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  1. Considering MU's depleted front line, I'm going for Under in the Everton - MU match. Everton isn't exactly prolific while MU under Mourinho is now a very boring team going forward.
  2. Great post there, thank you. Keep up the good works mate.
  3. Your bet is based on the assumption that Stoke will surely win this match. For me Stoke's victory is far from certain. Bournemouth play with great energy and intensity, and their players are good enough to score a goal or 2. It's very likely that this match will see a team emerge victorious but I just can't say who, and therefore the price on Bournemouth LVL FT represents huge value here.
  4. Thank you, but I understand the rating on the homepage is for past matches. I'm looking for fresh data before each round, like the one you posted above. Does it require some sort of subscription or something?
  5. Paul, Thank you very much for the performance rating data. I have found it extremely useful before and sorely missed it for quite some time. May I ask if I can access the data somewhere? Cheers,
  6. I beg your pardon. I'm happy to bet on Juve if they face any of those teams in a CL tie. They beat Chelsea hands down a couple of years ago when Conte was in charge. They are ven much much stronger now and you still think those shit English teams have the upper hand? Wake up mate. Of those 3, only Chelsea can compete with Juve in CL but Juve definitely can't be underdog under any circumstance. I don't rate ManCity that highly, they lack CL credentials. The same goes for Arsenal.
  7. Looking strong and hungry can't guarantee you a challenger position. Fact is, only Milan look much better than they were last season. The spine is strengthened vastly with Bacca, Bertolacci and Romagnoli. Their coach is also top notch. They should be the closest rival to Juve this season. Roma did sign some very good players but most importantly their coach look now out of depth in Serie A. Roma's consistency is a big big problem that I can't see them solve any time soon. They remain a strong challenger but I fail to see how they can push Juve out of the top seat. Sadly the same cannot be said about Inter. They have a much inferior squad. Despite having signed Jovetic, Kondogbia and Miranda, their spine is still too weak to challenge for the Scudetto. They look pathetic at the back. Their coach Mancini is also washed up and hardly one to emerge victorious in tactical battles. I'm not convinced by their project one bit, Inter will finish out of the top 4. Napoli welcome a new coach, a freshly unproven one at this level and he's a big question mark. The squad remains largely the same as one last season, the midfield hasn't been been strengthened much and that's where they will fall short again this season. They will struggle to get into top 4 this season. Lazio is an interesting young team with an experienced coach but their squad depth is not great. They are a strong contender for top 3 finish but that's it. Fio get a great coach in Sousa and their squad certainly benefits from signings like Mario Suarez and Kalinic but the improvement is not much. Their squad is solid but thin and firepower up front isn't great. Rossi is the key to this problem but only when he's fit, which is a big ask. All in all, I see Juventus head and shoulder above the rest. There's no contest here, the Scudetto is theirs to lose. Their strongest enemy is themselves. If they hit the ground running and stay focused and it's game over for the rest. Their squad depth provides good competition and it helps them make sure motivation is kept high at all time. Their top priority this season is a record equaling 5th Scudetto and I expect them to go all out for it. No distract whatsoever. If they really want to go for it, they will get it regardless of the others' efforts. Sad but true.
  8. Re: Borussia Dortmund v Juventus > Wednesday March 18th Dortmund were very poor again. They created almost nothing. Their only serious chance was Ramos' header but it was not enough to beat Buffon. Juve had so many one on one chances and the Italians should have won 6-0 or 7-0. Grande Juve is back.
  9. Re: Borussia Dortmund v Juventus > Wednesday March 18th Dortmund didn't create many chances in the 1st leg. They needed a Chiellini's slip to score. Juve should have won by a bigger margin. It's hard to see Dortmund turn things around tonight. Allegri made Juve a much more solid team. His Milan dealt with Barca mightily before despite limited resources so I expect no less this time, specially with the sort of players at his disposal. Morata and Tevez up front are capable of hitting a sucker punch if Dortmund play all out attack. I'll go big on Juve +0.25 AH.
  10. Re: Juventus v Borussia Dortmund > Tuesday February 24th Juve were clearly the better side. They easily nullified Dortmund's attacks all night. Unless there is another disastrous slip by a Juve's player, I can't see Dortmund scoring in the return leg. Numerous chances created but Juve wasted most of them as usual. Juve will go through but they probably are not ready to compete with the likes of Bayern, Real or Barca yet.
  11. Re: Juventus v Borussia Dortmund > Tuesday February 24th I'm not sure why you all undermine Juve's defence so much. Fact is they rarely concede ever since Allegri was in charge and transform the backline into 4-man. It's extremely difficult to beat a 4-man Italian defence, especially when they have the sort of Chiellini and Bonucci. They may be complacent in Serie A but we all should expect them to concentrate on the job in Europe. As Allegri ordered, Juve will play a very tight game for sure, they have the quality to do it. Whether they will win or not is another matter, but I expect a low scoring match tonight. If we know how dangerous Dortmund can be, Allegri is certainly aware of the danger too and he has the measures to deal with it properly. Frankly speaking, Dortmund's attack is bland without Reus. If the man is marked out of the game (Chiellini is the specialist) I expect Dortmund to be toothless all night. Therefore I will go big on the Under 2.5 goals, CS 0-0, 1-0.
  12. Re: AFC Asian Cup (Australia) 2015 Very well organised Korea won't be easy to break down. I'm impressed with their water tight defence and excellent work ethics. Korean are known as fine athletes and they also seem to enjoy the workload. OZ will face a tough task today. However, Korea don't offer much going forward and I expect the Kangaroo's defence to hold their line alright. It's difficult to pick a winner so I will go for Under 2 goal. Too much at stake, the 2 teams will be extremely prudent. Plus Korea strong defence and not so great strikeforce, so don't think there will be 3 goals or more in this match. Extra time looming.
  13. Re: Everton v West Bromwich Albion > Monday January 19th I'd like to entertain you with some stats, Sir. Last season in Premier League, home teams won 47% of all matches. This rate was 44% the season before. And after 22 rounds this season home teams have won only 43% of the matches. That is less than the total of draw games or away wins. I would not have thought home advantage could be that crucial in the PL. Everton have a better squad but when you take their form into account, it seems something is wrong with the way they play. WBA's performances before Pulis took over was shit but they have picked up some form lately with 2 lively displays. Pulis has been known for his ability to make lesser teams very hard to beat and I expect him to perform exactly that with WBA. Everton is better but not that much better. And the need for points doesn't necessarily make a team raise their game above their normal level. Sometimes it leads to adventurous approach and that's disaster waiting to happen. Expect a very tight contest this evening, with Everton harmlessly blunt as usual and WBA looking to hit back with swift counter attacks. I'm happy to take WBA +3/4 AH, may consider +1/2 for better price.
  14. Re: Ligue 2 > January 16th - 19th Laval have a solid home record and they don't lose many matches overall. Worth a punt on DNB against Dijon who are not great away from home. Total goal Under 2 could be a good bet as well as matches between these 2 sides have shown a great tendency towards the Under.
  15. Re: Conference North/South 26th December It looks like the bet was settled as Hednesford got all 3 points. Could anyone please provide the official verdict from the league?
  16. Re: Conference North/South 26th December Are you sure the match was abandoned? I'm still waiting for the decision from the bookie. Worcester is in my big acca so if the match is abandoned then Alas it is a massive belated Xmas gift for me. Finger crossing here.
  17. Re: Ligue 2 > December 12th - 15th GFCO snatched a draw with just few minutes to go. Great call but unlucky Meaty mate :) Creteil, Lavalle and Valencienne did a great job. Along with Lyon, France footy made a really good night for me.
  18. Re: Ligue 1 Orange > October 3rd - 5th Thank you Meatman. I went big on Marseille. Thought they should've won it a bit easier.
  19. Re: Anderlecht v Borussia Dortmund > Wednesday October 1st I don't trust Dortmund as long as Reus is still out. Anderlech is a young team with great talents so they are difficult to predict. They may play a great game or simply get thrashed within the 1st half. I'll skip this one.
  20. Re: Ludogorets Razgrad v Real Madrid > Wednesday October 1st If Ludo had real fans and hot home ground, it is actually a favour towards Real because their star players are more likely to thrill in exciting atmospheres than to crumble under pressure. The Spaniards on paper should crush Ludo by 4-5 goals to nil. They are so damn good against smaller teams thanks to superior attacking power. Maybe their deficiency in midfield would harm them against top teams but it is not the case tonight. Real could and should cover the handcap with ease. Their poor start to the season will only spur them on. They need big wins to get their superstars into shape. Real put 5 past Basel and I fail to see why they can't do it again this time in Sofia. My bet: Real -2 AH
  21. Re: FC Basel v Liverpool > Wednesday October 1st I'm not quite enthusiastic about goals either. Liverpool look toothless without Sturridge and it won't change over night. If they struggle in PL, how can they do better in CL. Ask Chelsea, Arsenal and Man City how things were for them last round, and Liverpool themselves had hell of a night against Ludogorets. Basel are not as strong as they were under Yakin but they have experience at this level. PL teams are way overrated in CL so I'm happy to go against them. My bets: Basel +0.5, Under 3 FT, CS 1-1 FT
  22. Re: Paris Saint-Germain v FC Barcelona > Tuesday September 30th Entertaining stuff at Parc des Princes! PSG took the game to Barca as if they were not without Silva and Ibra. My prediction is wrong but this is very very good football from PSG. Barca are piss poor in defending set pieces. 2 goals, 1 header from the midget Verratti, can you believe it?
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