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  1. I agree with you @StevieDay1983 by the win of Cardiff. They fight for PlayOff Spot and that´s why you must now win you´re HomeGames. Also there form is quite good at the Moment. I´m also today on over 2.5 Goals in Luton-Barnsely Game. Both with maybe the last Chance to make a Come-Back in fight for Relegation. Both Teams also with many Goals against them. So Luton also must win there Home Games and then they have it in the own Hand. Because they play in last 4 Games against Hull and Huddersfield - so with 2 direct Opponents for Relegation Battle. On other Side this is one of Barnsley´s easiest Game in last Games, because they have to play against Leeds, Nottingham, Brentford. So tough Opponents. Both can´t be satisfied with a Draw here.
  2. I think first Game today will be very close - i choose here a Draw in Oxford-Portsmouth Game and everything can happen in Extra Time. Other Game i see a very open Game. Didn´t think that Fleetwood will take to the Final but they must be attack if they want a early goal. So i see Wycombe to become some counter Chances and for me Wycombe Over 1.5 Goals is a very good Bet.
  3. I´ve got West Ham DNB - for sure they have on paper easy Matches next 2 Games - but the Pressure is still on in these 2 Games. Also look on last 2 WestHam Games in Season - away to ManU who i think at this Time are still fighting for CL-Spot and then last Game against Aston Villa who are also fight against Relegation. I think WestHam want´s to secure his Premier League Place for next Season before these 2 Games. So i think they must win todays Game and also next 2. Win against Chelsea also should give a boost for them.
  4. I´ve take the Both2Score in the Norwich-Brighton Game. Norwich i think can play without any Pressure, they know that they will be relegated and so i think they will play a open Game. There Defensive personal for me are not good enough for PL-Football so that is the Chance for Brighton who had the Pressure on his Side. Think a win will made a big Boost for Brighton and maybe it can be the Win to secure PL-Football next Season. So i think both Teams will play as long as it stand´s 0-0 much more Offensive Football. So for me the Both2Score is the best Bet here.
  5. I think today´s Game between Charlton and Milwall should end with the Draw. Milwall not in there best Shape and on other Side after Break Charlton take some important Points against Reletation. So i can see here a 1:1 or maybe even 0:0.
  6. I´m on Palace right now. Palace welcome back First-GK Obiata and Zaha. Important News and also, Palace with win i think they Safe. Crystal with tough last Fixtures, Leicester, Man U, Chelsea, Wolves, Spurs... So Win will be important. Burnley out of Form i think and with no Moitvation. Today without important Strikers - Barnes, Wodd and Rodriguez. Think Palace will made this. Crystal Palace @ 2.10 4/10 unibet
  7. Bundesliga 1 maybe i will write some words later. But for me there are all Saturday Fixtures in Bundesliga 2 made for a Draw. First all Teams play without Fans - so the Advantage for typical Home Teams at these Fixtures are not given. So Aue and Regensburg are not try to worth for me. Opponents Sandhausen who had a good H2H at Aue and Kiel who are strong in Away Games are worth to take a Draw here. Other 2 Games are with typical Draw Games. We have Karlsruhe who are in financial troubles and also not in good Shape before Break - but opponent Darmstadt also not a big Team to win here easy. Darmstadt also with many Draws in League. So for me Karlsruhe at Home without Fans smells like Draw. And then we have Bochum-Heidenheim. Bochum with shaky Defensive this Season and Heidenheim a team who are great in counter attacks. So for me this is also smells like Draw and also the only Game in Saturday Games in Bundesliga 2 where i would expected more then 2 Goals... So i made a 2/10 bet on Karlsruhe-Darmstadt on Draw and other 3 Games are Draws for me with 1/10
  8. Some interessting Games for today. I´ve got 3 Bets so far in Bundesliga 1... First is DNB Werder Bremen - for sure they are on bad Run - but that you can also say about Hertha Berlin. I would see both Teams on the Same Level of Quality in the Squad and also the H2H is good for Bremen. But main Reason is - Nouri who is actually Coach of Berlin isn´t a good Coach. Think after this Season we will see new Hertha BSC Coach. Other Bets are the Draw in the Schalke-Hoffenheim Game and the Win from Freiburg against Union Berlin.
  9. I´m with you @StevieDay1983. Middlesbrough with some Missings and Forrest on a good Run of Results. But i have decided to play the safty Bet with Forrest DNB.
  10. I´m on Sheffield Utd. so far. They had a off-Weekend and playing a solid Season and they are safe now in the League. On other Side Reading who had a Midweek Match last week and had to play Weekend Game. So Rotation here more then possible and also i think Sheffield Utd will play with some good Starting XI.
  11. I´m with @StevieDay1983 - smells like a Draw here in Madrid today. Maybe you can place a correct Score 1:1 bet on this Game. But for me i think i will play nothing in this Game. Reason is that i´m today with Medium Stakes on Juventus Turin. For sure they play away, but for me Lyon with this many important Abscences isn´t so good. Also both Teams have tough Fixtures in Next Week with both playing next Midweek Cup-Semi-Finals and both have important League Games at Weekend - with Lyon play St. Etienne and Juve play Inter. So for me with this Squad and that Level of quality Players in Juve Team - the odds for me are little bit too high.
  12. For me today i´m take Goals in Chelsea-Munich Game... Stamford Bridge is not a good Visitor for German Teams, where Chelsea are unbeaten in his own Ground. Also i think Chelsea like the Way Munich plays Football - not too defensive and so Chelsea will also come to some Chances. So for me the best Bet are here the Both2Score with Over 2.5 Goals. Also i have take Napoli +0.25 - at San paolo are hard to crack. And even Barca have won easy 5-0 against Eibar at the Weekend - they are not so good in Form in last Weeks. Napoli also in CL-Games this Season are total different to his League Games. Better Motivation or anything of this. Now with Gattuso they won 6 of last 7 and have at the Moment a really good Form. So i would not surprised if Napoli can grab a Win today.
  13. @Darran Whats you´re opinion for Barrow today. They are strong Away Team and playing against a Dover Team who are not there best at Home this Season.
  14. I´ll take today the Combo of Leeds and WestBrom - both playing at Home against Relegation-Candidate Teams who are both not so good in Away Games. Also i take Nottingham DNB - Forrest in good Form and Birmingham not there best at the Moment. Only 2 wins from 15 Games not so good and Nottingham with big Chance to make the Pressure high on Leeds and WestBrom in the Table.
  15. Some interesting Games today and i prefer some Underdogs... So i´m on Luton small and Medium on Bristol City.