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  1. Re: 0-0 is a NO VALUE BET. Well go into William Hills - Get a Midweek Live Coupon and you will! ;)
  2. Re: 0-0 is a NO VALUE BET. 0-0 and no goal scorer is NOT the same price at Hills sometimes. For example N.Forest Vs Rotherham was 7-1 for 0-0 against Rotherham on Tuesday night. No goalscorer was 9-1. :eek Check it out. ;)
  3. Not exactly a system or strategy as such. Just noticed something today that most of you will have known for a while but I have only just realised. :o :o If this is any help to anyone else then I'm happy. 0-0 odds in correct score betting is normally 6/1 - 7/1 However if you bet on 'no goalscorer' in a game you get 9/1 generally. Plus with some bookies own goals don't count so even if the game ends 1-0 with an own goal you still win! (I hope I'm not the last to realise this?) :o :o
  4. 1.49 Value? Dunno Hodgey + Matt??? Turkey looked poor against England. Latvia beat Sweden away (albeit in a game that didn't mean much to the Swedes). 1.49 on this double looks dodgy value to me boys...
  5. Re: qlpol Hi qlpol, Thanks for having the good nature and humour to answer anyway mate. Yeah I agree, Holland are not the team they once were and with their continual internal politics, then of course Scotland might just do it. I hate to admit it (seeing as those 'Jocks' give us English so much stick) but I would love to see them do it to be honest!
  6. qlpol Hi qlpol. I found your statement interesting I would like £10,000 on Holland at even money to go through then please. Can you confirm you have the requisite funds? I would like to place a bet with you at those odds please. ;)
  7. Re: Euro 2004 play-offs Wales have an outside chance. Scotland have to hope that the typical Dutch arguments start and that the whole first team for Holland doesn't show. Failing that - they're fcucked IMO.
  8. Re: england v turkey CJ :o :o :o Normally I am not that bad - Honestly!! It's just that the Turks really got under my nose prior to last night AND during the game with their antics.
  9. Re: INTERNATIONAL FRIENDLIES I'll be going to the game today at the Walker Stadium. How some of you are going to lump on Brazil at 1.2 amazes me? With respect chaps - have you learnt nothing??? NEVER, EVER, EVER, BET ON INTERNATIONAL FRIENDLIES. Brazil have a very poor record lately (or is my memory playing tricks with me?) in matches that don't matter. I remember them playing a decent selection against China and drawing 0-0. Brazil might well win (I hope they score 8 - I want some action!) - but I would never bet on it.
  10. Re: Well done lads Sorry about my rant last night fellahs - I was smashed :o :o Thought I would just post here on Eriksons commentsa after the game. He seems to be quite clear that he is staying until next summer as long as the FA want him. He even said it was annoying to have to keep repeating himself on this point! You know I have been thinking as well. Granted we have played some very average teams lately but only 1 LOSS in all competative matches under Erikson??? And that was to Brazil in the quarter finals of the World Cup, in the mid day heat that suited them. And Brazil
  11. Republic Sorry to see you guys go out. :| Hate to admit it but my heart always out-rules my head and I cheer you guys on. You're a good team - without Mcarthy Vs Keane I think you would have gone through.
  12. Re: We're on our way.. Guys - what a night! The only reason why this post is reasonably lucid is because I have read it ten times. I am pissed as a cnut. England, England, England. Fcuk Sukur - you dirty diving twat. Fcuk their goalie - you dirty (should have been sent off) cnut. You were going to do what against us? You were going to win by how many? Sorry, how crap is our first team? WE'RE THROUGH - YOU ARE NOT!!!!!! Who are ya, Who are ya, Who are ya, Who are ya, Who are ya, Who are ya, Who are ya, Who are ya, Who are ya, Who are ya, Who are ya, Who a
  13. Re: The One and Only secret to being a Profitable Punter Bookie Buster I assume that you are a professional punter then? I am not meaning to sound curt but if you follow your argument to the ultimate conclusion - and value is the only consideration - and varying the stake is not important (which is what you are suggesting) then you must: - a) Keep a consistent stake? b) Turn a consistent profit because you can read value better than the Bookie? If this is true, I assume you punt professionally? Why work when you have the guarantee of success?
  14. Re: The One and Only secret to being a Profitable Punter Yeah I have to agree with the last comment from Punter. Part of considering value (or using that value) is down to the stakes / staking strategy that you use. Punters example above fits perfectly.
  15. Re: Turkey Ksportz. He should be banned IMO. He has to be for the integrity of dope testing. Otherwise forget dope testing at all. Serious drugs stay in the system for a LONG time so the fact that he took the test 32 hours later and PASSED should dramatically reduce the time period of the ban though, as the likelyhood is that in all but protocol he is innocent.
  16. Re: Turkey v England I think some value might enter this game now that Rio is not allowed to play. Whilst it is a great shame (and it pissed me off actually) that the idiot has got himself banned - I think it might spark off a better value bet? On the exchanges (in particular) I expect to see England drift slightly in price... Give the fact that Rio hasn't been at his VERY best this year and that we have some decent defenders in reserve I believe that the value might well be on England still winning the group. Opinions on this?
  17. Re: The Outsiders Mr I, I take it your staking plan is based on what you consider to be 'best value'? (i.e the better the percieved value the bigger the stake?). Good Luck BTW.
  18. Re: Turkey v England Swampster, Your last post seems to me to suggest the most sensible approach to betting on this game. (If you have to bet that is!) Very low stakes on some big odds as you have highlighted. Big stakes on a game like this - which could go any way - would be very foolhardy IMO.
  19. Re: Odds - 3 questions to answer if you dont mind? Odds, If you re-read the first post on my 'Bankers versus Stats' thread you will see the most 'un-short' description ever!!! :lol :lol :lol v I am sure the 'joo joo' will kill the system after all I have posted!!! Thanks for allowing me to post my 4 from 6 system although I accept the reasons why it is NOT allowed into the league. On the reasons for doubles being allowed etc I also take your point. Give people an inch....... :D
  20. Re: Odds - 3 questions to answer if you dont mind? Thanks for taking the time to reply. Ok; I'll go with my Bankers versus Stats thread then. I'll Private message you to confirm the full details. I will post the 4 out of 6 system though for my interest if thats ok? I think over a (virtually) full season 'luck' will be evened out - although I take your point entirely. Cheers.
  21. Hi Odds, I would like to enter the systems league. (I have read the rules but need to clarify a few things - sorry). 1) Do I have to start the thread and let you know (and how do I do that?) that I want that thread entered into the league? 2) You say only 'single bets' will be accepted. I am considering a system that utilises fourfolds from 6 selections. Is this ok? 3) You say the applicant might need to send you a private message to explain the system. Do you mean an e-mail? If not how do I get in touch without posting my questions like this and bothering everyone else? Cheers.
  22. Re: Bankers versus Stats Thanks Oddsfellow.
  23. Re: Bankers versus Stats BTW I didn't have Everton last week - I had them the week before against Fulham! I had Sheffield Utd to win this week (they obliged with an 87th minute winner - phew!)
  24. Re: Bankers versus Stats You're quite correct that I do take value into consideration. And you are right again when you say that I would not have a banker at 1.2. It has to be a game that I see a clear winner in BUT not at stupidly prohibative odds. If the banker isn't at least 1.66 then I wouldn't back it as I know I will get the occasional one wrong and need my correct selections to make enough profit to cover the odd wrong pick... On the subject of the 'Professional Gambler' you refer to - is that a book, a website or....? Please let me know. Thanks.
  25. Re: Bankers versus Stats Agreed and Thanx. I will add the exact nature of the staking plan that will go alongside the bankers later in the week when I evaluate my bank and the realities of what I would need the weekly wage to be - taking into account the inevitability of the occasional loss.
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