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  1. Re: Starting Again been a good month of playing for me, ponied up £20 (about $30) at the start of January on Stan James and have steadily made it to $106 grinding the 1 euro STT's - their latest STT gimmick the 'secret agent give-away' has really helped as every numpty is multi-tabling the 1 euro games to get a chance of a tag-heur watch :ok, I am showing a $40 profit for this last week alone! I am going to treat myself to a few 2.5 euro games to see if I can step up and grind them for a larger hourly rate Cheers Damian

  2. Re: PL Christmas Poker Tourney - Prize Claiming Procedure in Post 1 Hi Paul couldn't make the tourny - was a-bed with the winter sickness bug :@ Noticed i finished 44th :unsure - only fair that as I didn't play that the £10 bet goes to someone more deserving or gets used as another prize for one of the 7/2 offer's who posted their hand late perhaps? Cheers Damian ps or have it yourself and give any winnings to charity?

  3. Re: SNG 'Steps' on Grosvenor Thanks Bart for the advice - they are driving me CRAZY at the minute with such loose, poor play :unsure:@:lol Finally made it to a $1 table step 3 from step 1, and so far the play is worse that at level 2 :) I'll keep at it and try to convert some tokens to standard SNG's to build up the bankroll Cheers Damian

  4. Re: SNG 'Steps' on Grosvenor Top 5 get 'paid', so is anyone folding here hoping that LAAG Boris calls after limping from UTG? Cheers Damian GAME #4428163102: Holdem NL - 2012-12-23 17:39:17 Tournament (722229271) Table Step 2 Server poker15.ipoker.com Seat 9: consky (900.00 in chips) Seat 1: eermss14 (3,590.00 in chips) Seat 6: dinger48 (1,575.00 in chips) Seat 10: 76Sixpack (2,250.00 in chips) Seat 5: Borisz82 (4,495.00 in chips) Seat 2: madhandsQ3 (1,835.00 in chips) Seat 4: PLdamo (355.00 in chips) madhandsQ3: SB 150.00 PLdamo: BB 300.00 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to PLdamo [H7 DK] Borisz82: Call 300.00 dinger48: Fold consky: Raise To 900.00 76Sixpack: Fold eermss14: Call 900.00 madhandsQ3: Fold

  5. Re: STT's/SnG's. I too would like to hear folks comments on the best place for STT's - I have been playing microcash for a few days now and I realise how shockingly poor I am at cash games...... So its back to basics for me and SNG's Cheers Damian ps, anyone have a decent SNG tracker?

  6. hello not seen this type of SNG before 9being new back to poker), looks like a similar game plan to the double or nothing games to me (fold everything except AA or KK)? re the tokens - does anyone know how long they are valid for (have had a look but can't see it anywhere?) And if I start at level 2 for 50 cents, should I be aiming to go all the way or cash at level 6 for $25 - $30 or so (ROI vs RoR etc) Any thoughts most appreciated Cheers Damian

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