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  1. If you want a straight answer without me having to really think deep, not all those favs can win for sure. They all look beatable at first glance. Tsitsipas might just be running on reserve at 3/10(The danger odd) Kvitova could be anything but genuine. Zhang looks quite playable on the handicaps. Edmund? In no man's land. Could be on generic form as he did last week before imploding. Chung although fresh to the clay should have enough in hand to beat Klizan. Might shed some more light on a couple of them again just before play!!

  2. Robert Carballes Baena Vs Cameron Norrie

    This one certainly is not for the faint hearted considering that the form on Norrie is intangible and rather sketchy. Norrie has had a total of 4 games on the red dirt this year and a lot of hope can certainly be extracted from those games. We all recall his first 2 games on clay this year which took place in valencia Spain where he first beat Bautista (Yes, Bautista) and lost his second match to Ramos after a real serious battle. There absolutely was no doubt then to his potential on the red dirt after both performances considering how well he expertly he adapted to the surface like a duck taking to water.

    He has had mixed results ever since but in my opinion, not bad enough to totally dismiss those early tentative efforts. I strongly feel that beating Haase was more a show of his potential than any lame excuse tendered by any vituperator. For a man who has played so few games on clay 6/4 is really showing a lot of respect for him considering the curriculum vitae of his opponent on clay.. Verdict: While I expect Norrie to be very competitive in this match even to the point of giving him a realistic chance of winning, I also expect Carballes to play very well. It is all about making profits here so over 21.5 total games is the verdict paddypower. Good luck!!

  3. 2 hours ago, MrCrossover said:

    i know this is offtopic, but have yall seen, that players (especially in men competitions) who won 1st set, usually (i woulda say 70% at least) won 3rd set if its needed...or im just tripping, and my mind playin tricks on me (big OG Scarface fan)

    I would want to think from my vast experience in watching and documenting stats over the last 10+ years, that certainly happens 65-70% of times. It has even become fundamental for me when betting in play etc. Winner of first set wins match many and most times the same way most parlays always lose out by one. the last statement really does not need stats. Put that at 93% lol!!!


    This really looks and feels like a mouth watering prospect despite what the odd makers have put forward. Head to Head comparison reads Nadal 2-1(Nadal winnning 3-1 on clay 2013, 3-1 on grass 2014, and Klizan winning 2-1 on hard 2014.. Nadal born 1986 and Klizan born 1989. Whilst a credible arguement can be tendered that the matches were played so long ago, there is nothing to suggest that Nadal would have improved a lot more over klizan since that time considering their ages.

    Nadal's power over the enemy has always come from the difficulty in the matchup stemming from the heavy topspins generated from his forearm into the backhand corner of his opponent. In this case Klizan is left-handed and from the record from previous matchups, has a game that suits the playing style of Nadal. Furthermore, Klizan has never failed to win a set in any of those meetings.

    I think the bookies are really carried away here with the way they have set these ridiculous odds.....or maybe they are not, knowing that there will still be a lot of gutless turds who would back Nadal silly in this match up. The end result is a plethora of bets that can be taken in this game enroute to victory. I have chosen what I first saw as a real gift. Total games over 17.5 evens @ paddypower. Now that's my idea of a no brainer!!! Good luck all!! 

    N.B Also seriously consider klizan winning a set

  5. On 4/25/2018 at 5:35 PM, CzechPunter said:

    Elina Svitolina to beat Marketa Vondrousova at 1.44 with Marathonbet

    Vondrousova doesn't seem to be that great these days. She crushed Goerges, who was absolutely abysmal, but that's about it, with her qualifying wins being surprisingly tough. Svitolina should dominate, but it's more about opposing the Czech.

    I really do not know why think Vondrousova does not look great these days. I had one quick look at her current record and came to the conclusion that you must have only said so to find some sort of justification for your choice. Markeeta has already proved that she is a top class player with loads of potential and deserves her spot in tier one tennis playing among the world's best!

  6. Nadal vs Nishikori

    Nadal leads 9-2 in H2H and has shown that he is in supreme form. Nishikori on the other hand plays on clay very well and has a game to be competitive to an extent with Nadal on this surface.  There is no doubt in my mind that Nadal will win this encounter, the question is by how much?

    Nishikori has already been on court twice as long as Nadal and should have problems againt the bullish and aggressive physical game of Nadal. However, I believe that Nishikori who can compete well against Nadal, should get past 6 games before fatigue sets in. Good luck all!

  7. 14 hours ago, four-leaf said:

    Alexander Zverev to beat Kei Nishikori at 1.61 with bet365

    Finally Keis run ends. He's done enough this week.

    On this surface and considering the number of Games Zverev has already played, Nishikori looks the steadier of the two men. Zverev would have to win in two sets for him to win here. I see that as being highly unlikely. Nishikori grinds him down and progresses to the final is the verdict from the microscopic eye!. Good luck!!

  8. 8 minutes ago, CzechPunter said:

    So you're saying that he tanked his first ever ATP final in order to be fresh for a R1 Masters match?

    Hmmm! I did not really think of it that way where you make a very valid point. However there still leaves a tale of the unexplained as to what kind of form Edmund is actually in. So I will put it like this; Andujar was really in blistering form when he played Edmund. Edmund certainly was not playing that bad despite the awful score in defeat. He leads Seppi 2-0 and is currently in better nick. It can be argued that clay is either Edmund's best surface or second best....but he loves playing on it. I expect him to not only play well here, but should go some way into the draw. Good luck though!!!

  9. 5 hours ago, CzechPunter said:

    Nobody joining me this week? I'm going for some underdogs tomorrow.

    Di Wu to beat Vaclav Safranek at 2.10 with Bet365

    Safranek has gone from an interesting success story to a guy that's struggling to get wins on any level, so not sure what makes him the favourite against a rather decent home player.

    Andreas Seppi to beat Kyle Edmund at 2.63 with Marathonbet

    Andujar showed that decent clay courters can still outplay Edmund in slowish conditions and this match probably comes a tad too soon for Edmund to be 100%. Seppi played a good match against the Brit back in the Australian Open and that was when Edmund was in the best possible form, so I do think that there's value in backing the Italian on Tuesday.

    Lamine Ouahab to beat Jiri Vesely at 3.12 with Unibet

    Goncalo Oliveira to beat Gastao Elias at 4.67 with Pinnacle

    Let's be honest - a Challenger in Tunis is hardly one's dream right now, especially if you are a player that once was doing things on the main level, which Vesely and Elias both were. They are obviously better than Ouahab and Oliveira in terms of raw playing strengths and potentials, but matches in tennis are often decided by who wants it more and I therefore just can't ignore the odds the bookies are giving us for the two guys that should be hungrier. I can see both bets going down in flames, but I'd say that they are worth a shot nonetheless.

    Just wondering where you would have got the courage to go against Edmund in his current form. Edmund was in superb form before he lost out of the ordinary to Andujar. I really believe that loss was suspect considering that he could have flung the match to stay ready for Monaco especially as there was not enough time in-between matches. The reasonable bet should be to back Edmunds or leave alone. 

  10. 2 hours ago, four-leaf said:

    Lamine Ouahab to beat Nikoloz Basilashvili at 2.75 with bet365

    Basilashvili has no form to speak of and just because he beat Matteo Berrettini doesn't make him favourite in this one in my eyes. Lamine just recently in Davis cup beat Nikoloz in Marrakech in straight sets. Lamine has a history in playing in Morocco while Nikoloz has never played in Morocco before this week. This could be a straight sets win for Lamine since it was the result when they last met in Marrakech in DC this season. Lamine looks very good for an upset here so clear upset on the cards for me at least.

    Did you notice that Ahouda also beat Basilashvili in that same Davis cup tie? It just told more of a story of Basilashvili not wanting to try in my opinion. To think Ouahab will beat him second time ready is trying to bite off more than one can chew. One quick peep at Beretini's record tells you that this should really be a no brainer! "let sleeping dogs lie" is the advice here. Basilashvili to win!!

  11. 11 hours ago, Torque said:

    Sorely tempted by some sort of plus on Ahouda against Ramos. Young home player who scored a shock win at this tournament last year over Marcel Granollers, against Ramos who didn't exactly pull up any trees during the South American clay court swing and who might not be all that motivated in what is a minor tournament compared to the bigger clay court tournaments in Italy and Spain that follow in the next few weeks.

    +7.5 games for Ahouda at 2.10 and Ahouda to win a set at 8.50 both at Betfair Sportsbook look worth chancing to me. I'd even consider a small stake on Ahouda to win if I could get at least 30 on the exchanges.

    Well worth the risk in my opinion more from the fact that home players normally do very well in this event every year whether in quallys or main draw. Ramos opened at 1/300, then 1/1000, now 1/66. I will stay safe and go Ahouda total games over 4.5

  12. 14 hours ago, CzechPunter said:

    Magda Linette to beat Claire Liu at 1.86 with Marathonbet

    Linette needs to start winning somewhere and I don't see why it shouldn't be here against a player of Liu's caliber. Importantly, she has played in Charleston before, so she shouldn't be too unfamiliar with the conditions. Liu doesn't have the Collins/Anisimova level of talent imo.

    Heather Watson to beat Taylor Townsend at 1.76 with Unibet

    Same arguments as for the Boulter-Townsend match. Watson is capable of defending well, so she should have the upper hand every single time the rally gets long, which should be more often than not given the conditions. It's not even that surprising that Townsend has a 1-3 record in Charleston.

    I hear what you say about Linette and I think you make a valid point there. Linette last three matches played very well against Collins losing in three tight sets. Sasnovich again three tight sets and seemed to have completely lost it against Risk as she was completely pulverized. Was Liu not the junior french open runner up last year? Hmmmm! I still think it is way too early to figure out whether she actually has the Collins/Anisimova potential as players can sometimes develop late. Liu is still only 17.  A quick look at her 2017 record on clay indicates that she is more than capable of the upset. Having played 2 games in the qualifiers, I really believe that she will play very well. May not win in the end but clearly an upset alert here!!!

  13. Collins Vs Puig

    With so many interesting and hard-to-figure-matchups on offer today, I have decided to swerve the main bulk of imponderables and focus on a match that I feel certain of the outcome.:beer. Collins has been playing very well since the beginning of the year and most especially over the last couple of weeks. Puig on the other hand who has long abandoned her early career promise seems to be picking up the initiative again in slow motion. I really do not think that the fire in Puig's game at the moment is evident enough to suggest that she could upstage this gritty home representative who to all intents and purposes is enjoying a wave of purple patch. However, I somehow believe it is really Puig who has begun to unleash the sort of run that could see her in the final in a few days time. I feel confident to choose class over form and stay on the Puig express that has already dropped a hint of being purpose bound. Puig to win here 4/6 by any means necessary. Good Luck.


    With the general atmosphere in the forum running cold and regular tipsters seeming to develop cold feet from the fear of being consistently wrong, I could not have found a better opportunity to throw down thegauntlet:drums

    This one really should not require much ink from my pen as the matchup and current form of both players would seem to speak for itself. Although Dimitrov leads the H2H 3-1, having won the last 3 on hard courts, Chardy has shown on each occassion that his game matches up well to Dimitrov's and could easily have won either of those matches had things gone his way. This in my opinion presents a clear opportunity for a Chardy victory from the look of things. I will play safe instead and put the smart money on Chardy to win a set 8/11 (9/10). Good luck.

  15. 3 hours ago, CzechPunter said:

    If you want to know what happened - Albot fell during the tie-break, got some treatment and played to the bitter end.

    Petra Martic to beat Ashleigh Barty at 2.07 with Unibet

    Going with Martic for Sunday. She's been rock-solid so far in this season, while Barty looks shaky to me these days. The power is still there, but it's too raw and she's struggling against players that she should be crushing. Honestly, I'd have the odds the other way around here.

    I kind of think on the contrary that the odds are right considering the state of affairs in the womens game. Nobody is dominating and all the big players seem to be taking it in turns to play well or win events. Barty is not playing too bad to think she would lose to a player who has already had a busy past week. Barty should win cosily for the same reasons the svitolina beat Osaka a couple of days ago. Barty is still in reasonable nick, is the fresher of the two and the one with the heavier shots. I would not imagine that she will need to be ultra consistent with her shots to cause maximum damage.

  16. 2 hours ago, impressivegol said:

    Thanks CP, I said Challenger player because he has had Zero matches in a main draw going into today. 

    I see he's a promising young talent though who got a  WC and will probably be more familiar to tennis fans in coming months/years


    4 hours ago, impressivegol said:

    has anyone taken a look at the Istomin-Kecmanovic match?  Odds are even between the two and I know Denis hasn't been in the best of form, but Kecmanovic looks to be primarily a challenger player who has struggled with players below Istomin's level.


    Kind of confused as to why Denis isn't a larger favorite in this matchup and I know nothing about Kecmanovic other than the unimpressive results.

    Even if there is nothing tangible to go on Kecmanovic, the fact he has been given a wild card here and thrown in at 11/10 spells enough danger. Wild cards are always sharp in these kind of events and will take him in the blind to win against a passive Istomin.. Good luck!!!!

  17. 3 hours ago, WinningTipster said:


    Tsurenko winning a tournament last week, and she was in great form there. The head-to-head shows 3 easy wins for Tsurenko.


    Tsurenko just winning a tournament certainly calls for a bit of caution to be applied. Backing Tsurenko -4 after her exertions of the week before cannot be too wise. There is even the strong possibility that Arruabarena will win a set or the entire match. 8/10

  18. 41 minutes ago, owenclass said:

    Do you think the Dimitrov Edmund match will go to four sets as i fancy over 37.5 games 4/5 paddy power

    Also Dimitrov to win 3-1 11/4 paddy power

    To be honest, it is hard to know what to expect from the Dimitrov/Edmund match with all the drama that has happened so far. Firstly considering the details of the head to head between the two of them, Dimitrov has to be said to be prized way too short. Edmund has played Dimitrov twice losing in three close sets both times. I really think situation-wise Edmunds is in a very good place. He will enjoy the freedom of playing with house money knowing that there is a realistic chance of victory.

    If Dimitrov can beat Edmund 3-0 after the physical exertions from the combined matches of Mcdonalds, Rublev and Kyrgios, then he will just have to be considered too good. These are what slams are all about for players of Edmund's calibre. Attempt and believe to do what you have never done before!! The only threat in my opinion to the 37.5 target is Edmund running away with a 3-0 win which is not beyond the realms of possibility. With adrenalin and the gritty British blood flowing through Evans, I strongly believe having already played Dimitrov twice before, he can win with the +1.5 set handicap at 6/4. Real value. Good luck all!!!

  19. 14 hours ago, WinningTipster said:


    LONDERO-OLIVARES 2-0 SETS @ 1.5 ladbrokes
    I watched the match between them last week 6-3,6-2 Londero win.
    Olivares had no chance in that match, a gap in class between them.


    I really do not agree with you especially on the basis that you have reached your conclusion. Firstly how a player performs against a particular player on a given day can not be used as a yardstick to try and figure out how he will perform in his next match. I will state my strong opposition to a Londero win alone. I will not be commenting on Londero winning 2-0 because I can safely see that as very unlikely. Here are my points.

    Firstly, it is almost an impossible task and especially rare for a player to beat the same player twice in back to back weeks when they are pretty much on the same level. Hard!!!! Their first meeting on a hard court was a tight three-setter indicating that Olivares is not as easy as you make him out to be. Secondly, Olivares has some average form to be competitive here especially as he plays here at home. He is a 1997 kid and could be anything. Olivares to win a set 7/4 has to be a good bet in a match that he has a reasonable chance of winning!

  20. 36 minutes ago, WinningTipster said:

    The website is working OK now (had some technical problems yesterday). Your friends can go to the website and subscribe to the picks through the website.

    David should know that this is not your website and should not be leaving messages here for you, unless it is a tactical ploy to validate yourself after the initial question you were asked. Speaking about that, there is nothing on your website that gives us any answers to the questions raised about your overall performance. Your website also has a link to a punters lounge that is identical to this one in every sense, but not the same. Is that anything related to this one? only wondering!!!

  21. Rybarikova Vs Muguruza

    Having already met 4 times with a 2-2 Head to Head Record, and with Rybarikova most importantly winning the only meeting on grass, it is fair to say that Rybarikova will know exactly what to expect from Muguruza who really tries to play her tennis via a defined path to victory. Muguruza has got this far by punishing and brutalising her opponents into submission by a bullying approach which has really been effective thus far. ?She plays a kind of game similar to Vandeweghe but not as robust and refined. Vandeweghe definitely is the more prolific shot-maker with better variety in her play. Even then, it was so very hard to regulate and reset her game to cope with the finesse coming off the Rybarikova racket. When I first saw the scoreline by which she had beaten Vandeweghe in their previous two meetings, I had to convince myself that it was some sort of a freak show until she confirmed it was not by beating Vandeweghe by a similar scoreline again. 

    In Rybarikova's only meeting on grass with Muguruza in Birmingham in 2015, the scoreline of 6-3 6-1 seems to tell a story of Muguruza not really being able to cope with the Rybarikova game on grass especially with the mixture of spins and change of pace she would have had to cope with. I really cannot see Muguruza hitting her way easily out of this restrictive and somewhat strangulating game of Rybarikova. Rybarikova is 19-1 on grass, and in my opinion will not find fulfillment unless her current form gets her in the final. Looking at the overall picture, we can see that Rybarikova's chances are not any greater because this game is on grass. Muguruza is just the sort of player that she would consider a good customer with the sort of one-dimensional game that she brings to the table. Rybarikova has played Muguruza on hard courts and showed up too well to even consider taking her for granted today. The omen can only be positive especially with Rybarikova drifting fast. Experience has always said that it is the smart move to always go contrary to the market in fast double digit drifts. Rybarikova to play Venus in the final. Verdict

  22. 49 minutes ago, bence7 said:

    Rybarykova had a hard game against Martic. She is "out of top form" imo and CoCo will win, odds surely low.

    I'm quite confident about Ostapenko is going home. She played with too many errors and had a very weak serves. Venus played well againt big-server Konjuh, i can imagine 2-0 easily.

    I will definitely agree with you that it will seem a road too too far for Rybarikova to go on and beat Vandeweghe especially having been drawn into three sets against martic in the last round. Rybarikova will really have to be superhuman. The head to head record between the two means absolutely nothing apart from being the catalyst which will help to derail many from crossing the payout line. As we know, Vandeweghe has a big game, but is a high-risk player who can be prone to serial errors during a match. That was the case in 2011 when she lost to Rybarikova in Birmingham. She was still trying to find her way carrying this huge potential on her back. She even lost to Daniilidou, Riske and Rus in the same period. The other loss happened this year preparing for the French Open after she had lost hopelessly to Halep in Madrid proir to playing well in the tournament. She was never able to overcome that bad loss to Halep and it spilled over into the first round of the French Open where Rybarikova again beat her where I believe she lacked focus.

    Whatever was about Vandeweghe prior to this years Wimbledon is a story best left for the archives. 2017 is about Pat Cash featuring Vandeweghe. That is all that matters. I also agree with your Williams pick. That is so very clear. I already smell the aroma of your beginners luck as it is your 1st or 2nd posting on this forum. Good luck Matey!!

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