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  1. I´m with you. Only Value i see here is on Lincoln City Side. I´ve made with bet365 Builder a Bet with Newcastle to Win and Under 5 Goals. Newcastle very strong this Season and also strong Defensive. So after World Cup Brake both Teams will need Time to find there form, but for me Newcastle here with much more quailty. Bournemouth with most Goals against them in PL. But for me they will not become more then 3 here today.
  2. Thuesday´s Games are difficult for me. Personal Feelings are saying Draw in Marseille-Frankfurt Game and Under 3.5 Goals in Bayer-Barcelona Game - but i didn´t placed this Bets - i will wait for tomorrow and for more Informations. Only Bet i placed now is Atl. Madrid AHC0 against Leverkusen. Leverkusen are in crisis and out of Form. They have some Missings in Offensive and other Players are out of Form. So they are far away from there Best. Atl. Madrid on other Side with important Win in last CL Game against Porto. Now the only Plus for Leverkusen is maybe here the Fact that they are now not Favourites. But i don´t know if this is enough.
  3. Yesterday the Bet´s was good, even Chelsea didn´t show up there class. So for today i think it´s little bit difficult. Many Games that are 50-50 or Odds are too Low. So i prefer for today a Combo Bet. Barcelona finding his way right now and with Lewandowski in Front they are very Dangerous. Even if Barca will rotate, which some Media reports - Plzen isn´t that big. So here for me Barca AHC-1.5 + Tottenham to Win. With Conte the Spurs are on a good Way. They have the class to play there way of Football and even if it´s a close Game or a Long 0-0 Game - you allways think that Tottenham can score 1. Last Bet ist B2S in Frankfurt Game. First CL Game for Frankfurt - Atmosphere will be epic, but with Sporting they have a Team who can play nice Offensive Football. Don´t know who will 1X2 will end, but i think it can be a B2S game. Maybe with this Atmosphere Frankfurt Players will be little bit Nervous. So for me Barca AHC-1.5+Tottenham Win+Both2Score in Frankfurt Game with 2/10
  4. I will also play a very small Bet on Donezk. Yes they lost a many Quality. But Leipzig isn´t in Form and maybe they will have not 100% Truth in Squad for Coach Tedesco. So maybe, only Maybe this can be last Game for the Coach. So for me small 1/10 bet on DC X/Donezk
  5. I´ve seen some good Potential in some Matches. First is Benfica Game. I expected a close Game - it´s great for Haifa that they will play CL - so they will fight every 6 Games. Think they can make the Game close and can´t see here Benfica make the Mistake and think it will be easy Game. For me also not so many Goals here to see. Benfica also last Year in CL not that Offensive Power Team. Think Haifa nearly on Same Level like Kiev last Year, so Benfica scored a only 2 Goals in Home Game. So for me here Under 3.25 are a good bet. Other Bets for me are Simple. Man City -1.5 - they are in great Form, Haaland is in great Form and i think it´s first tough Test for the Team. But Sevilla lost many Quality in Defensive and are not good Starting in League. So Man City at the Moment are too big for them. Other Game is Chelsea - they will win i think and Zagreb also not with there best quality like last Years. So for me here with bet365 builder - Chelsea will win and Under 4 Goals. Can´t see here that Chelsea scored more then 3 Goals, even if they have vor me some Problems this Season with offensive Power.
  6. Today we have some Cup Action here in Germany. 1860 Munich - Schalke 3rd agaisnt 2nd League. And complete different Form here. Guest after good Start of the Season now with some bad Results. Schalke on other Side with poor Start and now after relegated form 1st League on Superb Result Form. Also way to play Football looks better in the Moment. But for me this is Cup Game. Maybe both teams will rotate and so Schalke maybe without his best Goalscorer Terrode - think he will start on the bench. Stadium after long Time becuase of Corona are sold out. So it´s will be a hot Atmosphere. Can be close game i think Under 2.5 Goals 1.95 2/10 bet365 Muenster - Hertha 4th against 1st League. Berlin with many Money but Transfers are not the best. Last 2 Games they won in Bundesliga - but they played not so good. Today i think they will rotate also, but for me the Squad is in Deep nearly the Same Level. Berlin for me did not have this typical Strong Start XI - they have nearly 16-17 Players on the Same Level i think. So rotation today will be not count today. Munester solid 4th League Team, but if Berlin takes it serious here it can be a easy Win. Berlin AHC -1.5 @ 2.025 2/10 bet365 Also i will play for today Combe with Berlin to win, Hoffenheim to win and Dortmund to Win with 3/10.... Also Dortmund will rotate a lot i think today. So you can try Under 3.5 Goals here with 1/10 for 1.975 odds at bet365. For me Ingolstadt the weakest Team in 2nd Bundesliga and Dortmund with rotation maybe will be win 2-0 or 3-0.
  7. @Darran What do you think about the Win of Bromley against Hartlepool - i mean Bromley are strong at the Moment and it´s seem to me, that the Odds are way to high on Bromley here.
  8. Yes but they are still safe in Play Off´s so pressure isn´t so high, that these odds are true for them. For me they are too Low - even if they want in 2nd or 3rd Place.
  9. Stockport for me are too Low. They are Safe in Play Offs so for these Odds - tough Pick i think. I have choose another Acca with Notts, Wrexham and Torquay to win. All 3 in Must Win Situations against Teams who are not good in Form and also without Moitvation because Season is over for them.
  10. I take today the Both2Score and the Over 2.5 Goals. Leeds great Bilance this Season against Bottom 3 Teams and they also need Points not to struggle at the End of the Season. Fulham for me in a Must Win Situation. Gap is not to big to Newcastle and for sure there current Form are much better then Newcastle. But Fulham also have in Rest of the Season some big Games coming up. So they must Win such Home Games and Draw is possible but i think bothTeams want´s to win. Odds are falling on Fulham so i expected a Game maybe 2-1 or Leeds surprises and made himself a 2-1 Win.
  11. Can´t see anything else then a Aston Vila Win today. For sure they will miss there best Grealish, but they are at the Moment one of the best Defensive Teams in Season. So they only need to manage to score 1 Goal again to Win. Because Newcastle struggle big at the Moment, Fulham pushing from behind and today without 3 best offensive Players again i don´t know how they will score today. For me here Aston Villa win with 1-0 or 2-0 is possible....
  12. Yes i´ve read this Later at the Day, but for me these Loan Players can´t help them in short Time - think they will need 2 or 3 Games to find themself as a team.
  13. I´ll take Wealdstone +0.5 today. Kings Lynn will miss maybe 8-10 Players and Wealdstone also won the 1st Game. Also Kings Lynn not the best Travellers in the League with only 3 Wins in Season - against weak Barnet, 2nd Game of the Season against Maidenhead, where Kings Lynn newly Promoted and everything was difficult to predict.
  14. I will bet against my Potters. Brentford with important win in Midweek Game and Stoke with another Up-and Down Form this Season. Seems for me that this Season is over yet. There is not too many trouble´s to going in Relegation Trouble and also Stoke isn´t a PlayOff Team i think. So Brentford tomorrow with Toney and DaSilva back from injurys are clear Favorite. Also Stoke have since some Weeks big Problems against strong offensive Teams. First Half of the Season Stoke are strong in Defensive in many Games - now Things have changed. So Brentford with Toney are too much tomorrow. Maybe you can play small the HC-1 on Brentford.
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