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  1. Re: BDO World Championships 4-12 Jan I had to shop around to find it but a treble on these three bets losing pays 2.8/1. I'll have a wee dabble at that given what's gone before.
  2. Re: BDO World Championships 4-12 Jan At what point then do you hold your hands up and say 'This isn't working, time for a change of approach.' Correct me if I'm wrong but I think you're sitting with 1 correct tip and 14 incorrect so far. Whilst you have had success in the past, there must come a point where you say 'I'm losing money with this strategy in 2014, so the fact that I made money with it in 2013 or 2009 or whatever is irrelevant.' For me that should have been after the 6 incorrect tips out of 6 on the opening day but you obviously have a different view as to when that point is reached?
  3. Re: BDO World Championships 4-12 Jan Ok then, allow me to give my opinion and discuss this with you before today's games begin. The tournament so far has been shown to be a complete lottery in a lot of places. 9 losses out of 9 for someone with good darts knowledge proves that it's been a lottery. So, how do you feel that picking bets around evens and betting on EVERY SINGLE MATCH can possibly be the best way to make profit in such a lottery scenario? I don't see that as a profitable strategy at all, I see that as joining in the lottery. The best I could pull from today's coupon would be a double on De Vos and Montgomery although I do agree with your overs bet on the 180s in the Fitton-Eccles match, that looks a great bet.
  4. Re: BDO World Championships 4-12 Jan Where can I/other posters see these profit/loss figures? Having these kind of stats more readily available might be more useful than seeing tags like 'God Punter' and lots of awards. If someone is a brilliant tipster (which I'm sure Kevshat is) I'd expect them to have the intelligence to learn from incorrect tips. It's clear that this BDO is a bit of a lottery - it was perhaps clear before the event even - so I'd expect to see Kevshat adjusting tipping style accordingly to turn results around. That's what worries me, there seems to be no suggestion at all of any learning from the incorrect tips.
  5. Re: BDO World Championships 4-12 Jan Is this a wind-up??!? Time to leave the BDO alone for this year Kevshat, or at least not approach it in such a haphazard manner. I'd be worried that people are putting their faith in these tips and losing serious money on them.
  6. Re: BDO World Championships 4-12 Jan Time to leave the BDO alone for this year after that horror show?
  7. Re: PDC World Championship - 13 Dec - 1 Jan Any thoughts on the over/under betting on the averages? Boylesports have gone with Wright 96.5, Whitlock 97.5, Lewis 98.5 and Van Gerwen 99.5. They all look quite high (perhaps apart from Lewis who could step in and smash past 98.5) I can't see Whitlock topping 97.5 and Van Gerwen will struggle to top 99.5, in a match of this length you're always going to get a few nightmare legs - either on doubles or scoring - which will kill your average badly.
  8. Re: PDC World Championship - 13 Dec - 1 Jan Gutted. Went in fairly big on Anderson because the odds seemed too good to be true, but he just doesn't have the bottle to come through matches like that. Darts to win each of the first four sets, but clear wilting in key moments. Probably go for a simple Whitlock/Newton double tonight but not got much money to play with now.
  9. Re: PDC World Championship - 13 Dec - 1 Jan Newton, Whitlock and in particular Anderson all look too long odds to win later today.
  10. Re: PDC World Championship - 13 Dec - 1 Jan He came close to costing me a fair bit of money as well. His throw is an absolute joke, it shouldn't be anywhere near the quarter finals of the World Championship. A professional should be embarrassed to throw with such poor technique.
  11. Re: Big Bash League 2013/14 Are they having a laugh? Failing to chase down 117? You've got to be kidding me. I hate seeing good bets lose to nonsense like that. Completely unprofessional display.
  12. Re: Manchester City v Liverpool > Boxing Day You haven't answered the point that was put to you at all.
  13. Re: PDC World Championship - 13 Dec - 1 Jan That's disgusting...... five 180s in six sets in the Taylor - Smith match and then five in just over two legs to bust my under 8.5 180s bet.
  14. Re: PDC World Championship - 13 Dec - 1 Jan Andy Smith and Steve Brown is a load of nonsense so far. I'm ashamed that I've got financial interest in this match. Might as well go to the BDO if you want to throw darts like that.
  15. Re: PDC World Championship - 13 Dec - 1 Jan Wayne Jones man. Seriously, what was that all about? Made me look very stupid indeed. I don't expect anyone to hit all their doubles but equally I do expect them to hit SOME of their doubles. Painful to watch, the way he's rocking about when he throws as well. Decidedly amateurish display from a so-called professional. Kevin McDine shouldn't be troubling anyone on that stage. Hugely frustrated as you can probably tell.
  16. Re: The Ashes - Australia vs England They should have defended each and every wicket the way they defended the 10th one. It's a bit late at that point to start showing huge concern about preserving wickets. Also, who knows why Australia are batting again now, just wasting valuable bowling time. Amateurish errors on both sides methinks.
  17. Re: The Ashes - Australia vs England AND..... once again offering up catches in a game where there is no realistic chance of winning (no justifiable reward vs. the risk of losing a wicket anyway) when all they should be doing is preserving their wickets. I don't get it.
  18. Re: Manchester United v Newcastle United > Saturday December 7th Scholes with an apostrophe in the middle? I really HAVE seen it all now......
  19. Re: The Ashes - Australia vs England I'm beginning to get deja vu here. I don't know what's changed in the few months since the last Ashes series, but if England can't even bat out the 3 days (2 innings) for a draw then something is seriously wrong here. The draw is out to 19/10 as I write this and surely that is still a cracking bet.
  20. Re: UK Championship - 26 Nov - 8 Dec Also, Boylesports have set the highest break line at over/under 112.5 for all four matches which looks too low for me as well.
  21. Re: UK Championship - 26 Nov - 8 Dec The quarter finals look to be a good chance to back the underdogs at odds-against, with the exception of the Robertson match, as Torque has mentioned above. Walden and Hawkins are perhaps slightly too long odds against Allen and Selby respectively and Bingham looks far too long against O'Sullivan. Strange how all four matches to an extent feature underdogs playing against a slightly better version (or much better version in one case) of themselves. All are contests between players of similar styles if that makes sense.
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