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  1. Breazeale is young and tougher than the last opponent of Joshua. Besides this is going to be first title defence for Joshua and i expect him to play a little bit more defensively in the first 2-3 rounds. The only bet that worth it for me is over 3.5 rounds @3.50
  2. Under 5.5 rounds is a good tip for every of Joshua`s matches
  3. Jon Jones to win in round 1 @2.87 or Jon Jones to win in round 2 @4.00 sounds good to me in this event. Demetrius Johnson to win by decision @2.10 is one of the surest bets this evening. My other choice for this event is Carla Esparza to win @1.52 and two underdogs - Efrain Escudero @4.00 and Chris Kelades @2.80
  4. Glover Teixera - Rashad Evans Evans is not in the best shape of his career but he is very tough opponent. Glover is very good striker, but i dont he is good enough to knock out Rashad, who has not been knocked out since 2009. My prediction is over 3.5 rounds @1.70 or over 4.5 rounds @1.90 Cub Swanson - Hacran Dias Swanson has 2 consecutive loses, but before that he had 6 consecutive wins. He is one of the best strikers in the division and i think his win here is absolute sure. Dias is good grappler but i dont this is going to be enough for him. Swanson to win @1.80 is very good tip for me.
  5. WIN Ben Rothwell UFC Fight Night 86 - Rothwell vs. Dos Santos Apr / 10 / 2016 Decision (Unanimous) Leon Roberts 1.66 and 2.30 - win
  6. Ben Rothwell - Junior Dos Santos JDS is the best boxer in the heavyweight division, but Rothwell has one of the toughest chins in that weight class. Furthermore he has very good takedowns and ground game. This is going to be very tough fight for both fighters and i cant see it ending before the end of the second round. So over 1.5 rounds @1.66 and over 2.5 @2.30 looks very good to me. Rothwell to win @2.10 looks nice also. Gabriel Gonzaga to win @2.30 is also a good tip.
  7. I just want to add something. Boxing is much of a business these days. Many people have invested big amount of money in Joshua and now is time for him to repay. This win is absolutely necеssary for him and i am very sure that he will get it. Under 5.5 rounds @1.80 or under 6.5 @1.53 looks good to me
  8. Benson Henderson - Jorge Masvidal Two very good strikers are facing each other in the main event. Benson is the better fighter that is for sure, but this fight is very important for him and i dont think he is going to take any risks. Masvidal is very tough opponent but i cant see him finish the fight before the final whistle. My prediction is Henderson by a decision. Benson Henderson to win by decision @2.15 - 7/10 win
  9. Vitor Belfort - Dan Henderson These two fighters are going to the end of their careers. Belfort is more technical and younger than Henderson. His last 3 fights ended in the first round (2 wins and 1 loss). Belfort is a quick starter and makes very strong first rounds so i think this match will end very soon after the first round`s gong. Belfort to win in round 1 @2.20 - win Belfort to win in round 2 @6.00 - loose Alex Oliveira - Piotr Hallman With Oliveira’s quick feet and accurate punching, Hallmann will likely eat his fair share of shots in the early going, but his pace and durability will allow him to pull ahead in the latter half of the fight. Hallman is the underdog but i think he can win this fight. Piotr Hallman @2.80 - loose
  10. Daniel Cormier - Alexander Gustafsson Very interesting fight between a wrestler and a striker. Two very good fighters, i dont see this match ending before the final whistle over 3.5 rounds @1.72 win Cormier to win by decision @2.60 win Jessica Eye - Juliana Pena under 2.5 rounds @2.80 loose
  11. Max Holloway - Charles Oliveira Two very equivalent fighters. I see one very interesting fight which will not end before the fourth round. over 1.5 rounds - 1.45 over 2.5 rounds - 1.87 Erick Silva - Neil Magny Magny is underestimated because he fought 2 weeks ago. But he is a very good fighter. His weakness is his takedown defence, but the takedowns of Silva are not so good as well, so i think it is not going to be an easy fight for Erick. On this value the win for Magny looks very well. Neil Magny - 2.50
  12. Frank Mir - Todd Duffee Mir is one of the veterans in UFC and he is close to the retirment. He won his last fight with Bigfoot, but the brazilian is not the fighter he was. Todd Duffee won his last fight in only 33 seconds and he looked very nice. Duffee is a huge heavyweight and i cant see Mir standing more then 2 rounds in this fight. Todd Duffee @1.53 Todd Duffee wins in round 1 @2.25 Todd Duffee wins in round 2 @6.50 Josh Thomson - Tony Ferguson Josh has 2 consecutive loses and 3 loses in his last 5 fights. Ferguson is in a very good shape - he has 5 consecutive wins, 3 of them in the first round with KO or submission. If Ferguson wins this fight he is going directly to the top fighters in the division, so i see him winning the fight in second ot third round with submission. Tony Ferguson @1.53 Under 2.5 rounds @2.50
  13. I am very glad to see that there are more maniacs on UFC betting like me. I will post my predictions every weekend when there is an UFC event. For this evening`s TUF 21 Finale i have some more tips: Jorge Masvidal to win @1.40 Jake Elenberger - Stephen Tompson - under 2.5 rounds @2.25
  14. Betting on Mendes is a very good tip for me too. The other good value for me is for over 2.5 rounds @1.90 in the fight. Mendes is one of the toughest guys in the division and i cant see McGregor finish this match in the first two rounds. Close desicion for Mendes is my prediction. The other championship fight is also very interesting. Rory McDonald seems to be the favourite, but this is only on the first look. Roby Lowler is very expirienced fighter and i think he is not going to let Rory to play his game. 2.50 for Roby is a very good value and i will try it for sure. About Nelson and Thatch. Two interesting fighters, Thatch has very good striking and if Nelson dont bring the fight to the ground he is over. If Nelson brings the fight to the ground, he can finish the fight very quick, as Ben Henderson did with Thatch. My prediction is for short fight which will end in first ot second round so the best value for me here is under 1.5 rounds @2.40
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