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  1. Quality tips harry_rag.I looked at the 2015 World Cup and the dogs won 2/1 on the caps.By picking Ireland and France you got two of the fav's nice. As with the 2015 Cup the caps are staying high.The ball isn't sticking in the hands many times and tries are not many yet. One game Mon,one Tues,,one Wed,two Thur. I like the value on Ireland @ 8/1 still.
  2. That Blissfull paid nice today...albeit 2nd choice.
  3. Busy day tomorrow...Farzeen odds went out ,no good for today.
  4. Red cards and draws seem low at a glance ...but these are done by those stats analysts. One major aspect will be the weather... affecting points in the heat as well as those typhoons.
  5. It helps to tinker around with your Rdata as far as increased stakes are concerned. There are a couple ,like the Top four Team at evens where I noticed a long winning streak. There it would be better to increase on a win...maybe increase on first win then just play same amount next bet,increase if win again then play that same amount again on the following bet and so on.... I'm currently trying to find online leagues where the team log position is displayed next to their matchup fixture.
  6. Yep lets ride this pony.😛 265 picks over what time period? Just to get an idea of the volume.
  7. "I've been away from here for quite a while since stopping working on the rdata site but I've still been following a few things. I have a system that has, so far, produced 264 selections (horse racing). It has a strike rate of just under 46% with an average win SP of 1.77 (1.89 on Betfair). Longest losing run is 9 and the longest winning run is 6. Calculated potential longest losing run is 13 per 1000 bets based on the strike rate. I've played with many staking plans and, " 46% those odds 11/4.....suppose time will tell on the long run.With those aggressive betting plans it always helps to kick off with wins.You know the secret is always to play with their money.Any chance of sharing this system with us mere mortals in the future?
  8. And then I just end a losing streak after three plays on even money.,before any major damage....,with draws could if five easily,..then stop.
  9. Going tonight for Suns+12 as well as Celtics-2,5 Just some trends followed on from
  10. With a 55% win ratio on even money betting ,one should win with bet increases. Kentucky has a limit filter that one can set.Personally I stop after 3 losses on a line.
  11. Definitely any good draw system will be even more profitable if bets are increased on a loss. There's a couple of Kentucky110 draw queries which I'll be following this season.He has a form of bet increase(multiple) which shows a great profit last two seasons. I'll use his and some of my own mix and match lines this season.
  12. Kentuckey110---Good to have as a guide,sure one can find some value bets too.Did you play this last season and how did it go?
  13. Nice work on the bet increase system Keef75.So I understand that the bet level is not increased if there are more than one game, on a given day following a loss. One way round this is to have maybe 5 columns and for instance just play them alphabetically on that day. Yesterday there were two wins on one of the draw queries ,but today I cannot pick it up.One was Southhampton.
  14. I would just use minimum bet levels till the bank built itself .Would need a heck of a lot of patience with that one though.