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  1. Just want to say thank you Darran. I took my bag of 20 points today and spread it across all your selections... 1 point each on singles and the other 13 spread across doubles and trebles... I have over 450 points. You've paid for my summer. Couldn't be more grateful... if you have a Bitcoin address please let me know so I can send you some thanks
  2. Odds now at 7/1. Still doesn't really make sense does it? If they aren't going to the playoffs then it's their last game of the season and will be going for it surely?
  3. Excellent tipping Darran. Followed exactly. Great calls on Dover and Weston
  4. Saved my ass by having 0.75pts on a Dulwich/Margate double. Unlucky on the other calls... Bloody Chesterfield. Useless bunch. Cheers Darran
  5. Nice on Darran! I'll be following these today. Can see some upsets in League One and League Two as well so will make up some doubles. Good luck EDIT: I'll also be backing Leatherhead and Swindon Supermarine
  6. There are definitely some games I'm liking the look of that are below evens and can build some small stakes accas with. Margate at 1.85 Brackley at 1.85 Coalville at 1.7 Swindon Supermarine at 1.75 Chesterfield at 1.83 Boston at 1.83 All with Bill Hill. I like betting on the favourite when the weather is favourable and up and down the country it seems like a decent day
  7. Nice one Darran! I put 10% of my pot on the double. Great call. The truth of the matter is, if you follow Addpea's tips over a whole season you are going to make money. Sometimes there can be bad streaks, but play the long game. Thanks again Darran
  8. Unfortunate today... nap came in but nothing else. I can't follow right now as I keep losing but it will turn around
  9. It happens! Don't worry about it... certainly looking at the football league it's getting to the point of the season where picking the outsiders over 3's is becoming the profitable option
  10. Late St. Albans goal aside, incredible tipping! I was ballsy enough to take 1 point on each team and also the - 1, so the profits taken from Eastleigh and Dartford are warmly welcomed. Great effort Darran
  11. I'm on Cambridge and Scnuthorpe today both over/around odds of 2.5. Cambridge playing well at home and Tranmere hit and miss at best. I'd say the home side should be around evens. Scnuthorpe on form and playing without fear against a Gillingham side who seem very Jekyll and Hyde... but most of their impressive performances seem to come away from home when the pressure is off.
  12. Thanks for the tips! I'm going with you this weekend after a week or so off. Always appreciated
  13. Dover capitulation was a bit of a blow but still profit for me as my only bets that registered were Dover and Stockport. Bookie cancelled my Whitehawk bet for some reason so that turned out a little blessing. Good tipping Darran.