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    Stressy reacted to Crobino in Champions League ~ Wednesday September 16th   
    I am Dinamo fan too ( now in boycot) , and I know this team very well. It is a clear away win - Arsenal @ 1.53 and this is very good odd, it should be arround 1.3, that would be more realistic. Also Arsenal -1 @ 1.9 is very good. Only thing that could save Dinamo losing by few goals is fact, that Arsenal have derby game this weekend against Chelsea, and they will probably try to save their energy for that game. Dinamo play style of football which Arsenal like, attacking - opened, not physical strong. You will see, Arsenal players are much faster, and stronger. And atmosphere on stadium will not be hot, it will be very friendly, because the loudest fans , and ultras ( Bad Blue Boys ) are in boycot. When these teams played in 2006., on stadium was 38.000 loud fans, and atmosphere was amaizing. This time it will be maximum 20.000 people, regular, friendly fans, and it will be very pleasant to play for Arsenal players. So, like I said: Arsenal @ 1.53 10/10 Arsenal -1 @ 1.90 5/10 Good luck !
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    Stressy reacted to TotoSchillaci in Champions League ~ Wednesday September 16th   
    Well these are the away games Arsenal thrive in. Zagreb are the dominant force in Croatia with technical superiority and class in their league. They aren't adept at defending against serious world class attacks and we see them as light weights in defence but always capable of scoring against sides. Arsenal will need to watch Algerian international Soudani who is good, but overall if Dinamo want to pass it around and create chances then ultimately Arsenal should cut them to pieces. Where I would be more doubtful of Arsenal getting a win is if they traveled to one of those less technical and more physical sides who just wanted to sit in and break up the play. That's when Arsenal get stifled and are more likely to slip up.
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    Stressy reacted to Ivan.Djokic in Playoffs - First legs, 20 Aug 2015   
    FC Viktoria Plzen v Vojvodina I will write something about Vojvodina, since I am from Serbia. Vojvodina started excellent this season, and noone have expected that. In the first round of EL qualifications they played vs MTK from Hungary. After visiting 0-0, at home Vojvodina won 3-1. Second round was easier as Vojvodina played vs Spartaks from Latvia and away was 1-1. At home Vojvodina easily won 3-0. In last round the opponent was Sampdoria and we all expected some nice fight from Vojvodina. BUT, in Italy Vojvodina managed to win 4-0 and Sampdoria managed to win in Serbia 2-0. So Vojvodina pass by Sampdoria and today will visit Viktoria Plzen. Vojvodina has a good team, mix of experienced and young guns. They are fighters and they run a lot. They are not so good technicans. Most valuable player worth something about 2 milion of EUR's. On what we are proud is victory vs Samprodia in Italy, it was . . . fantastic. BUT, from my point of view it was something like this: 1. Samp was in preparation period - havy legs 2. That was first official game for Samp. 3. New players & new coach 4. Probably Sampdoria players didn't heard for Vojvodina at all. 5. It was obvious that Samp lack fitness. They played slow and only individual. 6. Vojvodina on the other side was like the picture in the mirror. They played at full strenght, fast and pressing. In second leg, at Vojvodina stadium, just 7 days after first game, Samp easily recorded 2-0 victory, But again they didn't had the fitness in last 20-30 minutes. Now, Vojvodina owner is expecting another fighting game in Plzen. And Vojvodina will have full squad. It seems that Viktoria is conceiding lately and that could be the chance for Vojvodina to score at least once. I don't know much about Viktoria, but they have played already 4 games in domestic league and CL qualifications vs Maccabi. It will be tight game, but I rate it 70%-30% favoring Viktoria.
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