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  1. Wolfsburg-Dortmund Nice Game here and i think Dortmund will win this. Wolfsburg with not so a good Performance in Cup against Lower League Team Norderstedt and actually specially in Defensive with many important missings. So they are missing new Transfer Brooks, Bruma, Traesch, Stefaniak, Vierinha and Jung. Specially the missings of Bruma and Brooks are bad for Wolfsbug. Also all last 4 Games was winning by Dortmund and last 3 Meetings was terrible for Wolfsburg with 2 times a 1:5 and once a 0:3. Dortmund also with not so good Pre-Friendlys and a "easy" win in Cup now with 2nd "important" Game of the Season. How good Dortmund can play under new Coach Brosz they show in first Game of the Season in Super-Cup against Bayern Munich. Dortmund with wide and good quality in Squad so they can replace some missings. Demebelé is missing here, Reus and Schuerrle are also missing. And there are some more Long-Term Absences, like Weigl, Guerreiro and Schmelzer. But the Starting XI of Dortmund is great. They have acutally no Champions League Games in Midweek and so they can make a strong start here in Bundesliga. Think Wolfsburg isn´t so good at the Moment from Performances and also with there Missings in Defensive. So for me this will be: Dortmund @ 1.85 5/10 bet365
  2. Hoffenheim-Bremen Don´t know why we have here such Odds. Bremen never such a Outsider. Main Focus on Hoffenheim Side for sure the 2nd Leg Game at next Midweek against Liverpool and so we will see some Rotation in the Squad i think. Hoffenheim have a big squad but i think in the deep not on high Level. Now they will miss maybe important Player Toljan who are in a Transfer to Dortmund - rumours said. So think we can to here a doubt for him and if he still is Hoffenheim Player at Weekend - i think he won´t play because the Liverpool Game. Bremen loves to play here in Hoffenheim. There was 9 Games in Bundesliga so far in Hoffenheim and Bremen only Lose 1 Game and winning 5. They style of Hoffenheim´s Football is very good for Bremen´s Counter Attacking Football, specially under Nouri Bremen made this better and better. Bremen will miss Moisander and Junuzovic as important Players but both are missed last Weekend in Cup Game and Moisander was at the moment not missing too much, because the 3 Defenders Bauer, Sané and Vejlkovic doing a great Job. Also Junuzovic at the begin of the Season i think not such an important missing. Delenay and Eggestein doing also a good Job in Cup Game. And then we have the old Problem Side of Werder - but now i didn´t see here any Problems - because they have with New Signing Augustinsson a really good Player who can play there. Also Kainz will be sitting on Bench and after Cup Suspension Bartels will replace him. For me this is better for the Werder Offensive - because Bartels are love to play with Main Striker Kruse in Front. So for me here Bremen will grab minimum One Point. X or Bremen @ 2.10 4/10 bet365 Bremen @ 4.33 1/10 bet365
  3. Yes it was a Day of the Late Goals. Bristol against Brentford with Draw in Extra Time, Maidstone with a late Goal, Sutton with 2 late Goals - the Hull-Wolves Game also.... Funny and Crazy
  4. I´m going today for Brentford. It´s time for first Win and they will do this. Also the feeling that this can be a nice Day for the Home Teams.
  5. FT Schalke 2:0 FT Nuernberg 2:1 Nice Day - but bad that Dusiburg scored in 93th Minute for the 3rd Goal of the Game...
  6. Duisburg-Nuernberg Also nice game here between two 2. Bundesliga Sides. Duisburg new in this League and again they will play only for holding the 2. Bundesliga. Squad isn´t anything special and for me they can only be fighting. Also they didn´t have a good Striker. Taschy not that type of Player and Brandstetter also. Brandstetter including he has not the best Form at the Moment. No important Missings on Duisburg Side. Nuernberg with very good Form and with 2 Wins in the League. Playing brilliant in First Game against Kaiserslautern and wining with little bit Luck in Regensburg 1:0. But they have win this Game. So Morale will be high and Coach from Nuernberg said that they made this as a very important Game because he want defintily the next Round.Think both will come to next Round because of the Money Factor, but in Media and in Interviews for me it looks like that Nuernberg want the next Round more. Think both will beginn not with total Offensive and playing Football, for holding the own 0. Also no new Missings on Nuernberg Side and i expected here a tough game with little advantage for Nuernberg and for me smells like Extra Time today. Under 2.5 @ 1.95 3/10 interwetten Nuernberg AHC0 @ 1.83 3/10 bet365
  7. I will not make a own thread for this one Game today in Cup. BFC Dynamo Berlin-Schalke 04 Few Words about this Game. Schalke the Favorite and all Eyes are now on New Coach Tedesco who have to made a sucessfull Season with Schalke. Last Season everyone talk that Schalke played a bad Season, but for me this squad last Season and as well this Season isn´t something Special. For me this is a Team who can play with luck for Place 4 but realistic for me this is a team for playing 5-7. But that doesn´t care anyone on Schalke. They want the sucess. So Tedesco have a difficult Situation. With 2. Bundesliga Team Aue last Season Tedesco made a great Job and playing some nice Defensive Football. Think he will play also a little bit more on Defensive in Bundesliga. But today they are big Favorites, BUT they have not played any important Game this Season. No important missings today for Schalke - or let me say no new important missings. So i expected the strongest Starting XI for Schalke. But is think it will be a difficult Match today. Because Dynamo Berlin are in Season Games so far and have also played 3 League Games yet. Also they have a really good Squad who will play normaly for Place 1-4 in his League. Also they have strong Defensive with only 1 Goal allowed in 3 League Games. And must fair to say, they have not a strong Offensive. Okoronkwo will play in Front and he is a big Guy - who is a Fighter but not a typical Striker who stands for a lot of goals. So i see here Schalke wining but with the fact that Bundesliga starts next Weekend and thats more important then this Cup Game or let me say it wouldn´t surprised me when Schalke only wining today with 1:0 or 2:0. But for me here i can´t see many Goals. Dynamo Berlin will park the bus, Tedesco also for me not the type of Coach who will be Schalke let play very offensive and Berlin doens´t have such a strong offensive Line. So for me here: Under 3.5 Goals @ 1.90 3/10 bet365
  8. I like Leeds to beat Preston... Leeds a good Squad this Season and i think they can play for a PlayOff Place this Season. Preston didn´t impressed me at first game against Sheffield W. And also i think Preston are only a lower Mid-Table team this season. So Leeds can made a good Start to the season and that can gave them a boost. Also i think Sunderland are too big at the Moment. Maybe Sunderland +0.5 are a good bet and i will wait maybe 1 or 2 days for more informations about this match. But at the Moment Sunderland too big.
  9. FT 2:2 Dresden played a good Game and show some good Morale. Fair 2:2
  10. St. Pauli-Dynamo Dresden Last Game of this Matchweek in Bundesliga 2 and seems to be a nice game today. But i must fair say, the odds are right and on a downtrend here for St. Pauli. Dynamo Dresden isn´t in a good shape. I´ve write it in my last Preview last Weekend. Lost very important Players and now they are without Striker Testroet by injury. So Roeser who scored the winning goal against Duisburg last Week will start today. But it was not a good Game from whole Dresden Team. Also they missing today Hauptmann by injury. So with him i think Dresden would be some little better in offensive. And also they must play today without there best Fans/Ultras. After last Season Game in Karlsruhe where all Dresden Fans where entering the Fan-Block in Milltary Outfitt they now become only One Ticket for One Person and thats only with Name. So all Ultra-Groups are not travelling today to Hamburg. On other Side St. Pauli. Made a good start last Matchday with away Win in Bochum. For me it seems like that they can play with the same Motivation and Form where they ending the last Season. On St. Pauli Side no important Missings and actually i see Pauli in very good shape and Dresden isn´t that good at the moment. St.Pauli @ 1.85 5/10 interwetten
  11. Nice Picks here, but @addpea what do you think about wins from Dag&Red and Eastbourne?
  12. Kaiserslautern-Darmstadt Starting this weekend with this bet here on Darmstadt DNB. They are dog against Kaiserslautern. Don´t know why. Kaiserslautern with many in and out Transfers in Summer and they playing really **** against Nuernberg last Weekend and deserved this 0-3 lose. So now i can´t see any positive trend. Ultras of Kaiserslautern made 2 banners for former Red Bull Players who now playing for Kaiserslautern. First is First Gk Mueller who are made 2 Mistakes to 2 goals for Nuernberg last Weekend. So Morale isn´t the best i think and the former "Castle" Betzenberg Stadium isn´t it yet. On other Side Darmstadt - starting with a win against strong playing Team of Fuerth. Now all players fit and i think they have one of the best defensive Lines in the league - specialy because they didn´t change the defensive line from last season. And i write it last Weekend in my Post. Altintop again will be very important for this Game. Fuerth and Kaiserslautern hasn´t this creative potential in his teams so both will coming with Spirit and Fight - and then you need as opponent team someone like Altintop. For me here Darmstadt playing as a team and have bigger quality then Kaiserslautern have. For Kaiserslautern Coach Meier is this very important game i think. Another lose and they maybe struggling really strong. But this is who Kaiserslautern actually works. Playing against relegation and think they have team for Promotion. For me here Darmstadt strong Favorite but maybe we see an other Face of Kaiserslautern. Darmstadt AHC 0 @ 2.05 4/10 bet365
  13. FT 2:0 for Werder II.... Karlsruhe on a bad run now...
  14. Werder Bremen II-Karlsruhe Nice one here today. Karlsruhe last Season relegated from Bundesliga 2 and now with very bad start in the Season. They have a good Squad but didn´t work actually as a team. Showing good Morale after 0-2 down in first Game against Osnabrueck with a 2-2 draw. But lose last Weekend against Unterhaching with 2-3. So Defensive they are not stable enough actually. The offensive are great with Fink and Stroh-Engel. Think they need now more games to find his own as a team. On other Side we have the youth team from Werder Bremen. Starting great against Unterhaching with a 3-0 Home Win and playing also very good Football against Wuerzburg last Weekend where they become a late equalizer. Today they becoming Central Defender Verlaat and Striker Eggestein from first Team. Fairly i must say both are playing last Season in Bremen II and think this season they will play most of time in Bremen II team. But they have both trained the whole Summer now with the first team and both made a good Performance there. Also Bremen II have Aycicek in the squad a player who i think is too good for this League but not good enough for the first Team. So he play now in this team and the Club talk to him that he must find a new club. In there time they will play with the Bremen II team and played very good - by shooting 2 Goals against Unterhaching. So both Teams with very good Offensive Lines and Bremen II also with solid defensive but Karlsruhe will find slowly as a team and they will find the net i think minimum once. So for me here: Both2Score - Yes @ 1.83 4/10 bet365