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** November Poker League Result : 1st ian309, 2nd juanmoment, 3rd McG **
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st Soi Bongkot, 2nd fischer21, 3rd chillymonster, 4th Pempi, 5th patriciamarc **
** October Naps Competition Result: 1st sirspread, 2nd kenisbusy, 3rd Artie77, 4th Mick33. KO Cup Winner: The Equaliser, Most Winners: CS333 **


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  1. Re: PLACEPOTS - Here please £1.9k landed 30/09 :nana :nana i reckon it will pay around £80 but had nocatee got 3rd it would of payed about£1200 i think but never mind still a little profit:nana :D
  2. Re: PLACEPOTS - Here please £1.9k landed 30/09 :clap not a double up but still got the last leg could do with fav out of it
  3. Re: PLACEPOTS - Here please £1.9k landed 30/09 :notworthy hi guys been following with intrest i do a places regular just like the rest of us but i always do it to 64 bets either 10p 20p 30p ,had a few good uns in my time ,best ever was cheltenham five or 6 years ago paid £3000+ had it up for 80p very drunk that night :D so here we go with my choice's todayi usually try and leave out the fav's even if they look nailed on try for the value really . CHELTENHAM::: CLASSIC APPROACH (1) LAGO D'ORO (6) SPECIAL CONQUEST (3) LUBINAS (10) SPACE COWBOY (10) REIZIGER (11) SWEET DIVERSION (2) YOU OWE ME (6) SMART BOY PRINCE (6) TOM BELL (9) TAMNGO (1) WHISPERED SECRET (2) SEDGEFIELD BALL GAMES (4) DIAMOND JACK (3) END OF AN ERROR (2) DIAMOND JOSHUA (5) BOUGOURE (1) MONSIEUR DELAGE (5) CORRIES WOOD (1) CHRIS AND RYAN (7) FLAKE (3) NICK THE SILVER (6) CELTIC BLAZE (6) NOCATEE (7) good luck to all today i am going to do mine @20p lines total stake for each is £12.80p
  4. Re: The Long & Winding Road 05/06 :clap :clap still a profit and taking some intrest i had a go to level £1.00 stakes today on fixed odds at will hill so a couple more would be nice but happy to be winning G/L KEV:nana :nana :ok
  5. Re: Le Championnat 1-0 Home Wins System :clap :clap still with afew to go you have two 1-0 nice and p.s.g G/L for tomorrow kev:nana :nana :ok and unlucky with lille got a goal in 89th min:@
  6. Re: Correct Score strategy selections :nana :nana looks good a 3-0 win tonight G/L with this will be following with intrest kev.:clap :clap :ok
  7. Re: Horse Racing - Multiple Entry System :cry still no good but had brigadier du bois at early price of 9/1 unlucky not to win beaten head and a short head did just get in front after the last for a few strides keep it going kev.. good luck
  8. Re: Danny Cash 'Lay the Donkey' strategy (+£13.66) :clap :clap hi danny, just help me out here , i see you keep getting a little profit most days, when you say you lay the donkey, tell me if i got it right please, does it work like this example!! you have £50 bank you lay a horse at 10/1 it wins you lose your £50 but if it loses you win £5 i think i got that right sorry to be so thick but i have been following a lot of threads and not doing to bad as i am only betting in the bookies but i am considering getting accounts with betfair and sporting index, please advise kev, by the way good luck and all the best:ok :ok
  9. Re: The Martingale Football System :cry well is there one for tonight , we could go opposite to what you pick:rollin :rollin ha!! ha!! but good luck in all seriousness:hope :hope
  10. Re: Horse Racing - Multiple Entry System :unsure still backing e/w singles as well, so just another little loss again today.. but keep trying g/l kev
  11. Re: Horse Racing - Multiple Entry System :) hi there i had a go on these today all e/w except for 1/2 fav, also left out fiddlers wood, then did all others in win doubles and e/w trebles and e/w fours and e/w acc with the e/w singles it just turned out at a slight loss but watched some of racing and had a chance of a nice win double but its early days and i may just keep giving it a try in win doubles and e/w trebles and e/w fours etc so good luck in the venture and lets hope it throws out a few big winners every now and then kev:clap :clap
  12. Re: Danny Cash 'One Goal Will Do' system :nana :nana there you go get in there 1-0:nana :clap :clap :clap still good descion to stay with your original choice
  13. Re: Danny Cash 'One Goal Will Do' system :hope good luck , i see the other 2 already would have won :hope
  14. Re: The Martingale Football System :nana :nana nice result final score 5-1 :beer :beer :cheers :cheers
  15. Re: The Martingale Football System :hope five minutes to go and 2-1 up to kapfenberg:hope
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