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  1. 2 hours ago, Simeon Borisof said:

    One i fancy for tomorrow is Chung to beat Nishikori @ 3.50 with bet365.Chung has been flawless so far and one who is really a fighter.He is extremely resiliant with a solid baseline.Nishikori has been rather shaky than solid.His injury might be the problem and those long rallies who are expected in the game wont help him much.I fully expect an epic clash in 5 sets with Chung edging it in the end.medium to high stakes on Chung @ 3.50 and a sporting bet on 3:2 @9 both with bet365

    For anyone who is a tennis afficionado, then this is a tip that should just be written with no explanation. It is just the right pick to make the way the tournament has been going. At the very least Cheung should win 2 or more sets. I would not be surprised if I fell asleep today and woke up on Sunday morning to see Cheung in the final.

  2. What is the difference between taking a player to win a set or taking the player +2.5 sets? Same thing, but advantage bookies. Paddy Power always coining out new ways to rip you off your money. I had  Cornet 7/4,  Khachanov 11/4 and Almagro +2.5 sets £100 treble. The rogues voided the Almagro match when in theory Almagro winning a set is a good as won. But their rules say otherwise. Be aware folks!!

  3. 5 minutes ago, ogii55 said:

    Thanks for the opinion. Such injury is very tough to be healed for less than 48 hours. When you are moving and the Adrenalin is rushing, you can't feel it too much. The problem comes on the next day. Maybe you are right about the body language. It's also possible that Mladenovic to start the match and if she sees that couldn't finish fast with Errani and the Italian is having an edge, just to quit in the first set. We will see :)

    I agree with you on how she could possibly feel less than 2 days after injury. I just feel she will come out today in much better physical shape than last time. Knowing what a determined young woman she is, the last thing she will be thinking of is pulling out after grinding out that last win. Simply put, Mladenovic in her position as current darling of french tennis, will never quit a grand slam at home. She will go down fighting!!

  4. 1 hour ago, losingpunter said:

    mladenovic was poor extremely poor. serena would have defeated her 6-1, 6-2 in this form.

    Well, it will depend on where you are judging poor from. Any injured player will naturally be poor. So under the circumstances she played a big match playing some key points with maximum bottle. It is also because we know that the "poor" you have used to describe that performance is not relative to her current form that we are discussing her now with suspicion. Let sleeping dogs lie!!!!

  5. Bonzi vs Ramos Vinolas

    I just could not believe what I was seeing when I saw the odds for this match. It became apparent to me that the odds-generating computer device for the bookies must be dysfunctional. Let me first say a bit about Bonzi. Bonzi has won 13 from his last fourteen matches, and please do not ask me against who? A win is a win and a good confidence builder. On the way to the penultimate tournament before the french open, he beat Munoz-De La Nava 6-3  7-6 one I can boldly refer to as decent opposition. He beat Smyczek 6-2 6-2, beat Polansky 7-5  6-3 and beat Lajovic 6-1 6-1. He beat everyone in easy straight sets till he lost to Silva Dutra from a disintrest in the match because I watched that match.

    He beat Medvedev in the first round, Medvedev's surprise retirement not really detracting from the form of this Bonzi guy. Ramos has lost five from his last 6 and has already played way too much tennis to be considered fresh. The tournament organisers as usual have given it a prime time slot and I believe it should live up to the hype.

    I believe Bonzi can win a set at the very least 2/1. But as usual with a partisan home crowd on his side I am going total Bonzi games over 9.5   4/6. Good luck guys!!!!


  6. 1 hour ago, ogii55 said:

    You are a legend in tennis punting so your opinion always brings huge value and interesting point of view. I didn't watch the match with Brady, who is awful on clay. I hope that Mladenovic could be exhausted from her late April and early May. However she seems to cut down her doubles matches in order to concentrate in signle and the result is here - Top 15 in single. Is anyone watched Errani vs Doi? How she played?

    Firstly, let me correct a point you made about Brady being horrible on clay. That really is what I call an unsubstantiated sweeping statement. Granted you might be cheesed off with the way she lost to Mladenovic, but that is tennis. It was a big pressure match worsened by playing an injured player. Brady never shies away from clay as some players do that show a disliking for the red dirt. She plays a whole lot of matches on clay even going to South America to play tournaments on clay. On clay She has beaten the likes of Mertens, Rogers, Haddad Maia, Sakkari, Krunic and many decent others.

    Mladenovic should really have had authentic claims to this year's French open crown aside a few worries. She has played too much tennis prior to this tournament . However she seems a different calibre of player with regards to mental toughness and fitness. Sometimes it has to require an element of luck to help one reach a title. The question is can she recover from that last physical exertion, hybernate and re-energise herself? It is not outside the realms of possibility. I am not going to count her out just yet. I have noticed from experience that knowledge of a players injury or tiredness can really be a distraction to the punter. Errani is in good form too. The fear is that her game could get swallowed up by the big game of Kiki if she come out firing. Best advice to bet in play. Mladenovic wins hands down on first glimpse of good body language!!!!

  7. Hamou vs Cuevas

    I was quite surprised by the results of yesterday's games where I really expected a bit more resistance from the players that I backed against.....but surprisingly they let me get my stash without even the slightest glimpse of a nervous moment in sight, Apart from Bonzi, my main pick on the forum, Makarova, Dodin and Tommy Boredo all conspired with me to rape the bookies. hahaha!

    I am spoilt for choice today with so many good picks with all more than decent chances of doing what I expect them to do. As I will never post more than one or two, I have chosen this game as one to write about. 

    Seriously speaking, Cuevas should murder Hamou period. Total mismatch in my opinion. Perhaps that is why this is the FA Cup of tennis with all the thrills and excitement expected from the unknown. I have used my system again in analysing this matchup. Quite interesting findings I will say. I always like putting my system to the litmus test especially in situations like these. It is what I am all about in all honesty.

    First principle in gambling - a winner is a winner regardless. Hamou comes here with a whole lot of matches on clay under his belt and I mean a lot - plus winning all three matches of the qualifying series in straight sets. And yes, I said it, you do not have to know who he beat. A winner is a winner.

    Cuevas on the other hand has played a lot of high quality tennis recently and had some good results too. However he has only won one from his last three.

    Odds movement from opening to current clearly backs a good Hamou showing with margin to chose from different markets where you want to make your profits from, Also the organizers of this tournament surely know what they are doing in putting this match in the prime time slot plus the voiciferous home support expected. Hamou's hard face in one look depicts determination and I will take my chances on the evidence already in view. With an investment mind in play the pick is over 29.5 games, even though I clearly expect Hamou to do considerably more, Good luck all !!!!!

  8. Bonzi vs Medvedev

    Anyone looking at the games lined up on day one of this years French Open will agree with me that we face a very complex conundrum in trying to find easy winners. There are a whole lot of temptations lurking and one can easily get carried away with the excitement and run into some serious losses if following the early fluctuating markets. As I have always said, I put in a whole lot of work to make sure that my followers can always look forward to real value as opposed to flirting with hope. It is the more reason you will always see me tip in way of investments as opposed to gambling. 

    Well Bonzi is a young Player who has been plying his trade on the satellite tour with a lot of victories, especially recent victories in the midst of decent opposition. He really could be anything in this FA cup of Tennis with so many imponderables expected. He faces Medvedev, a very talented player who really blossomed in the last few months showing us that he has some real talent. Medvedev has since being in a bad patch losing his last 5 matches, more significantly, losing 3 from 3 on clay. In my opinion it will certainly be the wrong time and occasion for him to rediscover his form especially against a player like Bonzi who should really be having a lot of vocal support from the partisan home crowd.

    I have reached my conclusion by applying one of my very reliable systems that has to do with tracking the market moves points from opening to current time. The system has been very reliable for me working over 80% of times. My conclusion is that Bonzi should win this match somehow in the end. It really should not matter whether Medvedev plays well or not. Clear positive pick on circumstance. However, being an investment tipster, my pick will be 

    Bonzi to win a set at 4/11 paddypower*** positive 9/10 Good luck all.

  9. Guido Pella vs Cecchinato Marco 

    Well, It is not usually my nature to fish in small ponds when there are bigger ponds and fishes available. For me catching a fish is more important than the size of the fish. Better to have something to eat at least. I always put in quality time to analyse my picks daily as the thought of getting anything wrong really upsets me. So here we go in continuation of the week. Cecchinato has won 9 from his last 10 matches on clay and is very much in form. He is the sort of player I will be looking for in the French open early rounds to help increase my bank balance. Having said that, he faces Guido Pella who in my opinion is about a class and a half above him. Pella has won 8 from his last 9 only losing to Zverev in straight sets 4 & 3. At 1/2 Pella looks a sure gift here. I see this as another power pick of the day as the bookies leave their guards open again. Verdict: Pella to win.  Good luck everyone!!!!

  10. Thiem Vs Querry

    This is clearly a matchup that should be in the interest of Tennis afficionados for profit making purposes. Firstly Querry, like Karlovic, Raonic Isner Khachanov and a few others, are not natural clay-courters, but can produce the kind of game to frustrate or upset the odds. Thiem has been very busy on the courts lately to think that he will easily dispose off Querry. I am not going to use the overworked cliche and try and label him tired, because what happens is that he hears and punishes me rightly. I have seen Thiem many a time in person and I know quite a lot about him not to dare suggest tiredness as a weak point. He comes from the same stock as his predecessor Thomas Muster. Resilient, stubborn and bullish. However, I will be taking this tip against what could be his potential weakness if any - the return of serve. Querrey is fresh, keen to go, and buzzing on serve. Paddy power and most bookies put the handicap at 3.5. I never play handicaps at 3.5 for any reason as it most times turns out to be of no value depending on the particular matchup. Funny enough, the machines in the bookie shops have left the handicap at 4.5. hmmmmm! crazy I say. H2h between the two stands at 1-1. They have never played on clay. I am believing that Querrey should be solid enough on serve to cover the 4.5 handicap. The machine prices might be slightly bad, but for this inclusion, it makes up for accumulator purposes. verdict: Querrey +4.5 to win

  11. 5 minutes ago, four-leaf said:

    And here we go, Law 1: Lauren Davis the lower ranked player has beaten the higher ranked player two times just like Laura Siegemund over Simona Halep and she the chances of that to be repeated a third time had become drastically slim today and Karolina Pliskova wins first set 6-1. She will probably keep on running over Lauren now.

    I was going to warn you about the possible danger there especially as it was a very popular pick over the internet. Worse still is the Pliskova relies on a huge consistent serve and once that serve is firing, she can bully her way past anything despite being handicapped on clay. I also never bet against Karlovic, and Raonic because they could frustrate you large. Davis has no major weapons!!!

  12. Troicki vs Zverev

    Since I am on the topic of laws here, I might just go ahead and give the final tip which is a tip that has already been given by Czech. My tip is the somewhat of the same but in a different outcome. Troicki was 11/4 last night and Zverev 1/4. Zverev would really need to go out a point at 2/9 to be positive. Instead he goes out 2 steps to 1/5. Troicki drifting positively to 7/2. This really tells me to expect a positive Troicki performance any where from winning the match to winning either a set or covering the 4.5 handicap. Since I tip in way of investments as opposed to gambling, I will certainly be taking Troicki to win with 4.5 handicap knowing that he stands a good chance of winning the match. Good luck all!!

  13. 11 hours ago, four-leaf said:

    Laura Siegemund to beat Simona Halep at 2.75 with bet365

    Czech will Simona get revenge over Laura now? Or will Laura get another win or am I out sailing here?

    Edit: Just posted after you had posted and didn't see you had written the same so I guess I'm not out sailing on Laura to win.

    I just thought I will throw in a tip for free. Forecasting can be very complicated and frustrating in this game when a law comes to be countered and thus nullified by a more powerful law. There are too many natural laws to get used to in this game and we learn continuously. I will talk about two laws here and see how they pan out afterwards. Law 1 When a higher ranked player has been beaten by a lower ranked player (Top tier tennis) in a particular week or short period, the chances of that lower player repeating the feat the next week becomes drastically slim. This makes Wawrinka almost a dead certainty to win in whatever way that game is played. Halep/Siegemund fall into this. So by law Halep should win by some hoodini means I must add, unless law strangely fails today. Left to me, I would never have dared thought that way had I not be exposed to these other forms of analysis. Another law that I use is price comparison. This works over 80% of the time depending on the price move overnight. Siegemund was 7/4 win Halep 4/9. Now Halep has gone 8/15 with Siegemund on 6/4. Halep would have needed to move only one spot down to 1/2 to make her expected loss more positive. That 3 step move clearly favours a Halep victory. Well, maybe not totally a Halep victory, because retirement is a big and live option in these analysis. Halep really should not lose. Finally,(lol) in most cases when a tip has been surprisingly duplicated as in how Four-leaf gave the tip without knowing that it had already been posted, never a good omen. Still good luck everyone. We will see how this plays out. Wawrinka and Halep double nap large. Good luck everyone!!!

  14. Troicki Vs Napolitano

    Victor Troicki No 36 vs Stefano Napolitano no 181 depicts a very distinguished gulf in class here and rightfully justifies Troicki as favourite. Troicki has recently had a good solid workout on the red dirt beating Khachanov and Djere in Istanbul and finally being outbullied by Raonic in straight sets. This really should be straightforward for Victor Troicki, but it is Monday against a vibrant young home-based qualifier. Napolitano has already had four games in qualification and has played considerably well. I am one who simply as a rule never bets against wild cards as they can be very dangerous coming under the radar. In fact I always look to make my fortune with wildcards at the beginning of tournaments, and in my opinion the percentages are always very high that they do what i require of them. I do not have to know much about Napolitano apart from know that he has already played 13 matches on the red dust in the last month against decent opposition with more than a handful of wins. Against a temporamental player like Troicki, Napolitano to win with +5.5 games on the handicap looks quite a good bet. Good luck all!!!!

  15. Coric Vs Thiem

    This certainly is the game of the day with two of the best young talents available today in the men's game with a contrast in styles. Thiem on clay is the Barcelona of mens tennis, whilst Coric is the Juventus equivalent. So on the face of it we should expect a mouth-watering cat and mouse game with a full exhibition of shot making and intensity. Trust me when I say that I have been looking into this game with keen interest over the last 24hours.

    What I have observed round the the internet and among tennis afficionados forecasting this match is a uninanimous agreement by all that Thiem will be too much of a handful for Coric who is certainly not quite adept on this surface like Thiem is. Coric really has not right to be here considering he was beaten earlier on in the qualifiers and later reinstated as a lucky loser. Sometimes in life that may be all one requires to becomes a lucky winner. It is all about taking opportunities.

    I do not care what anyone says. Once there is a player still involved at this stage of a tournament who has not dropped a set, he needs to be put on close watch. I say this in reference to his transformation since being reinstated. Secondly anyone who beats Murray the way coric did, has to be taken very very serious. The two players have met once on hard court in 2017, Coric winning that once easy in two sets 6-1 7-5. So we know the aggressive style of Thiem will not faze Coric once he can settle down to some sort of rythym. I really think the difference between the two players for now is that Coric is a man in a boy while Thiem a boy in a man. This brings me to the crunch factor.

    Coric bases his game similar to the backboard style of Murray and Simon backed up by a steely mental resolve to outbattle the opponent by keeping an even temporament. Thiem is confident, aggressive, and dominating and can easily get frustrated when things do not go his way. This will be tough, but better still opens up an avenue to make good profits.Certainly over 21.5 games. But my pick here is Coric to win a set evens @ paddypower. Good luck!!!

  16. Cavalle - Reimers vs Garcia Perez

    I very much like the way the competition at Monzon has been progressing, and you bet I have been watching with my eyes peeled. I tend to be more attentive in this short period before the French Open begins, because it helps to give one insight nto the qualifiers and first round matches which is where I have made my money over the years. Reimers and Perez are two young girls who know themselves very well in that they have already met three times with Reimers wnning two but most importantly Perez winning the most recent.

    I strongly believe that Reimers has been the more clinical of the two especially looking back to the way she despatched the big-serving broady. This has the feel of a three setter that I see Reimers winning. If you are a wise investor like me, you will go Reimers to win a set Paddypower 4/6. Good luck!!!

  17. 11 hours ago, CzechPunter said:

    How come I always back Kyrgios in the wrong matches where he switches off? I also had him against Seppi in Melbourne ffs :loon.



    You seem to be giving Kyrgios credit saying he switched off.......or did you mean "was switched off". That is what an in form Nadal does to people!!

  18. 3 minutes ago, ejmali333 said:

    I like Paire as well, but you never know what will happen with him :) I will most probably take him as well...

    @CzechPunter It will be close, just around 5 games for Nick :)

    I understand the temptation to take Paire, is great but I still think it should be treated with caution. Yes granted that Paire has a better h2h record over Cuevas, however Cuevas is still the most reliable one on the surface and the one with more talent. He is also Ranked ahead of Paire. I read the argument made against Cuevas which said he struggled against Belucci and Mahut? I would not exactly call that a struggle as both of those opponents were credible. First Bellucci has already had some decent games on clay and has respectable form. We also know that any player in the class of Mahut Karlovic and Herbert, who play unorthodox games on the surface by charging at every ball, it can be hard work to beat them. So Cuevas actually did well. I am not saying in any way that Cuevas will win, I am just pointing out that considering his pedigree he can not be a dead certainty to lose. In fact, the h2h record is more reason to be cautious. I will take Coric total games over 20 as a better alternative. I say this believing that Coric will come close to winning a set for sure. Good luck all!!

  19. 3 minutes ago, ejmali333 said:

    Going with 4 folds today:

    Djokovic, Nadal, Halep and Dimitrov 1,96 +10% on winnings @bet365

    They are all simply better than the opponents... Dimitrov won TieBreakTens and he will need thos tiebreaks to win against Karlovic, but I agree on Karlovic to go far in Wimbledon! :)

    I suppose they all look good as they normally would before a match. Just a bit worried that combined, they look too suspiciously easy. I strongly think there is a loser in waiting between the Halep or Djokovic pick, or perhaps both. Still, good luck anyways!!!

  20. On 30/04/2017 at 6:45 PM, Simeon Borisof said:

    Why GGL is favourite against Harrison?He shouldnt be favourite against anyone these days and given the H2H between them odds of evens is a must take for me.GGL is having a nightmare year so far and i think there is great chance for him to continue like that.Although Harrison is no great shakes either i think odds should be at least set the other way.

    I think if you carefully take everything into consideration and do a reality check, you will agree that odds are about right. What odds will I give Harrison to make it 5-0 on this different surface of clay? 6/4 and worse really. There is every chance of GGL stopping that rot here on his favourite surface. It will require emotional blindness to punt Harrison in the mist of  a more viable option.

  21. Konta Vs Osaka

    This on paper looks a very interesting matchup in this first round encounter in stuggart. Konta has had a brilliant season so far winning the big event in Maimi coasting through a class field in the process. Osaka on the other hand, has had a very average season but comes into this encounter 6 matches on clay better off to Konta's nil. Konta played recently in the Fed Cup against Romania whereshe got hammered in the second tie by Halep although marred by an unfortunate incident prior to the game when Nastase rained down abuses on her and Keothavong bringing her to tears in what was quite emotional.

    I just have a sneaky feeling about this match especially with Konta being at what I consider as wrong odds 4/9. Osaka in my opinion is just too good to be languishing in the top 50 and looks ready to make some inroads into the top 20. Her victory against the very talented homegirl Hobgarski was quite remarkable considering that Hobgarski had been ideally placed to surprise a few in the draw cruising under radar. Osaka is fresher and the better mover on this surface and so I look forward to seeing her in round 2 hopefully. Good luck all.!!!

  22. 3 hours ago, KillerKat said:

    Back after a bit of a hiatus, 

    Fabio to win a set @5/6 with Bet Fair Sport

    Watched Kei play yesterday and it was an almighty struggle for him, he was very up and down and made far too many unforced errors. His movement looked lethargic and the temperatures didn't help either. He has another afternoon match scheduled for today which shouldn't make things any easier conditions wise. Apart from this, he also took a medical time out with what seemed to be a knee injury. If Delbo had not choked big time in the 3rd, Kei wouldn't even be here. Meanwhile Fabio has been playing really well at Miami from what I can see and hear. I see this being a struggle for Kei and could easily see a three setter here, going for the safer option in case clown Fabio has a brain fade. 

    In light of all the facts/rumours about Nishikori's fitness, it can only be of negative assistance to the punter with a man like Fognini on the other side of the net. A brain fade really is Fognini losing hands down 2-0 in such a match. Best left for inplay purposes only.

  23. 46 minutes ago, tit@n said:

    aaaand of course, Berdych is playing like a god now. so predictable.

    Berdych is very far from anything that could be remotely described godlike. He is just simply a tennis bully like Tsonga, very adept at beating people they should normally beat even when they are badly out of form. They become gutless chickens when matched up against top 10 quality! Next thing people will get carried away and start backing this lame horse!


    We move into the second premier mandatory tournament of the year and again we are perplexed and mesmerized with a jigsaw of a draw that is capable of throwing winners from anywhere. Over the years this competition has been known for offering opportunities to the new youngsters to have a go with proving themselves among the very best. The 2017 edition of the tournament has proved to be no different with wild cards given to  Beatriz Haddad Maia, Ashleigh Barty, Natalia Vikhlyantseva, Paula Badosa Gibert and Amanda Anisimova, The two I really have been following with interest is Haddad Maia and Anisimova. The latter with serious huge potential.

    I am not going to say anything about Tsurenko because there is nothing to say. On the other hand Haddad Maia just won an ITF tournament at Clare and comes to Miami in threatening form. You might ask what is so threatening about winning an ITF event. A win is a win and it gives birth to confidence. But more importantly it is the trend of the market force that interests me here. I have always said that regardless of form, the odds always determines the outcome of any event, if you can translate it. Tsurenko opened yesterday at 1/4 with Haddad at 11/4, then overnight Tsurenko doubles her opening odds at 1/8 with Haddad at 5/1. This in my translation is a clear positive for Haddad propelled by market forces. As one who sees his reputation most important, I always aim to offer my followers with the safest option to ensure there is a smile on their faces at the end of play. I personally fancy Haddad to even have a decent chance at the out right win. however I will go Haddad to win with a 5.5 games start. 9/10

  25. 11 hours ago, ejmali333 said:

    Interesting topic must say :)

    Goffin (27), Thiem (24), Sock (25), PCB (26), Dimitrov (26) and some other players are not "youngsters" anymore and they should be more consistent, and better overall on every surface (they all more or less preform well on very few types of surfaces, PCB clay and slow hard courts, Thiem clay, Sock fast hardcourts,...). In their early days we were comparing them with big four but they are not even close to them. Big four had many GS titles by their names when they were 24-26! :) In my eyes these guys are not even close to likes of Ferrer and Berdych. Those two guys were just very unlucky to be of the same age as big four. They always reached QF/SF/F in big tournaments (Masters and GS), played at least decent tennis on every type of surface, ranked 5 or 6 for many years, but they just could not provide a bit more to go over big four, little magic is what they were missing. Very unlucky for both of them, they both deserve a GS title in my eyes, Ferrer -> RG and Berdych -> Wimbledon :) 

    If I had to choose next Berdych/Ferrer among them it should be Dimitrov without any doubts.

    For me there is only one future number one youngster right now and he is Alexander Zverev. He needs to get a bit stronger pyshicaly and he will be a beast and monutain to climb for other players. While I am writing this post, Kyrgios is making him look foolish, but Kyrgios is 2 years older which is quite a lot in their age. Also, I cannot see Kyrgios being consistent and mentally strong enough to be number 1, but he will get a slam or two I guess on his home gorund in AO or Wimbledon, which obviously suits him the best out of four GS.

    On the other side, women tennis is at its lowest since Wozniacki was number 1. There are no big names actually, it is astonishing that Pliskova with only serving is number 3 in the world, that Kerber with no game whatsoever is number 2, that Kuznetsova is ranked 8th...

    Future number 1? Hmmm... Serena as long as she plays? :)

    Among all youngsters I like the most Maia Beatriz Haddad, who plays with left hand which I always saw as an advantage in tennis. :) The thing is that she is not that young anymore, she is 21 and by that age Sharapova was a super mega star. :) There are Osaka, Bellis, Vondrusova, Bouzkova, Zidansek, Blinkova, Vikhlyantseva and many more... Winning a lot on ITFs but that is just not good enough. Madison Keys is of their age or only 1 or two years older and she is TOP10 and should be even higher, if she can stay healthy. I would rate her as biggest talent right now. :)

    Do you agree with me, partially agree, disagree? I would love to hear your thoughts... :)

    Well, Czech has already said most of what I would have said. It is always very hard and perhaps almost impossible to compare two different generations of tennis players and arrive at safe and reasonable conclusions. We are clearly in new times now that cannot be in any way compared to the old - this really is in all sports. Hardly do you ever see the Steve Davis's, Stephen Hendrys, Grafs, Sampras's, and in fact individuals dominating various sports as they did in the past. In times past, the prerequisite for unrivaled progress was skill and nothing else. Sampras and Agassi could expect to enter a grand slam from slumber and expect to win. Today, the emphasis is more on mental and physical conditioning, so much so that skill most times breaks down in the absence of all these.

    Since the beginning of the global recession, we have seen an influx of players from Slovakia, Russia, USA and China especially in the women's tennis where it is three times tougher to survive on the ITF Tour than in the WTA.. The same can be said for the men too where the Satilite tour more or less represents a lions den that can be very difficult to climb out of. Going on from there, I would say the age factor is not really as important as it used to be in the past. Take Konta for example who at 17, 18 19 was nothing special. But she matured, and was eventually able to put in the hard work over more skilled players and took advantage of it. Today she is almost the most progressive player on the womens tour. Guys like Nishioka are cutting through like hot knife through butter. The Asians have always built their foundations on hard work and have always excelled in the demand for physical and mental distinction. It is one of the reasons why it is so very rare to find an outsider win most of those Asian tournaments.

    Tennis has become a game of times and seasons and is a very important factor that one has to consider when trying to figure out the possible winner of a match. Players now prepare themselves to play well in different sections of the year as opposed to generally preparing themselves for the whole year as used to be the case. The physical and mental demands are just so high and intensely demanding. That is why I always seem surprised when I see write-ups where people just say things like Mister A has played Mister B three times and the last twice ended in straight sets, therefore Mister A should win again, forgetting that Mister A has just ended his mini season having played a lot of tennis prior.

    In summary I believe that the standard of tennis is still as high as it used to be and even more competitive, which is why it is hard to forecast matches that look easy on paper. Even with all the new brigade of players mentioned, over 50% of them will still not make it and quickly disappear. Vaidisova is a name to recall. Mona Bartel who has recently been lucky enough to swim back to the surface. Bouchard still languishing under the surface of the deep waters, Muguruza has lost her reins. Other players just fizzle out and disappear without notice. Finally, it is not that all the players mentioned are not all rounders on all surfaces, it is just that with this new sectional way of preparation, most of them deliberately focus on particular surfaces and leave the others out till the grand slam or masters comes along. That is why regardless, the same familiar faces always seem to occupy the last four spots of most of the major tournaments.


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