** Nap's Competition Result : 1st Barnsley Chop, 2nd Daisychain, 3rd Bathtime For Rupert, 4th Marmalade, KO Cup Tipsterix, Most Winners Calva Decoy**
**June Poker League Result : 1st Autogree £75, 2nd Rivrd £45, 3rd Ian309 £30**


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  1. 3.45 Cheltenham Minella Warrior 8/1 Bet365
  2. 7.00 Chelmsford Excellent George 7/2 Bet365
  3. 5.30 Chelmsford Conkering Hero 11/2 Hills
  4. Sorry, was just lazily copying and pasting 😳
  5. 150 Dn: Watchable225 Dn: Breton Rock300 Dn: Threat335 Dn: Sir Ron Priestley410 Dn: Wild Thunder445 Dn: Qaysar555 Dn: Kitaabaat
  6. 210 Dn: Solar Gold240 Dn: Charles Kingsley310 Dn: Dee Ex Bee345 Dn: Alligator Alley420 Dn: Wichita455 Dn: Arabian Moon530 Dn: Battered600 Dn: The Jean Genie
  7. 210 Dn: Rosadora240 Dn: Enbihaar315 Dn: Harpocrates345 Dn: Alpen Rose420 Dn: Poyle Vinnie455 Dn: Waarif530 Dn: Mutamaasik