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  1. Re: PL wins at poker Danno I have played many times in 'real' comps - never on line. You can't 'read' a man online. I have played all over the UK - mainly the midlands. The Uk Champs is up soon at the Rainbow Casino (I am a member) just off the Hagley Rd in Birmingham. I will enter this year I think. :rolleyes

  2. Re: ... Bad luck IOB. The 'romantic' in me wanted to see you do it. Personally - however much of a silly claim it was to make I never take pleasure in seeing a punter lose his bet. I hope you stick around under your current name, take the obvious flak that you will get with good grace and become a valuable contributer to the PL. Even though it was the rules of the bet I think banning someone under his name is a little silly. Well done to CJ who put his money where his words were. You have won £100 for the RSPCC - you saint you! :D

  3. Mmmmm Well it just seemed one of those nights for Wales. Whilst they never put on enough pressure for me, they were worth the draw if never the win. Worst thing is I feel that if they would have scored the crowd would have got behind them, Russia's brittle away form would have been exposed and then.... well we will never know? Wasn't that strange as well? Very little noise from the Welsh crowd tonight? Sounded like the Old Trafford crowd in a European tie.... As for Scotland I didn't see the match so I can't comment on the game. For those Scots who support England (quietly maybe) I am sorry. For those Scots that bought Brasil shirts during the World Cup and love to see England lose - well, I won't stoop to your level tonight... On a positive note - Turkey are out. :D :D :D :D :D :D (sorry if you had money on them guys :o but I HATE the Turkish team). Oh God, that news did make me feel better. There is truly a God after all.....

  4. Re: Holland-Scotland Good luck to Wales and Scotland. I gave Scotland no chance prior to the first game and was delighted they kept the dutch to a clean sheet and scored a goal themselves. What a great chance they now have. As for Wales I agree with Gordon Gecho - 0-0 is a tricky score. I could see a 1-1 draw here and Russia going through on away goals. I hope I am wrong as I am marrying a leek eater next year and she will be all moody! :D

  5. Re: Oh dear - Gravesens coming to kick our ass... AS

    if i or the rest of the world want the english team to lose it isnt because we want to see the entire english race live in misery, its because we want the arrogant w#nker minority to wind themselves in
    Obviously we're the only country to have arrogant w#nkers in our ranks in the minority? (you said minority - not me...)
    what are the rest of the world supposed to think o you when you see these 20 stone monkeys on tv throwing coffee tables at riot police in belgium?
    We're the only country with hooligans as well I suppose? Forget Holland, Germany, Italy et al. Why don't you just accept that most countries (and you obviously) have a natural predilection to want the English to lose as opposed to trying to justify your arguments with that kind of nonsense? I mean - read it in the morning - by saying that our w#nkers are in the minority you disprove your own argument. This is exactly the kind of veiled (unintentional) kind of slighting of England that gets on my tits.
  6. Re: Oh dear - Gravesens coming to kick our ass... The details of that match are history. The point I am making is that I would like England to be given a bit of credit when it is deserved. I have publicly (on the PL and elsewhere) supported Wales, Scotland, Ireland, N. Ireland, Europe, etc in ALL their endevours in sport (sometimes against my better wishes -knowing that those feelings are rarely reciprocated). All I have seen and heard today though, is that England are undeserving and BORING at rugby u. - and justifiably beaten and crap at football. And I for one, don't give a monkeys how much stick I'm gonna take from the PL or anyone else on this matter. A bit of patriotism in England is what is missing - and i'll stick up for my country when we are slighted by anyone - inc. the Scots, Welsh, Irish or Martians. >:

  7. Re: Oh dear - Gravesens coming to kick our ass... DH I wasn't particularly referring to your posts as you have every right to be pleased that Denmark have won irrespective of the circumstances. However,

    Gett1L - On the contrary, I will argue that the result in the WC was a complete fluke brought on by an early error by our keeper spreading nerves around the team.
    So if a Danish player - in a World Cup - makes an error that is a 'fluke'???? How about a Danish player just played crap and England got what they deserved? :rolleyes You see - UNWITTINGLY - you add credence to my point earlier - whenever England win we are 'lucky' or 'boring' or 'flukey' or 'cheating' or bloody something. When we lose it is the right result though? And people call the English Xenophobic?
  8. Re: Oh dear - Gravesens coming to kick our ass... Right I'm gonna come up for a bit of stick for what I'm about to say from DH and the rest here. :\ But England, IMO, would beat Denmark, at home, the vast majority of the time, in any game that mattered. Fact is we beat Denmark 3-0 in the WC when it mattered on neutral ground, and if both first teams would have played, I would expect a similar result. I am getting bit sick and tired of everyone knocking England on the PL (and everywhere else) when we win (like in the rugby today - we get called 'boring') and when we lose it is a totally justified result; irrespective of the circumstance or importance of the match. It is posts like some of the above why Matt (and me in part) start to 'bite' on threads like this.

  9. Re: Oh dear - Gravesens coming to kick our ass... Crowie, We are all entitled to opinions - and yours (for what it is worth) are some of the ones I respect as being more intelligent and 'even handed' around here. :) However, If you read many of the threads through the PL over time you will see that there is a distinct and identifiable anti-England tone to them. Now most of this is good natured and harmless - I am not that far up my own arse that I can't see that. However the patriotism, fervour and quite understandable pride that the Welsh, Scots, Irish and 'Rest of Europe' show in times of defeat and victory is seen as admirable, brave and worthy. When an Englishman takes exception to the tide of disingenuous, ungiving, mildly xenophobic bullshiit he hears (especially about the Rugby today) then he is told to calm down and not take it all so seriously.

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