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** February Poker League Result : 1st rosco, 2nd Danshot, 3rd avongirl **
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st Marek76, 2nd 1945harry, 3rd Budgie 65, 4th dj.orange, 5th Procalc **
** February Naps Competition Result: 1st adamross, 2nd paulat, 3rd rolandcooper. KO Cup Winner Fist2k8. Most Winners Zidane123 **

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  1. Anyway think on a draw for West Ham vs Leicester
  2. Guys agree with u, nice advice, howether with regret a lot us cannot control in front of betting activity and this should be taken n=by a specials. As a joke, for those who a loosing a lot, please do not take it personal: "If you cannot bet go fishing, maybe there you will have more success"
  3. go for accumulators to increase your winnings, now its the perfect time to lose/win money EURO 2016 take care and lest share in here
  4. haha, cool, i guess if you choose it once is forever,
  5. you can also open a thread in "Tipsters Challenge" section, and the ones seeking for tips, won't miss yours
  6. Betfair for example is taking commission on your winnings, so, you should not be banned at all, if you are a winner...
  7. :welcome to the club..! i'm in too. I don't remember my first bet either. Or, I do, but the memory is fading away: i guess, i took the first one I saw. and i've lost it. not the best beginning;);)
  8. "wisdom of crowd" :) Betting is meant to be a business, a mathematical head ache with formulas, or at least it should be organised logically, not based on wisdom...Though it's considered a luck matter, the winners occur to be the smart guys not the wise ones.... but i like your quote:ok
  9. Who am I?! Good question... I do not know, and actually, I don't even want to find it out: the less you know, the better you sleep))))) All right. Firstly, I'm a regular guy. Secondly, it's much easier to tell what i'm not, than what i trully am. All this because all my life i was dying to know what i'm trying to be. Today, I'm not that victorious to claim that i found myself in that or that. I can fill the holes and having fun isn't a problem for me. I don't have tons of friends, but i'm never alone, even when I want to:@ Background. It wasn't traumatic, but it's blocked. i donot like my childhood recollections at all. I don't even remember them. Drunk father isn't the worst thing. domestic violence wasn't really smth i learnt closely. Anyway my past doesn't exist, it's crossed the hell out from my life. and no: he wasn't a punter that would teach me the taste for betting. I am fond of risk. I just love to take any chance, even the one that is meant to empty my wallet. Betting for me isn't about making money, it's more about smth magic, that makes me forget everything i want to let go of, so, i'm pretty positive to pay for this kind of oblivion. Betting is a luxury. A luxury that makes me feel good, powerfull and god-like. It's smth that makes my brains: :nana:nana:nana:nana:nana:nana It's smth that gives me a heart rush and never -doubts. It's a f&*^ lifestyle!
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