then again what ever is?

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