** July Nap's Competition Result : 1st Rainbow, 2nd Trainmad091, 3rd Zidane123, KO Cup Bathtime For Rupert, Most Winners Alastair, Goodwood Comp: Glavintoby**
**July Poker League Result : 1st Craggwood £75, 2nd Like2Fish £45, 3rd Rivrd £30**


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  1. Thanks, and Yes, Certainly my very first league win, since coming back playing, throughly enjoyed, the swaping of chips between the final 3...
  2. Again thanks to PL & BH for running the Competition ! Enjoyed it yet again! Well done to the winners! See you at the next one!
  3. 1.50 Gd: May Remain 2.25 Gd: Mordred 3.00 Gd: Cabeltta 3.35 Gd: Altantas Boy 4.10 Gd: Corvair 4.40 Gd: Danville 5.10 Gd: Hats off to Larry Good Luck All
  4. 1.10 Gd: First Impression 1.45 Gd: Invitational 2.15 Gd: Tilsit 2.45 Gd: Almufti 3.15 Gd: Ken Colt 3.45 Gd: Le Don De Vie 4.20 Gd: Thank you next 4.55 Gd Ambrella good Luck All!
  5. 1.10 Gd: Newyorkstateofmind 1.45 Gd: Lucander 2.15 Gd: Lauded 2.45 Gd: Subjectivist 3.15 Gd: One Voice 3.45 Gd: Samara Bay 4.20 Gd: Zooma 4.55 Gd: Rebel at Dawn Good Luck All!
  6. 1.10 Gd: Nkosikazi 1.45 Gd: Coeur De Lion 2.15 Gd: A star above 2.45 Gd: Night on Earth 3.15 Gd: Circus Maximus 3.45 Gd: Country Carnival 4.20 Gd: Mountain Brave Good Luck All
  7. 1.10 Gd: Queen of Silca 1.45 Gd: Alternative Fact 2.15 Gd: Dark Lion 2.45 Gd: Dbai 3.15 Gd: Nayef Road 3.45 Gd: Caspian Prince 4.20 Gd: Skibo Castle 4.55 Gd: Believe in Love Good Luck All!
  8. Well done to the top 3, super entry figures, shows the forum, is still at the top level! Many thanks to PL & BillyHills for running the competion, and the hard work put in! Looking forward to glorious goodwood
  9. Was just going through and seen it! Well done to Alley Cat Glover!
  10. 1240 A: Burmese Waltz 115 A: Sands of time 150 A: Army of India 225 A: Sharing 300 A: Palace Pier 335 A; Shine so Bright 410 A: Silent echo 440 A: Adrrastos I get it correct today Good Luck all! Once again, many thanks to PL & BH for all the hard work!
  11. 115 As: Mighty Spirit 150 As: Dandalla 225 As: The Lir Jet 300 As: Hamish 335 As: Kimari 410 As: On Guard 440 As: Medal Winner Good Luck all on Final Day! Many Thanks to PL and BH for arranging!
  12. 115 As: Bronze River 150 As: Dubai Warrior 225 As: Lord of the lodge 300 As: Bright Devil 335 As: Nayef Road 410 As: Path of thunder 440 As: Huboor
  13. 115 As: Sir Busker 150 As: Berlin Tango 225 As: Body Line 300 As: Barney Roy 335 As: Alrajaa 410 As: Sunshine City 440 As: Collide
  14. Absolutely shocked to the core with this news, knowing the man and fighter he was, I truly expected to see him again after all this lockdown, Such a great kindhearted and straight to the point kind of guy! My thoughts go out to Michalea & the family! Also all his PL family and friends, "God Bless you Paul Ross"
  15. Your still going strong on these, lets hope you hit the 500 this time
  16. Ear Muffs! LMAO!! Certainly remember been loud back in the day, not so much nowadays! just enjoy and have plenty
  17. Well i'm gutted i cannot make this, I have my first holiday booked in 30yrs +, and travel out on the 10th from London Enjoy and have a great time, as i'm sure you all will
  18. Hello All, I been trying to login to pokerstars, But when i put, it keeps coming up with, and it tells me i cannot login there, only on .com, any ideas?
  19. Nice attempt, but a look at cash out, i know it's glory or bust... but a cash out for a 3rd of the win, is not bad..... how about looking when cash out is available, to recover the stake, and a small profit, and let the rest run, for a lettle less than the original return... Just a thought
  20. Thanks for the Comp, 2nd time I won this one... Well played all thanks BH
  21. 2.30 As: Aiming For Rio 3.05 As: Revolutionist 3.40 As: Dartmouth 4.20 As: Holler 5.00 As: Flash Fire 5.35 As: Amour de Nuit Good luck all and thanks to BillyHills !
  22. 2.30 As: Brave Anna 3.05 As: Muntahaa 3.40 As: Washington Dc 4.20 As: Marenko 5.00 As:Top Tug 5.35 As:Opposition