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  1. Re: In game comment Zonker you are a bit harsh mate? Why not find some paper cuts on a Scotsman's arm and put a lemon juice drip in?? :rolleyes Crikey mate I thought I was bad.
  2. Mmmmm Well it just seemed one of those nights for Wales. Whilst they never put on enough pressure for me, they were worth the draw if never the win. Worst thing is I feel that if they would have scored the crowd would have got behind them, Russia's brittle away form would have been exposed and then.... well we will never know? Wasn't that strange as well? Very little noise from the Welsh crowd tonight? Sounded like the Old Trafford crowd in a European tie.... As for Scotland I didn't see the match so I can't comment on the game. For those Scots who support England (quietly m
  3. In game comment Scotland look like they're out. Watching Wales on the TV. Still 1-0 down. Looks like one of those nights that they will never hit the back of the net. Come on Wales. Hope I am wrong.
  4. Re: Holland-Scotland Good luck to Wales and Scotland. I gave Scotland no chance prior to the first game and was delighted they kept the dutch to a clean sheet and scored a goal themselves. What a great chance they now have. As for Wales I agree with Gordon Gecho - 0-0 is a tricky score. I could see a 1-1 draw here and Russia going through on away goals. I hope I am wrong as I am marrying a leek eater next year and she will be all moody! :D
  5. Re: Oh dear - Gravesens coming to kick our ass... DH, Read my posts BEFORE the match was even played. Then read my first post AFTER the match and see what I put. Then revise your conclusion above if you want to.
  6. Conclusion Anyway, I have just read back over the whole of this thread and it has turned into something more appropriate for the 'football banter' forum. As a result, I will rest my case in the posts that I have typed before this one. Those that wish to retort can have the last word comfortable in the knowledge that I am right. |I
  7. Re: Oh dear - Gravesens coming to kick our ass... AS Obviously we're the only country to have arrogant w#nkers in our ranks in the minority? (you said minority - not me...) We're the only country with hooligans as well I suppose? Forget Holland, Germany, Italy et al. Why don't you just accept that most countries (and you obviously) have a natural predilection to want the English to lose as opposed to trying to justify your arguments with that kind of nonsense? I mean - read it in the morning - by saying that our w#nkers are in the minority you disprove your own argume
  8. Re: Oh dear - Gravesens coming to kick our ass... Crowie, Maybe it's because I always support the home nations (and europe in non-home nations ties) that I wish for (more than demand) some reciprocal goodwill? Anyhow - as you insinuate - let's agree to differ on this one. ;)
  9. Re: Euro 2004 play-offs second leg Accaman, I agree - 4.00 on Norway is far too big IMO.
  10. Re: Oh dear - Gravesens coming to kick our ass... DH Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. :b :b :b :b
  11. Re: Oh dear - Gravesens coming to kick our ass... The details of that match are history. The point I am making is that I would like England to be given a bit of credit when it is deserved. I have publicly (on the PL and elsewhere) supported Wales, Scotland, Ireland, N. Ireland, Europe, etc in ALL their endevours in sport (sometimes against my better wishes -knowing that those feelings are rarely reciprocated). All I have seen and heard today though, is that England are undeserving and BORING at rugby u. - and justifiably beaten and crap at football. And I for one, don't give a m
  12. Re: Oh dear - Gravesens coming to kick our ass... DH I wasn't particularly referring to your posts as you have every right to be pleased that Denmark have won irrespective of the circumstances. However, So if a Danish player - in a World Cup - makes an error that is a 'fluke'???? How about a Danish player just played crap and England got what they deserved? :rolleyes You see - UNWITTINGLY - you add credence to my point earlier - whenever England win we are 'lucky' or 'boring' or 'flukey' or 'cheating' or bloody something. When we lose it is the right result though?
  13. Re: Oh dear - Gravesens coming to kick our ass... BTW - I said earlier in this thread that England would probably lose because it was a friendly for those that think I am "sour grape'ing' " :p
  14. Re: Oh dear - Gravesens coming to kick our ass... Right I'm gonna come up for a bit of stick for what I'm about to say from DH and the rest here. :\ But England, IMO, would beat Denmark, at home, the vast majority of the time, in any game that mattered. Fact is we beat Denmark 3-0 in the WC when it mattered on neutral ground, and if both first teams would have played, I would expect a similar result. I am getting bit sick and tired of everyone knocking England on the PL (and everywhere else) when we win (like in the rugby today - we get called 'boring') and when we lose it is a to
  15. Re: Oh dear - Gravesens coming to kick our ass... Crowie, We are all entitled to opinions - and yours (for what it is worth) are some of the ones I respect as being more intelligent and 'even handed' around here. :) However, If you read many of the threads through the PL over time you will see that there is a distinct and identifiable anti-England tone to them. Now most of this is good natured and harmless - I am not that far up my own arse that I can't see that. However the patriotism, fervour and quite understandable pride that the Welsh, Scots, Irish and 'Rest of Europe' sh
  16. Re: Oh dear - Gravesens coming to kick our ass... DH - I agree. If I was to bet on this game it would be on Denmark. As I said - England under Erikkson in friendlies have an appalling record.
  17. Re: NOT Unbelievable Sorry for any of you guys who backed Italy. But like I said (and we all know it's true really) - STAY AWAY FROM FRIENDLIES. In fact (and maybe this should be a new thread???) - what stats are there on always backing the outsider in friendlies to either win or not to lose? Would that turn in a profit in the long term??? Anyone got any figures?
  18. Re: Viking-invasion - England v. Gravesen England have a poor record in friendlies under Erikkson. Da Han' - we would - of course beat Denmark easily if the game mattered though. :smokin A classic 'no bet' friendly IMO.
  19. Re: Int'l Friendly : Poland v Italy (Wed 12th Nov) I wouldn't touch this game either. The Italians do not care much for friendly games (either the players or fans) and any result is possible here. On the plus side if you really MUST back Italy - I believe they are actually a better side without Totti - so his absence will do the Italians a favour. Come to think of it he is a 'big time charlie' even in games that matter - so in a friendly his appearance would have been a massive negative for the Italians. Anyway - this has turned into a bit of a ramble :o - I still wouldn't back It
  20. Re: '3 and yer OUT.' Yes martingdale is as you describe. I was just drawing a comparison in so much that it works on the same principle. Keep backing until someone wins / loses. Working on the assumption that a certain streak cant go on forever. Which of course it can (until you are broke at least!) :eek Anyway like I say - best of luck.
  21. Re: '3 and yer OUT.' Man Utd went 11 games on the trot winning didn't they (last season) - something like that anyway. Best of luck though Raven. This does have an odour of Martindale about it though doesn't it? :rolleyes
  22. Re: HOLLAND I always wondered how Advocaat (Avacado - or however you spell it) got thae job in charge of Holland? I mean he wasn't exactly brilliant at Rangers in a two horse race was he?
  23. Re: week 9 standings Bowles An extremely interesting system. The suggestion before from another poster to concentrate on the lower leagues where a gulf in class isn't so obvious might be the way to go? I shall watch your system with interest. Thanks for sharing.
  24. HOLLAND I heard on Sky Sports news today that Advocaat has said he will not play Ruud Van Nistelroy and Patrik Kluivert together again? Have they had a bust up or something? This could be great news for the Scots. Advocaat was saying he would pick PK - not Horse Head. I only caught the back end of this report - anyone enlighten me or have I got this all wrong?
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