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  1. Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2015 I'd love a Belgium top 5 - they were 120/1 on Betfair at the start of the week. It will certainly get jury love for being at the Eurovision cutting edge. Don't think it can top the public polls though.
  2. Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2015 I see Sweden are drawn in the first half. I think they should be ok if they have a place in the teens.
  3. Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2015 I totally agree about Israel. But it was worth watching to see Sweden's entry. Now while it's not to my taste I recognise a very strong candidate for winner. If it is in the second half of the draw, odds will tighten sharply later. But even if it's in the first half I think ORF and EBU will have it somewhere around 11-13 which can be a strong position. I think I would recommend a punt on it even at it's current 2.8 on Betfair. Experience suggest those odds will start tumbling from Saturday morning. It really should win given Russia's politics issues and Ital
  4. Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2015 I had friends in the audience last night and they reported strong support for Russia among the crowd - Serbia too but given that so many Serbs live in Vienna that might be misleading. True there are a lot of Eastern Europeans in the city also but I do believe you have to take a possible Russian win into your strategy for Saturday.
  5. Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2015 The current political situation definitely hinders Russia but the anti Russia vote would surely be weaker than last year. 2014 was the protest year - remember there has (aherm) supposedly been a truce through most of the year in Eastern Ukraine.
  6. Re: Eurovision Song Contest 2015 I think I'd like to make a case for Italy here. It seems such a strong song - the performers look great on stage and powerful voices are often rewarded in Eurovision. I remember a couple of years ago a God-awful Albanian song doing well just because the performer had such a range - it didn't matter that her voice was actually pretty ugly in the higher register, people respected the performance nonetheless. Now you can always say opera didn't work for France but I remember that performance was extremely flat and just did not appeal. The jury system should fav
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