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  1. hallo everyone.sory about my englesh i weel try to present same info for today mach.Thease is i reali info from footbol MAFIJA. l u z e r n - s i o n 2-1 30 koeficient and NUMANSIJA-LUGO 2-1 30 koeficint.tnx good luck
  2. hi my freand.i folow you long time  and a beatadviceforum and a are the best for a ciprys liga .please thell me some info i say you are the best i why you not write on forum.sory my english is bad but i now speak greek .   file bori na milisume elenika.yasu ke ola kala esi ise protos. sto teo pistevo.ya

    1. draganblazevski


      file perimeno voitja


    2. delfino


      come to read my previews for the cypriot league on 22&23 dec dear friend! Thnx for your kind words

  3. hi Addpea tnx for your answear .I am not good tipser for eng.low leagas but I have strong info from Italy B leage.This is my gift for you and frends for this forum. Trapani- modena home win 1
  4. gatashed-halifax always play x draw ?????????????? my pick its BTS and draw
  5. gatashed-halifax always play x draw ?????????????? my pick its BTS and draw
  6. brato sledam te vece dolgo vreme i naistina si sum od skopje makedonija i zatova ti pisuvam na blgarski kolku moga i razbira.iskam da me kontaktiras na faceebook kako bi razmenile nekoi futbalski informacii pa da napravime pari:).  Dragan Blazevski  potrsime za prijatel i ste te prihvatam.pozdram i sicko dobre


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    2. Simeon Borisof

      Simeon Borisof

      вече не.До миналата година имах,от един приятел,който живееше там и ми казваше новини около съставите,само че вече учи в Англия и не ги следи

    3. Simeon Borisof

      Simeon Borisof

      преди Турция гледах само че вече нямам време и се концентрирам само върху България и Шампионска лига от вюреме на време

    4. draganblazevski
  7. hallo  Glock please kontakt me oa facebook       Dragan Blazevski  Skopje Macedonia.tnx  kardas:D

  8. corby finished 2;3 wwwwwwwiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnn
  9. hallo adppea i have strong reson to think about win for corby tonight,what you think please answer.tnx
  10. you are the best czech .my faceebook is dragan blazevski skopje macedonija.col me please i want to be you freand