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  1. The winter break is finally over and Croatian clubs are about to start, or better to say continue, their campaign in 1 HNL. I`m planning to write some kind of preview for the spring part of the season together with transfer news and an overview of each of the clubs as soon as possible. Inter Zapresic - Istra The first match starts soon and I`m really sorry I couldn`t post this sooner. Inter with a new chairman and manager Zeljko Petrovic. The new chairman is some kind of a football agent whose main goal is to earn some money by selling players and Inter can be a nice "platform" for that sort of a business. It`s been turbulent in Zapresic these days because many players arrived and some left in a very short period of time. To cut the long story short, there is a big question mark next to Inter`s name and all I can say their squad doesn`t look that impressive on paper. Istra has been is co-owned by Alaves for some time now and although they promised to invest serious money to make the club more competitive but this hasn`t happened yet. They have a promising coach Prelec and I have to say that in the first part of the season they were definitely the unluckiest club conceding many goals in the dying moments and this losing matches. They`ve lost 11 matches and they certainly did not deserve to lose in at least 5 of them. They are an organized side that know how to defend and hit the opposition on counters. This is an important match for both sides and I think Istra won`t lose tonight. Inter doesn`t have a real advantage playing at home because there are 200-300 spectators in average in each of their matches. My picks : Istra X2 total goals under 2,5
  2. Eintracht Frankfurt - Lipzig BTTS YES @1,44 Monaco - Strasbourg 1 @1,61 Leverkusen - Fortuna Dusseldorf 1@1,36 10 points treble
  3. Bayern - Schalke total goals 2-3 Usually I don`t like these kind of bets but I think this is the most probable outcome of this match. Schalke were underachieving in the previous seasons and something has changed this season - especially defensive wise. Their back line looks really solid and my impression is that they hevae finally become the team. I don`t want to talk about Bayern much because you know the whole story. All I can say is that don`t expect an easy match for them and that the odds are WAY TO LOW on Bayern win. I wouldn`t like to pick the winner of the match but I see it ending in something like 2-0, 2-1 or 1-1.
  4. Freiburg - Paderborn 1 Freiburg are a team that is usually closer to the bottom than to the top half of the standings but this year circumstances have been a bit different. They`re currently holding the 7th position which gives them hope they can qualify for European competition(s) - after all, they`re only 6 points behind Gladbach that is 4th and being 4th means you`ve qualified for Champions League ! Freiburg have been more than solid throughout of the season - especially at home having lost to Koln and Bayern only. They managed to draw with Dortmund and beat teams like Leipzig or Frankfurt. A very successful campaign so far. Paderborn are a different story I`m afraid. Of course they won`t give up but I think they won`t be enough for them to stay up. They didn`t want to change their offensive approach which was their trademark in 2 Bundesliga and hats off to that, but Bundesliga teams are a few steps above those who play in 2 Bundesliga and Paderborn are paying the price. Their defence is leaking and have difficulties dealing with Bundesliga forwards and I expect something similar to happen today. I have to admit I expected a lower price on Freiburg and that scares me a bit (bookies know everything!!) but I simply can`t see Freiburg not winning this one.
  5. Any thoughts on Stan Wawrinka ? He was the only player who could match Novak some 6-7 years ago. Odds aren`t that bad though I haven`t seen Isner in action.
  6. I watched him yesterday vs Lajovic. Even the commentators said that playing vs Schwatrzman is like playing against a brick wall.🧱🧱🧱 He`s defensively one of of the best players on the tour together with Djokovic. These odds are certainly inviting and definitely worth a risk.
  7. I know his father is rich. You`re right - let`s call him a brat then. 😄
  8. Monfils - Gulbis 1 I simply can not ignore Monfils here. He`s like a box of chocolates...You never know what you`re going to get. He is also a player who is always a joy to watch, one of the players I would always pay for the ticket just to see him in action. Tennis avant-garde. He`s definitely past his prime but I`ve always thought that he deserved a bit more in his career - especially on Grand Slam tournaments. Gulbis has risen from the dead here but I doubt he can take something out of this match. Last year he had 8-30 (?!) record. When Gulbis was younger everbody was talking (including Niki Pilic) that there is a great career ahead of him but it simply didn`t happen. I don`t want to call Ernests a spoiled brat but he threw his talent away. By the way, the record between these two is 3-0 in Mofils` favour. So...We have a guy who deserves a lot more on the Grand Slam level and a guy who doesn`t deserve anything. Monfils all the way for me. Mertens - C.C. Bellis over 20,5 Those who follow the tennis section here could`ve read what I said about Bellis. I`ve read what you guys wrote about the match and I can not but to agree with you though I think Mertens will have a bit more difficult task here. I watched Mertens in Wimbledon last year and was impressed with her ability to endure long rallies and powerful shots she is able to produce. Bellis`s style is different - shorter rallies, change of pace and not-so-powerful but precise and delicate shots. That`s why I think she`ll give Mertens a bit of a headache - at least in one the sets. I agree with you that Bellis`s chances to win this are not big simply because she hasn`t played for a long time on this level and that`s why I`ll also try the correct score: 2-1 Mertens. Vekic - Swiatek 1 As I`ve said before, Donna is completely focused on tennis and will do her best to reach the final stages of AO. Reaching the 3rd round is her best result ever. I believe Swiatek is an ideal opponent for Donna and I have to say that the draw has been rather kind to her this year. She`s definitely aware of that and I think she won`t miss this chance to confirm herself as a player capable of performing well on the biggest of tournaments.
  9. Querrey - Sandgren over 40,5 40,5?! Yep, that`s a lot, but I expect at least one tie-break and I think there`s quite a big probability both players will take a set. That should be enough to cross this line. Schwartzman - Lajovic 1 Although I really like and appreciate Lajovic as a tennis player I sincerely doubt he can win this. Though there is definitely some value on Lajovic I believe Schwartzman is far more dynamic and energetic player and if he takes the initiative and makes Lajovic run the Serb will have a lot of problems. A win for the Argentine in my opinion. Kvitova - Alexandrova 1 Risky bet. Kvitova is prone to weather conditions and I checked them. It shouldn`t be too hot which, in my opinion, should go in favour of the Czech player. Alexandrova is on the vicious run but I hope it stops here. Probably a 3 setter but in the end I see Petra as the winner. Low stakes of course.
  10. Wolverhampton - Liverpool Liverpool have been incredible recently and are flying high. Watching Liverpool`s players play pressing is sometimes surreal. School example of teamwork and cohesion. They create and score with ease no matter who they`re playing against. They let off some of the steam in their previous match vs Utd so don`t really expect them to be on that level - at least mentally. Wolverhampton, on the other hand, are a team that`ve lost only 5 times this year (together with Man City) and that says enough. Their manager is Portuguese and they have got many players from Portugal which tells me tactical preparation is very important to them and they know how to defend. Molineux isn`t a place where guests win matches easily. Wolverhampton will probably sit at the back and wait for their chance on the counter while Liverpool won`t rush and will patiently wait for the opportunities and space to open. It`s not going to be easy but I believe Liverpool will continue their streak tonight. A side that concedes a goal will have to play more offensively and leave more space at the back (I think Liverpool will score first) so I wouldn`t go for an under - it all depends on the time when the goal will be scored. Liverpool to win Total goals 2-3
  11. I`m hoping to see a similar scenario. I don`t usually like these big handicaps but in the end I`ve decided to take this one. We`ll see...Hoping for the best, expecting the worst. Just to mention Vekic once again. After she broke up with "Stan the man" she is completely dedicated and focused on tennis. I mean, you can really see she is giving her maximum in every match. I think she`ll win vs Cornet but I don`t expect an easy match. I`m tempted to take an OVER in that match too.
  12. Goffin - P.H. Herbert +7,5 2 Czech wrote somewhere that Goffin is one of the best no-big-weapons player on the tour and I agree with him to some extent. Goffin easily beat Chardy who I find a mediocre hard-court player while Herbert showed mental strength and won the match vs Norrie being 1-2 down. Herbert reached the 3rd round of AO twice so one can`t say he doesn`t like playing there. Last year he beat Querrey, Chung (though he was recovering in a way) and lost tightly against Raonic. I`m hoping to see the same scenario tonight where Pierre-Hugues will use his chances and stay close till the end.
  13. Bellis - Muchova 1 I can`t go against myself and will back C.C. Bellis again. Yes, Muchova is another level, much better than Maria but I believe Bellis will intelligently use her main weapon - strong and precise shots from the baseline. I saw Muchova likes coming forward and playing volleys (unfortunately a rarity in women`s tennis) but I think Bellis will have an answer to that in precise and strong passing shots. I expect a big battle with a lot of breaks so OVER wouldn`t be a bad idea too. I just hope C.C. prevails in the end.
  14. Anybody seen Wozniacki playing ?? I`m asking this because this is her last tournament and she`s about to face Yastremska who`s been set as a favorite. I`m just wandering if that`s realistic because both should be well motivated and should "cancel" each other - a typical scenario for an OVER. Your thoughts are more than welcome.
  15. C.C. Bellis - T. Maria 1 I wrote about Bellis before. I like her style and shots - everything she does on the court looks simple and easy. She had been injured and she played only four matches in 2019 and her fitness might be questionable but I believe she posses more than enough quality to beat experienced German. Her motivation shouldn`t be be an issue here. I won`t be surprised if she takes this in straight sets. Duckworth - Bedene 2 I believe Slovenian will finally make a breakthrough and advance to the 2nd round of AO. He has the skills and experience to do this. Duckworth is a fighter that never gives up and can be unpredictable when playing at home but I simply think Bedene is a better player will prevail in the end. Hercog - Peterson 2 I know Peterson has had some fitness issues lately but I still think she deserves my support. She likes playing on hard while Hercog doesn`t - hard court has never been her cup of tea. I watched her a couple of times and, at least in my opinion, she didn`t play well. I`m not saying it will be easy but Rebecca should advance to the next round. Low stakes though.