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** November Poker League Result : 1st ian309, 2nd juanmoment, 3rd McG **
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st Soi Bongkot, 2nd fischer21, 3rd chillymonster, 4th Pempi, 5th patriciamarc **
** October Naps Competition Result: 1st sirspread, 2nd kenisbusy, 3rd Artie77, 4th Mick33. KO Cup Winner: The Equaliser, Most Winners: CS333 **


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  1. Thanks for the Comp, 2nd time I won this one... Well played all thanks BH
  2. 2.30 As: Aiming For Rio 3.05 As: Revolutionist 3.40 As: Dartmouth 4.20 As: Holler 5.00 As: Flash Fire 5.35 As: Amour de Nuit Good luck all and thanks to BillyHills !
  3. 2.30 As: Brave Anna 3.05 As: Muntahaa 3.40 As: Washington Dc 4.20 As: Marenko 5.00 As:Top Tug 5.35 As:Opposition
  4. 2.30 As: Peace Envoy 3.05 As: Hawkbill 3.40 As: Shall We 4.20 As: Clever Cookie 5.00 As: Yattwee 5.35 As:Guy Fawkes
  5. 2.30 As: Ross Castle 3.05 As: Katrine 3.40 As: Always Smile 4.20 As: My Dream Boat 5.00 As: Secret Brief 5.35 As:Anamba
  6. 2.30 As: Ervedya 3.05 As: Broken Stones 3.40 As: Jungle Cat 4.20 As: Galileo Gold 5.00 As: No Heretic 5.35 As: Battaash
  7. Yes, I'm in, Another boring night out for Georgie :-) Need someone to fetch the drinks!
  8. Re: *** Grosvenor Poker League starts 4th May - £440 Added Value - 1st Leg May 4th ** poker alias : itsmeKev
  9. Re: 10K INVESTMENT IN BFAIR V ISA Some roller coaster ride this has been Reading from the start, good luck with it if continuing Some great advice along the way The buzz waiting for a goal, as the saying goes, it's not over till the fat lady sings!
  10. Re: Nap of The Day Competition - Thursday July 3rd 7.10 Epsom Corporal Maddox 0.50 e.w please bet 365 20/1
  11. Re: Nap Of The Day Competition ~ Tuesday July 1st Dutch Lady 2.45 Hamilton... 6/1 @ Bet365 staying on 3rd last time out, 1 win from 7 runs, albeit a surprise winner...
  12. Re: Cheltenham Festival Competition ~ Day 1 Selections 1.30: Splash of Ginge 2.05: Dodging Bullets 2.40: King Massini 3.20:The New One 4.00: Highland Retreat 4.40: Merlin's Wish 5.15: Persian Snow
  13. Re: Random 0-0 lay Terrible start... 2 bets 2 losers Start again tomorrow
  14. Re: Random 0-0 lay Not looking good.... Anyway 18 Roma V Inter @ 1.25 returns 4.27
  15. Re: Projectreborn's £50 to £5000 Challenge Good Luck! Well done on the 1st of many hopefully
  16. Will be laying the 0-0 at any odds... Had some success before.... Looking to double up with at the start, then will decide from there.. Kiss of death first thread in loooooonnnnnnggggg time £50 start bank Also going to find a couple of old threads and possibly resurrect 1st Game Getafe V Espanyol 0-0 at H/T 0.5+ @ 1.42 for £32 to return after commission £12.78
  17. kevsul

    DC's nags

    Re: DC's NH nags Nice reading through this thread DC Great going mate!
  18. Re: Aldric's - Over 5.5 Corners Well done on the profit from the first lot. Good Luck for the 2nd string....
  19. Re: Aldric's Double Up After reading all the way through, and about to say welcome back, along side good luck, your doing well so far!....Then Booooom!! Ouch!
  20. Re: PL Poker Champs 2013 - Sat Sep 28th - Sponsored by Grosvenor Poker (£1800 Added)! Pretty much bang on for directions.... but if you want to be a bit closer, get off at Five ways train station.... then walk up to the island and straight over to the casino
  21. Re: PL Poker Champs 2013 - Sat Sep 28th - Sponsored by Grosvenor Poker (£1800 Added)!
  22. Re: PL Poker Champs 2013 - Sat Sep 28th - Sponsored by Grosvenor Poker (£1800 Added)! Be rude of me not to! See you there
  23. Re: Massive gamble on Staines, opposition fielding outfield player in goals!! And the Gamble got Beat >>> Staines 1-2 Farnborough
  24. Re: BOG-trotting with bet365 Nice to see this still winning money :clap
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