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    Ronnie reacted to BillyHills in PL Fantasy Premier League - 2017/18 - FREE Entry - £500 Cash Prizes   
    Fantasy Premier League 2017/18
    It's nearly that time again and this time PL will be putting up £500 in cash prizes for the top 5 places! 

    Entry Rules

    1. This is open to everyone who wants to enter, that is a Punters Lounge Forum member by August 12th 12.30pm. Anyone who isn't will be removed from the league. 

    2. Your must reply with your Manager Name, Team Name and Forum Username below like this:

    Manager: Paul Ross
    Team Name: Punters Lounge Boyz
    Forum Username: Paul Ross

    Once you've done that, then you are eligible to win the cash prizes.

    Our League: 

    £500 Cash Prizes Split

    1. £250
    2. £100
    3. £75
    4. £50
    5. £25
    Let's get it on!  
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