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  1. FT 2:1 Also great bet´s - as allways - from @Darran
  2. I´m taking Aldershot to win. They have a tough Shedule at the begining with Chesterfield, Barnet and Solihull and i think they are overpriced a little bit. Dag&Red showed nothing special at the moment and grab only 1 Point in first 3 Games. For me Aldershot can win this tomorrow. Aldershot @ 2.23 4/10 unibet
  3. Bochum FT 0:2 Wuppertal Lose....
  4. Tough Round this Weekend in German Leagues. But i´ve got 2 Bets here. First ist in Bundesliga 2. It´s for Bochum AHC0 against Duisburg. Both Teams are loosing his first Game but for me Bochum show a good Performance in his Home Game against big League Favorite Colgone. Think with more luck in this Game, 1 Point has to be on the Bochum Side. Duisburg on other Side loose in Dresden and showed for me not so a good Performances. Specially in Defensive they made many simple Errors - so that Dresden have nice Chances or Chances for Counter Attacks. For me actually the better Form and Team is Bochum. Other Bet is a Combo from German Lower League. It´s Wuppertal in Regional-League West and Chemie Leipzig in "Oberliga NOFV Süd". Wuppertal starts with big Ambitions in the League and playing against a New Member of the League Lippstadt. Last Weekend Wuppertal lose in Derby against Essen really heavy. So i think they now want to show some reaction and made a good Performance today. Other Game is Chemie Leipzig against Rudolstadt. Relegated Team Chemie Leipzig is the Big Favorite of Promotion this Year. Yesterday both other Rivals Luckenwalde and Inter Leipzig Draw each Other so they can made with a win a little bit Pressure from Beginning of the Season. Playing at Home in his Stadium is important for Leipzig. Huge Crowd for this League with over 1.000 Season Ticket Holders. Playing against Rudolstadt who are for me a Mid-Table Team and can´t grab anything from Leipzig. Bochum AHC0 @ 1.98 4/10 unibet Wuppertal+Chemie Leipzig @ 1.87 6/10 bet365
  5. Wolfsburg-Kiel Battle for the last Place in Bundesliga 1 next Year and it will be a tough one. On other Side we have Wolfsburg who have the Pressure to stay in the League and with Labbadia a Coach where i think they isn´t good enough for the Bundesliga 1. But at least he won a former Battle with Hamburg in this Play Off Game against Karlsruhe in Year 2015. So maybe this can be a little advantage in this situation. Also they squad is specially in Offensive good enough but they showed this season nothing. Didavi is a doubt and after Media Reports he will only can sit on the Bench today. So little blow here for the Wolfsburg offensive but in last Game against Colgone they showed what offensive Potential in the team is. They won 4-1 in this Game. But there defensive is the weak one in that squad. A lot of Formation´s with different Players the whole Season made now the situation that Wolfsburg, for me, can struggle against that Team of Kiel. On other Side we have Kiel. Amazing Form at the Moment and totally without Pressure. They are Promoted Team from 3. Bundesliga this Season and now they have the chance to play 1. Bundesliga next Season. But they didn´t need that sucess. They can play without pressure because nobody in the club have think in the past that they can reach the Play Off´s. Kiel a team with very strong Offensive and all Players there in offensive know each other really good. They had scored 35 Goals this Season in 17 Away Games which is absolute the best in the League - the 2nd Best Team scored 29. Also Kiel have all Players available and they love to play on counter Attack. Last Game against Braunschweig in League - where Braunschweig need the win, they have played amazing Counter Attacking Football - specially in 2nd Half. So for today i expected that Wolfsburg NEED here a Win at Home. They must made the Game and thats difficult here. For Sure they have the quality in the Squad but can they grab the win today - so Kiel can made what they are best. Counter Attack Football. So for me here today: Both2Score - Yes @ 1.95 4/10 bet365
  6. FT 1:1 Unlucky here because Bremen MUST lead min. 2 or 3:0 at Half Time. After HT it was an open Game....
  7. Today´s Game in 1. Bundesliga are very hard to predict. I´ve got no Bet´s here - but just from feeling they are Draws possible in Leverkusen-Frankfurt, Stuttgart-Hannover and Berlin-Cologne. But for tomorrow i´ve got a bet in 1. Bundesliga. It´s Bremen Win. Leipzig with some important missings for this game. Defender Upamecano, Sabitzer are also injured and Top-Scorer Werner are doubt. So also they had Game in Midweek against Marseille and out of Euro League. Morale will be down and also in last 2 Games i saw a Leipzig Team who isn´t fresh enough acutally. But now no time to Recover for the Team, because playing tomorrow against a Team who are running a lot. They have with Eggestein and Delaney two Players in Team who are in Top 5 by the Running Distance. Also they are in good Form and after bad Season Start - with a win they will safe for staying in the League. So for me here: Bremen @ 2.85 5/10 interwetten
  8. THX @Darran I´ve backing Halifax against Solihull. Halifax are in good Form and didn´t play in a Midweek Game this Week - so think they are Fresher then Solihull who played the 2nd Week with 3 Games per Week. Can be difficult for them and also Halifax with a Win they can make a Huge Climb to stay in League and think with a win against Relegation Opponent Solihull they will be Safe for this Season. Halifax @ 2.55 4/10 bet365
  9. @Darran What do you think about the Toquay-Guiseley Match? Think Guiseley are little bit overpriced and H2H looks great here for the Away Team. Think odds should be lower on the Away Win or what do you think?
  10. Nuernberg FT 0:2 Frankfurt FT 1:0 Hoffenheim FT 2:0 Hamburg FT 0:0 Nice Day
  11. Today with 4 Bets.... First is 2. Bundesliga and i go here on Nuernberg. Playing Huge Derby against Fuerth and the odds are rising. Don´t know why. Last Years often Fuerth won against Nuernberg but this Season the quality in Squad is much more, then other Years. If Nuernberg want´s to promote you must win against the weakest Team in Away Table. Nuernberg miss Ishak and Valentini. Normal 2 Starting XI Players and for sure that missings are a blow. But not such a big blow when you play against Fuerth. Stadium will be big on Side of Nuernberg and even if Fuerth didn´t lose last 3 Games. They have much luck in this Games. Didn´t think that they will win today. And then 3 Bets in Bundesliga. First is Hoffenheim DNB in Augsburg. Hoffenheim last 5 H2H agains Augsburg are unbeaten by wining 3 of them. Also think odds are not right, because Augsburg will miss there 2 best Offensive Players. Caiuby are suspended and Fingobasson are injured. So both out are big Blows for Augsburg. Also important Defender Moravek are doubt. Then we have Frankfurt to win against Hannover. For Frankfurt this Season the chance are huge for a Place in Champions League Spot. Kovac do a good Job in Frankfurt and the team is in the deep of the squad very strong. Also today they are 2 important Player News on both Sides. On Frankfurt side Positve is that important Player Boateng are back from Suspension. And on other Side we have Hannover´s best central Defender and i think the Key Player in Defensive Sané out by suspension. For Hannover this is big blow. Last 4 H2H are all won by Frankfurt. Last Game for today is Hamburg-Mainz Game. Was in Stadium last Week between Bremen and Hamburg. And both Side are playing such a poor Game. So Bremen made a turn around yesterday by a Draw against Gladbach. But thinks in Hamburg are totaly different. Everyone likes to see Hamburg relegatet because they are last Team in Bundesliga who have played every Year in 1. Bundesliga since they startet. Also Fans are angry about Players and last Home Game they made little Pitch Invasion after Game and last Week every Minute of the Game there was Pyro and Bengals in Away End of Hamburg - the game was close to ABD. So now they are 7 Points behind Play Off Place 16th who are sitting today´s opponent Mainz. So Mainz can be happy here with a Draw and like to play on counter Attack. So today that will play into the Card´s of Mainz MatchPlan because Hamburg MUST WIN. There is No Doubt, that they must made the Game. Also Hamburg Fans are fast in Booing Out his own Team. So if they play the same Shit like last Weekend, that will be fast a Boooooo Festival in Hamburg. Nuernberg @ 2.00 5/10 bet365 Frankfurt @ 1.85 4/10 interwetten Hoffenheim AHC0 @ 1.90 3/10 bet365 Hamburg-Mainz - Draw @ 3.40 2/10 bet365
  12. Gladbach FT 2:2 Karlsruhe FT 1:1
  13. For today i have 2 Bets... In the Game Gladbach-Bremen i will play the Over. Teams who played against Bremen actually knows the Tactic from Bremen really good. Bremen Coach Kohlfeld said i a interview that they now need a other Tactic. So game against Hamburg last Weekend was very bad and now i think Bremen will play little bit more offensive. Also they have a Advantage here that they can keep the pressure High on other Teams who are in relegation Fight. Because other Teams play not today. Gladbach on other Side need also a win if they want to play Europe next Season. They have many Chances in his last Games but they didn´t find often the Net. Think against Bremen it can be a nice and offensive Game from both Teams. Over 2.5 @ 1.86 4/10 unibet Other Game is in Bundesliga 3 the Game between Lotte and Karlsruher SC. I´m here on Karlsruhe. They are unbeaten in last 15 Games and now close to Promotion Place. They are very good in Defensive with 19 Goals against them in 26 Games. Lotte are without Schulze and Heyer. Both are important and will be a blow here. For me here: Karlsruher SC @ 2.15 4/10 bwin