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  1. Re: Championship > 30th April - 4th May Who would be most likely to be favourites to come straight back down, Hull or Watford? Cardiff have it in their hands now to make a decision that could keep them in the Prem after next season.................
  2. Re: v3rn0n's BTTS acca (+10% yield) A bad week with low expectations is better than a bad week with high expectations......if it keeps happening then you don't bet those weeks..........(but we all do anyway...just in case....) keep up the good work!
  3. Re: v3rn0n's BTTS acca Interesting...I'm looking at the same type of bet and the best strategy on perms. I love this bet, especially on a match day as you can be "hanging in there" til the very last minute. Out of interest. what made you go for 4-folds? It looks like you need 7 out of 9 to make a profit each week. As a side note, it would be good to display the profit/loss for each bet in your posts as well as the running total, as at first glance it looks like you made a profit on the last bet where as it was a loss. In the meantime,keep up the good work and keep the faith!
  4. Re: Posting attachments Hi Paul I don't see the attachment button in the other Punter's tool section but I do in this one. Forum Rules [ATTACH]3097[/ATTACH][ATTACH]3098[/ATTACH] Punter's Tools [ATTACH]3100[/ATTACH][ATTACH]3099[/ATTACH]
  5. Re: Posting attachments Hi Paul I have worked on a couple of web-scraping spreadsheets that I am offering to give to other members. They were linked to the thread but I would prefer them to be attached as then only members can download them.
  6. What are the rules regarding permission to post attachments?
  7. Re: Over 0.5 goals ~ Long term ~ *Papertest* If I remember correctly QPR vs Newcastle was 0-0?
  8. Re: Can I change my name? Hi Resigning in - can I change my name to Accu-JD?
  9. Re: Correct Score perm System Hi Guys I think the calculations you are looking for are the 27 perm possibilities of results times the perms of 3 from 4 or 5 or 6 etc So 3 from 4 = 27*4 = 108 3 from 5 = 27*10 = 270 3 from 6 = 27*20 = 540 3 from 7 = 27*35 = 945 3 from 8 = 27*56 = 1512 3 from 9 = 27*84 = 2268 3 from 10 = 27*120= 3240 Hope this helps