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  1. 1 Thursday June 14 4pm Russia v Saudi Arabia (A) 1-1 2 Friday June 15 1pm Egypt v Uruguay (A) 0-3 3 Friday June 15 4pm Morocco v Iran (B) 1-1 4 Friday June 15 7pm Portugal v Spain (B) 0-3 5 Saturday June 16 11am France v Australia (C) 4-1 6 Saturday June 16 2pm Argentina v Iceland (D) 3-1 7 Saturday June 16 5pm Peru v Denmark (C) 3-2 8 Saturday June 16 8pm Croatia v Nigeria (D) 3-1 9 Sunday June 17 1pm Costa Rica v Serbia (E) 0-2 10 Sunday June 17 4pm Germany v Mexico (F) 1-1 11 Sunday June 17 7pm Brazil v Switzerland (E) 2-1 12 Monday June 18 1pm Sweden v South Korea (F) 1-0 13 Monday June 18 4pm Belgium v Panama (G) 4-0 14 Monday June 18 7pm Tunisia v England (G) 2-1 15 Tuesday June 19 1pm Poland v Senegal (H) 1-2 16 Tuesday June 19 4pm Colombia v Japan (H) 3-0 17 Tuesday June 19 7pm Russia v Egypt (A) 1-1 18 Wednesday June 20 1pm Portugal v Morocco (B) 1-2 19 Wednesday June 20 4pm Uruguay v Saudi Arabia (A) 4-0 20 Wednesday June 20 7pm Iran v Spain (B) 0-1 21 Thursday June 21 1pm France v Peru (C) 3-2 22 Thursday June 21 4pm Denmark v Australia (C) 2-0 23 Thursday June 21 7pm Argentina v Croatia (D )1-2 24 Friday June 22 1pm Brazil v Costa Rica (E) 4-0 25 Friday June 22 4pm Nigeria v Iceland (D) 3-3 26 Friday June 22 7pm Serbia v Switzerland (E) 1-1 27 Saturday June 23 1pm Belgium v Tunisia (G) 2-1 28 Saturday June 23 4pm Germany v Sweden (F) 2-0 29 Saturday June 23 7pm South Korea v Mexico (F) 0-3 30 Sunday June 24 1pm England v Panama (G) 3-1 31 Sunday June 24 4pm Japan v Senegal (H) 1-4 32 Sunday June 24 7pm Poland v Colombia (H) 1-2 33 Monday June 25 3pm Uruguay v Russia (A) 1-1 34 Monday June 25 3pm Saudi Arabia v Egypt (A) 1-2 35 Monday June 25 7pm Spain v Morocco (B) 2-0 36 Monday June 25 7pm Iran v Portugal (B) 1-0 37 Tuesday June 26 3pm Denmark v France (C) 1-2 38 Tuesday June 26 3pm Australia v Peru (C) 1-2 39 Tuesday June 26 7pm Nigeria v Argentina (D) 1-3 40 Tuesday June 26 7pm Iceland v Croatia (D) 0-0 41 Wednesday June 27 3pm South Korea v Germany (F) 0-4 42 Wednesday June 27 3pm Mexico v Sweden (F) 1-1 43 Wednesday June 27 7pm Serbia v Brazil (E) 2-2 44 Wednesday June 27 7pm Switzerland v Costa Rica (E) 1-0 45 Thursday June 28 3pm Japan v Poland (H) 0-2 46 Thursday June 28 3pm Senegal v Colombia (H) 2-2 47 Thursday June 28 7pm England v Belgium (G) 1-2 48 Thursday June 28 7pm Panama v Tunisia (G) 1-3 1 France 2 Brazil 3 Uruguay 4 Colombia
  2. Re: AFC Champions League Tues 5th - Weds 6th May 2015 Goulart it's at the same level with Conca. The problem is Fabio, not the players. Also, they are without Alan (former Salzburg top scorer) for several months. Anyway, both Elkeson and Goulart are strikers, maybe yes, they need a man with the creativity of Dario.
  3. Re: J-League 2015 Yes, you may be right about Nagoya, but they also can score goals at home and with Novakovic as target man are more chances. He will dominate the Antlers defenders in the air. Also, Tulio very dangerous in the air. He goes forward often and not only at set pieces. Today hit the post after a corner. We will see the real potential of Montedio against Kawasaki...
  4. Re: J-League 2015 I wish I know Japanese, but even the foreigners who are there from 3-4 years don't know very well the language. It's a difficult one for the Europeans. Thanks to Google translate I read the news in Japanese. Yeah, Nagoya it's great even without the Brazil playmaker. Nagai was very good as well the replacement of Nova, Kawamata. In the weekend Nagoya plays at home against Antlers, who are playing now in China in the ACL. Nagoya should score twice there. 2.25 at bet365. Also, a win seems to be a good bet. Odd 2.61. JuMeSyn. I know a lot about this league. You know that thing about Montedio is like Consadole, Oita and Vortis. I thought the same thing at first view (I bet Urawa over 2.5 against them), but I don't know what to say after I saw them. It seems they are not so weak like the other teams who promoted after play-off. That new guy from Brazil, Alceu was pretty good in front of the defense. But let's wait the next few games. They will host Frontale on Sunday.
  5. Re: J-League 2015 Big turnover by coach of Yamaga. Sagan also with a lot of reserves. Top scorer Toyoda not even on the bench. Kim benched. Frontale with the best squad. Nagoya without injured Danilson and Nova benched.
  6. Re: J-League 2015 I forgot to mention. The Brazilian of Nagoya, Leandro Domigues it's injured again and he already flew to Brazil to recover there. Surely Grampus will miss his great vision and creativity. It's one of the most important players of the team, but Nagoya can score goals without him.
  7. Re: J-League 2015 I think Hiroshima and Nagoya are to another level in term of players. Sagan is not a big club. They made those great results in the past two seasons thanks to their South-Korean manager, who was sacked in the summer in strange circumstances.
  8. Re: J-League 2015 I like the fighting spirit of Yamaga and that Brazilian guy Obina replaced very well Funayama, who is now at Frontale. He was the top scorer of the team in the last season. Also, they have brought Ikemoto, who did pretty well in J2 last season for Giravanz. He has potential for J-1. Yamaga it's also very strong at set pieces. They scored many goals after set plays and not only at corners, but also after throw-ins. They have in the team the Rory Delap of Japan, Yuzo Iwakami. His throw-ins are crosses, in fact. Sure, Sagan it's the favorite and they have also good players. That Korean guy Kim Min-Woo it's really good, but this is a league cup game and Yamaga should be more motivated as they come from J-2. Anyway, I wait for the line-ups because I don't have any idea what plans have the coaches. Many changes are made in this competition. About changes, I think Funayama and Sugimoto will replace Okubo and Yu Kobayashi in the starting line-up of Frontale. Both are decent strikers and Kazama can give them some minutes. Only a supposition.
  9. Re: J-League 2015 Just 1.7 for over... Also, Yamaga can produce the big surprise against Sagan.
  10. Re: J-League 2015 We have Nabisco Cup in the midweek. The match of the round is Nagoya vs Frontale. Should be a goals galore, but surely will be some changes in the starting line-ups. I will wait for the line-ups. Sorry, I can't edit. Min. 20 posts.
  11. Re: J-League 2015 But what a cracker by skipper Abe. Awesome.
  12. Re: Romania 2014/2015 Congrats, Clau. You won the double. Very close to that X. Today I think CSU and Botosani will win, but odds dropped a lot. Are to small, but in a combo it's ok.
  13. Re: J-League 2015 Zlatan and Tanadari Lee again not even on the bench for Urawa. They have a great squad depth. Kashiwagi back in the starting line-up. He and Ishihara wil suport Koroki today. I think Lee and Zlatan are players only for ACL. On the other hand, Nelsinho decided to drop Marquinhos on the bench. Seems former FC Tokyo Kazuma Watanabe will play as centre forward today.
  14. Re: J-League 2015 Yes, Leandro is essential for they, but Reysol didn't created many chances to score, they had the possesion, but they didn't made great things with the ball. Don't give up, it's still the beginning of the season. I don't heard anything about some injury of Leandro. Tomorrow I think Urawa can win by a large margin. I don't see many goals at Antlers versus Shonan. Kashima suffers a lot without Davi, they don't have a powerful centre forward right now. Bellmare have lost good striker Wellington. He wanted more money after his last season performances. He is now in Brazil Serie A at Ponte Preta. So, under 2.5 here. Frontale vs Vissel should go over. You know Kawasaki is great in front of the goal with Renatinho, Okubo and Yu Kobayashi. Also, the new comer Elsinho made an immediat impact against F-Marinos. Vissel have Pedro Junior and Marquinhos in attack and Nelshino on the bench of course.
  15. Re: Romania 2014/2015 par de no bet meciurile de azi, clau. poate un under 1.5 la brasov.