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  1. I'm sorry, I'm going out to play, our country starts today three days vacation, enjoy I bought the Liaoning team +0.5, almost 300 pounds. Tianjin QuanjianV Jiangsu Suning, we think the home team will not lose the game
  2. 8:30 TIANjin Quanjian v Jiangsu suning I need to watch live and find the right bet in the ball market, and I'll write it in time.
  3. FXXK!!! According to the first list, the yanbian will be scored by the opponent, the main team will attack the power, so changchun + 0/0.5, I think is better
  4. 8:30 Yanbian v Changchun According to the starter list, the yanbian will be scored, the main team's offensive strength is general, so changchun + 0/0.5, I think is better
  5. 4.28 12:35 Guangzhou R&F V Guizhou Hengfeng Zhicheng Two teams have some insider relations, Guizhou coach in Guangzhou R&F work for many years, now because of poor grades, he faces dismissal, so Guangzhou R&F may make friendship action. Guizhou in the road will not pursue offensive and scoring goals, defensive work will be the focus. So I think the Guizhou+1/1.5 and the total score not more than 2.5/3 is a worthwhile bet
  6. Yes, the game, the best bet is SIPG backward, betting - 0.5. I think so
  7. 是的,这场比赛,最佳投注,是SIPG落后以后,投注-0.5.我是这么认为的
  8. Thank you very much! I like it here, though I must use the shit of the translation software, I hope you can understand what I said. This week I time not many, but I will effort to inquire about some news, and then give me advice.
  9. Hello, do you have any suggestions for tomorrow's SHANGHAI SIPG? I think the return is too high (1.60), there may be an accident
  10. Today's AFC Champions League, JiangSu FC VS Jeju United JiangSu FC, has been locked in the first group, but in the Chinese Super League ranked last, yesterday's team boss meeting, the statement continued to support the coach. We analyze the team will be discharged today, a number of rotation players, our fans today's results are not required. The team also needs to work for the first time in the Chinese Super League at the weekend, so JS FC will lose the game today Jeju United -0.5 is a very good choice, I will bet 1000 yuan (114GBP) to participate in this choice
  11. 我写了很多第一天,还要找到翻译软件,但是没有回应给读者,让我打。 :-(
  12. I wrote a lot of the first day, but also to find the translation software, but there is no response to the reader, let me hit. :-(
  13. I'm sorry, I'm here on the weekend, I went out to play, but I was in the middle of the night in a hurry to write, there is not much time to analyze.... Next week I will try
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