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    MABS reacted to harry_rag in League Tables - Week 6   
    I demand random drug tests! I’d be top in every other division, they must be cheating in some way. 
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    MABS reacted to avongirl in New Season   
    We still have spaces left to join in this season so as we have an enforced break next week I'll leave it open to join until leg 2 beginning of April.  There will be no penalty for a no show in leg 1 so elimination rule will apply if you don't play in 6 weeks of the 9 following legs.
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    MABS reacted to avongirl in New Season   
    Thank you for all the input, it's been really helpful.  I think we all deserve a week's rest so we will restart on weekend of 17/18/19/20 March. 
    We'll have to take a 1 week break the week after due to the unfortunate timing of the International Break, but it looks like we can then run through to end of May and have another 10 week competition.  We will lose the Scottish Prem league half way in, but I can put the Championship in for a couple of weeks after that.   We'll have 7 weeks of EFL and then presumably a few weekend play off matches at least.  I'll add in Portuguese Primeira Liga from May.

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    MABS reacted to buga00 in New Season   
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    MABS reacted to Like A Roughie in New Season   
    Bear in mind some of those 'gameweeks' are mid-week fixtures.
    If we count the next two weekends before the international break,
    there are 11 weekend sets in the Prem (5 in April, four in May).
    8 in the Championship (2 in March, 5 in April, ONE in May). They're
    jamming a lot of matches mid-week.
    9 in League 1 (3 in March, 5 in April, 1 in May). Ditto on the mid-weeks.
    9 in League 2 (3 in March, 5 in April, 1 in May). Same, same.
    Scotland has 5 (ONE in March, 4 in April)
    Bundesliga has 11 (2 in March, 5 in April, 4 in May)
    La Liga has 10 (2 in March, 5 in April, 3 in May)
    Ligue 1 has 12 (2 in March, 5 in April, 4 in May, 1 in June)
    Serie A has 12 (2 in March, 5 in April, 4 in May, 1 in June)
    Info from soccerstats, just trawl through 'matches'.
    Bloody hell, I need a cup of tea after that.
  6. Haha
    MABS reacted to andellio in Division 6 - Season 3 Week 1 Selections   
    Here we Go kicking off a New Season,
    one rule I have that I hope you all abide too ,
     your only requirement is to have less points than me at the end of it all!?
    £25 Double
    Brentford to beat Leciester @1.95
    Monaco to beat Ajaccio @ 1.83
    Bon Chance! ?
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    MABS reacted to mickyftm32 in Division 1 - Week 6 Selections   
    Half Bank treble please
    Leyton Orient 1.91
    Livingston 2.20
    Union Berlin 1.95
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    MABS reacted to Alastair in Division 4 - Week 6 Selections   
    Carlisle @ 1.65
    £50.70 win
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    MABS reacted to avongirl in League Tables - Week 4   
    We are really getting going now, we beat our previous week's winners total with 35 winning bets, with some nice singles and combinations coming up.  4 of our Divisions made a profit.
    Bet of the week goes to @Like A Roughie with a magnificent 26/1 treble which takes him straight to the top of the overall too.   Next best is @Paperclip with a lovely 7/1 double.
    So a change at the top of the overall, @fischer21 also wakes up with a winning half bank bet to jump straight into the top 5.  We now have 2 on treble bank and 6 on double.
    @Superscrumpy keeps up his winning run, the only one of us with 4 wins out of 4.

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    MABS reacted to avongirl in Division 7 - Week 4 Selections   
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    MABS reacted to avongirl in Division 4 - Week 4 Selections   
    Disclaimer: I know nothing about French football but assume they have cup upsets like we do! 
    Strasbourg Koenigshoffen v Angers (1) 26.00
    £10 Single 
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    MABS got a reaction from avongirl in Division 1 - Week 4 Selections   
    Eintracht Frankfurt @ 1.36
    Atletico Madrid @ 1.40
    Union Berlin - Hoffenheim over 2,5 goals
    Half bank please
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    MABS reacted to dejann in Euroleague 2022/2023   
    Valencia-Anadolu Efes
    Date: 11.01.2023.
    Sport: Euroleague
    Start time: 20:30 cet
    Pick: Efes-4.5 @1.961
    Bookmaker: Pinnacle
    Stake: 1 unit
    Teamnews: adv Efes 2, total -1 (Van Rossom out, Hermannsson out, Claver out, Harper out, Rivero out / Larkin quest)
    Model: Anadolu Efes  4.3   165
    Robo number: Anadolu Efes  4   165
    Final number: Anadolu Efes  6   164
    Picks: Efes -4.5 @1.961 (min price Efes-4.5 @1.91)
    Comment: Valencia without Harper (bench player, 1st game out), Rivero (bench player/starter, 1st game out), Claver (bench player/starter, one game out), Van Rossom (bench player, out 5+ games), Hermannson (long term absent). Questionable for Efes Larkin (key player, played only one game in season)
    Anadolu Efes
  14. Thanks
    MABS reacted to avongirl in Division 1 - Season 2 Week 2 Selections   
    @MABS @Shaunbear @Sterphyle reminder to join in Division 1
  15. Thanks
    MABS reacted to avongirl in FOOTBALL TIPSTER COMPETITION - FINAL LEAGUE TABLES (2022/23 Season 1 Week 10) - RESULTS   
    Payments have been sent, barring a couple I've messaged.
    Going to have a look at next years fixture dates and get the next comp up and running after the Christmas fixtures are out of the way. 
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    MABS reacted to Heisenberg68 in FOOTBALL TIPSTER COMPETITION - FINAL LEAGUE TABLES (2022/23 Season 1 Week 10) - RESULTS   
    Thank you @avongirlfor your great work.
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    MABS reacted to Kingdom for in World Cup Competition - Final Table   
    Awesome @BBBC
    And congrats to all the top of the table finsihers.
    Thanks @Fader for the admin' and the regular publishing.  No mean task.
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    MABS reacted to calva decoy in World Cup Competition - Final Table   
    Well done to the 4 winners & Fader for time & efforts collating scores etc...?
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    MABS reacted to avongirl in FOOTBALL TIPSTER COMPETITION - FINAL LEAGUE TABLES (2022/23 Season 1 Week 10) - RESULTS   
    Hi Guys, I'm so sorry about the delay with this.  I'm currently on holiday, I fully intended to have it sorted before we went and if not thought I'd find time whilst away, but have failed on both counts.  I'll be back home this weekend.  I'm sure there is nothing at all interesting happening on Saturday to sidetrack me (other than a pile of washing) so should be sorted then. Thanks for bearing with me.
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    MABS got a reaction from avongirl in Division 2 - Season 1 Final Week 10 Selections   
    Blackburn @ 1.85
    RB Leipzig @ 2.25
    Fiorentina @ 1.95
    Max - half bank please
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    MABS reacted to Cash Out Kev in Division 6 - Week 7 Selections   
    cardiff x 3.2
    reading x 3.3
    sunderland x 3.2
    50% desperation treble
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    MABS got a reaction from avongirl in Division 2 - Week 2 Selections   
    Dortmund @ 1.67
    Lorient @ 2.05
    Atletico Madrid @ 2.00
    15 point treble
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    MABS reacted to Fader in Last Man Standing - Week 3 (Deadline Sat 3pm)   
    45 players make it through but 2 of those need Liverpool tomorrow. One with a joker.
  24. Thanks
    MABS reacted to avongirl in Division 2 - Season 1 Week 1 Selections   
    @akarsioti @u1905068 @MinellaWorksop @Xtc12 @Hotpotklonk @Shaunbear @MrForce @Balearic_Beats @bobsyerunkle @Sugardaddyken @Superscrumpy @Wivz_03 @Fader @MABS @Astleavista
    Good luck Division 2
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    MABS reacted to StevieDay1983 in Championship Predictions > Aug 12th - 14th   
    Cardiff vs Birmingham
    The early 12:30pm BST kick-off in the Championship on Saturday will see Cardiff host Birmingham at the Cardiff City Stadium. Both teams struggled last season but managed to avoid the dreaded drop to League One. The home side have endured a mixed bag of results so far but they'll be hopeful of picking up a vital win against a visiting team who have undoubtedly exceeded expectations thus far.
    Cardiff were an enigma heading into this season with the large turnover in playing staff and three games have so far failed to alter that opinion. Steve Morison's team started the season with an impressive 1-0 win over promotion favourites Norwich at home but that was followed up by a disappointing 2-1 loss away to Reading. Midweek then saw a scratch team packed with fringe and reserve players battered ruthlessly by League One side Portsmouth by a 3-0 score in the EFL Cup 1st Round. It's hard to read too much into the results. I think someone somewhere said that centre back Curtis Nelson has been directly responsible for 80% of the goals in the last two games. Harsh but probably true. The lack of a potent front man is also evident with the Bluebirds possessing the worst xG in the Championship. A lack of penetration and finishing in the final third was evident again in the EFL Cup game. It'll be interesting to see what team Morison picks for this one but I'm anticipating he'll have Ryan Allsop in goal with Mahlon Romeo, Jamilu Collins, Perry Ng, and Cedric Kipre in the back-line.  After that, it's open to the gaffer.
    Birmingham have looked like a club in trouble for a number of seasons now with the fans blaming the ownership for the problems at the club. The Blues appointed the inexperienced John Eustace as head coach after the sacking of Lee Bowyer back at the start of July. The new man hasn't really had a lot of backing in the transfer market but a number of key additions have come into the club either on permanent contracts or loans including keeper John Ruddy, full back Dion Sanderson, centre backs Auston Trusty and Krystian Bielik, and striker Przemyslaw Placheta. The team started the league campaign with a gritty 0-0 draw away to last season's play-off qualifiers Luton followed up by a 2-1 win at home against Huddersfield. A 2-2 draw with Norwich before losing 4-2 on penalties came in the EFL Cup 1st Round but it's fair to say that there has been enough on show to give the fans a bit of optimism after they'd been so pessimistic all summer.
    If there is one thing that's looking likely to happen in this game it's a lack of goals. Less than 2.5 goals have been scored in 8 of the last 10 Cardiff home league games and fewer than 2.5 goals have been scored in 4 of the last 5 Birmingham away league matches. The midday heat is also likely to destroy any energy this match will hope to have. I've still got huge concerns about Cardiff's lack of scoring options and our defence is going to need to be on form if we're to get anything here. That won't change until we add an experienced head up front. I'm not as optimistic as I was a few weeks back but I still feel Cardiff should be gutted if they don't get a draw out of this. Can they get the win? It's a tall order without a killer in the final third.
    Draw @ 3.35 with SBK
    Total Goals Scored Under 2.5 @ 1.74 with SBK
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