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  1. That´s why i was backing Arsenal - for sure not a Perfect odd, but i think Fulham will be very weak this Season. Only Mitrovic up Front and also whole squad nothing special. So next Matchweek, against Arsenal with low Odds, but again they had great H2H against WestHam and let´s see what´s the week are going to be. Maybe Arsenal or WestHam made something on Transfer-Market. If not i see here Pellegrini in Matchweek 2 again will be in big Trouble.
  2. I´m carefull of betting on Matchweek 1 - but i will play a double here. My bet is Arsenal to win at Fulham and Chelsea to win at Brighton.
  3. Tomorrow i´ve got again 2 Bets for Regional-League North-East... First is Halberstadt to win against Rathenow. Both teams with 3 Defeats in 3 Games. Halberstadt with young squad and all 3 Games was close in Results. They lost at Weekend against Promotion Candidate Chemnitz with 0-1. Rathenow lost against Auerbach 1-4 at Home. Didn´t expected that Result, because i see Auerbach only a little bit better and if Rathenow will not to be relegated they had must grab some points in these games. The same i can write about Halberstadt, becuase other 2 Loses was against Luckenwalde and Bischofswerda who are also relegation Candidate Teams. So this is must Win for both teams, but see Halberstadt here in bette chance to win - Reasons are great H2H against Rathenow, little bit better Form i think also on Halberstadt Side and then this is Mid-Week game for Semi-Professionell Players. So Rathenow Players must work and then nearly sit down 3 hours in Bus and travle to Halberstadt. Other bet is Cottbus AHC0 - where they play in Auerbach. Cottbus one of Candidate of Promotion lose all 3 Games and now changed Coach. So it´s hard for Auerbach Coach to make the best Preview for his Team against maybe new Tactic from Cottbus. Also Auerbach with small Squad and Midweek Game against Cottbus who are Pro-Team and definitly better then actually Table looks like. Cottbus with balanced Squad, but must say the lose some Offensive Power, against last Season. For me i didn´t see Cottbus here lose again and only because Auerbach are hard to crack in Home Games i will take the saftey bet with CB by Draw. Both Bet´s i play with 3/10
  4. So after this Day we´ve got a little Plus here. TeBe Berlin and Under in Chemie Leipzig-Hertha BSC II are Win - Lok Leipzig was void after late Goal from Jena in 92th Minute. Cottbus and Rathenow was lost....
  5. So for today i´ve got 2 Main Bet´s and some 1/10 bet´s only because of the Feeling good with those Bets. All of those Bet´s are in germany Regional-League North-East First is in Jena-Lok Leipzig Game. Jena relegeted from Bundesliga 3 last Season and changed nearly whole Team. Most of Players are comeing from there 2nd Team who played one League above acutally League. So Jena isn´t a great Team for this Leauge and i expected here a Midfield Place in Table at end of the Season. In Midweek they have Game in Fuerstenwalde and they deserved the 1-3 Lose. Also Jena have small Squad and today maybe 8 Players out. Lok Leipzig on other Side, also have many Changes in Squad and didn´t think that they can play a season like last Season where they finised 1st and only Lose in Play Off Promotion Games. Start in Season was okay, last Week they won against also strong Team Berliner AK with 2-1. Important Striker Ziane who scored twice in this Game is suspended for today. Replace today is Nattermann, who have also experience in this League and on good Day he is a good Striker for this League. Also Lok played not in Midweek so they have more time to train for this Game today. I take here the Saftey Bet with Leipzig DNB to 3/10 Other Game is TeBe Berlin against Lichtenberg 47. TeBe is promoted and last Season they won 10 from 10 at Home Games. This Season they lost both Games, but first was against Top-Candidate of Promotion Altglinicke where they lost only because of last Minute Goal 2-3 and then they was better Team against 1-3 Lose at Home against Chemie Leipzig.For me both teams better then Lichtenberg and also Lichtenberg has Mid-Week Game against Altglinicke where they have tough and intensive Game, so i see TeBe here in better Shape. Also Lichtenberg will miss important Players Gawe and Hofmann, both with Suspensions. TeBe to win with 3/10 Other bet´s only 1/10 for me and thats the Draws in Games Cottbus-Viktoria Berlin and Rathenow-Auerbach. Also i will try the Under 2.5 Goals in Chemie Leipzig-Hertha BSC II Game. Good Luck
  6. I´ve got today a Eye on Watford - Man City Game. Man City after a Lose, everytime a dangours Opponent. So today against Watford whith New Coach they play against a Poor Defensive. 2 Games this Season and with terrible Loses for Watford. And i also expected today a comfortable Win for Man City. Think Guardiola will be not happy with last Games and they must take concentration High because of the upcoming CL-Fixtures. So Watford with New Coach after sacking Pearson. Maybe they can score once, but think against a normal Man City Form they have this Season no Chance. So for me. Over 3 Goals @ 1.725 3/10 bet365 Man City AHC -1.5 @ 1.96 3/10 bet365
  7. I´ve got 2 Bets for today. First is Luton Team Goals Over 1.5. They can made huge Result today by wining against QPR at home. They become new Hopes in Relegation Fight by win at Huddersfield in last Game. QPR i think play´s for nothing. So maybe they can score also - so Luton must play offensive, because now no excuses. It´s must win Game today. Other bet is the BTTS in Milwall-Blackburn Game. Also for both they now must win every Game if they want to play PlayOff Games this Season. So i expected here 2 Teams that they want to win.
  8. I agree with you @StevieDay1983 by the win of Cardiff. They fight for PlayOff Spot and that´s why you must now win you´re HomeGames. Also there form is quite good at the Moment. I´m also today on over 2.5 Goals in Luton-Barnsely Game. Both with maybe the last Chance to make a Come-Back in fight for Relegation. Both Teams also with many Goals against them. So Luton also must win there Home Games and then they have it in the own Hand. Because they play in last 4 Games against Hull and Huddersfield - so with 2 direct Opponents for Relegation Battle. On other Side this is one of Barnsley´s easiest Game in last Games, because they have to play against Leeds, Nottingham, Brentford. So tough Opponents. Both can´t be satisfied with a Draw here.
  9. I think first Game today will be very close - i choose here a Draw in Oxford-Portsmouth Game and everything can happen in Extra Time. Other Game i see a very open Game. Didn´t think that Fleetwood will take to the Final but they must be attack if they want a early goal. So i see Wycombe to become some counter Chances and for me Wycombe Over 1.5 Goals is a very good Bet.
  10. I´ve got West Ham DNB - for sure they have on paper easy Matches next 2 Games - but the Pressure is still on in these 2 Games. Also look on last 2 WestHam Games in Season - away to ManU who i think at this Time are still fighting for CL-Spot and then last Game against Aston Villa who are also fight against Relegation. I think WestHam want´s to secure his Premier League Place for next Season before these 2 Games. So i think they must win todays Game and also next 2. Win against Chelsea also should give a boost for them.
  11. I´ve take the Both2Score in the Norwich-Brighton Game. Norwich i think can play without any Pressure, they know that they will be relegated and so i think they will play a open Game. There Defensive personal for me are not good enough for PL-Football so that is the Chance for Brighton who had the Pressure on his Side. Think a win will made a big Boost for Brighton and maybe it can be the Win to secure PL-Football next Season. So i think both Teams will play as long as it stand´s 0-0 much more Offensive Football. So for me the Both2Score is the best Bet here.
  12. I think today´s Game between Charlton and Milwall should end with the Draw. Milwall not in there best Shape and on other Side after Break Charlton take some important Points against Reletation. So i can see here a 1:1 or maybe even 0:0.
  13. I´m on Palace right now. Palace welcome back First-GK Obiata and Zaha. Important News and also, Palace with win i think they Safe. Crystal with tough last Fixtures, Leicester, Man U, Chelsea, Wolves, Spurs... So Win will be important. Burnley out of Form i think and with no Moitvation. Today without important Strikers - Barnes, Wodd and Rodriguez. Think Palace will made this. Crystal Palace @ 2.10 4/10 unibet
  14. Bundesliga 1 maybe i will write some words later. But for me there are all Saturday Fixtures in Bundesliga 2 made for a Draw. First all Teams play without Fans - so the Advantage for typical Home Teams at these Fixtures are not given. So Aue and Regensburg are not try to worth for me. Opponents Sandhausen who had a good H2H at Aue and Kiel who are strong in Away Games are worth to take a Draw here. Other 2 Games are with typical Draw Games. We have Karlsruhe who are in financial troubles and also not in good Shape before Break - but opponent Darmstadt also not a big Team to win here easy. Darmstadt also with many Draws in League. So for me Karlsruhe at Home without Fans smells like Draw. And then we have Bochum-Heidenheim. Bochum with shaky Defensive this Season and Heidenheim a team who are great in counter attacks. So for me this is also smells like Draw and also the only Game in Saturday Games in Bundesliga 2 where i would expected more then 2 Goals... So i made a 2/10 bet on Karlsruhe-Darmstadt on Draw and other 3 Games are Draws for me with 1/10