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  1. Kitten's 2,000 Bet Challenge (13% completed)

    How do you get round the minimum £2 stake restriction at those odds ?
  2. Minimum stakes

    How to place a lay bet below minimum stakes required by betfair eg lay 3-3 £120 @110 odds
  3. Dan's £50 on Football Handicaps

    Re: Dan's £50 on Football Handicaps Hi blue is this asian handicaps you taking or European ?
  4. Need trading app for ipad

    Anyone know any good trading apps for the ipad ? Currently using bettornado but they re about to pull the plug:wall
  5. Skittle's Big One.

    Re: Skittle's Big One. Sorry was referring to bet 2, 14, 15, 16, 18 of page 1
  6. Skittle's Big One.

    Re: Skittle's Big One. Hi skittles , i admire ur patience and discipline with what u are doing. Good way to make some extra cash if got the right virtues. Out of curiosity where do u place ur bets with the inplay asian handicap ?