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  1. Non-League Predictions > Feb 3rd

    What´s about the Barrow-Hartlepool Game @Darran Both out of Form and yes i know the Problems from Hartlepool, but seems the are too high on Hartlepool? Maybe Double Chance?
  2. FT 2:2 Bremen lead 2:0 and lose after Extra Time 4:2
  3. Going today on Werder Bremen AHC+1. Leverkusen didn´t like to play against Bremen. Look at the H2H - specially in Leverkusen Bremen allways showed good Games. Last Bundesliga Game in Leverkusen - Bremen lose 0-1 but it was solid Game and with luck it ends in a Draw. So Morale for both Teams are high. Leverkusen this season with good Form and Bremen showing good Football under Coach Kohlfedt and with the last Minute Win at Weekend against Schalke - Moral will be big. Made also some nice Transfers with Langkamp and Rashica in Winter now. Maybe Langkamp can start tonight. Leverkusen only Draw against Freiburg and played not there best in last Weeks. So it will be a close game today, but i didn´t see Leverkusen win here in Handicap. Also i must say - Bremen is a Cup Team. Last Years in Cup there was only 2 Options. Early dismiss in Round 1 or 2 or they made a good Cup Season and climb 1/2 Final, Final.Pressure maybe a little bit more on Leverkusen Side, because playing at Home and from Media´s they will made clear Favorite. But both have nice Offensive Quality´s. So for me here: Bremen AHC+1 @ 2.02 3/10 unibet Both2Score & Bremen to win @ 9.50 1/10 bet365
  4. FA Cup Predictions > Feb 6th & 7th

    I like Milwall to win against Rochdale. They are in nice Form and Rochdale sit in Relegation Zone of Legue One. They won at Weekend agaisnt Northampton, but Milwall will be totaly differnt. Winner will face Spurs or Newport, so i think it´s no doubt that Spurs will take the next Round. So it could be a big Game between Milwall and Spurs. So think whole Club want´s this Match. Milwall also sit in a good League Position so i think the Rotation will not so heavy - like in first Game against Rochdale. Milwall @ 2.20 3/10 bet365
  5. 1 Won and 1 Void. So good Day....
  6. Going today for a Both2Score on the Swansea Game. Didn´t think after FA-Cup Game that Swansea can park the Bus here for whole 90 Minutes. Also we are now in a Phase of Season where you in MUST WIN Situations. Thats the Situation for Both Teams today if they want to finish without Relegation and a CL Qualiy Place. Also Swansea under Carvalhal i think they played better in Offensive and Arsenal with 18 Goals against them in Away Games of the Season are too Much for a Top-Team. But Arsenal will score here for sure. In all 6 Away Games against Swansea they have to score a goal. Only against Birmingham and WestBrom they had a better record. Both2Score - Yes @ 1.90 4/10 bet365 Also i´m on Plalace DNB today. Showing much better under Hodgson and also they have more free Days because not playing in FA Cup. So on other Side we have WestHam with long list of not available Players for today and most of them are missed the FA Cup game also. So they player who played maybe today - if they Start maybe little bit tiered in late Period of the Game. For me the List for WestHam´s missing Players specially in Offensive is too Long at the Moment. Place have today the chance for wining this Game. Palace DNB @ 1.75 4/10 Tipico
  7. Any Opinions for tonighs Game of Newport. Think Crawley have easy Fixtures last Weeks and tonigh´s gone a be to much at Wales. Think Newport can win today - but want to hear something more.
  8. I like the Dortmund odds at the Moment. Starting Odds was bad, but now with odds over 2.xx are good. Against Wolfsburg they didn´t play bad and had many chances to score minimum 2 or 3 goals. But they didn´t do it. So i think they have too much offensive Power that this didn´t happend again tonight. Now they are without Auba, but Ishak and Sancho against Wolfsburg are playing not bad. And also Auba at the Moment are not good for the Team Mood so i didn´t think that is such a Big Blow. Hertha this Season do not play a good Season. Out of Euro League and in Bundesliga also with some troubles. Saw first Game after WinterBreak last Weekend and i have bet there a Both2Score - but both Stuttgart and Hertha was not playing there best in Offensive. So if you want to crack Dortmund you must have a good Day in Offensive and i think Hertha at the Moment can´t do this. For me the WinterBreak was not good for Hertha Form and Dortmund is 2nd best Away Team in League. For me at these odds Dortmund are try to worth. Dortmund @ 2.20 3/10 bet365
  9. Derby to win for me tonight. Bristol with tough shedule in last/next Days. And for sure they will have one Eye on next Midweek´s Game against ManCity. So Derby on great Form at the Moment and now today maybe with New-Sign Jerome in Front. For me good Transfer and a next Puzzle in Rowett´s Tactic. He´s doing a excellent Job in Derby and also i think the team gives a little bit extra Motivation that Rowett didn´t accept the Stoke Offer for Coaching Stoke and he wants the Promotion with this Derby Team. Also Derby have great Record at home against Bristol by last 14 a 11-1-2 is very good. Also i think Derby likes games against Opponent who did not only park the bus. So i see today a tough Game but Derby will wins this. Derby @ 2.05 4/10 bet365
  10. I don´t think so that Hamburg will win here. They total out of Form and in the sqaud is little bit trouble - because Wallace want´s a transfer out of Hamburg, but Hamburg won´t sell them now. Now they have signed maybe his replacement with Kaiser from Leipzig. But he´s not THAT guy. Played 4th,3rd and 2nd League with Leipzig but not many Caps in Bundesliga for Leipzig. Think they didn´t have the quality for Bundesliga. Also i saw Highlights from Hamburg against Augsburg. It was such a crap. They played very poor and with not many offensive actions. Now they face Cologne who have big Boost in Morale now after the Win last Week. For me here DNB for Cologne is a good Bet.
  11. @andrewcalo Why you think Swansea will win? Read that Carvahal said that he will rotate his squad and the Main Priority is the Premier League. So i think Swansea will rotate heavy and Wolves are with maybe the best Line-Up? Also bad H2H for Swansea against Wolves. Only advantage i see here is the Home Advantage and the fact that after the Game Swansea have 2 more Day´s to rest.
  12. Bundesliga I Predictions > Jan 12th - 14th

    Hard to predict for tomorrow. Feeling that Gladbach will win this - it´s also a huge Derby. So motivation is huge of both Sides. And Dortmund with poor odds and didn´t know if they can hold his better Form from last Game now. So for me both Games with - No Bets.
  13. Bundesliga I Predictions > Jan 12th - 14th

    Schalke FT 1-3 Stuttgart FT 1-0 Hannover FT 3-2