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  1. I would go as far to say your Welsh Prem success rate is over 80% so far and on games with odds over evens as well!
  2. Stevie, Sorry I have not been posting, I have had alot on personally and felt unable to provide solid tips. I must say from watching the thread week to week your tips on the Welsh Premier have been outstanding, especially as almost all of them are over evens on the odds. Any idea what your success rate is on the Welsh Prem to date this season
  3. Stevie, Sorry I have not been posting, I have had alot on personally and felt unable to provide solid tips. I must say from watching the thread week to week your tips on the Welsh Premier have been outstanding, especially as almost all of them are over evens on the odds. Any idea what your success rate is on the Welsh Prem to date this season?
  4. Hi Steve, Just thinking out loud, what about it being added to a thread in a shuffle around. I would understand the concern that a domestic welsh football betting thread may not attract enough activity. I note the League of Ireland thread has not been very active: https://forum.punterslounge.com/forum/204-league-of-ireland-predictions/ Just an idea, what about combining a Welsh, N.Irish, and Irish football betting thread into one? https://forum.punterslounge.com/forum/239-league-1-2-scottish-predictions/ Just as a small aside the league 1-2, Scottish predictions thread, says Scottish predictions but in the description its says "All the best bets from English League 1 & 2 and Scottish Premiership and Scottish Football League are right here" I would add the bit I have added in red as I have noticed a more than a few posts over time about the Championship, 1 & 2 in Scotland as well but reading the description you would not know that. Just a couple of ideas. Cheers, CW
  5. Hi, I hope everyone is having a good summer. Looking forward to the 2019/20 season! What thread can I post Welsh Premier League/Welsh Championship North and South/Welsh Cup predictions? as I am focusing on that this coming season having had good returns the last few years. Cheers, CW
  6. 1 Thursday June 14 4pm Russia v Saudi Arabia (A) 1-0 2 Friday June 15 1pm Egypt v Uruguay (A) 0-2 3 Friday June 15 4pm Morocco v Iran (B) 1-0 4 Friday June 15 7pm Portugal v Spain (B) 1-2 5 Saturday June 16 11am France v Australia (C) 2-0 6 Saturday June 16 2pm Argentina v Iceland (D) 2-0 7 Saturday June 16 5pm Peru v Denmark (C) 1-2 8 Saturday June 16 8pm Croatia v Nigeria (D) 2-1 9 Sunday June 17 1pm Costa Rica v Serbia (E) 0-2 10 Sunday June 17 4pm Germany v Mexico (F) 2-1 11 Sunday June 17 7pm Brazil v Switzerland (E) 2-0 12 Monday June 18 1pm Sweden v South Korea (F) 2-1 13 Monday June 18 4pm Belgium v Panama (G) 3-0 14 Monday June 18 7pm Tunisia v England (G) 0-1 15 Tuesday June 19 1pm Poland v Senegal (H) 2-1 16 Tuesday June 19 4pm Colombia v Japan (H) 2-1 17 Tuesday June 19 7pm Russia v Egypt (A) 1-1 18 Wednesday June 20 1pm Portugal v Morocco (B) 2-1 19 Wednesday June 20 4pm Uruguay v Saudi Arabia (A) 3-0 20 Wednesday June 20 7pm Iran v Spain (B) 0-2 21 Thursday June 21 1pm France v Peru (C) 2-0 22 Thursday June 21 4pm Denmark v Australia (C) 2-1 23 Thursday June 21 7pm Argentina v Croatia (D )1-1 24 Friday June 22 1pm Brazil v Costa Rica (E) 3-0 25 Friday June 22 4pm Nigeria v Iceland (D) 1-1 26 Friday June 22 7pm Serbia v Switzerland (E) 1-1 27 Saturday June 23 1pm Belgium v Tunisia (G) 2-0 28 Saturday June 23 4pm Germany v Sweden (F) 2-0 29 Saturday June 23 7pm South Korea v Mexico (F) 1-2 30 Sunday June 24 1pm England v Panama (G) 3-0 31 Sunday June 24 4pm Japan v Senegal (H) 1-2 32 Sunday June 24 7pm Poland v Colombia (H) 1-1 33 Monday June 25 3pm Uruguay v Russia (A) 0-2 34 Monday June 25 3pm Saudi Arabia v Egypt (A) 1-2 35 Monday June 25 7pm Spain v Morocco (B) 2-0 36 Monday June 25 7pm Iran v Portugal (B) 0-1 37 Tuesday June 26 3pm Denmark v France (C) 0-2 38 Tuesday June 26 3pm Australia v Peru (C) 0-1 39 Tuesday June 26 7pm Nigeria v Argentina (D) 0-2 40 Tuesday June 26 7pm Iceland v Croatia (D) 0-2 41 Wednesday June 27 3pm South Korea v Germany (F) 0-2 42 Wednesday June 27 3pm Mexico v Sweden (F) 1-1 43 Wednesday June 27 7pm Serbia v Brazil (E) 1-2 44 Wednesday June 27 7pm Switzerland v Costa Rica (E) 2-0 45 Thursday June 28 3pm Japan v Poland (H) 0-1 46 Thursday June 28 3pm Senegal v Colombia (H) 1-2 47 Thursday June 28 7pm England v Belgium (G) 1-2 48 Thursday June 28 7pm Panama v Tunisia (G) 1-2 1 Brasil 2 Spain 3 Germany 4 France
  7. How did you get on Darran/Seedy? I had it as part of a large accumulator with Betway and it was the last game to come in but propping up the return as it was the biggest odds selection amongst short-priced favourites. I tried to get that part of the bet selection voided before kick off on the basis that the circumstances of the match (ie Workington struggling to get a team out etc..) had changed so much from the previous night. I was quite abruptly told they would not void the match as it fitted in with the 24-hour rule and I asked them for some grace because but no flexibility. Then having checked the score from the pub later I pleasantly surprised that Workington had won! I was glad at the stroke of luck and when I checked this morning I saw that the match had been voided. What annoyed me at that point was what I saw as double standards of not voiding it when asked to but then voiding it when it did not suit them. The catch came when I contact them today and they got off on a technicality! If the match had kicked off at 7:45 PM it would have counted but because it kicked off at 8:00 pm which is true it overlapped the timing by 15 minutes! They are within their rights but how annoying! Unlucky to have the match called off Tuesday and then Workington where more up against it on Wednesday, then lucky that Workington actually won and then lastly unlucky again about the kick off time letting Betway off the hook!
  8. When they close your account I take it is because you have made too much profit on bets? How do they go about that and what do they say?
  9. Billericay are priced up at 1/6 on Bet 365 to beat Didcot which is almost a formality considering the Conference National standard team that Tamplins plaything are. I suspect that is listed due to it being screened by the BBC online.
  10. Stevie, Where are you seeing odds for South Shields? Aren't they Northern DIv 1 North? Your post looked like it was incomplete? Cheers, Cheltenhamwhite
  11. Already looking forward to next season!!
  12. I was tempted by Corby but Stefan Moore is supposed to be out injured according to Gary Mills the manager and although I'm not saying it is not still a good bet but Moore is so important to them and is proven at that level and the level above, the netting of two good goals against Spennymoor at home in a match I gave Corby little to no chance in showed that. I was going to bet on this and Corby are still good odds but the absence of Moore in an away game when Ilkeston have only been losing by one goal in the last three games they have played means no bet for me. http://www.northantstelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/local/go-and-put-it-right-urges-corby-boss-mills-1-7780898
  13. Looks like no one is pricing up Step 4 of Non league (Northern Div 1's, Southern Div 1's and Ryman Div 1's) can anyone post on here if they see odds for outright winners of these leagues on any sites in the next few weeks. Cheers.
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