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  1. Re: BDO World Championships 4-12 Jan

    Tuesday evening previews: 4pts J.Williams (-1.5 sets) to beat D.Prins 11/8 Coral As long as he doesn’t suffer any nerves I think Williams will come through this with a bit to spare. Prins gets the odd eye catching score but then he’ll follow it up with a couple of poor ones and he misses far too many doubles to be beating the better players. Williams has proven he’s one of the better players at this level and he can show it in this match. Full preview here: http://www.punterslounge.com/williams-vs-prins-betting-jim-williams-can-see-off-dave-prins-in-the-first-round 3pts J.Wilson vs C.Kist - Over 4.5 sets 15/8 Paddy Power I thought Kist looked good enough for a preliminary round game on Sunday and now that he is free of pain and injury we should see his career get right back on track. Most tournaments he grows in strength with each match so I think he’ll play well here. Wilson is a top player who has all the hallmarks of being the champion this week so we’ve got two champion players on stage here and if both play to their potential this one has every chance of needing a deciding set to separate them. Full preview here: http://www.punterslounge.com/wilson-vs-kist-betting-two-top-quality-players-could-well-need-a-final-set-to-be-separated 4pts G.Durrant vs M.Day - Under 15.5 legs Evs Skybet I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Glen Durrant wins this 3-0 and if I was picking a correct score that would be it but it could be worth playing the total legs market where the line is 15.5. There has to be four sets for this to be covered but even then four one sided sets wouldn’t cover it. I would expect Durrant to dominate a couple of sets when he gets into his swing so this could be the safer play in this match. Full preview here: http://www.punterslounge.com/durrant-vs-day-betting-glen-durrant-can-enjoy-a-quick-night-against-the-kiwi
    I had to shop around to find it but a treble on these three bets losing pays 2.8/1. I'll have a wee dabble at that given what's gone before.
  2. Re: BDO World Championships 4-12 Jan

    What's gone before has gone. I can't do anything about that but I'm not going to change a style which has brought year on year success just because of a couple of bad days. If I do then I'm chasing losses and once that starts the hole gets bigger. Am I going to be in profit for the tournament at the end of today? No I'm not but I'd like to think I'll be in profit for the whole week when the tournament is finished which is always my target.
    At what point then do you hold your hands up and say 'This isn't working, time for a change of approach.' Correct me if I'm wrong but I think you're sitting with 1 correct tip and 14 incorrect so far. Whilst you have had success in the past, there must come a point where you say 'I'm losing money with this strategy in 2014, so the fact that I made money with it in 2013 or 2009 or whatever is irrelevant.' For me that should have been after the 6 incorrect tips out of 6 on the opening day but you obviously have a different view as to when that point is reached?
  3. Re: BDO World Championships 4-12 Jan

    So you have made a profit aye? I cannot recall ever seeing someone make a profit and still be so upset. If you are that good then why do you not post some of your own tips then? You say you are worried about other people and their finances' date=' so therefore you feel you need to start bashing someone elses effort. Well anyone betting with large sums on just one opinion on one website has a problem themselves and that is called laziness and lack of judgement. If you are so worried about people and their money then go ahead post some of your own previews, with a positive record so far that should be a good start right? You have spend a lot of time writing but not tipping, show us what you got then.[/quote'] I'm not upset, not sure where you got that from. Also I wouldn't claim to be 'that good' either. I normally wouldn't post tips unless I was very confident but I guess in the circumstances it would be good for me to share what I'm betting on in this tournament. I'm not sure how to turn the pounds I bet into points as Kevshat has done though? Can someone explain that to me please? Also the bets I post will be few and far between ie maybe one a day as that is all I'm going with. (I've had 4 bets so far in the tournament.) My criticism wasn't of any of Kevshat's tips in particular, just the sheer volume of them. I, along with everyone else on this forum, have realised that being very selective with bets is the way to go in this tournament. Kevshat is the only person who hasn't realised/accepted that, with disastrous consequences so far.
  4. Re: BDO World Championships 4-12 Jan

    Cheers for the support guys. Much appreciated :ok. Been a bad couple of days with some bad luck at times and some pathetic performances from others but we're not even 20% through the tournament so plenty of time to get it back. TheresNoLimit, FWIW I have no problem with people disagreeing with my picks or having different opinions to me but I have a lot more respect for those who have those opinions before events begin and offer their own thoughts at the time rather than talk with the benefit of hindsight.
    Ok then, allow me to give my opinion and discuss this with you before today's games begin. The tournament so far has been shown to be a complete lottery in a lot of places. 9 losses out of 9 for someone with good darts knowledge proves that it's been a lottery. So, how do you feel that picking bets around evens and betting on EVERY SINGLE MATCH can possibly be the best way to make profit in such a lottery scenario? I don't see that as a profitable strategy at all, I see that as joining in the lottery. The best I could pull from today's coupon would be a double on De Vos and Montgomery although I do agree with your overs bet on the 180s in the Fitton-Eccles match, that looks a great bet.
  5. Re: BDO World Championships 4-12 Jan

    Anyone can say they are in profit after the event. And this tournament has been a complete lottery so anyone who says they are up after the first 2 days' date=' I don't believe them. I don't post my bets anymore, because quite frankly I don't have enough winners anymore and with someone like Kevshat posting, I don't need to. But if your going to keep your bets to yourself, you can't come on here having a go at someone who has just when they've had a bad couple of days?[/quote'] Hey absolutely, it's a very easy statement for me to make without any proof. I've only had 2 bets so far, a loser at 4/9 and a winner at 11/8, so I'm in slight profit. It's not that ludicrous a claim, I'm not claiming to have bet on every match and made a profit. I wouldn't want people to lose money based on any of my tips so I'll only offer tips occasionally, ie ones which I'm very confident on - either very confident of the outcome or very confident that there's value. As I said previously, there has to be a balance. Kevshat gets plenty of praise for winning tips from people who don't post their bets so equally criticism for losing tips has to be allowed as well. At the end of the day I haven't said 'Those are bad tips' because you can't pass that judgement AFTER the event. All I've said has been geared towards the next games in saying that strategy of tipping (around evens on every single game) isn't working, you need to be more selective in which games you pick and widen your radar on which odds you pick.
  6. Re: BDO World Championships 4-12 Jan

    TheresnoLimit, nobody is going to ban you for having an opinion ;) But at the end of the day, if you looked through Kev's profit/loss figures overall which I know myself, he is well up. If you followed Kev on the golf last year you would have made an absolute fortune, every punter no matter how good they are goes through a bad spell, even Hugh Taylor & Tom Segal. It is also worth noting that 99% of your posts are negative, you seem to have a serious attitude problem and you offer zilch to the forum. So I am sorry, nobody really cares about your opinion to be honest.
    Where can I/other posters see these profit/loss figures? Having these kind of stats more readily available might be more useful than seeing tags like 'God Punter' and lots of awards. If someone is a brilliant tipster (which I'm sure Kevshat is) I'd expect them to have the intelligence to learn from incorrect tips. It's clear that this BDO is a bit of a lottery - it was perhaps clear before the event even - so I'd expect to see Kevshat adjusting tipping style accordingly to turn results around. That's what worries me, there seems to be no suggestion at all of any learning from the incorrect tips.
  7. Re: BDO World Championships 4-12 Jan

    Wow you are really being a prick. Do your own research' date=' I haven't placed one single bet yet because I cannot find any decent stats at the moment. I read kevs previews and find them helpful but I only bet when I can back them up with some of my own findings. Where did you find the stats to back Kev? They are not there yet so clearly you haven't done your own research. The first round of any darts tournament is the toughest to predict because you never know with what form the players come to the stage. Apparently you know little or nothing about darts and want to put the blame on kev when you blindly followed him and lost money. Keep it up Kev it's a tough job, but at the moment the tournament seems still a bit of a lottery.[/quote'] Wrong place to get into this but needs to be said..... I didn't follow Kevshat. I said I was concerned for those who did. I HAVE done my own research and had my own bets on this tournament and am in profit so far. I don't really understand what is going on here. The way I see it there are two options. Either people's tips are not open to comment from other posters OR people's tips are open to praise and criticism from other people. You can't have it that people get a load of praise but aren't allowed criticism. Where is the consistency in that? When Kevshat picks a few winners there are people saying 'Brilliant, excellent tipping mate.' So equally Kevshat's tips have to be open for analysis when 9 (relatively short-priced) losing tips out of 9 have been offered. Again, my worry is for other people and their finances. This forum differs to 99.9% of other Internet forums in that the opinions offered here directly affect people's money and large sums of money are won and lost based on the opinions given here. That means we have a responsibility to others and we have to be careful with our posts. People will come here and see posters such as Kevshat who are hailed as 'God punters' with awards next to their name and assume that this means that the tips offered by these people are top notch. Again though, where is the balance? If there are awards for the good tips offered, where is it telling people that Kevshat picked 9 losing tips out of 9 on the 2014 BDO World Championship? What also worries me is that Kevshat hasn't learned from his/her mistakes and is still blindly/stubbornly plodding on with the same strategy. I decided before the tournament that it was too difficult/unpredictable to find bets around even money for every match so I would have to be more selective and have done so with a profit so far. Kevshat should have realised after Saturday that this was the case and certainly after 3 more disasters on Sunday but Monday's tips are up in exactly the same manner. It's obvious that less matches should be bet on and also a lot more bets that are away from around the even money mark. I'm gonna put my money where my mouth is and have a treble tomorrow on all Kevshat's bets losing again. Knowing my luck this will be the day the tide turns and Kevshat scores a full house but after 9 out of 9 so far I fancy my chances a bit. This post will probably result in a ban for daring to criticise a 'God Punter' on the site but I'd hope I'm allowed an opinion without being banned. Nothing I've said has been offensive or insulting.
  8. Re: BDO World Championships 4-12 Jan

    Horror show yesterday. Hoping for a lot better today. Sunday evening previews: 3pts S.Head (-1.5 sets) to beat M.Day 9/10 Boylesports Head can clearly play the game. You don’t beat the players he’s beaten in 2013 if you can’t and if he can handle the pressure of the occasion then I think he has every right to come through this match and probably do it a shade cosily too. In truth we don’t know exactly what to expect from Day but previous New Zealand entrants suggest he’ll be no world beater so I’ll go with the youngster here. Full preview here: http://www.punterslounge.com/day-vs-head-betting-sam-head-can-be-too-strong-for-the-kiwi-on-the-big-stage 4pts G.Thompson (-1.5 sets) to beat J.Widmayer 9/10 Boylesports I think Garry Thompson is the better player in this match anyway but his experience on the Lakeside stage should hold him in very good stead too. Widmayer hasn’t been to the Lakeside before so he may have a few nerves and American darts isn’t exactly flourishing at the minute. Thompson showed he still has it in him with his British Open win and he should have far too much for his opponent here. Full preview here: http://www.punterslounge.com/widmayer-vs-thompson-betting-garry-thompson-should-see-off-the-american-with-plenty-in-hand 4pts R.van Eijden vs R.Hofstra - Over 16.5 legs 5/6 Skybet These two look fairly evenly matched to me and I expect that to be shown on the oche too. The two will know each other well being the same age and from the same country so I don’t expect either to run away with this match and I wouldn’t be surprised if we need a final set to decide this one. It should be close throughout and so I expect there to be more than 16.5 legs here. Full preview here: http://www.punterslounge.com/van-eijden-vs-hofstra-betting-dutch-clash-can-go-all-the-way-at-the-lakeside
    Is this a wind-up??!? Time to leave the BDO alone for this year Kevshat, or at least not approach it in such a haphazard manner. I'd be worried that people are putting their faith in these tips and losing serious money on them.
  9. Re: BDO World Championships 4-12 Jan

    Saturday afternoon previews: 4pts S.Waites vs A.Norris - Over 7.5 180s 4/5 Betfred These are two of the better players in the tournament and I expect plenty of high scoring while the game is going on. Waites is a worthy favourite but he’s a bit on the short side given the danger his opponent possesses. Both men know their way to the treble 20 though and given that the match should go at least four sets if not all five I think the 7.5 180 line is well within reach here. Full preview here: http://www.punterslounge.com/waites-vs-norris-betting-opening-game-of-the-tournament-can-include-a-lot-of-180s 4pts M.Adams (-2.5 sets) to beat D.Cameron Evs Paddy Power It isn’t taking anything away from Wolfie to say that he isn’t the player he was but I still think he’ll be too good for Cameron here. Experience is a big thing on the Lakeside stage. We’ve seen some real meltdowns on this stage because for amateur players this is the holy grail. Adams is going to pound the tons and ton forties and all round I expect him to have far too much for the Canadian. Full preview here: http://www.punterslounge.com/cameron-vs-adams-betting-martin-adams-should-be-far-too-good-in-the-preliminary-round 4pts W.Harms vs P.Jennings - Over 16.5 legs 10/11 Skybet I think this has the potential to be one of the matches of the first round and with that in mind I think we’ll have a few legs in this one. The least I think we’ll get in this match is four sets but I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if we end up going all the way here. With that in mind I’m happy to take over 16.5 legs in this one. Full preview here: http://www.punterslounge.com/harms-vs-jennings-betting-one-of-the-ties-of-the-round-can-be-a-lengthy-affair Saturday evening previews: 4pts J.Michael (-1.5 sets) to beat M.Razma 5/4 Paddy Power Both men got to the last 32 of the World Masters recently but although they didn’t play each other Michael averaged almost 10pts more than his opponent in that round and a repeat of that suggests that Michael will come through this with a bit in hand. When we factor in the big stage experience the Greek has too that should work into his favour even more so I’ll take Michael to come through here. Full preview here: http://www.punterslounge.com/razma-vs-michael-betting-john-michael-should-be-too-good-for-the-latvian-at-the-lakeside 4pts H.Kemp to beat M.Meaney 11/10 Ladbrokes Given the strength of Australian darts at the minute there’s no reason why Harley Kemp should be odds against to win this match. Neither have played on the very big stage before so there is no experience edge for either so based purely on the fact that Australian darts is thriving and Kemp is very much a part of that I’m going to side with him as the value call in what could play out to be a tight match. Full preview here: http://www.punterslounge.com/kemp-vs-meaney-betting-harley-kemp-can-continue-australia-s-good-form 4pts J.de Graaf to beat M.Atkins 8/11 William Hill I like the Dutch youngster in this one. Martin Atkins is full of experience but he’s a journeyman really who has his best days behind him. He’ll be hoping the Lakeside brings out his best darts but he’ll probably need all of them to get past a confident de Graaf in this match. De Graaf was edged out by Jan Dekker in the first round here last year but he can make amends for that in this match. Full preview here: http://www.punterslounge.com/de-graaf-vs-atkins-betting-jeffrey-de-graaf-can-break-his-lakeside-duck-on-saturday-night
    Time to leave the BDO alone for this year after that horror show?
  10. Re: PDC World Championship - 13 Dec - 1 Jan Any thoughts on the over/under betting on the averages? Boylesports have gone with Wright 96.5, Whitlock 97.5, Lewis 98.5 and Van Gerwen 99.5. They all look quite high (perhaps apart from Lewis who could step in and smash past 98.5) I can't see Whitlock topping 97.5 and Van Gerwen will struggle to top 99.5, in a match of this length you're always going to get a few nightmare legs - either on doubles or scoring - which will kill your average badly.

  11. Re: PDC World Championship - 13 Dec - 1 Jan Gutted. Went in fairly big on Anderson because the odds seemed too good to be true, but he just doesn't have the bottle to come through matches like that. Darts to win each of the first four sets, but clear wilting in key moments. Probably go for a simple Whitlock/Newton double tonight but not got much money to play with now.

  12. Re: PDC World Championship - 13 Dec - 1 Jan

    Embarrassed' date=' why should he be embarrassed? Remember Jocky Wilson. Everyone has a different style of throwing and Burnett is doing fine with his.[/quote'] He should be embarrassed because playing darts is his job and presumably something he dedicates many hours a week to, so one of the absolute basics of that should be to get the technique right. There's no technique there at all and it was quite cringeworthy to watch as the match went on, him lunging at the board more and more and his performance getting worse and worse. You'd expect players' technique to go on the odd dart here and there particularly under pressure but for a professional to have such poor technique as Richie Burnett is baffling. It's up to him but there's no way he can compete at the top of the modern PDC unless he fixes it. Why he doesn't take the time to work with a coach and sort the problem is beyond me. It almost seems quite arrogant for someone to reach that age and that stage of their career with such poor technique. It's something you might see from an up-and-coming youngster which they would quickly iron out in order to compete at as high a level as possible. It's almost as if Richie thinks 'well I won the BDO World Champs in 1995, there's nothing wrong with my throw.' The guy does alright, like you pointed out, but this is just such an obvious way to hugely improve his game and potentially go up a level that it makes no sense to not have done it. It should have been done 20-odd years ago.
  13. Re: PDC World Championship - 13 Dec - 1 Jan

    :ok damn Burnett was close to ruining my day.
    He came close to costing me a fair bit of money as well. His throw is an absolute joke, it shouldn't be anywhere near the quarter finals of the World Championship. A professional should be embarrassed to throw with such poor technique.
  14. Re: Big Bash League 2013/14

    Boxing Day preview: 4pts Melbourne Renegades to beat Perth Scorchers 11/10 Ladbrokes This is one of those age old T20 battles between a strong batting line up and a fairly strong bowling attack. The Renegades have a long batting line up with the likes of Finch, Rohrer, Cooper and Buttler in it while the Scorchers edge the bowling ranks with Arafat, Thomas, Beer and Hogg at their disposal. With Voges out, if Shaun Marsh doesn’t fire the Scorchers could be shot out cheaply so I like the Renegades here. They have enough in their attack to restrict Perth and better them with the bat. Full preview here: http://www.punterslounge.com/perth-scorchers-vs-melbourne-renegades-betting-renegades-can-take-advantage-of-perth-s-light-batting-line-up
    Are they having a laugh? Failing to chase down 117? You've got to be kidding me. I hate seeing good bets lose to nonsense like that. Completely unprofessional display.
  15. Re: Manchester City v Liverpool > Boxing Day

    I agree Man City are not the same side but with all due respect ,Liverpool have improved greatly since the turn of the year and have only lost 4 games out of last 20 on the road and i actually believe they may get something out of this game providing they score first Q :will Man city win ??? A : most probably BUT if the favorite or the in form side won every time they went on to the pitch , we wouldnt watch sport would we ? And to reiterate ive based this on stats , are they relevant ?? who knows ?? but i'll get more for my buck than laying Man City Merry Christmas and GL to all having a punt on this game
    You haven't answered the point that was put to you at all.
  16. Re: PDC World Championship - 13 Dec - 1 Jan Wayne Jones man. Seriously, what was that all about? Made me look very stupid indeed. I don't expect anyone to hit all their doubles but equally I do expect them to hit SOME of their doubles. Painful to watch, the way he's rocking about when he throws as well. Decidedly amateurish display from a so-called professional. Kevin McDine shouldn't be troubling anyone on that stage. Hugely frustrated as you can probably tell.

  17. Re: The Ashes - Australia vs England

    That is what i dont understand also. You had Root today who started well, draw went into $1.80 and then he goes for a shot which he hadn't played all morning!! The rest of em, meh.. I dont know if there is a chance of a draw... Im hoping England keep the aussies runs o 1.5 an over, then Aus feel that they cant declare tonight... but fingers crossed
    They should have defended each and every wicket the way they defended the 10th one. It's a bit late at that point to start showing huge concern about preserving wickets. Also, who knows why Australia are batting again now, just wasting valuable bowling time. Amateurish errors on both sides methinks.
  18. Re: Manchester United v Newcastle United > Saturday December 7th

    In a strange way I am almost hoping that Man U fail again this weekend. Take the pressure off, and use this season as a building/repair/get right combinations in season. The thing that they did last season, which won them the premier league, was play great away. Of 19 games they won 12 and lost just 2, which is insanely good. They were 9 points better than Arsenal 7 better than Chelsea, and 8 better than Man City. This season, the away form has been pretty good, only bettered by Arsenal. To me the obvious move, and it is idiotically simple, is to make Fellani one of a center back pairing. Vidic is injured often, Ferdinand is coming to the end. What, fork out 16Million pounds for a center back. You already have one. Him and Smalling would be terrific. I just don't understand were he fits in in midfield. Midfeld is a problem. In my limited opinion it's made by Moyes's muddled selections. If you give Nani a 5 year deal, then play him. It is so obvious that he needs a consistent run in the side. Januzi in and Zaha never a chance. That's just daft, with Januzi trying to do much on the ball. Just find one guy who is a Schole's/Patrick Viera/Beckham/Robson combination:rollin and give him a few games. Back to this weeks game. Was kind of amazed to Newcastle get spanked by Swansea. DId'nt see that coming. Rooney and van Persie out will make it tough. Would love to see United start with Hernandez and and Zaha up front, but Moyes will go conservative with those 2 supastars, Cleverly and Wellbeck (not easy to miss a free header from 5 yards) In 7 games at home this season Man Unt have scored 1 goal or less 5 times. That's more than they did in 19 home games last season (4 times) Put in perspective, WEST HAM have scored 2 or more 3 times at home this season. They have 4 shots against SPurs last Sunday, just 4 which shows really how bad things are... Gotta wait and see if van Persie plays or not, because if not they have no goal threat.
    Scholes with an apostrophe in the middle? I really HAVE seen it all now......
  19. Re: The Ashes - Australia vs England I'm beginning to get deja vu here. I don't know what's changed in the few months since the last Ashes series, but if England can't even bat out the 3 days (2 innings) for a draw then something is seriously wrong here. The draw is out to 19/10 as I write this and surely that is still a cracking bet.

  20. Re: UK Championship - 26 Nov - 8 Dec The quarter finals look to be a good chance to back the underdogs at odds-against, with the exception of the Robertson match, as Torque has mentioned above. Walden and Hawkins are perhaps slightly too long odds against Allen and Selby respectively and Bingham looks far too long against O'Sullivan. Strange how all four matches to an extent feature underdogs playing against a slightly better version (or much better version in one case) of themselves. All are contests between players of similar styles if that makes sense.

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