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  1. 2 picks for Wimbledon qualifying matches tomorrow: KUBLER-4 GAMES HANDICAP OVER TIRANTE @ 1.75 pinnacle Kubler has 33-10 record this year, and winning 14 out of his last 16 matches, and he is playing a clay court specialist. GRENIER-BARRANCO 2:0 sets @ 1.5 (several bookies) Grenier has good serve and a good game for grass, in general, playing vs another clay court specialist (Barranco).
  2. 3 picks for the WTA French Open matches tomorrow: SWIATEK-7 GAMES HANDICAP OVER TSURENKO @ 1.52 pinnacle Swiatek is certaintly a no.1 favorite to win the tournament. Tsurenko has not been at good form lately. SABALENKA-6 GAMES HANDICAP OVER PAQUET @ 1.56 pinnacle Sabalenka is not at her best in 2022, but still is good enough to win easily. BADOSA-6 GAMES HANDICAP OVER FERRO @ 1.44 pinnacle Ferro is a good clay court player but she is out of form this season, Badosa almost always wins those matches easily.
  3. 1 pick for the French Open Qualifying match today: ATP: ZAPATA MIRALLES-7 GAMES HANDICAP OVER SELA @ 1.42 pinnacle Sela is almost 38 years old and it will be his first match on clay for 3 years playing against clay court specialist Zapata Miralles with a lot of good wins on clay recently. Expect it to be an easy win for Zapata Miralles.
  4. 1 more Australian Open pick: WTA: BARTY-6.5 GAMES HANDICAP OVER BRONZETTI @ 1.45 pinnacle Barty is clearly in her top form and is no.1 favorite to win the tournament. Expect
  5. Hi guys, 3 Australian Open picks to start the 2022 season: ATP: MEDVEDEV-8 GAMES OVER LAAKSONEN @ 1.5 pinnacle Should be an easy win for the no. 1 favourite to win the tournament. WTA: TAUSON – SHARMA 2:0 SETS @ 1.69 pinnacle Tauson is a top 10 potential this year already with a great baseline game, both consistent and powerful. WTA: ANISIMOVA-HARTONO SETS @ 1.4 pinnacle Anisimova with a title in Melbourne is definetely in good form. Should be an easy win for her.
  6. 1 pick for the Indian Wells Qualification match: ATP KRUEGER -4 GAMES OVER NANDA @ 1.79 at pinnacle Krueger is at his highest ranking ever, winning a couple of ATP Challengers lately, and he has a 2:0 H2H record (with 2 easy wins) vs. a wild-card Nanda.
  7. 4 picks for the US Open 1st round matches: ATP MEDVEDEV -8.5 GAMES OVER GASQUET @ 1.82 at pinnacle ATP MEDVEDEV-GASQUET 3:0 SETS @ 1.41 at pinnacle Medvedev is probably the second favourite to win the tournament. Also, very good match-up for Medvedev here as Gasquet is not consistent enough and is not in good enough physical form to last against Medvedev. ATP AUGER ALLIASSIME -DONSKOY 3:0 SETS @ 1.74 at pinnacle Donskoy is a veteran qualifier with 3 good wins in qualifying but he has no weapons to compete against the favourite here: average serve, no power and no consistency from the baseline either. WTA KREJCIKOVA-SHARMA 2:0 SETS @ 1.44 at pinnacle Krejcikova is known mostly as a clay court player (winning French Open this year and many other clay court tournaments) but she has a good game for faster surfaces prooving it this year on hard and grass. She is a better player than Sharma on every surface now.
  8. 2 picks for the US Open qualification matches: ATP O'CONNELL -2.5 GAMES OVER CELIKBILEK @ 1.54 at pinnacle O'Connell with a lot of good matches lately in inbledon and in Atlanta, he is a better player than his ranking might suggest at the moment. WTA OUDIN-PIERI 2:0 SETS @ 1.38-1.4 at bet365, betvictor and others Oudin also have had a lot of good matches in the last couple of months, she is very consistent and is simply a better player than Pieri.
  9. 1 pick for the WTA Gdynia match: WTA SASNOVICH-6.5 GAMES OVER BASZAK @ 1.5 at pinnacle Sasnovich is in a good form this year on clay winning a lot of matches. Baszak is a local wild-card player with a few good wins in Juniors but no positive results on the WTA level.
  10. 3 picks for the Wimbledon matches: ATP TIAFOE-1.5 GAMES OVER KHACHANOV @ 1.97 at pinnacle Tiafoe was great in his first 2 matches winningg them both easily. Khachanov is not at his best on grass (despite his big serve). WTA BARTY-6 GAMES OVER BLINKOVA @ 1.64 at several bookies WTA BARTY-BLINKOVA 2:0 sets @ 1.3 at several bookies Expect to see an easy win for the favorite Barty, who is a great grass court players and wins most of her grass court matches easily.
  11. 1 pick for the Wimbledon qualification matches today: EBDEN-FERY 2:0 sets @ 1.52 at several bookies Ebden was unlucky not to win in two sets yesterday, as he totally dominated the match. Now he plays 18 years old local wild card player with no significant results even in juniors.
  12. 2 picks for the Wimbledon qualification matches today: EBDEN-BAEZ 2:0 sets @ 1.8 at betfair sportsbook and other bookies COPIL-KUZMANOV 2:0 sets @ 1.5 at betfair sportsbook and other bookies Both Ebden and Copil are excellent grass court players with good serve, many good wins on grass and few good matches this year already. Baez and Kuzmanov prefer clay, and slow surfaces in general.
  13. 3 picks for the French Open: ATP CECCHINATO-UCHIYAMA 3:0 sets @ 1.38-1.4 at pinnacle and other bookies ATP CECCHINATO-8 games handicap over UCHIYAMA @ 1.5 at pinnacle Uchiyama can't play on clay. Cecchinato, former semifinalist is in a good recent form, expect an easy 3 sets win. WTA PEGULA-6.5 games handicap over ZHU 2:0 sets @ 1.48-1.5 at pinnacle and other bookies Pegula is in the best form of her career. Zhu is a good player, but clay is her worst surface, and probably will not be able to compete with Pegula in her recent form.
  14. 1 pick for the French Open qualification match: ALCARAZ-TABILO 2:0 sets @ 1.40-1.42 at several bookies 18 years old Alcaraz is very talented and already a lot of good clay court results. Probably is a top-30 player on clay already.
  15. 2 picks for the ATP Madrid: THIEM - DE MINAUR 2:0 sets @ 1.79 at pinnacle RUUD- NISHIOKA 2:0 sets @ 1.42 at pinnacle For both De Minaur and Nishioka clay is probably their worst surface. Playing against top clay court specialists they don't have any real chances in my opinion.
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