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  1. I´m also on Villa, but only on DNB. Without Gayle and Robson-Kanu - WBA only had Rodriguez in Front. For me little bit easier to Handle for Villa Defensive. Also WestBrom must made the Game. Could be difficult in my opinion. My call is 0-1 or 0-2
  2. I´lll see some good Bet´s for today. First is Freiburg AHC 0 at Hannover. Hannover must Win both Games and must hope that Stuttgart not win only 1 Point and Nuernberg also not winning both Games. So for me they are relegated. Squad isn?t good enough for the League and Coach Doll isn?t a good one. Last Games - poor Draw against Berlin, Win against Mainz who i see deserved but with luck on his Side. Freiburg without a Win in last 7. But today there best Scorrer Petersen are back in Squad after Injury. Now they can play - if he will play or will Sub-In - with 4-4-2 his best Formation. Freiburg i said without a win in 7 but with some good Games and they deserved sometimes more then they did. Other bet is Leverkusen AHC-1.5 - Schalke secured and play for nothing. Whole Season a disaster and they will change coach in Summer-Break, but against this Fast Attacking Players from Leverkusen i think Schalke Defensive at the Moment is too bad. Leverkusen with great run and can made the pressure high to Frankfurt - who have to play tomorrow. So they can jump on Champions League Place 4 today. Last Bet is DC on Nuernberg. Nuernberg in last Games fighting for his life. For sure the squad is not good enough but they fight. And specially at Home they must win against Munich few Weeks ago, when they missed a Penalty in Extra Time. At Home they have many Chances to score goals but didn?t find the Net. Now they play against Gladbach - playing bad 2nd Phase of the Season, poor Away and pressure now is big for Gladbach who wants also in Champions LEague. So for me Nuernberg with last Chance will not loose today. Freiburg AHC0 @ 1.94 3/10 bet365 Leverkusen -1.5 @ 1.92 4/10 bet365 Nuernberg or X @ 2.00 2/10 bet365
  3. Today i´m on Villa. Great Form and for me a better squad then WestBrom. Smith made a really good Job and if they had more time - i´m thinking of the whole Season and with Gralish fit whole season, they would be Promoted directly. Now they must play Play-Off, but at Home they are too strong today for West Brom. Other Game today i play also - like StevieDay - the Draw. Leeds lost little bit of Form at the Moment and Derby on other Side with better Form, but for me Bielsa is a great Coach - so they will be motivated for today. My Call is here for this Game the Draw and also i played the Both2Score - think it will be end 1-1
  4. FT 2:2 Own Goal by Brinkum secured Schwachhausen the Draw... Unlucky...
  5. Germany - Lower League Bremen-Liga Brinkum - Schwachhausen I will try it. Brinkum with great H2H against Schwachhausen with 13-4-4. This Year Brinkum isn´t so strong and they sit on Place 10. Schwachhausen with great Year and they are Minimum on Place 4 this Year. But for Schwachhausen Season is over, but for Brinkum it´s going in Fight for Place 8. Place 1-8 at the End of the Season are allowed to play at the Bremen Masters Cup at the End of every Year which is including the best 8 Teams of the Bremen Liga and the Teams playing in a sold out Arena - Indoor Soccer. It´s Tradionell and lillte Highlight for the Teams. So Brinkum may have not the Best Season and Form - but it´s try to worth. Brinkum @ 2.90 2/10 betway
  6. I´m taking here two early bet´s... First is the Draw in Villa-Norwich Game. Norwich with Draw for sure 1st and also not so fresh in Head after Promotion last Week. So maybe Mixed-Team, but with Villa tough opponent with great Form, but they are 100% in 5th Place. So think for Play off´s there will be rested some important Players. So both would be happy with a Draw here. Other bet is on Stoke. Sheffield also Promoted and thin they will have make also Party whole Week. Stoke with Nathan Jones, who said it will be a big Summer, will make question´s about neraly every Player if he is the right one for Stoke next Season. So i think they will be motivated or let me say more motivated then Sheffield. So i go here with the Home Win on Stoke.
  7. I´m on here with you. Ajax in both Qualify-Round with the Away Game in 2nd Game. Now they have the Away Game to play first. And for this young Team - i think it could be difficult. Also i see Spurs not in this big disadvantage with playing without Kane. But Son out - is big blow. Without Kane - it means they are unpredictable who they will play and who will score the goals. So for me i see here Spurs win by one Goal this Evening.
  8. Duisburg - Bielefeld I´m going with Duisburg today. For sure pressure is high, they are last in Table and all other bottom Teams - Ingolstadt, Magdeburg, Sandhausen have won. So they need a Win also today. And i think Chances are good. Duisburg won both Games this Season against Bielfeld with the Away Win and another Away Win in Cup. Also Bielefeld in last Game against Ingolstadt very Poor. Motivation is not high right now, because they can´t relegated this Season. They nearly safe for 99%. So i think this can be difficult today for Bielefeld. Duisburg also in last Weeks with some good Performances - but conceded too many Goals. Fair to say that they have played for examle against Paderborn and Cologne who are both with best offensives Line-Up in League. Both with no important missings and also i belive here some Help from Bielefeld. Between both cities are only 160km Distance. So both Stadiums will be have more Fans when they played each other, then they must played against Sandhausen or Ingolstadt. It´s only speculation, but for me this "local" Games are often End at the End of the Season with "best" Results for both Teams. So i see today both Teams will play offensive and my call is 2-1 Dusiburg. Duisburg @ 2.49 3/10 Pinn
  9. I´ve got many Bets for the Games in Bundesliga 1 tomorrow.... In my eyes it can be a great Day with nice Matches. First i must say the Bundesliga 1 now on Finish Line and only 4 Games left, but nearly in every Game it give taken "more" then 3 Points. Dortmund - Schalke Big Derby here and nothing left to say here. Schalke are poor this Season. Changed Coach to Stevens few Weeks but nothing have Changed. Squad have some troubles with Harrit and Bentaleb - who are suspended 2nd Time in short Time from the Club. Also rumours now on First-GK Nuebel that Bayern Munich wants him. Maybe not so good for his Head at the Moment. Dortmund on other Side find slowley his Form and with Delaney and Witsel - they have 2 great Players who can fight and that´s can be very important for this Game. Also offensive is great this Season and Schalke Defensive are too Poor at the Moment. Dortmund AHC-1.5 @ 1.94 5/10 bet365 Hannover - Mainz Hannover last Weekend with 1 Point away against Hertha BSC Berlin who are also bad in Form at the Moment. For Hannover it´s the last Chance to take the minimal Chance not to be relegated. Mainz on other side with better Form in last Weeks with 2 Wins in last 3 Games - but these Wins was at Home. Away they take 3 Loses in last 3 Games.Mainz are safe for next Season but think they will not play that offensive - because they know Hannover will figh here for there last Chance and also Mainz are not the best Away Team. Most of the Games we are see not many Goals. If Hannover conced here a fast Goal from Mainz, i think my Bet will be lost... But can´t see here a fast Goal. Hannover will play saftey first and will see what´s the Day bring. Under 3 Goals @ 2.02 3/10 bet365 Duesseldorf - Bremen Duesseldorf safe for next Season and i think many Players will left the Club. Lukebakio for example the best Striker - is only on Loan. So in last Games we see many Goals in Duesseldorf Games and now with Bremen they meet a Club who didn´t can park the bus and need for himself a Win - if they want to play Europe next Season. There for they need Place 7 in League. So i see here Offensive Game with many Chances - i will be live in Stadium and think after terrible Out of Semi-Final in German Cup - it give Bremen little bit extra Motivation because whole Germany feeling with Bremen after out of Cup. Both2Score - Yes+Over 2.5 Goals @ 1.80 5/10 bet365 Bremen @ 2.30 2/10 bet365 Leipzig - Freiburg Freiburg will miss his best Striker Petersen by injury and now they will mess with full of Confidence Team of Leipzig. Rangnick - Coach of Leipzig said now in next weeks until the Cup Weekend - they must play on highest Level. And think the Team will did it. With a Win they are for sure in Champions League next Season and i think they want this - because after that they will also play against Munich and last Game against Bremen - where you not can expected to win. So for me Leipzig will win this maybe easy, but not whith high Score. They will be little bit tiered after Cup Game in Midweek and Freiburg allways fight for his Life and running is good against this intensive Football from Leipzig. Leipzig & Under 3.5 @ 2.10 3/10 bet365 Stuttgart - Gladbach Gladbach not in best Shape and with some missings in Offensive - also playing not good at Away Games. But now they play against Stuttgart who last Weekend lost 0-6 to Augsburg. So they changed Coach and i´ve read that new Coach trained a lot in offensive. They must also win Games - because they sit on Play Off - Relegation Place 16 - 6 Points behind Schalke. With a win everything is open and at Home they played there best Games this Season. So i expected a open Game - because also Gladbach needs a Win here for fight for Champions League Places. Both2Score - Yes + Over 2.5 @ 1.90 4/10 bet365
  10. Today for me a bet with Big Favorites for this Friday. I play the wins of Colgone+TeBe Berlin+Bayern Munich II and VfL Wolfsburg II. Colgone struggle in last Games and lost little bit of his Form. But they will promoted after end of the Season for sure. This Weekend, when all Teams play for Colgone and if they win, they can promoted this Weekend to Bundesliga 1. So they will made his Homework today, also they play today against Darmstadt who are badest Away Team of Leauge - even if they win 2 out of his last 3 Away Games - they still last in Away Table. TeBe Berlin in Oberliga North still fight for Promotion and have in last 2 Games hard Opponents and they won both Games. Now against a Team of the Bottom of the League i think they will made it today. First Game of the Season in Brandenburg - TeBe won this Game and i think in this League where many Home Teams win, it will be win for TeBe today. Bayern Munich II also fight for Promotion. After they struggle little bit in Middle of the Season they now 3 Points clear to the second place but 2nd Place Eichstaett have one Game less then Munich. So they must win today against Fight for Relegation Team Heimstetten. H2H is clear for Munich II by 7-3-0. VfL Wolfsburg II also fight for Promotion and they want in Bundesliga 3. Today they play against 2nd Team of St. Pauli and they still little bit fight for Relegation but they sid in Midfield of the Table and i think they safe for this Season. Wolfsburg II with superb H2H against St. Pauli II with 14-2-1 and at Home they have a great 7-1-0 Record. Colgone+TeBe Berlin+Bayern Munich II+Wolfsburg II @ 2.52 5/10 bet365
  11. FT 2-3 A Joke-Penalty by standing 2-2 for Munich destroy this bet....
  12. Werder - Bayern Today 2nd Semi Final took Place in Bremen. Bremen unbeaten in over 30 Years in Cup Home Games - but today it will be very tough. Munich clear Favorite and if this would be a Bundesliga Game i would say odds are right. But for today - Cup Game - Floodlight and whole City are behind Bremen and hot for this Game - the odds are way too high on Bremen. Bremen must replaced suspended Sahin - for him could be play Eggestein or it would much better if injured Bargfrede is fit - but actually he´s a doubt. Also a doubt are important Player and Captain Kruse, but think he will play for sure. It´s all tactic here. Bayern must repleaced Suele who are suspended - for him will play Hummels. Bremen played in Munich at Saturday and played relly well and made a open Game. Then Bremen Defender Vejlkovic saw Red Card and Munich dominate the Game. If it´s for today a game with 11 Bremen Players for 90 Minutes it can be a surprise here and Bremen can made it. Bremen to qualiy @ 6.50 1/10 bet365