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  1. Re: Coolers - lets discuss strategy HAHAHAHA :clap:clap:clap You should have just said sorry :rollin I find it best not to educate the fish:eek:eek Nice thinking, nice call, VERY NICE RESULT!:ok Damo
  2. Re: Cooler KK in the BB - re-shove from a tight player Last time blinds were 50/100 (they went up last hand) he limped from mid-late position with about 1600 chips or so; SB made up BB checked. Flop Jxx. SB checked, BB shoved for about 1300 or so, He calls, BB has J9 and doesn't improve. I made a note on his play and so it was fresh in my mind about an orbit later when he played like this. I don't think he is a muppet, I don't think he is shoving with shite. I think he is probably slightly better than average for this level. I have made a couple of similar raises (odd numbers) from LP
  3. Re: Cooler KK in the BB - re-shove from a tight player Why would I want to shove against one limper? I am not desperate, if I fold I still have 8-9BB's left, about average for the table. I am suprised folks are talking about shoving here. And the min raise? I raised about 2.5BB (488) I am sure someone else mentions that as their standard raise....... (OK I didn't take into consideration his limp, but its not different to me raising his BB if I am the CO).
  4. Villian limped QQ about 4 hands ago and got his cash all-in on a rag flop So I am folding this right? Damo ***** Hand 1343980488 ***** 100.00/200.00 Texas Hold'em (No Limit ) - 01 December 2008 15:59:40 Cooler (Real /Tournament ) Seat 1: falkfeier (3040.00) Seat 2: hammern2 (1992.00) Seat 3: Marusan (1680.00) Seat 4: Unknown (0.00) Seat 5: diamondis (1519.00) Seat 6: Unknown (0.00) Seat 7: Spade83 (1255.00) Seat 8: robilaruk (2619.00) Seat 9: elomicka (2370.00) Seat 10: adivat (525.00) Spade83 post SB 100.00 robilaruk post BB 200.00 ** Deal ** robilaruk [Ks, Kd] *** Bet
  5. Re: Teaulc`s cooler challenge for a new laptop There isn't? and there is in a standard STT? I think coolers are essentially the same as standard STT's, very tight early and then shove when necessary later - I don't see the difference really except you don't need to go for first place? An what 'game' will they destroy? if you only play coolers/STT they I don't see that. I do understand it better if you play MTT's and cash as well, but I can't see how they will destroy anything? YMMV of course Damo
  6. Re: Coolers - lets discuss strategy I have had a thunk and I think shoving is a bad play here, you have to be 80-90% certain that Jhedman folds if you shove as you don't want a call with 88, you are probably racing agianst the short stack shove and also racing against Jhedman as well. You obviously need to win the race against Jhedman to stay in, but if you shove and Jhedman folds and you lose the race against shortie you have quadrupled him up and made him more of a threat. Calling is still bad IMHO but after thinking about it is better than shoving as it gives you a chance to knock out
  7. Re: Coolers - lets discuss strategy For me, probably yes, he has checked behind you twice when he had a chance to bet and on the river on a straight drawing board he shoves? if he has a made hand why not value bet here? Call and be gutted when he shows trip 8's...... Damo
  8. Re: Cooler, xx on Button An if the BB shoves for another 600 or so, should he fold? If the BB is folding for 300 more, he will fold for 200 more or so, raise to 300/330 if you are going to raise small, I am not really a fan of small raises in this position unless I know the SB and BB are tight, if they are not tight then shove to maximise fold equity. Now as to what cards I would need..... Any Ace, PP 77+, KQ, KJ - I am not a fan of ATC as yet, you still have some play in your stack and everyone is getting slightly desperate (so let them make the mistake first). Just my thoughts
  9. Re: JTs in Big Blind in $20 cooler, 2 short stack shoves No, they are unlikely to split so one is 'effectively' out. If the one who wins is ChrisT he is in the BB next hand and Zorden another shortie in the BB the hand after - either way they both have less chps than you after paying the BB/SB and are struggling - If MoneyM wins he doubles up but his stack is still less than yours, and with one and safe also having a smaller stack this is an easy fold. Let them take each other out here, MM is only calling as the other shortstack with something better than crap, ChrisT might be shoving
  10. Decided to step up to the 10 euro coolers as the 5's are doing my head in! This was my first game (I might step back down as I only have about 130 euro in the account and am not properly BR for this level :$ and found I was playing scared :eyes) Massa is sat out (has been for a good 10 mins or more) and Arnberg is on his button - every hand its folded to him he shoves and perulau in the SB folds..... fecking annoying as he had close to 4K in chips when it started and arn about 600...... So with only 30 chips left after paying my BB I get the following hand :) The 10 euro's seem to be fi
  11. Re: Understanding ICM analysis in Coolers Can we use ICM here? Villians shoving range is huge, blinds are big and he is UTG Yes/No? Damo ***** Hand 1336382752 ***** 150.00/300.00 Texas Hold'em (No Limit ) - 25 November 2008 22:21:46 Cooler (Real /Tournament ) Seat 1: Taurus1985 (2620.00) Seat 2: Turbala (1295.00) Seat 3: asgr76 (2450.00) Seat 4: lomurrid10 (3090.00) Seat 5: Unknown (0.00) Seat 6: Unknown (0.00) Seat 7: robilaruk (2345.00) Seat 8: llunatic1 (610.00) Seat 9: Unknown (0.00) Seat 10: RINNERTJE7 (2590.00) RINNERTJE7 post SB 150.00 Taurus1985 post BB 300.00** D
  12. Re: AJ cooler - shove over the top? eagle-eyes (:tongue2) is correct again! :ok Hadn't noticed the shift in seats myself in the HH - most odd Thanks for the thoughts on the reshove DP:ok Damo
  13. Re: Coolers - lets discuss strategy If you do play the hand, you probably want to shove and either get HU, or create a side pot, calling here is not a good play, so shoving was better:ok I am undecided on whether you should have shoved - and even though I am trying to ignore the HH it is there! best to only post the PF action methinks that way we can't be swayed by the result (however subtlely that maybe). Will have a thunk and get back to you - I am erring towards folding as a gut reaction but big blinds and too many to go to the money might make this a reasonable play :unsure. Dam
  14. Re: Cooler QQ in the BB Bubble 150/300 tut tut - if something is worth doing, it is worth doing properly:ok (bit like checking the HH to see what position I am in:tongue2) anyhoo the calc only shows shoving and calling ranges, it does not take into account your cards or if anyone limps etc Damo
  15. Re: Cooler QQ in the BB Bubble 150/300 :rollin Glad someone noticed :rollin Damo
  16. I have played one hand about 3 hands ago when I shoved AK on the button and showed Villian is a bit loose, raising at least once per orbit Damo ***** Hand 1336371257 ***** 100.00/200.00 Texas Hold'em (No Limit ) - 25 November 2008 22:15:01 Cooler (Real /Tournament ) Seat 1: Taurus1985 (2920.00) Seat 7: robilaruk (1445.00) Seat 2: Turbala (2395.00) Seat 3: asgr76 (1350.00) Seat 4: lomurrid10 (1575.00) Seat 5: 4 Penguins (1965.00) Seat 6: Unknown (0.00) Seat 8: llunatic1 (1060.00) Seat 9: Unknown (0.00) Seat 10: RINNERTJE7 (2290.00) RINNERTJE7 post SB 100.00 Taurus1985 post BB
  17. Can anyone explain what is happening and what the hand ranges are Preflop? ***** Hand 1336331554 ***** 15.00/30.00 Texas Hold'em (No Limit ) - 25 November 2008 21:51:46 Cooler(Real /Tournament ) Seat 1: ELLUISO (2092.00) Seat 2: tinitus82 (1485.00) Seat 3: zsolek (1440.00) Seat 4: Gismo354 (1470.00) Seat 5: robilaruk (1500.00) Seat 6: Arnkos (923.00) Seat 7: gizu (1440.00) Seat 8: riri76140 (1260.00) Seat 9: Valdis11 (1380.00) Seat 10: Namco17 (2010.00) Gismo354 post SB 15.00 robilaruk post BB 30.00 ** Deal ** robilaruk [8d, Ad] *** Bet Round 1 *** Arnkos Call 30.00
  18. So whats my play and why? Itchigo is becoming the serial limper every hand, even when 1st in the pot - his range includes K7o UTG......... Cheers Damo Hold'em (No Limit ) - 25 November 2008 21:33:05 Cooler (Real /Tournament ) Seat 1: B.Michael (3800.00) Seat 2: Unknown (0.00) Seat 3: ITCHIGO (4280.00) Seat 4: Unknown (0.00) Seat 5: djams (1095.00) Seat 7: robilaruk (2615.00) Seat 6: Unknown (0.00) Seat 8: tauqeer2 (2415.00) Seat 9: Tinagirl08 (795.00) Seat 10: Unknown (0.00) djams post SB 150.00 robilaruk post BB 300.00 ** Deal ** robilaruk [Qh, Qd] *** Bet Round 1
  19. Re: Your shove range in Coolers - big blinds eating stacks up Thanks like this one Damo
  20. Re: Your shove range in Coolers - big blinds eating stacks up that is odd and very loose for Btn/SB vs a short stacked BB, surely his calling range here is much wider than 1010+ with only 1200 chips left? However you have the chip stacks in the wrong order for my question, you are the but/sb with only 1200 chips shoving into the blinds/BB who have about 2.4K each - so what should you shove with as the small stack? Thanks Damo
  21. Re: Understanding ICM analysis in Coolers thanks GaF - thinking about it afterwards I thought you meant the 77 hand. Glad to see I was close with my assumption of what I would play against the raiser - Queens seems obvious, but part of me still wants to fold them....... This is a very good example of a +ev situation (;)), where the BB can only have 3 hands to call a shove. Perhaps ev is your next topic:ok Damo
  22. Re: Understanding ICM analysis in Coolers that surely depends on chip stack to blinds ratio including position? :hope am a bit confused as this is a very open-ended question :unsure Damo
  23. I am trying to put a spreadsheet together matching my BB hand against perceived shoving ranges from the SB/Button in coolers. Scenario: 3/5/10euro buy-in cooler: you are on the button/sb have the lowest chip count 1000-1200 or so, everyone else folds, players left to act have a 2200-2600 chips left, (similar to the other players). No one is LAAG and seem to be average for this level. Its the bubble. Blinds are 100/200 what cards would you shove and what is the bottom of the range i.e shove any ace or only A6+, any K or only K8+ etc. What would be the lowest 'highest' card you w
  24. Re: Understanding ICM analysis in Coolers I was thinking you were the short stack - hence the insta-call remark - realised then that UTG was shorter than you, so it becomes an easy fold, simply because they are really under pressure the next 2 hands as the blinds go through, I would (90%) probably fold AK and JJ here as well - unsure about QQ, might shove(probably half the time) with KK, defo reshove with AA. Why play AA - simply because UTG might double up next hand/hand after. so you are now in trouble, I think this is one of the times that you don't pass AA in a cooler on the bubble.
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