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** November Poker League Result : 1st ian309, 2nd muttley, 3rd Burnley Joe **
** Football Tipster Competition Result : 1st MrJol, 2nd buga00, 3rd glavintoby, 4th Boulder5111, 5th bobsyerunkle **
** November Nap's Competition Result: 1st andellio, 2nd Saddlesore, 3rd bymatrix, 4th MrJol KO Cup: DonnyFlyer, Most Winners: Astleavista**


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  1. Re: Bankers versus Stats West, by the way, You're right. The BANKER is often picked on a PART instinctive intuition - not only price. Is this to do with price, value, form, know-how, team selections or a combination of all - I don't know? I put it down to the LOVE of the game that i would follow ANYWAY and this knowledge MIGHT lead me to know better than the bookie sometimes??? Dunno???????
  2. Re: Bankers versus Stats West, You mention a number of points I appreciate greatly. Firstly I agree, the 'joo joo', is something I worry about because AS YOU SAY I believe knowing that my picks are going to be posted in the future MIGHT effect the selection of the BANKER. Having said that.... I am going to post the banker anyway: - Because if I don't I know people (including me somehow) will doubt the validity of the BANKER, ONE BET ONLY system. Thanks for your input. Wish me 'luck'???? :|
  3. Re: Bankers versus Stats Joe Sshmooo. I aint scared of that statistical playground bully. ;) Come on Joe! Tell me why I'm as 'mad as a box of frogs' then??? :D
  4. Re: Bankers versus Stats On a seperate point.... Is there any reason why you cannot edit your posts in this thread / section?
  5. Re: Bankers versus Stats BCrazy, I see your point. To be fair it's not a 'shock' as you put it but I suppose the stats speak for themselves. If I state that 75% of my bankers should be right then obviously 25% will be wrong (assuming I don't back the draw to cover the win stake). This meansd that of course the 25% could come in a run of 4 in a row. So 'thanks' that helps with the Martingdale'esk' part I tagged on to the end. Still, I maintain though that even with 75% correct, if I keep the bets the same - I will make a healthy profit. ;) p.s. I expected a more vitriolic
  6. Re: Bankers versus Stats Odds I have added a bit more detail since your reply so actually I think it is more like 10 to 12 selections on the trot rather than 18... but that is working on memory... although I am clear the bankers have not gone down once. I know that your response (as any sane person would say) would be "Ok - post them". That's fair enough and although I believe it might be bad 'joo joo' :lol (you know the gambling Gods and all that) I think that's what I will do starting next week. Assuming I pick a banker (very rarely I cant see one). I would still like deb
  7. Re: Bankers versus Stats Sorry I need to add another couple of things. (It won't let me edit?) I don't back draws as the main BANKER bet EVER because if you think a game is so close it will end in a draw then defacto you are saying that the game could go either way surely? What's the sense backing a game like that? Backing a draw to COVER a BANKER might make sense to cover what you might consider the 'luck factor' against your selection - depending on the value of the odds. Also I accept that whilst, as I have said honestly, in the last six months my bankers have come in (includin
  8. Ok.. I'm going to break a forum rule here (to a degree) by discussing past bets that have been posted.... but not as 'Naps' or Bankers. Every week since I got back into betting about 6 months ago (about when I found this site actually) I have looked through the football coupon and (as most of us do?) thought "That's my banker". And every week, And HONESTLY, Every week that Banker has won. (This week it was Sheff Utd, last week it was Everton etc) Now this has got me thinking.... well re-thinking actually. When I joined this forum a few months ago I came here thinking that you could pick
  9. Re: photos/images. Nah, this one is better.
  10. Re: photos/images. Just checking if the photo works....
  11. Saturday 1st March 2003 I know I'm the only one still interested in this but I'm gonna keep plugging away.... :eek FIRST YANKEE West Ham v Tottenham @ 21/10 Grimsby v Coventry @ 11/5 Millwall v Portsmouth @ 11/5 Sheff Weds v Preston @ 21/10 SECOND YANKEE Watford v Notts Forest @ 11/5 Brentford v Tranmere @ 11/5 Notts County v Luton @ 21/10 Swindon v QPR @ 11/5 All the above are 1 unit yankees as normal. Starting Bank 100 units Total Wagered 111 units Total Returns 20.12 units :o Current Bank 9.12 units :o
  12. Worst Strat Ever????? Wish it would end. I expected losing streaks but thought the odd yankee could more than make up for it.... Ahhh the naivity of inexperience..... :lol FIRST YANKEE Leeds v Newcastle @ 9/4 = 0-3 :( Sunderland v Middlesborough @ 21/10 = 1-3 :( Brighton v Millwall @ 21/10 = 1-0 :( Preston v Wolves @ 21/10 = 0-2 :( Return = 0 units SECOND YANKEE Walsall v Watford @ 21/10 = 2-0 :( Cheltenham v Colchester @ 11/5 = 1-1 :D Northampton v Bristol City @ 9/4 = 1-2 :( Port Vale v Swindon @ 21/10 = 1-1 :D Return = 9.92 units Starting Bank 1
  13. Re: Double Result Yankee System Hi Mr Intensity - I am trying a similar system based on draws in this same section (TITLED - "BETTING ON DRAWS"). It isn't going that well to be honest however your selection criteria (although based on odds like mine) is different in other ways. I wish you luck. :D
  14. Saturday 22nd Feb FIRST YANKEE Leeds v Newcastle @ 9/4 Sunderland v Middlesborough @ 21/10 Brighton v Millwall @ 21/10 Preston v Wolves @ 21/10 SECOND YANKEE Walsall v Watford @ 21/10 Cheltenham v Colchester @ 11/5 Northampton v Bristol City @ 9/4 Port Vale v Swindon @ 21/10 Starting Bank 100 units Total Wagered 89 units Current Bank 21.2 units :eek If I can get one of these yankees to produce 3 winners I wont be far of breaking even. The occasional 3 winners in every few yankees WAS the original idea after all.... :rolleyes 'IF'................. :\
  15. Re: hmm Osesame the bets are made based on the teams being 0.5 within each other for a win. Thanks for the stats 'West'. Seems blindly betting on close odds teams for a draw proves statistically unfeasable. I will probably perservere and see if I get major lucky just coz I said I would until the units run out. (If it did get lucky and I didn't do it before the 100 units ran out I would be sick. :x ) If I ever get back to 100 units I will take the money and run :D
  16. Re: some comments Bad Luck Whopper - Keep going. As for the comments made by Irish I have to say that I do not agree with him at all. :b Whopper is posting his picks UP FRONT so if it is as good a system as we all hope it will be then what is MEAN about telling you his tips before the game starts? :rolleyes Put your money on if you want to. :D As for the lego collecting thing well it's got to be healthier than my growing obsessions with porn and / or Tommos post about Prague (see General Chat) ...... :lol :lol
  17. Re: Latest Picks based on close odds RESULTS FIRST YANKEE Notts Co v Bristol C @ 21/10 = 2-0 :( Crewe v Wigan @ 11/5 = Postponed :| Stockport v Oldham @ 11/5 =1-2 :( Bristol R v Bournemouth @ 21/10 = 0-0 :D = 3.1 unit return SECOND YANKEE Swansea v Cambridge @ 11/15 = 2-0 :( Northwich v Hereford @ 9/4 = 2-2 :D Nuneaton v Dag & Red @ 11/5 = 1-3 :( Scarborough v Halifax @ 11/5 = 0-1 :( = 0 unit return THIRD YANKEE Ross County v Queen of the South @ 12/5 =Postponed :| St Johston v Inverness @ 23/10 = 2-0 :( Aidrie Utd v Berwick @ 12/5 Postpone
  18. Latest Picks based on close odds No one can call me a quitter :lol :lol All below (as before) are 1 unit yankees. FIRST YANKEE Notts Co v Bristol C @ 21/10 Crewe v Wigan @ 11/5 Stockport v Oldham @ 11/5 Bristol R v Bournemouth @ 21/10 SECOND YANKEE Swansea v Cambridge @ 11/15 Northwich v Hereford @ 9/4 Nuneaton v Dag & Red @ 11/5 Scarborough v Halifax @ 11/5 THIRD YANKEE Ross County v Queen of the South @ 12/5 St Johston v Inverness @ 23/10 Aidrie Utd v Berwick @ 12/5 Cowdenbeath v Dumbarton @ 21/10 Starting Bank 100 units Total Wagered 67 units Current Ba
  19. Re: Draw Strategy Grrrrrrrr DRAW YANKEE Stranraer v Forfar @ 12/5 (Monday) POSTPONED :| Shrewsbury v York @ 21/10 (Tuesday) 2-2 :D Margate v Hereford @ 21/10 (Tuesday) 0-2 :( Telford v Dag&Red @ 21/10 (Tuesday) 1- 2 :( Return 3.1 units Starting Bank 100 units Total Wagered 34 units Current Bank 69.1 units
  20. Metaphors I like you Brightboy - you are one of the most helpful members around these parts BUT I still think it's a crap metaphor!!! :D
  21. Re: Internationals PRADOXY - I'm not too polite you F*****G great big A**L intruder. ;) Is that better? C**T :D
  22. Re: Eng-Aus I might be wrong but I'm sure Australia are 7/1 at some bookies - maybe more at others - certainly 11/2 is nowhere near the best price. Check out BetBase to see the best odds. (Am I allowed to suggest that? If not please edit Mods and sorry!) Personally I wouldn't touch a bet on this game with a bargepole but I agree I think considering it is just an experiment a bet on the away or draw could be seen by some as value.
  23. Re: NEVER EVER LOSE AGAIN IF U TRY THIS Quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We all went through the phase of re-inventing the square wheel at sometime in our lives -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ermmmmm maybe I'm stupid but wouldn't reinventing the square wheel be something that we would WANT to do? I.E. a square wheel is no bloody good? Don't you mean ;) 'We all went through the phase of TRYING to re-invent the wheel at sometime in our lives'? Or am I being stupid? :D
  24. Re: Draw Strategy Valid points - all of them. I will obviously stick with this method until the money runs out or I retire to a private island with a girl called Miss WantItForAFiver on my winnings. After that I will probably try one of the other suggestions made by SecondSight except for the 'weather one' because for an idiot like me it would be to hard to administer / check on.
  25. Re: NEVER EVER LOSE AGAIN IF U TRY THIS! Now I'm not renowned since joing the PL to be a great tipster :lol :lol But ... ouch....
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