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  1. Kasimpasa v Basaksehir It was a very convincing result that Kas?mpasa won in the first match of the current season with their new head coach Riza Calimbay. Adem Buyuk in offense line proved that his form is back and he gave confident. This will also be the first match of head coach Riza Calimbay at home field and he will be at the stage where Kasimpasa fans will be the hosting side. Checking the results of last season I can say that Kasimpasa won and drew 6 times at home and lost 5. With this performance they collected 24 points out of 17 home matches. Bad news for Kasimpasa is that such important players like Ismail Ayaz and Orhan Sam are long time injury. New transfer Bulgarian Vasil Bozhikov is also injured and not expected to be playing. Basaksehir brought 2 important players from Fenerbahce this season. Important midfielder Emre and defender Bekir will play for Basaksehir. No matter what they say I believe these players will contribute to their new team this season. Last weekend they lost to Antalya 2-3 however I must emphasize that Samuel Eto the new striker of Antalyaspor made a big difference as he hit the nets with brilliant goals 2 times. God knows what would have happened if he was not in eleven. Bad news for Basaksehir is that striker Semih Senturk will not be available. Defender Alexandru Epureanu is an other absent. I know Kasimpasa are going to perform much better this season as their coach Riza Calimbay will for sure make a difference however Basaksehir is a wounded lion at the moment and they will look for morale and they will search for victory. and they definitely have enough strength to defeat the hosts. Bet on Basaksehir AH 0
  2. Turkey Super League Besiktas v Elazigspor match preview by FoxSerkan Date 2013-12-21 Time (cet) 18:00 First thing is first: ELAZIGSPOR ARE NOT UNDERDOGS HERE. THE ODDS ARE VERY HIGH AND IT IS JUST BECAUSE ELAZIGSPOR ARE AT THE BOTTOM OF TABLE AND BESIKTAS ARE ONE OF THE BEST CLUB OF TURKEY. There are black clouds on top of Besiktas again. The crisis is at the door once again and I do not believe head coach Slaven Bilic has a bright future in the club. Besiktas played awful in last 3 matches. They lost in cup to Bucaspor league 1 team and then drew with Sivasspor in a match which they failed in second half. Last weekend they lost to Kasimpasa again with their poor football that they played in the second half. Besiktas are a team who loose the points with their football in second halves. I have no idea of the reason behind. May be they have training problems or players are not acting very professional like sleeping eating drinking. May be they spend time in secret parties. Who knows? Besides they have got a head coach who is trying to figure out what is going on in Turkish football like head coach of Galatasaray Mancini. I am afraid he has no idea what to do against Elazigspor tonight because his squad is full important absentees. On the other hand the visitors are doing good things in the recent matches and they are visiting Istanbul for an absolute victory not a DRAW! Ismail Koybasi will replace Motta at left back and Mustafa Pektemek will probably be the hope in offense line. Oguzhan will finally play in center behind the striker where he is most efficient but without Fernandes he will probably be not very efficient. Besiktas will suffer a lot also as Atiba will not be available and this player was the hidden hero of Besiktas in most good records of his team this season. Besiktas news: Most important forward Almeida (15 matches 12 goals), defender Motta (9 matches) are suspended. Ismail Koybasi (1 match) will replace Motta. Midfielder Atiba (16 matches), substitute forward Omer Sismanoglu (2 goals), midfielder Gokhan Tore (14 matches 2 goals), defender Franco (1 match), midfielder Mehmet Akgun (1 match), substitute forward Eneramo (2 matches 1 goal) and most important player Fernandes (17 matches 1 goal) have injuries. I am not going to say very much about Elazigspor. I watched 3 matches of Elazigspor in their last 4 official ones. These matches I watched are the games that they played against Galatasaray, Antalyaspor and Karabukspor. In last 4 official matches Elazigspor only lost once to Galatasaray on away league match in which they conceded 2 goals in early minutes and one from set pieces. They recorded their first win after a long time last weekend at home against Antalyaspor. During the midweek they showed good resistance to Karabukspor in Cup match. They are now visiting Istanbul to play against the giant. But they are lucky as this giant is wounded badly. I have got no doubt that head coach Okan Buruk got excited of the current condition of their opponent and made all his plans of defeating them. Elazigspor news: Midfielder Mehmet Nas (5 matches), defender Ibrahim Kas (10 matches), defender Ahmet Gorkem Gork (11 matches 3 goals) and midfielder Alper (7 matches) are injured. Defender Ozgur (17 matches 1 goal) is suspended. Elazigspor suffered a lot this season. They made plenty silly mistakes in the league and conceded plenty goals very easily however it seems like new head coach Okan Buruk is solving this problem of the team as I see that Elazigspor are not conceding those goals like a gift to the forwarders of rivals. It is true that they conceded 4 goals in last 4 official matches but 2 of them were by Galatasaray on away! And one of them from Antalyaspor in a match when they were already leading 3-0 and probably they conceded from a lack of concentration and in the midweek by Karabukspor in late minutes. However this is football and a game played by humans made out of blood and muscles. Therefore no one can be sure what would happen in the end. This match also tends to end up with plenty goals as both teams will be weak in defense line. If head coach Okan Buruk makes all his plans and build right strategy then Elazigspor can stop Besiktas. IMO he should hold Oguzhan who is the only play maker of Besiktas in the absentee of Fernandes and then be patient and hit their nets and record a victory of 0-1. Bet on Elazigspor Pick: Elazigspor Odds: 9.50 Stake: 10 Bookie: UNIBET
  3. Turkey Super League 21.Oct.2013 Besiktas v Rizespor match preview by FoxSerkan Date 2013-10-21 Time (cet) 19:00 It was a very valuable 3 points for Besiktas that they managed to earn from Eskisehirspor on away. With single goal by Omer Sismanoglu they defeated Eskisehirspor 0-1. Most important thing here is that no fans except children and women will be allowed to watch this match. Besides the match will be played in Olympic stadium which will even make things worse as I know this stadium needs thousands of fans to create an atmosphere for to give pressure to the visitors. This will be the last match that head coach Slaven Bilic which he can not stay at the bench as he is suspended. It is true that when he is not controlling his team Besiktas can not take prompt action during the match. During the International break players Sezer and Ibrahim Toraman fought and now they are out of the squad. Important players like midfielder Atiba Hutchinson (8 matches) and defender Sivok (8 matches 1 goal) are doubtful. I must insert an additional information about the Canadian player Atiba Hutchinson of Besiktas. He is injured and doubtful and IMO Besiktas will suffer in his absentee but of course he has chance to play. It is a fact that he contributes a lot to both offensive and defensive organizations of the team. He is the key of Besiktas in central midfield. But again IMO this is not well analyzed by the bookmakers and Besiktas fanatics. If he does not play today there will be serious problem for Besiktas in their midfield. New promoted Rizespor began the season very good however they lost the last match at home to Antalyaspor who were at a rising form and the score was I guess normal. Midfielder Eren (2 matches 1 goal) is injured. I witnessed that when Rizespor play important matches against Istanbul giants they play a very resisting football with discipline. They have got important offensive players who can hit the nets of any club of Turkey Super League. More over head coach Riza Calimbay is a dangerous man and with his experience Rizespor are not the underdogs for sure. There are many players returning from their national teams and this may cause a break of concentration at home side. Besiktas will not benefit from the home advantage as the main fans are not allowed to watch the match and the stadium is so big to fill by children and women. Head coach is suspended at home side and if Atiba Hutchinson can not play things will even be worse as he is a hidden hero of Besiktas. Rizespor are fully motivated and have players who can hit the nets of Besiktas. The bookmakers are definitely wrong. Bet on Rizespor. SoccerBetSite Pick: Rizespor Odds: 7.00 Stake: 6 Bookmaker: Sbobet
  4. Turkish Super League 4-6 OCT 2013 Karabukspor v Bursaspor A late news and a stunning information was on the Turkish media today which we had learnt after 10 days is that 25 Bursaspor fans broke into the training area when the players were all present together with head coach Christoph Daum. It is told that this development was hidden for days. The local press were at there and witnessed the incident however they were threatened by these hooligans to lay down their cameras and even 2 hooligans watched them not shooting anything during their friends thread on the players. The players who gathered up in the middle of the pitch were hoping these 25 idiots leave the club without doing something crazy. At the mean time head coach Christoph Daum and his assistants were at the behind of goal and watched everything with worried eyes. “Play good football! Qualify for your club! We give you three weeks to shape up. If you can not perform then we will be back with bats!!” said the hooligans to the players of Bursaspor. There had been no comment made by any manager from the club and the local media did not post this news. But now everyone knows the scandal. The hooligans are all over the world which is sad. But it is also true that a player who makes millions of Euros should act professional and gives his 100% as the fans always deserve to watch their team play good football. I always can understand that a team may perform low results but have no right to play always bad or unwilling. Last weekend Karabukspor lost on away to Gaziantepspor with a convincing result of 3-0. It was noticed that their defense made important mistakes. It is true that they can not win for 3 weeks. They managed to qualify in Turkish Cup during the midweek match with a result of 6-0 against the weak team Kocaelispor. I understood that they care about the cup as head coach Tolunay Kafkas did not make a serious rotation. Such important players like Lualua, Gokhan Unal played in the match. There is no important absent in the team. Bursaspor are recording a bad performance for 3 weeks as they can not record any win. The last time they won was against Antalyaspor. Last weekend; despite dominant football and created plenty goal chances they drew with Akhisar BLD. The rumors already begun saying that they will sack Christoph Daum and bring former Turkish national head coach Abdullah Avci. Buraspor have a new challenge now which is that playing at home became more stressful for them as the fans give a lot pressure to the players as Bursaspor fans are getting more and more upset with the football and results of their team. A very good news for Bursaspor is that key player and one of the most important midfielder Fernando Belluschi is fit and ready to play and he traveled to Karabuk with the squad. In his absentee Bursaspor had plenty problems in organizing at offense line as Batalla can not perform when he is absent. I already mentioned this in previous previews of Bursaspor matches. Belluschi is a vital player for the team if they want Batalla to perform because Belluschi is the link between defense and offense line and when he does not play Batalla becomes inefficient. And when he is inefficient then Bursaspor become very weak and poor in creating serious goal chances. There are black clouds on top of Bursaspor which I do not have to emphasize anymore after the incident that I am posting in this preview. Bursaspor must begin recording good results otherwise there will be even more problems in the following days. The odds offered are very high because the bookies think that Bursaspor have poor chance as they consider their position at the table. But this match will be very different as Belluschi is back and the time has come to win. I am a little worried of a win as Belluschi is just back and may not be ready for 90 minutes and there is a possibility of a draw as well. IMO playing on away is an advantage for the players as they will not be affected by the protests! Bet on Bursaspor AH 0 SoccerBetSite
  5. Brazil Serie A 21 July 2013 Vitoria BA v Bahia Date 2013-07-21 Time (cet) 21:00 After 8 years these 2 teams are meeting in the national league. The last time they played was in 2005 in Brazil Serie B. However they play with each other in Regional League every year. Most of the time they play the final of the state cup as they are the strongest team of the region. Bahia could not record any win in the last 8 matches against Vitoria. They lost 3 of 4 matches that they played against Vitoria this season. And the scores were stunning like 7-3, 5-1. Vitoria are in good shape as they are the third of the table in 7 matches. Messi’s cousin Biancuchi (6 matches 6 goals) is on top of his form. There is no important absent in the squad. Bet on Vitoria BA. Pick: Vitoria BA Odds: 2.02 Stake: 10 Fluminense v Vasco Da Gama Date 2013-07-21 Time (cet) 23:30 IMO Fluminense consist of better players however I am not very much convinced with their home side winning odds. Besides they are not performing as good as they were doing last season. I can say their defense is making more mistakes comparing to last season. They conceded 10 goals in 7 league matches and they conceded at least 1 goal in 6 of these 7 matches that they played. There will be ceremony before kick off as this is 113. birthday of the club. Deco is back in the squad after 118 days. Vasco Da Gama are in financial crisis for a while and they suffered with low performance that they recorded in this season. Despite their new head coach Dorival, last weekend they lost at home to Flamengo with a result of 0-1. During the midweek the fans protested the management. Juninho is returning and this is an important advantage for the visitors. More over they were able to defeat Fluminense in States Cup. This match will be played in Maracana with equal amount of fans from both teams watching the match. I except plenty goals. Bet on Over 2.5 Pick: Over 2.5 Odds: 2.08 Stake: 10 No unauthorised links please
  6. Re: Turkey Super Lig 19-22 April Akhisar Belediye v Besiktas Akhisar Belediye did a great job by collecting 9 points in the last 4 league matches. Now they have very serious chance in remaining at Turkey Super League. There is no important absent except Sani. It is a fact that Akhisar Belediye could not earn any point so far from any big Istanbul clubs this season. Last weekend Besiktas managed to defeat Antalyaspor with the single goal of Olcay. This is an important match for them if they want to qualify to European Cups next season. According to head coach Samet Aybaba this is the most difficult match in the remaining fixture. It is a miracle for Besiktas to dream about Turkish championship. But collecting maximum points until the end of season will help them a lot to go for Europa League. Due to the injuries such players like Ugur Boral, Ibrahim Toraman, Almeida and Ismail Koybasi did not travel to city Manisa. There are 7 players with yellow cards at the edge of suspension:- Veli Kavlak, Oguzhan Ozyakup, Ersan Gulum, Fernandes, Necip Uysal, Holosko and Emre Ozkan. I do not expect much more motivated Besiktas. Last weekend they hardly could win against Antalyaspor. Akhisar Belediye are fully motivated and focused on this match for the whole week. They will have a good fan support. Besides they have such a talent striker like Gekas. I love this man. I also do not trust the big shot Fernandes as he begun to be criticized due to his attitude in the team. He thinks he is private and for sure this is effecting the team. I will be on the side of odds and players who are going to fight with their hearth tonight. Bet on Akhisar Belediye AH 0 FoxSerkan
  7. Re: Turkey Super Lig 19-22 April Karabukspor v Mersin I Y I would not post this pick and home team is favored as banker here. It is true that Karabukspor are at dangerous zone and they need points urgent. On the other hand we can say that Mersin IY are already demoted. I want to post this pick because I do not expect away team are just traveling to Karabuk and would play purposeless. For three weeks Mersin IY are playing good football but they can not earn any point. We can say that they do not have any chance to stay in Turkey Super League. But these are human beings, they have honor and they need to earn good money in their short football career. Besides Mersin IY do not consist of third class football players. Mersin IY are underestimated as the bookmakers think that they are not motivated. But these players will produce 100% of their energy and I will not give up betting on them until the end of season if they repeat the same football that they did in the last 3 weeks and bookmakers offer such high odds. Suspensions and Injuries. Karabukspor side: Defender Deumi (19 matches 1 goal) and midfielder Birol (22 matches) are suspended. Forward Shelton (10 matches 5 goals), midfielders Ishak (11 matches) and Selim (4 matches) are injured. Mersin IY side: Defender Serkan Yanik (25 matches) is suspended. Substitute goal keeper Bicik (11 matches), defenders Aydin (11 matches) and Boum (16 matches) are doubtful. Midfielder Culio (27 matches 6 goals), forwarders Nobre (27 matches 14 goals) and Mehmet Yildiz (6 matches) are also doubtful. FoxSerkan
  8. Re: Turkey Super Lig 19-22 April Orduspor v Kasimpasa Last weekend Orduspor lost on away to Trabzonspor 1-0 in a match which they hope to record a win and begin rising in the table. We noticed head coach Hector Cupe was not very excited and he didn’t even do any reaction after his team conceded. Then after the match in the midweek he left the club and we understood that he really didn’t care about the match as he had already put in his mind to resign. The only thing Orduspor did was long distance shots and they were very mean in organizing goal chances. This was also their 5th consecutive defeat. They also can not win on away for 20 matches. The new head coach of Orduspor is Cevat Guler and this will be his first match. Everyone knows that the new coach factor should be considered in soccer betting. For those who do not know Cevat Guler I want to mention a little bit. He is very experienced about Turkish football. 5 year ago when the head coach (Kalli Felkamp) of Galatasaray had to quit due to his health problems, Cevat Guler took over the team in the last 6 weeks and earned the championship of Turkey Super League. That was the time when many football fans knew this man. I have no doubt that he will motivate the team. Defender Ferhat (15 matches) is suspended. Midfielder Muslum (8 matches 2 goals) is injured. Yigit Gokoglan and Ibrahim Kas were taken out of the squad however the new coach is Cevat Guler and there is a question mark for these players. (I heard he will not take them back) Kasimpasa are not very happy as they are not performing very well in recent matches. Last weekend they lost at home to Akhisar Belediye 0-1. They are loosing for 2 weeks. There are critical absents in the squad. Midfielder Sarmov (16 matches) is suspended. Defender Yalcin (29 matches 1 goal) is suspended. Defender Elyasa (26 matches) is injured. I do not trust Kasimpasa very much as they have important absents in their defense line. There is a new coach factor for Orduspor besides the city is well motivated to keep their team in Turkey Super League. In football we should understand that the team who need a victory the most have always an important chance. Odds are telling me to invest again. Bet on Orduspor. FoxSerkan
  9. Italy Serie B -2013-04-20 Cesena - Virtus Lanciano Cesena side: Important midfielder Ceccarelli, forwarders with total goals of 7, Defrel and Alejandro Rodriguez are absent. Virtus Lanciano side: There is no fresh injury except the long time injuries. Italy Serie B -2013-04-20 Cittadella - Juve Stabia Cittadella side: Defender De Vito (10 matches 1 goal) is absent. Italy Serie B -2013-04-20 Crotone - Reggina Crotone side: Defender Pedro Correia (10 matches) is absent. Reggina side: Players with total goals of 19, Di Michele and Comi are suspended. Defenders Di Bari (26 matches), Antonazzo (14 matches) and Lucioni (11 matches) are absent. Italy Serie B -2013-04-20 Grosseto - Livorno Grosseto side: Padella, Barba, Iorio, Olivi and Rigione are important absents. Important midfielders Crimi, Jadid and forward Lupoli (25 matches 5 goals) are other absents. Livorno side: Players with total goals of 36, Dionisi and Siligardi are absent. Italy Serie B -2013-04-20 Novara - Modena Novara side: Important defender Luci, substitute midfielders Parravicini, Barusso and forward Lepiller (23 matches 6 goals) are absent. Italy Serie B -2013-04-20 Sassuolo - Bari Sassuolo side: Forward Masucci (14 matches 4 goals) is the only important absent. Italy Serie B -2013-04-20 Spezia - Empoli Spezia side: Important midfielder Sammarco is absent. Italy Serie B -2013-04-20 Ternana - Varese Ternana side: Important defenders Fazio, Lauro, important midfielder Dianda and forward Nole (19 matches 4 goals) are absent. Varese side: Substitute defenders Carozzieri, Fiamozzi, Franco and important midfielder Damonte are absent. Italy Serie B -2013-04-20 Vicenza - Pro Vercelli Vicenza side: Important defenders Brighenti and Pisano are still injured. FoxSerkan
  10. Galatasaray v Elazigspor Finally Galatasaray can fully focus on Turkey Super League as they were eliminated from the Champions League. They are not in Turkish Cup neither. 2012-2013 championship is the only thing left in their hand and they are 4 points advanced in the last 3 matches before the big derby which will be played in Sukrusaracoglu stadium against Fenerbahce. It is very important to win the following 3 matches as if the gap between Fenerbahce becomes less than 4 points then they will have very serious task as a victory or a draw on away to Fenerbahce is very difficult. Last weekend they recorded a win of 0-1 on away against Karabukspor. Sneijder is warming up every week and his goal was the only shot that hit the nets in the match. More important is that they match very good with Drogba as for some reason they understand each other very well. May be this is because they are extra high standard players of the team or some other reason which I do not grab currently. Bad news is that Sneijder is doubtful until match kick off time. An other good development for Galatasaray is that Gokhan Zan gave a lot of confident in defense line where Galatasaray suffered a lot this season. Despite many criticisms Gokhan Zan showed great performance both in Champions League and Turkey Super League in recent matches. Last weekend victory was also the 4th consecutive win in the league and this must have given a habit to win and even more confident. An other interesting stats is that Galatasaray conceded only 2 goals in these last 4 league matches. I can be convinced that Galatasaray improved their defense comparing to the first half of the season. An other bad news is that head coach Fatih Terim will not be at the bench as he is banned for 9 matches. This is a long story as he was suspended by both the referee and Football Federation etc. I can say Elazigspor won a very critical match last weekend at home against Istanbul BB. However I can not mention that they deserved 100% and thanks to their goal keeper Ivesa they were lucky not to concede. I have no doubt that Yilmaz Vural contributed a lot to Elazigspor since he took over as the head coach. Now they are more comfortable but still have to take it very serious in the following matches. There are very important absents in Elazigspor and this is the biggest reason that I am posting this pick otherwise the odds were not worth to try. Forwarders Jervis (3 matches 1 goal) and Emir Kujovic (1 match) are injured. Important defenders Orhan Ak (21 matches), Sedat (22 matches 1 goal) and Adem (27 matches) are all injured. Galatasaray are improving in their defense line. We have witnessed that they did not let Karabukspor to create almost no goal chances. Elazigspor are going to miss many important players and they are on away against Istanbul giant who have forwarders on top of their forms. This is a very important match for home team and the fans will push their team to play even more offensive and they are fully motivated. We can bet on Galatasaray AH -2 FoxSerkan
  11. Sweden Allsvenskan -2013-04-18 Djurgarden - Brommapojkarna Djurgarden side: Defender Ostberg and midfielder Amartey are important absents. Brommapojkarna side: Midfielder Petrovic is injured. Young forward Anton is an other absent. Sweden Allsvenskan -2013-04-18 Goteborg - Syrianska Goteborg side: Young defender Augustinsson is absent. Important midfielders Daniel Sobralense and Farnerud are absent again. Sweden Allsvenskan -2013-04-18 Kalmar - Elfsborg Kalmar side: Defender Djordjevic, midfielders Israelsson, Eriksson are important absents. Substitute forward Andersson is absent too. Important player Romario is an other absent. Sweden Allsvenskan -2013-04-18 Mjallby - Gefle Mjallby side: Defenders Leandersson, Hakansson, forwarders Ericsson and Pode are important absents. Gefle side: Substitute goal keeper Hedvall, defender Bernhardsson and forward Orlov are absent. Sweden Allsvenskan -2013-04-18 Norrkoping - Helsingborg Norrkoping side: Defenders Tkalcic, Friberg and Wiklander are still injured. New transfer forward Lawan is absent again. Helsingborg side: Young defender Uronen and important player Larsson are absent.
  12. Sivasspor v Trabzonspor I am sure Sivasspor are disappointed this season as they were hoping to be at upper position in the table. They are focused on Turkey Cup today as this is their only way to qualify for European Cups. The bad form of the visitors gives them even more motivation and belief. They want to achieve something never happened and bring the trophy to the city. “Our target is to record a victory without conceding any goal” said goal keeper trainer Cengiz Birben. This cup is the only thing that will satisfy both fans and Trabzonspor club this season. Important defender Bamba is the only absent in Trabzonspor side. There is no doubt that Trabzonspor suffered a lot in goal ways this season and so far it does not seem like they solved their problem. The recent matches of Trabzonspor are also an evidence of their mean forward line. Not only they can not score but they are also not playing good football to give any hope for the future. 6 of last 7 matches that they played in Turkey Super League were resulted goals under 2.5. Considering this is a 2 legs round, I do not believe any team to take risk and fully attack. I guess a draw in first half is very possible. Eskisehirspor v Fenerbahce Eskisehirspor are a team who have good quality but do not play good football some several reasons. First of all there is a management crisis. The players can not be paid on time and receive their awards regularly. There will be an election in June and until that time God knows what will happen. Last weekend they played league match on away against Fenerbahce and I can say that the players did their very best to defeat Fenerbahce and they even created important chances. This time they are hosting Fenerbahce in the first leg of Turkey Cup semi final and they will for sure need a convincing victory in order to take advantage before the second match. There are interesting rumors like the team refused to join the camp as a reason of their delayed salaries. And I am not very sure how true this development was. One of the manager in the club declared that the players were let go their home by head coach Ersun Yanal. Fenerbahce are in a match traffic again and in Turkish teams they played the most matches in 2012-2013. Therefore we witnessed head coach Aykut Kocaman went for rotation especially in Turkish Cup matches. Such important players like Gokhan, Ziegler, Yobo, Meireles, Salih, Sow and Kuyt did travel to Eskisehir. I have no doubt that Aykut Kocaman ignores this tournament and I guess he is right. Probable line up of Fenerbahce is mostly consist of substitute players: Goal keeper: Mert, Defense line:-Orhan, Bekir, Serdar, Hasan Ali, Midfield:- Mehmet Topuz, Selcuk, Krasic, Caner, Stoch, Forward:-Semih. Let me tell you that most Turkish teams at home should be considered as favorite against this squad. Despite the rumors in Eskisehirspor I am sure that the players will do their very best to be successful in this tournament. They have home advantage and they are fully motivated to show themselves to the fans. The odds dropped a little but still valuable. Bet on Eskisehirspor. FoxSerkan
  13. Re: Serie B > 16th - 17th April Italy Serie B -2013-04-16 Brescia - Grosseto Brescia side: Important defender De Maio is suspended. Midfielders Bouy (17 matches 1 goal), Vitor Saba (17 matches 2 goals) and Sodinha (10 matches) are still injured. Grosseto side: Defender Cosenza (4 matches) is suspended. Important defenders Foglio, Barba and Iorio are absent. Substitute players Olivi and Rigione, important midfielder Crimi and forward Lupoli (25 matches 5 goals) are absent. Italy Serie B -2013-04-16 Empoli - Juve Stabia Juve Stabia side: Forward Mbakogu (14 matches 3 goals) is the only important absent. Italy Serie B -2013-04-16 Padova - Crotone Padova side: Main goal keeper Anania, important defenders Renzetti and Legati, substitute players Piccinni and Piccioni, midfielder De Feudis (11 matches) are still injured. Crotone side: Main goal keeper Caglioni, defender Checcucci (8 matches) and forward Torromino (15 matches 2 goals) are absent. Team top scorer Denilson Gabionetta (9 goals) is absent. Italy Serie B -2013-04-16 Pro Vercelli - Varese Pro Vercelli side: Substitute goal keeper Bastianoni is suspended. Defenders Fiamozzi (14 matches), Carozzieri (14 matches) and midfielder Damonte (21 matches 2 goals) are still injured. Italy Serie B -2013-04-16 Reggina - Sassuolo Reggina side: Defender Lucioni (11 matches) is injured. Sassuolo side: Important players like defender Gazzola and midfielder Magnanelli are suspended. Forward Masucci (14 matches 4 goals) is injured. Italy Serie B -2013-04-16 Spezia - Cesena Cesena side: Defender Volta (14 matches) is suspended. Midfielder Meza Colli (19 matches) and Gessa (18 matches) are other absents. Italy Serie B -2013-04-16 Verona - Cittadella Cittadella side: Midfielder Busellato (24 matches) is the only important absent. Italy Serie B -2013-04-16 Vicenza - Ascoli Vicenza side: Important players like defenders Brighenti, Pisano, midfielders Castiglia and Semioli are absent. Ascoli side: Substitute defender Legittimo and important midfielder Di Donato are absent. Italy Serie B -2013-04-16 Virtus Lanciano - Ternana Virtus Lanciano side: Important defender Aquilanti is suspended. Ternana side: Important defenders Fazio and Lauro are absent. Substitute players like Masi and Pisacane are absent. Midfielders Ragusa, Miglietta and Dianda are important absents. Forward Nole (19 matches 4 goals) is absent. FoxSerkan
  14. Re: Turkey League 1 13-15 April Erciyesspor v Kartalspor Erciyesspor are getting close and even more close to Turkey Super League as they have 5 matches left to finish in top 2 and directly qualify. It was a great news that Rizespor and Manisaspor drew yesterday and made them even more comfortable. Despite a good performance in total, Erciyesspor are an average home team as the managed to win 6 of 14 home matches that they played in Turkey League 1 this season. It is really a fact that Erciyesspor are a good away team as they collected 33 points in 15 matches that they played on away matches. Defenders Huseyin Yogurtcu (8 matches) and M. Ozan Tahtaisleyen (18 matches) are absent. Forward Gerard Goua Gohou (25 matches 18 goals) is absent. Forward Sofiane Hanni (24 matches 2 goals) is doubtful. Kartalspor are fully motivated and they are right at the edge of relegation. They are traveling for an absolute victory or at least a draw. However a draw might not be enough as there are only 5 weeks left. Head coach Mehmet Altiparmak said interesting things to the media recently. He mentioned that they studied Erciyesspor very well and that they are aware of the strength of them. But he added that Kartalspor are also stronger than their position at the table and emphasized that there is nothing to loose but very much to earn in case of a win. Midfielders Olgay Coskun (12 matches) and Oktay Demircan (9 matches 1 goal) are absent. In such matches like these there is no need to check the league table. Erciyesspor are more comfortable after both Rizespor and Manisapor lost points yesterday. Besides they did not record very good performance this season at home matches. On the other hand Kartalspor players are completely motivated and they have nothing in their mind but to get at least 1 point or even 3 points. I wish the odds were a little higher as I was thinking that Kartalspor were going to be the most underestimated team of the weekend. Bet on Kartalspor DNB
  15. Re: Turkey Super Lig 12-15 April Turkey Super League Kasimpasa v Akhisar Belediye Date 2013-04-14 Time (cet) 12:30 Last weekend Kasimpasa lost on away to Antalyaspor 3-2. This was not very much expected result as Antalyaspor were at declining form. Kasimpasa disappointed with their defense line as conceding 3 goals is not something that we witnessed against average teams during the season. I can say that defenders did not play good and they were not well organized. Thanks to the goal keeper Issaksson they avoided more goals. It was a very important victory for Akhisar Belediye that they managed to defeat Trabzonspor with a result of 1-0. I know they did not play very good but they were patient and organized very well in defense. There is no doubt that the most important role in the victory belongs to veteran Greek striker Gekas as he hit the nets of Trabzonspor. IMO he is a legend. This is one of the most difficult match of the week and the odds for away team is overpaid. Akhisar Belediye are going to play every single match in a very high motivation as the remaining matches are to be or not to be in Turkey Super League. Bet on Akhisar Belediye AH +0.50