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** September Nap's Competition Result: 1st Boulder5111, 2nd Craig Bluenose, 3rd Barnsley Chop, 4th Zilzalian KO Cup: Bathtime For Rupert, Most Winners: Waggy**
**September Poker League Result : 1st Kevsul £75, 2nd Gemic £45, 3rd Barry John £30**
** Last Man Standing Result - Ivailobg/Cookro split 1st £125 / Larking22 1st Consolation Cup £50 **


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    Well, I guess opinions aren't allowed here unless they agree with the powers that be. And neither is skillful poker good poker any more. I take great pride in doing what I do to the best of my ability. And I take great pride in knowing the rules of any sports/games I get involved in. I have been a qualified coach in 2 sports and referee/umpire in 3. I have been in the computer business for over 20 years, and having been a programmer for a fair few of them, I know that an application is only as good as the programming and may not necesarily be correct. I gave my opinion in an opinion po
  2. Re: What's your favourite site? Part 1 Sorry, but YOU ARE WRONG. Read my explanation of the Dead Button... and ask any REAL poker professional. In fact, on telly a few days ago, a poker pro - Gary Bush - explained exactly this... YOU CANNOT MISS A BLIND, AND YOU WILL ONLY POST ONE BB AND ONE SB PER ROUND. You online players are really starting to bug me with your lack of understanding of the rules... and it's turning the live game into a farce too because you turn up without any knowledge of the rules and can't cope because there are no buttons to press.
  3. Re: What's your favourite site? Part 1 And that was exactly what I was trying to get accross... but rather unsuccessfully. Prima do NOT handle the dead button scenario correctly. I apologise about the lack of knowledge about the dead blind. I don't often play cash games, but when I do, I ALWAYS play every hand. I can't see the point in sitting out. If I don't wish to play, then I leave the table, and so have never come across the situation. Having said that, does this rule apply on all sites? I remember a post not too long ago where someone mentioned about a player who would sit
  4. Re: What's your favourite site? Part 1 Pene I've said before, the 2 Scandanavians I know on PL - yourself and PeeGee - are not in this category, but 95% of other Scandanavians I've come across and played against (mainly on Prima) are crap poker players. Why? Because they (and many Americans fall into this category too) have turned the game into a game of total luck and no skill. They will play any 2 cards and chase it down to the river, and then when they get a lucky hit (which seems to be very often!) they make out that it was skillful play, which it most defintely is not. Further,
  5. Re: What's your favourite site? Part 1 12 hours has gone by just about, and now, in a calm way, I can tell you that you still don't understand because you still talk about "posting a dead". I showed this thread to a poker player friend and the first thing he said to me whilst reading it was "what does it mean by posting a dead?" There is no such thing! You can only post Big Blinds and Small Blinds, and Ante's if they are used. A Dead Button is a Dead Button... and that's it; you don't post it! Not even in cash games. Maybe I should confuse you even more by saying that in 7-card stud they
  6. Re: What's your favourite site? Part 1 Obviously! I assume (maybe wrongly) that you are on about sitting out a hand as the blinds get to you. That is not what I am on about and is not a dead button! Ok, calm down! Deep breath! Explanation... for one last time. If a player who is on the SB goes out, the button should move to that seat even though no one is sitting there. This is known as a dead button. The player who was on the BB will be the SB and the next player will be the BB. Another example... The SB and BB both go out on the same hand. The button moves to where the SB sat,
  7. Re: What's your favourite site? Part 1 FFS - you can't miss a blind. You obviously don't understand what a dead button is. It is not a concious decision by you to miss a blind, it is the software not working properly. GO FIND SOME POKER RULES, READ UP ON DEAD BUTTON AND POSTING BLINDS.
  8. Re: What's your favourite site? Part 1 And they are not my arguements, they're my opinions.
  9. Re: What's your favourite site? Part 1 Go and read the rules! No one... NO ONE is allowed to miss blinds. There is such a thing as a dead button which you obviously don't understand. And Prima don't understand that either. THE SOFTWARE IS WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Re: What's your favourite site? Part 1 Wow - you sure do have a bee in your bonnet! If you ever decide to look up he rules of poker, you will know that no player is allowed to miss blinds. On prima, if a player gets knocked out and the button should be at that seat next, the software skips that seat and moves it to the next seat, hence players missing blinds. And if you haven't missed a blind in 100,000 hands, then I guess you've just been unlucky. With regards to use of software, it is MY opinion that cryptologic is the easiest to use. On Boss Media, for example, they put the bet
  11. Re: Sporting Odds March MTT League - Leg 6 To all those PL'ers I've taken out tonight, I'm sorry. But, alas, you'd have done the same.
  12. Re: Sporting Odds March MTT League - Leg 6 aaaaaaarrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhh AJ first hand after break, folded when a raise and a re-raise, flop came KQ10. Very next hand got KJ, re-raised jaded's raise - put him all-in. he called... with KJ.
  13. Re: Sporting Odds March MTT League - Leg 6 well, sitting nicely on top now with just under 9k, but could have had about 19k if I hadn't folded AQ when jaded raised with AJ and dan dan re-raised with JJ, and then a couple of hands later folded pocket 2's when someone raised before me... and flop came 2JJ for a full house. Raiser had pocket A's. Never mind, keep it going. GL to all PL'ers still in.
  14. Re: Sporting Odds March MTT League - Leg 6 did someone say there's a bounty on GaF???? :nana
  15. Re: What's your favourite site? Part 1 :dude
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