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  1. Re: Glasgow - Alea Casino This schedule is way out of date now. Alea is probably the best place in Glasgow now for cash games,Riverboat being a close rival. Omaha and NLH feature most nights now.Forgot to mention they have a dedicated poker room now.
  2. jolly67

    Unibet poker

    Hi folks, just read that Unibet are hosting a tourney at Celtic Park in June, this might be my only chance to "play" at Celtic Park :loon. I've never played on Unibet, does anyone have any experience of them?.
  3. Re: APAT Season 8 - Next leg 28th Feb (Edinburgh) I shall be playing Edinburgh leg next weekend, anyone else?
  4. Re: APAT Season 7 Live Tour - Next Event (Glasgow) 2nd Nov I've just had confirmation of entry for the Glasgow event on 2nd November, and I shall be warming up at the Irish Winter Festival this weekend :)
  5. APAT Glasgow 13-14 Oct I'm in :D http://www.apat.com/forum/index.php?topic=12062.0
  6. Re: Paddy Power Talksport 27th Feb - 4th March a seat at the 2012 Irish Poker Open! Im in :cigar
  7. Re: PL Exclusive GUKPT December League - £1200 Added - Leg 1 is 7th December Ach, why not:ok
  8. Re: ** Poker Diary Weekend 3rd-4th Dec ** APAT Matchday 16 has been moved to next Sunday 11th Dec, due to clash with APAT UK Open in Manchester this weekend.
  9. Re: ** Poker Diary Weekdays 31 Oct-4 Nov ** Black Belt has a new league series starting tonight 19.30.
  10. Re: ** Poker Diary Weekdays 31 Oct-4 Nov ** Black Belt has a new league series starting tonight 19.30.
  11. Re: Poker Player Grandprix 7 No funds for me yet:sad
  12. Re: Poker Player Grandprix 7 I was none of those, the smack smiley was just cos you won your own tourney;) pic here is me,Glenn and Washman.
  13. Re: Poker Player Grandprix 7 I did indeed :ok Good to meet some folk i've been playing against for years:clap.Thanks Poker Player /BWin for a very enjoyable day,and well done Alun for the "win":spank
  14. Re: Poker Player Grandprix 7
  15. Re: Poker Player Grandprix 7 I've already asked Alun about passing my seat on,cost of getting from Glasgow, at fairly short notice, was extortionate. As i expected it has to pass to next best finisher. I'm glad of that now as I've found an affordable way of attending :nana
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