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  1. 30.01.2017 Lithuanian Basketball League Lietkabelis Panevezys v Zalgiris Kaunas 2nd place against the 1st. I follow both teams closely and I can see that their perfomance been changing a lot in the last couple weeks. After small dip in their game Zalgiris been flying last week. They won against Nr 1 team in Europe - CSKA and beat strong Darussafaka side away in Istanbul. Both victories brought a lot of positivity into dressing room after few bad games and I can see players motivation sky rocketing. On the other side Lietkabelis been crumbling down in the last couple weeks. They lost 3 of their last 4 games in Eurocup/LKL. They base their game highly on the 3pointers. Which helped them a lot at start of the season. Now things are different. Same tactics won't fly with Kaunas team and motivated Zalgiris players should win this reasonably easy. Zalgiris ML @ 1.30 WilliamHill 10/10 Great for combo Zalgiris -2.5 @ 1.44 WilliamHill 9/10 Zalgiris -7.5 @ 1.85 Unibet 7/10 Zalgiris Total Points Over 80.5 @ 1.75 Unibet 8/10 All games include overtime.
  2. 29/12/2016 Euroleague Olimpia Milano - Zalgiris Milano in shambles. 7 straight loses in Euroleague and 2 loses in last 3 games in Italy. Weakest link in the team is coach Repesa, Who can not maximize his players' abilities on the court. Hence the trading of leader Gentile to Panathinaikos. Team's climate is questionable as players get criticized by media a lot. On the other hand Zalgiris' coaching staff is the strongest link in the team. Coach Jasikevicius out classed Red Star and Efes coaches earlier this season when Kaunas' side beat them on their turf. I would expect the same result today, as Milano is weaker home side then serbs or turks. Zalgiris +8.5 @ 1.31 Bet365 10/10 Great for combo betting. Zalgiris +4.5 @ 1.70 Pinnacle 7/10 Zalgiris +2.5 @ 1.97 Pinnacle 4/10 Kevin Pangos (Zalgiris) Over 10.5 @ 1.85 WilliamHill GL
  3. Zalgiris Kaunas - Baskonia (21/10/2016) Second round in the Euroleague. Zalgiris lost their first match in Athens against Panathinaikos. Nonetheless I was reasonably happy with our performance. Lithuanian team has big potencial and PAO barely won the game in the last moments of the match. After the game coach Saras was disappointed and gave big speech for his players about Champion' mentality, fighting and winning. He truly sees the potencial of this team just like fans do. From all the interviews I can see that players understood Saras message and they have big desire to fight and prove themselves. I am not gonna bet on the winner of this game as Zalgiris defense is still horrible and I don't have enough information on Baskonia. But what I do think is gonna happen: Zalgiris will start the game with big motivation, first EL home game, big crowd support (possibly 15.000 people), players are eager to show everyone champion' mentality. They will stun Baskonia. So my main bet is this: Zalgiris to win first Quarter @ 1.75 WilliamHill 8/10 They have what it takes to win the game, but they still need more time together. They are lacking communication in defense so it might be hard to keep the score all 40 minutes.
  4. Zalgiris Kaunas - Zielona Gora (19/11/2015) I am sure Zalgiris will win. First game in Zielona Zalgiris trailed all game and won in the last seconds. Now guys should play better. In local league on Monday, we easily won against team Lietkabelis 69:95 (15-25 20-24 18-23 16-23) Main players were rested so team is fresh and ready to fight. I don't know if we will cover handicap line, but I found a good bet: Zalgiris to win first Quarter and match @ 1.85 WilliamHill 10/10 Zalgiris will explode on them at the start of the game. We lost our last game against Barca at home, so team is ready to bounce back with strength. Big support by fans in home arena for Zalgiris as always. Team is fresh, motivated and boosted by fans. They will do the job. GL.
  5. Re: Basketball 70:55 (19:9, 25:19, 16:17, 10:10)
  6. Re: Basketball Euroleague TOP 16 Round 9 Partizan - Bayern Juicy odds on Serbian side. Partizan is pure home team with superb fan support. Kinsey one of their leaders returns after injury + Sasha Pavlovic new signing who spent 10 years in NBA will have his first Euroleague game in front of home fans. They are capable to win this game as full arena is expected once again tonight. (more than 20.000 fans) Bayern poor away side. In last 8 away games they won only 2 times, against very poor Zalgiris and Zielona Gora. In their last home game, they snatch a victory from same poor Zalgiris who was leading all game and almost won. Partizan +8.5 @ 1.38 (Unibet) 8/10 Partizan ML @ 2.33 (Unibet) 6/10 Partizan -3.5 @ 3.10 (Unibet) 3/10 All bets includes overtime.
  7. Re: Basketball 67:86 (19:23, 18:18, 17:24, 13:21)
  8. Re: Basketball Lithuania LKL league 09 Feb 2014 Siauliai - Zalgiris Zalgiris ML @ 1.28 (Unibet) (My locals like Tonybet, Topsport still offering 1.35) 10/10 Zalgiris handicap (-7.5) @ 1.78 7/10 All lower handis 8/10 Zalgiris is in big need to win. Team is unconvincing so far this season. Losing 4 games in LKL league which is unheard of. Fans are super angry, because they can't remember last time when their team lost so many games in LKL. Reigning champions can't waste more points as their situation is extreme. 4th place in the table and realistic danger to meet Lietuvos Rytas (Current strongest team in Lithuania) in semi's. This would mean losing their Champions title and fighting for only 3-4 place. Catastrophic. Zalgiris last game was 9 days ago, they had enough time to rest and prepare for this game. Siauliai is average team in the middle of the table, they played 3 games in last 10 games, this might also effect their defence against rested and motivated team. I can't see Zalgiris losing this one. I think ML bet is as sure as it can be in betting... They should cover handicap also. But there's more risk to it. Anyway there's no turning back, they need to bring their A game today.
  9. Re: Basketball 79:90 (26:20, 20:23, 17:25, 16:22 Victory!!! McNasara thank you!
  10. Re: Basketball Tip for tomorrow. (Monday - 26/11/12) Lithuania's biggest basketball derby. Lietuvos Rytas - Zalgiris Kaunas First of all, there is a huge class differences between the clubs. Starting from the coach staff, ending with bench depth. Reason why - budgets. Rytas' budget is 4mln euros and Zalgiris 4 times bigger. Vilnius' roster is a joke. Clubs' president openly criticized players and even the fans, for not supporting the club. But who can blame them? Team looks awful. They won only once in Euroleague this season, against poor Partizan and now have a record of 1-6 in weakest EL's group. Barcelona trashed them by 24 points in the last EL game. They lack everything: Descent center and point guard, shooters. Rytas is the worst atacking team in the Euroleague. (avg. 66,3 PTS per game) Moreover team already has financial problems. They asked city's goverment for financial injection. Their mood is ground low and it will sink even more after their biggest rival squashes them this monday. On the other side Zalgiris leads strongest EL group with 6-1 record. They are the best atacking team in the league (avg. 86,8 PTS) Trashed Caja Laboral in the last EL fixture by 37 points. Players are pumped up and motivated to win against their eternal rivals. There will be atleast 60%-70% of Zalgiris fans in Vilnius Siemens Arena so Rytas will not have home support. Zalgiris is a clear favorite to win this game. Zalgiris ML @ 1.43 (local bookies Tonybet, TopSport) 9/10 You can still find odds around 1.35 at Bwin and Marathonbet. Or Zalgiris handicap (-6.5) @ 1.9 (local) 7/10 All lower handis 8/10 GL!!!
  11. Re: Basketball > Euroleague > 2012/13 I can't edit my previous post. So sorry. :/ Anyway - 82:45 (22:15, 21:9, 16:9, 23:12) :ok Sweet Victory!
  12. Re: Basketball > Euroleague > 2012/13 [h=2]Zalgiris Kaunas v Caja Laboral[/h] First game in Vitoria ended 71:77 with Zalgiris victory. Caja without Nemanja Bjelica, who is second best player in Caja. (avg. 10,4 PTS/11.4 EFF) Zalgiris rested few important players in last local league's game. However they crushed opponents by 50 points. Team is focused, motivated and rested. Traditionally Zalgiris strong home side and haven't lost at home this season yet. Full arena is expected in Kaunas tonight. (16.000 fans) They have opportunity to secure place in TOP 16 in front home crowd. Zalgiris ML @ Pinnacle 1.41 9/10 [TABLE=width: 190] [TR=class: r0, bgcolor: #FBFBFB] [TD=class: c1, align: right][/TD] [TD=class: c2, align: center][/TD] [TD=class: c3][/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
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