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  1. Re: The 200/1 Premier League Thread, and why PL members should take advantage. Still 150/1 with some firms..even after 100% record since the start of this thread... QPR next A Man utd H Norwich A West Brom A Newcastle H plus fa cup before EL starts again. If they break 50 points after 26 games...game on....even better if they turn utd over...Again.
  2. Re: Everton v Swansea City > Sat 12th January Your right to wait..However if there is a bogey side for Swansea...Its EFC...last 16 meetings. 12 efc 4 draws..0 swansea. And this starts a crucial point in the season for EFC, 4 EPL games..3 home 1 away..SWANSEA, West Brom n Villa....with Saints away.. To the squad that played last night, Coleman will be fit, Mirallas will be fit...And Gibson will be in the 3rd week of the projected month out.
  3. Re: FA Cup > 29th Dec - 7th Jan I agree with all the above, but I would like to throw Spurs in the mix here...They are on a run at the moment, and with Bale set to play without fail, he alone should have too much freedom. But we overlook the depth Spurs have even if they do make changes. Caulker Huddlestone parker livermore dempsey Friedel...all set to start, far to much for Coventry to handle. Spurs have pedigree in this competion, that wont be lost on AVB, He will know the tradition. As for coventry they have other plans this year, coming off a defeat at home the other day, they are 2 wins off the play offs, that is were the priority is...And it is there for them, if they get over the latest blip. But for this game, expect changes. Man city Boro Spurs MAX Treble...1.56 most firms. gl
  4. Re: Newcastle United v Everton > Wed 2nd January Also top of the shopping list has to be cover in goal...Howard can be dodgy at times,,crosses especially...and the backup keeper is div 2 at best. wot u think?
  5. Re: Newcastle United v Everton > Wed 2nd January Coleman Jags Distin Baines...EFC unbeaten when this has been their back 4 this season..BTW Naismith brings nothing to the table IMO, was carried again tonight, and Neville was chasing shadows..surely his time has gone... There is no doubt Mirallas is potentially the best player at the club, when he is fit, he will terrorise defences in this league.
  6. Re: FA Cup > 29th Dec - 7th Jan Pretty imprtant id say,,,Last 10, when they have been on a run,,,unbeaten when he played,,netting 6 ,,,1 goal in 2 for oxford carear from midfield is decent IMO
  7. Re: FA Cup > 29th Dec - 7th Jan Just about the hardest weekend of football matches to predict, this is chritmas come late for the bookmaker..If you can predict a treble you will do well. I myself feel its a great opportunity to pick 4 or 5 Ante post to lift the cup, then if you get thru, the price will collapse by half in many instances...Finding the teams that want to win this cup or get as far as they can for the money is the key. My ante post to follow.
  8. Re: Manchester United v Liverpool > Sun 13th January Liverpool have only beaten teams below them...Not beaten a team above them this season.. There is 10 days before we need to look at this game...However LFC at Man utd last 10 meetings NO DRAWS...8 man utd 2 LFC..So at this stage based on these stats, 4/5 are good odds for MAN U.
  9. Re: Chelsea v Queens Park Rangers > Wed 2nd January I am very sorry to hear this, i truly am. Buying money is an over used phrase. And people tend to forget that people only need a push along from some comment, when they are already most of the way there, to tip them over. Listen to yourself first, ask yourself many questions before parting with your money..And to be honest I would have laid them if I had a shop, Along with all the home sides tonight... I digress, your money management has to be looked after, it does not matter what you put down, so long as you have back up..I work on a factor of 33..i.e 33 times against my MAX i can afford to be wrong...and then double your bank. So even if your backing in £1 per point..you need £660. We dont have a crystal ball, were going to be wrong, thats why its like that. You say freak results...Are they? analyse them..lets see were you went wrong, what could you have done pre match diffrent?..You sound like this was the last straw..let it be for a while. Come back in a month or two, with a plan and zest to your punting,,reduce your liabilties..small steps again..Small acorns, you know the rest... Its a long old marathon this game, but if its winning a battle, let it go,,,come back and win the war. And remember the EPL is the most dangerous to assume of all leagues...Especially big odds on at home and away. GL m8, and remember when you come back, get your Bank right first, before you put another bet on. GL again;)
  10. Re: Chelsea v Queens Park Rangers > Wed 2nd January Football is about passion and money, to a proffesional footballer... QPR players are fighting for every inch of grass, because next year who knows were their big eage is coming from...And passion because they were called everything in the press and by their own fans..They played with passion tonight.. Beware the RABID dog!
  11. Re: Newcastle United v Everton > Wed 2nd January Martin Atkinson hits the average again....
  12. Re: Newcastle United v Everton > Wed 2nd January wd There were people on here who thought..efc would bottle it...and should not be favs...
  13. Re: Newcastle United v Everton > Wed 2nd January wd m8.....But when you play the best English centre half in the EPL at right back,,,The opposition will always have a chance. All ill say is it will be his last game there for a while...Coleman will be there next week..And he will be back to centre half
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