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  1. Re: Belgium > Jupiler League > 2012/13 Okay, i'll give my thoughts on Gent v Mons. Gent just fired their coach, Trond Sollied, ex coach of Heereveen, Olympiakos, Club Brugge,.. So now their T2 is coach. Well, i think Gent will try and prove they still haven't lost their willing to fight for each game. The way they played against Kortrijk was terrible but i think they realised now that if they want to get into the play off 1, they have to play better. But a second consecutive loss at home, would make the fans really angry. So i see a small win for Gent in this game.
  2. Re: Group C > Oct 24 (Malaga, AC Milan, Anderlecht, Zenit SP) I am from Belgium so. Anderlecht won this weekend against a team that just got promoted this season. But against a team like Zenit, they'll never win. Maybe get a draw, but that's very unlikely. Last season, they met in the EL and Zenit totally crushed them. (3-0 or smth?) Don't even think they will score a goal against Zenit. Hulk to score one maybe. malaga-milan is a difficult one. Milan very bad in the serie a, i think malaga will win, although they only won 2–1 this weekend. But at home, against a out form milan. Maybe bts..
  3. Re: Belgium > Jupiler League > 2012/13 From Belgium, and new, so i hope to help you guys with the Belgian league :)