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  1. Your still going strong on these, lets hope you hit the 500 this time
  2. Ear Muffs! LMAO!! Certainly remember been loud back in the day, not so much nowadays! just enjoy and have plenty
  3. Well i'm gutted i cannot make this, I have my first holiday booked in 30yrs +, and travel out on the 10th from London Enjoy and have a great time, as i'm sure you all will
  4. Hello All, I been trying to login to pokerstars, But when i put, it keeps coming up with, and it tells me i cannot login there, only on .com, any ideas?
  5. Nice attempt, but a look at cash out, i know it's glory or bust... but a cash out for a 3rd of the win, is not bad..... how about looking when cash out is available, to recover the stake, and a small profit, and let the rest run, for a lettle less than the original return... Just a thought
  6. Thanks for the Comp, 2nd time I won this one... Well played all thanks BH
  7. 2.30 As: Aiming For Rio 3.05 As: Revolutionist 3.40 As: Dartmouth 4.20 As: Holler 5.00 As: Flash Fire 5.35 As: Amour de Nuit Good luck all and thanks to BillyHills !
  8. 2.30 As: Brave Anna 3.05 As: Muntahaa 3.40 As: Washington Dc 4.20 As: Marenko 5.00 As:Top Tug 5.35 As:Opposition
  9. 2.30 As: Peace Envoy 3.05 As: Hawkbill 3.40 As: Shall We 4.20 As: Clever Cookie 5.00 As: Yattwee 5.35 As:Guy Fawkes
  10. 2.30 As: Ross Castle 3.05 As: Katrine 3.40 As: Always Smile 4.20 As: My Dream Boat 5.00 As: Secret Brief 5.35 As:Anamba
  11. 2.30 As: Ervedya 3.05 As: Broken Stones 3.40 As: Jungle Cat 4.20 As: Galileo Gold 5.00 As: No Heretic 5.35 As: Battaash
  12. Yes, I'm in, Another boring night out for Georgie :-) Need someone to fetch the drinks!
  13. Re: *** Grosvenor Poker League starts 4th May - £440 Added Value - 1st Leg May 4th ** poker alias : itsmeKev
  14. Re: 10K INVESTMENT IN BFAIR V ISA Some roller coaster ride this has been Reading from the start, good luck with it if continuing Some great advice along the way The buzz waiting for a goal, as the saying goes, it's not over till the fat lady sings!
  15. Re: Nap of The Day Competition - Thursday July 3rd 7.10 Epsom Corporal Maddox 0.50 e.w please bet 365 20/1
  16. Re: Nap Of The Day Competition ~ Tuesday July 1st Dutch Lady 2.45 Hamilton... 6/1 @ Bet365 staying on 3rd last time out, 1 win from 7 runs, albeit a surprise winner...
  17. Re: Cheltenham Festival Competition ~ Day 1 Selections 1.30: Splash of Ginge 2.05: Dodging Bullets 2.40: King Massini 3.20:The New One 4.00: Highland Retreat 4.40: Merlin's Wish 5.15: Persian Snow
  18. Re: Random 0-0 lay Terrible start... 2 bets 2 losers Start again tomorrow
  19. Re: Random 0-0 lay Not looking good.... Anyway 18 Roma V Inter @ 1.25 returns 4.27
  20. Re: Projectreborn's £50 to £5000 Challenge Good Luck! Well done on the 1st of many hopefully
  21. Will be laying the 0-0 at any odds... Had some success before.... Looking to double up with at the start, then will decide from there.. Kiss of death first thread in loooooonnnnnnggggg time £50 start bank Also going to find a couple of old threads and possibly resurrect 1st Game Getafe V Espanyol 0-0 at H/T 0.5+ @ 1.42 for £32 to return after commission £12.78
  22. kevsul

    DC's nags

    Re: DC's NH nags Nice reading through this thread DC Great going mate!
  23. Re: Aldric's - Over 5.5 Corners Well done on the profit from the first lot. Good Luck for the 2nd string....