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  1. Re: some advice please... actually that makes me $0.20 up, maybe my poor maths is why I'm losing!
  2. Re: some advice please... ok guys, thanks for all the input. This is what I have done so far: 1) closed down all poker accounts apart from BF so I can keep proper track of things (well havent closed them yet, but gonna) 2) put a £30 per month deposit limit on my account 3) deposited £30 into the account 4) added up total losses, I'm officially £210 down with the £30 I've put in now 5) left cash games behind, playing lowest STT on BF, the $1+20c decided this £30 is it, and gonna look for freerolls to boost it up I just realise i didn't say in the original post that I did win some money, and a few tourneys just lost so much it wiped it all out anyway record so far in this new phase is played 4 at $1.20 each, won one with a prize of $5 so bang on level lol
  3. Re: some advice please... thanks for the advice guys, have the problem that I do play for enjoyment as well as money, but on pretend play or free roll isnt enjoyable because people dont play properly because its not real and i get rivered even more!!
  4. Re: some advice please... Actually just thinking rereading that, about the bills part, don't mean it to sound like I can't pay mortgage. The bills I've been referring to are "social bills" like having to say no to going out cos deposited money on account, that kind of thing
  5. Re: dream hand ?? that is very impressive indeed? did you manage to get a screen shot to put in your photo album?
  6. ... i need to know whether its time to call it a day Been trying to get into poker properly, playing at a mix of £0.15/£0.25 tables and the odd £1 over the last 4 months or so playing at these limits, i must be down at least £150 maybe more but daren't add it all up. At these limits its a fortune i think, but a fortune anyway. There's even bills I cant really pay no becuase of it! I've been playing tight, not playing stupid hands, been reading all the tips on web i can find and will only move chips in with something substantial, not spunking it away on silly gut shots. but I keep getting beat by people making what i would call "stupid" bets that work out for them. Example: just played on a table, got given AKsuited(hearts), player acting UTG raised about 10 times BB so called, everyone folded, out comes AcAs6d. At this point he goes all in, so I have to call given my hand (as only way he dominates is with A6, or 66), he turns over 5d Jd (ie nothing), turn brings 2d, river brings 8d and he beats me with a flush :puke this hand is just typical of so many, you could argue that I should have raised instead of call, but he prob would have still gone all in. The dilemma i have is this, really can't afford to move up blind limits to get rid of all these people that don't play the game properly, but also can't affors to lose as much as I am. As I'm playing tight and not many hands, when I do get one like this and play, and end up in this situation, I've just waited 20mins to pass all my chips to someone I know you will all say that in the long run they will lose his money playing like that, but that doesn't help me, because my bank roll can't absorb enough loses until i meet the same players again, plus they take my chips and will lose them to someone else, leaving me still broke!! I thought when I started playing poker it would take a bit of a loss to learn games and play properly, but I just feel I'm getting nowhere. What i dont understand is this, I would consider myself a clever bloke, who's good at maths and probability yet I must be shite at poker to lose so much, and I don't under stand why ! :lol so do i call it a day and shut my poker accounts, or perservere hoping luck will even itself out before I have to file for bankruptcy??
  7. Re: how did i not get paid??? oh right, didn't realise that still feel a bit hard done by
  8. Re: how did i not get paid??? but we went out at exactly the same time!
  9. really pissed off bout this, down to last four of a STT and majorly short stacked, so i get dealt my dream hand AA go all in, get called by two others, someone with a bigger stack catches 3of a kind on flop so beats me, but what annoys me is another player who put all his chips in has a worse hand than mine so goes out aswell, but for some reason I got out in 4th and get nothing, he goes in 3rd and gets paid can anyone explain why this is? :@ :@ :@ :wall :cry I'm BBPP here
  10. Re: long stacked got a chance to try it out not, in the betfair £1000 tourney, turned my 1500 into 2500 in first two hands, gonna sit tight now see what happens
  11. hi in STTs recently i have frequently found myself having doubled my chip stack within first 5 hands, however having trouble followin that through and making it pay. just wondered peoples opinions on how to play from here a) play extremely tight and only play top 10 hands, let others take each other out b) use my big stack to bully others out of their chips c) other ?
  12. Re: unbelievable yeah good point DAC i got paid with in 5mins for a tounrey. was more astonished by his run of luck
  13. just played in a 10seat tournament on BF. before the first hand this bloke username "cook014" said "whos all in first hand" in the chat, so he went all in 4 went with him, he had 6 3 unsuited as hole cards fluked a straight and won. next hand all in again, and again, every hand knocking people out by fluking draws. continued like this for 8 hands til it was just me and him, he kep trying to go all in, i kept foldin as had shite cards. eventually got AA matched him all in, he turned over 3 7 unsuited, flop brings 7 4 3, then 2 Q comes out and he wins the tournament :@ how can such an arsehole be so lucky for what was a total of 12 hands?:notworthy
  14. anyone ever have any probs playing on this site? keeps only letting me log in bout 3 out of 7 attempts and when i'm trying to enter tournaments, I keep getting an error message sayig to contat help desk. I am finding their customer service shite. they claim to reply to emails within 2 hours but am still waiting 2 days later is it just me having these problems?
  15. Re: Michael Wray Spreadsheet system Hi merlin. to be honest with you I've lost track of sheets, as it takes ages to put all results in find the odds, and been dead busy. think i might revive it for the weekend tho. in theory system should be at their most accurate now theirs tons of data in them, so i'll see how it goes
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