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  1. Re: Ligue 2 > December 13th - 16th Amazing right ups, as usual Meatman. Will follow you again. Thanks a lot. However i would like to ask you which bookie(s) do you use? Placing all the bets you suggested right now, using Pinnacle, one of the best bookies around, the value of the odds combined are less 0.5-0.6 points Thanks again

  2. Re: Napoli v Arsenal > Wednesday December 11th Totally unpredictable match. IMO this is the kind of match that any kind of result will not surprise me at all. Both teams can win with no surprise, Napoles has enough power to win by 2 or more if Arsenal has one of those Champions nightmares, the opposite can happen if Arsenal scores first...anyway pure gambling! for me, both 0-0 or 4-4 wont be a surprise. my first thoughts were BTS, but 1.5ish is kinda low. live betting is my call here.. gl to all

  3. Re: Olympique Marseille v Borussia Dortmund > Wednesday December 11th according to espn, hummels, subotic, gundogan, bender, sahin and schmelzer are out. quoting: "Our options have reduced further," said Klopp, who may have to turn to 19-year-old Koray Gunter and 18-year-old Marian Sarr to fill the gaps at the back. An alternative could be captain Sebastian Kehl starting at the heart of the defence. "You get creative in an emergency," said Klopp. "Things are not necessarily going that well for us." 1.4 for an away victory under these circumstances, knowing that Dortmund might qualify even with a loss or draw? cant see any value. GL anyway

  4. Re: AC Milan v Ajax > Wednesday December 11th Totally agree on BTS. Milan has been improving in the last matches, plus, Champions League is a total different thing. Ajax also scoring a lot, even being against poor Eredivisie teams. De Boer´s team has nothing to fear. Play offensively like they like, and with a lot of talented players, i think they have enough quality to score. On the other hand, Milan has Balotelli, Kaka and Sharaawi... I predict something like 2-1, 3-1, 3-2 and not even 2-2 or 3-3 will surprise me. Overs and BTS to me. GL to all

  5. Re: Atlético de Madrid v FC Porto > Wednesday December 11th Im from Portugal and Porto fan... Great preview...couldn´t agree more. However 10 years of betting stops me from risking money in games like these. In this kind of mathces i always ask myself: Will i be surprised with a victory of Porto? NO... So no bet for me on the 1X2. We had the example of Bayern and PSG today. Atletico is in the same spot..1st place achieved, no pressure, nothing to fight for... Beware, and good luck!

  6. Re: Manchester United v Shakhtar Donetsk > Tuesday December 10th

    Offer up your own insight rather than slating other members please :ok
    yeah, you´re right..sorry Jase and Armageddon. anyway...given the fact that nowadays every team can score in Old Trafford, the fact that Man Utd hasn´t score twice in a row at home, the fact that Shakhtar will play for their lives...BTS seems a good outcome. I wont touch the 1X2 cause i wont be surprised if Man Utd fails to deliver again. GL to all
  7. Re: Benfica v Paris Saint-Germain > Tuesday December 10th Being from Portugal, i can say i know Benfica quite a bit. Unfortunately this doesn´t mean i am never wrong. Last match against Arouca i predicted a slaughter and the match ended up 2-2 with Benfica equalising with an invented penalty shot. For today, i really believe Benfica will bounce back. They still have a chance, stadium will have a lot of fans, PSG will rest a lot of players, Blanc even said that it is very dificult to motivate the players when playing a game like this. However, given the fact that Benfica has been so poor lately i cant back them against PSG at such short odds. BTS might be the best outcome, something like 2-1, 1-1. GL

  8. Re: Manchester United v Shakhtar Donetsk > Tuesday December 10th

    Exactly. Lots of knee-jerk reactions from the ABU and I got a feeling the bookies are trying to lure the punters to bet against United because of their recent poor run of form. United reminds me of Rafael Benitez's Liverpool side back in the day' date= they were terribly inconsistent in the league but performing above expectations in Europe. You won't get another United home win at this odds against a low tier European team again so a United win is very good value for me.
    What an amazing assumption... So, all the bookies in the world...from now on, you guys will price Bayern, Barcelona, Real, at all matches above 2.00...that way you lure the punters to bet against them... Hilarious...:lol:lol:lol:lol:lol
  9. Re: Serie A > December 6th - 8th

    Bologna - Juventus Juventus is in top position and will play tonight an important match to keep the top position (now +3 on Roma). They are in a perfect streak of win, 6 in a row and especially with not even a goal conceded. In away they won 4 of last 5 matches and last two against Livorno and Parma. Bologna in fight for not relegates and in last 4 matches they obtained just 3 draws and 1 loss. Last two draws against Inter at home (1-1) and Parma in away (1-1). At home they are not so good with a record of 1-4-2 and with just a win in last 5 games against Livorno (1-0). Tip: AH-1 Juventus (odd: 1.72) @ bet365 :rollin
    Does it matter if in those last 4 matches they played against Inter and away at Parma? I think it does.. I think your opinion is totally biased. Take in consideration that: - Juventus will probably miss Bonucci, Pirlo, Tevez and Lorente, - Bolonha held Milan 3-3 and Inter 1-1 at their ground, - Bologna only failed to score in 3 matches out of 14, - Juve will face Galatasaray in the next match...a game decider. - Juve with 6 clean sheets in a row...how long will that streak continue? Tough match for Juve...value on Bolonha AH i think. Anyway BTS at 2.2 on Betfair GL
  10. Re: Chelsea v Southampton > Sunday December 1st

    Apart from this all' date=' I do find it remarkable that Chelsea have an identical record after 12 games as previous season under Di Matteo. That record saw Di Matteo being sacked last season. Chelsea is just as inconsistent as last season, but it shows that Mourinho has more credit than the one who gave Chelsea the Champions League. But why?[b'] I think Mourinho is a bit overestimated as a coach. Two defeats against FC Basel is just very bad. Chelsea isn't in their best of form at the moment and I do think they are not capable of dominating the game (except against a very poor West Ham) and there have been under 2.5 goals scored in Southampton's last 11 away games in the Premier League, so I'm going for under 2.5 goals @ 2.05 (BetVictor).
    2 Champions League, 1 Uefa Cup, 2 Premierships, 1 FA Cup, 2 Carling Cup, 1 Community Shield, 2 Portuguese Championship, 1 Portuguese Cup, 1 Portuguese Supercup, 2 Italian Serie A, 1 Italian cup, 1 Italian Supercup, 1 La Liga, 1 Spanish Supercup, 1 Spanish Copa del Rey 20 titles in 11 eleven years coaching????? It´s like saying that Marlon Brando is an overrated actor... Stupidest sentence ever
  11. Re: Chelsea v Southampton > Sunday December 1st

    Surely that's coincidence and circumstance :unsure Look at who they were playing' date=' and they didn't have easy games, but perfectly winnable games nonetheless. Southampton will probably be the tougher of the three. Southampton have already beaten Liverpool and drawn at Old Trafford + if it weren't for a horror goalkeeping error against Arsenal the game would have been much closer. Southampton had more shots than Arsenal, more corners, and slightly more possession. [b']Find me an argument FOR backing Chelsea at horrible odds? :)
    JOSÉ MOURINHO :rollin
  12. Re: Cardiff City v Arsenal > Saturday November 30th

    Arsenal will win this by at least four goals. The goonies have the pedrigree while the hounds of Cardiff are likely to be chased off the park by the Wenger wolves. I can see the midfield battle being dominated by the likes of Arteta and Rasmey and if you lose the midfield you lose the match. Giroud is on fire at the moment and is probably the best striker in world football on current form. I just don't see how Cardiff can possibly contain all the threats that will come their way against the league leaders. I can see a 4-0 win for Arsenal here and I've backed them heavily at 4/7 with Betfred.
    man, you gotta love this kind of comment...hilarious!
  13. Re: Norwich City v Everton - Sat 17th August

    No problem. I just wasn't happy with Jase saying "Easy to say now mate". Nowhere did I have a go at you or criticise your opinion. I had read it earlier and thought it was a little bit much of a spray for a player with such goal scoring stats and the amount of $ that have been spent on him by Norwich. I have never seen the guy play before. If somebody has said he was an average player and probably wont succeed in the premier league I would have not thought anything of it.
    Wolfswinkel, still a prolific scorer and big signing?
  14. Re: Norwich City v Everton - Sat 17th August

    I'm not criticising anybody for giving their opinion. I had looked into this players stats and read up on him last week so the information he gave above seemed way off the mark. A couple of goals from the penalty spot against poor teams? Barely knows how to run? Come on... At his last two clubs four seasons he has scored 28 goals in 55 appearances and 26 goals in 64 appearances. A player that doesnt shoot' date=' weak in the air, has no strength and can hardly run cannot produce those results...which is why I stated the comment was a bit over the top/exaggerated.[/quote'] mate, i respect your point of view... in may 2014 i´ll be here to discuss about wolfswinkel performance! and by that time, dont come to me saying that the premier league is the best league in the world, bla bla bla... i repeat: wolfswinkel is an awful player...
  15. Re: Norwich City v Everton - Sat 17th August

    Will be interesting to see how Norwich set up with their two new strikers (Ricky van Wolfswinkel / Gary Hooper) - Both are prolific goalscorers and are pretty big signings for the club. I haven't been able to find any goalscorer markets open yet' date=' and some more preseason results will be needed to asses the performance of RvW, and GH as he starts to join in with preseason. On the U.S. Tour the Canaries lost 2 and won 1 game - if anyone can provide info on Everton that would be great :)[/quote'] Van Wolfswinkel profilic goalscorer and big signing???? Mate, you are so wrong. For all you guys relying on the dutch capacity to score goals, i must advise you...he will most probably score none. Im from Portugal, the guy was mocked for two seasons playing for Sporting. He score a couple of goals most of them against poor teams some from the penalty spot. The guy doesn´t shoot, is weak in the air, he has no strength, he barely knows how to run. He was one the worst strikers that played in Portugal in the last years.
  16. Re: EL First Qualifying Round > 2nd - 3rd July

    Im from Portugal and i should advise that José Gomes is an awful coach. I´m aware that he has been producing a good job at Videoton but in Portugal he was a mess. Im a F.C.Porto fan and i remember the terrible feedback of Porto´s fans back in 2008 when he was hired as an assistant coach. Till 2008 he relegated two teams. I read a comment about Videoton´s win last year agains Sporting Lisbon...i should advise you that you shoudn´t take that in consideration because that match wasn´t a surprise for anyone in Portugal..Sporting was in a moment that they could play againts a 3rd division side and most probably they would loose. However i enjoyed the attacking style of Videoton...unfortunately José Gomes never was a coach to play an attacking style..i dont know if he changed, though. Mladost on the other hand reached Europa League via Cup after being defeated in the final by Budocnost, the runner up in their league. Mladost was only 6th, mid-table, with a 9 goals negative record. Good luck.
    Like i told you last week, dont take José Gomes to seriously! The man is not made for the job...
  17. Re: Hunter Cambroia

    Challenge 3 Bet 10 soccer- europa league - Ventspils - Airbus - Over 0.5 Live - Betfair 3' played - 1.05 - 17.35pts
    I definitely need to wait for the big leagues to start. Streak over after 10 bets...very poor! :( Balance: Challenge 1: +0.26€ - Over Challenge 2: -10€ - Over Challenge 3: -10 - Over Challenge 4: Bet 4 - still chasing!
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