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  1. Festive Fixtures > Jan 2nd

    Special thanks to Bobby Vegas & Sajtion , this picks brought me a lot of money
  2. All Fixtures for 2015 to date in csv/excel
  3. Conference 31st January

    Re: Conference 31st January Wat is the opinion om Chester ?
  4. Re: Coupe de la Ligue > January 13th & 14th TODAY are the Coupe de la Ligue in France 2 games (1/4-finals) on the program. There is no return in this mode, so for info. SC Bastia vs Stade Rennes: SC Bastia currently in the league and cup 4 times won a race, the last 5 games, one draw, wins at home against Lille and PSG (2: 0 and 4: 2), very strong at home. Stade Rennes currently rather by adult services, the last 5 games with 2 losses, 2 wins, one draw league and cup. On 13 December 2014 there was this last game, then won Bastia 2: 0th Due to the home advantage of Bastia and the fact that there is no return, I expect a home victory. Odds to win Bastia @ 2.6 a number of providers :nana:nana:nana Failures Bastia: 0 but Brandao locked Rennes failures: 0
  5. League 1 > January 12th & 17th

    Re: League 1 > January 12th & 17th :nana + 150 euro !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. research sites

    Re: research sites
  7. Re: William Hill World Championships > December 18th - January 4th is there anybody with a opinion about van de Voort game ?
  8. FA Cup - December 16th & 17th

    Re: FA Cup - December 16th & 17th ok lets do it
  9. FA Cup - December 16th & 17th

    Re: FA Cup - December 16th & 17th Maybe i mis something ( im from Holland ) but what could be a reason to play on a Luton Town win ? In the standings i see very good results for the home team. very interested in your opinion :-)
  10. Re: International Friendlies 18th-19th November anyone who can tell me odd on Poland is so high?
  11. Re: UEFA Euro 2016 Qualifiers > Sunday November 16th About Holland don,t think thy will lose. van P. is back in squad en with Robben en Huntelar itt wil be no problem. A very hot pick good be Tjechie - Iceland : Both to Score against a very good odd from around 2,00. In my eyes a absolute one to play !:nana
  12. Conference 1st November

    Re: Conference 1st November so what we can expect from this game?
  13. Conference 1st November

    Re: Conference 1st November What about Alfretron lose at Altrincham ? Here in Holland we are not good informed but i heard some rumours that Alfetron have real problems with selection. Is there anybody who can confirm that ?
  14. Re: Europa League Final > Sevilla v Benfica > Wednesday May 14th I see à small win for Benfica is just s matter of quality
  15. England > Midweek > Non-league Mar 31-Apr 3

    Re: England > Midweek > Non-league Mar 31-Apr 3 the price in Holland is 1,78 for a Halifax Home Win , is this a good price ?