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  1. Saw the Game against Hungary from Slovakia and must say they didn´t impressed me at all. For them i think it will be hard to creat chances and i saw them some other Games in Future. Slovakia are not so good, wheny they are Favorite or like this Game not the Underdog. They looking better in there type of Football when they are Underdog. Bets are not so bad, but i will be careful here. Maybe DNB are better Opinion.
  2. @Darran Any Opinion to the Fa-Cup Replay Game of Weston against Kingstonian. My feeling is that Kingstonian Odd is too High. They´ve good a late equalizer Goal in 90th Minute after they was down to 10 Men. So for me little bit unlucky. And they are not the weakest Travlers in League... Maybe here we´ve got here a surprise?
  3. Today i will try small Mickleover against Morepeth... Mickleover on a good Run with just 1 Lose in last 7 Games. Opponent Morepeth with only 6 Games left, and they now have to Midweek-Games in a Row. This is the First and it will be difficult - also they must made a trip around a little bit over 3 Hours - so interesting to see how they can handle this in a Midweek Game, after tough Away Lose in FA-Cup Q Round against League Opponent Nantwich. For me price for Home Win is little bit too High. So i will try it with 2/10 Mickleover @ 2.25 2/10 bet365
  4. @Darran what do you think about Wrexham to win at Woking? Both not in good Shape, but think Wrexham is better team and also Woking now with some tough Fixtures - tomorrow Wrexham, Midweek Yeovil and then Barnet. For me i think Price on Wrexham little too high
  5. Hertha with easy win - other 2 Bets are good, but fail to win. Darmstadt whole Game the better team but didn´t find the net and Stuttgart lost agaisnt Bottom Team but have Over 80 % Ball-Possesion including 4 Times hit the Bar....
  6. Today i´ve got 3 Bets in Germany... First is Hertha BSC-Duesseldorf Hertha with bad Start in Season, but last Weekend with impressive Away Win against Cologne - now i think they can made the Turnaround and win today. They´ve got now important missings and now they play today against a Out-Of-Form Team of Duesseldorf. Fortuna won first Game in Bremen, but now they are without a Win in following 5 Games. And must fair to say - they didn´t play against the Big-Clubs of the League. Lost against bad playing Gladbach at this time, lost against Freiburg at Home. So for me they now in bad Shape. So Hertha will win this. Stuttgart - Wehen 2. Bundesliga and it´s Top against Bottom. Wehen last Week with first win of the League, but they are still weak. Was not a good Game and they deserved that point by fighting and running. But that´s now enough today. Play today against big Favorite Candidate of Promotion Stuttgart. Stuttgart with Walter had a good Coach and think they have find the right words. Team Spirit is great at the moment and the team belives to himself. Made some close games this Season, but they win this Game. Last Week against Bielefeld, at Heidenheim. Some missings today on Stuttgart Side but squad is big enough to replace them. Darmstadt - Karlsruhe Darmstadt on 16th Place, but they deserved more. Unbeaten at home since Month and also this Season with some Fighting Spirit. Last Week Draw against Bochum, late Equalizer in Hamburg against them, the same in Home Game against Nuernberg. So i think today it´s time for them to grab 3 Points. Karlsruhe after great Start, now with little Down-Trend in Form i think. Specially away they are not good - made 1 Win in Wehen against Bottom of the League but lost against Osnabrueck and Kiel - who i think they are little bit weaker then Darmstadt. As i said it´s also to play in Darmstadt, so today it´s Floodlight Game - something special in Darmstadt. I know it for myself, when my Team Bremen lost there in a Mid-Week Floodlight Game, when Darmstadt played in Bundesliga. Hertha BSC @ 1.80 5/10 Pinn Stuttgart AHC-1.5 @ 1.90 4/10 Pinn Darmstadt @ 2.52 3/10 Pinn
  7. In League Two i doesn´t find any good Bet... But there are some nice Games in League One today. So today i´m on Sunderland, Ipswich, Peterborough and a Combo-Bet with Shrewsbury and Oxford...
  8. I´m on Saints this Weekend. Think International Break was not good for Sheffield. They hade some decent Performances, but now with the break and with 2 Weeks to prepere for this Game - think Saints are ready. Have played them on AHC 0. Also i´m on Leicester. Wolves played Euro League this Season, so i think Leicester can be first Team to made a surprise. Made some good Transfers and had good Results so far. Man U this Season again not so good and seems they have too many Problems - like Pogba.... Also i´m on Both2Score on Brighton/Burnley Game. Didn´t know who will made this here - but feelings said this will be a 1-2 on Burnley maybe 1:1. Wolves-Chelsea smells big Over 2.5 here. Wolves always play good again Top 6 Teams and have strong offensive Players. And Chelsea with Lampard in charge also playing offensive Football and today they are very close in a MUST WIN game after there start. So i expected here some goals.
  9. 2 of 3 Bet´s was won - Ferencvaros Bet with little bit of luck -scored the 4-2 in 96th Minute. But Ludogoretz on other Side with unluck - 2-0 in Front and then made only a Draw....
  10. I´m on Ludogoretz, Maribor made a lucky Draw at Bulgaria and now without there best Striker. Also Maribor not in Form, for me Ludogoretz try to worth. Also i?m on Ferencvaros -1.5 , they rested the whole Team at Weekend and played with B-Team. Today stronges XI and think this will be easy. Suduva very lucky in first Game to manage the Draw. Last one is Wolves what i play. Wolves like to play counters and today Torino must made the game, after Lose in First Game. Also i think they have the better team.
  11. Can we trust Cardiff today. Both teams with bad Start in Season, but for me Huddersfield have better opponents, so i don´t trust these odds....
  12. See also a Draw in Charlton-Stoke Game. My Potters are at the Moment not in good Shape. They need a really good Striker. Now with Hogan on Loan maybe they will have it. But it´s too early i think. Maybe next Week, but today i see the Time is too short to prepare Hogan in this Formation. So Draw here possible
  13. I´ve got some good Feelings about Saturday Games. I´ve good in 2 Games the Both2Score with Bournemouth-Sheffield and Burnley-Saints Games.... Also i´m on Everton - they made good signs and Palace in my eyes a very good Opponente for first game. Because Everton not that strong in Defensive and Palace for me not that good Offensive Machine, even now Zaha is in the best Mood. Also i´m on Watford to win. Brighton will have a difficult season i think. They will fight long for a Place above 18th...
  14. Be carefull, at the Moment Gladbach as 1. Bundesliga Team play a very tough game against 2. Bundesliga Team Sandhausen. Every Team in the Cup have played Season-Games for Points - even 1. Bundesliga not. So also Dortmund today played not so good, because opponent Uerdingen have played some Games in 3. Bundesliga. For tomorrow i see only clear Wins from Bremen, Duesseldorf and Leverkusen. Pre Bets for me are not good in the Dynamo Dresden, Schalke, Aue, Mainz and Bielefeld Games. This is where i can see surprises in the 1st Round of Saturday Games. If you want something thats in my opinion is a good Bet, then i would prefer this.... Leverkusen+Duesseldorf HC-2+Bremen HC-2+Bochum-1 @ 2.44 5/10 bwin